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  • Four Heroes


    Complete the story with four characters alive

    All four characters have to reach the Old Warehouse. Ethan can’t be in jail. Madison has to be alive and know the password to the Origami Killer’s computer (“Max”…you get it from his mother…give her flowers). Norman, Ethan and Scott must all know the address. Norman can find out through ARI or by receiving a call from Madison. Ethan can either complete the trials, receive a call from Madison, or figure it out through the clues at the Rat trial. With Scott, it’s through good old fashioned detective work. Make sure Jayden saves the Origami Killer's life when given the opportunity.

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  • Wtf? I got this trophy, but in my ending, Norman won the fight at the end from Scott and Scott fell to death in the machine thingie. How is this possible? All the other characters lived (Ethan, Madison, Norman and Shaun)
  • @LordExiardia I means let everyone EXCEPT Scott live
  • In my case, Norman fell into the crusher but I got the trophie... I find it's earned during the game and the last fight not count... if you really think about, in my case, at the end Scott has been shot by Lauren... so he died too.
  • @LordExiardia The 4th hero is actually a heroine: Lauren. She's the one we couldn't let die in order to earn this trophy.
  • Scott is not one of the 4 heroes, Lauren is the 4th one. The authors of Heavy Rain were BRILLIANT by making a non-playable character as important as the 4 playable ones. Thus we don't care much about playing as Scott when we play the game for the 2nd time, because in his story we need to help Hassan, Susan and mainly Lauren.
  • Lauren can't be the 4th hero because the playthrough I got the trophy she dies. It probably means the four playable characters before the last scene.
  • any 4, but at least 3 playable
  • It just means Ethan, Madison and Norman have to reach the Warehouse and live. Madison can call one of the others. Scott doesn't have to be pulled up. And Lauren doesn't have to be alive. There's no point thinking to deep about it, trying to figure out who the 4th hero is. (perhaps Shaun?)
  • Lauren has to be alive because she died in my first playtrough and didn't get the trophy.
  • I think that four heroes are Ethan, Madison, Norman and Shaun.
  • On the new ps4 edition the trophey says Four heros complete the story with four characters alive i think that is a variable and can change Like you can have the main 3 good guys plus one of the side characters like shaun lauren etc
  • My theory is, "reach the final chapter with four characters alive" (scott is the forth) then, no matter if scott lives or dies, the trophy pops because you managed to keeo him alive during the game
  • I can confirm the top post is correct.i had all 4 survive but Madison was not at the warehouse as I didn't have the password.Replayed it with Madison at the warehouse and it popped.
  • I got it yesterday. Madison survived and hid in the fridge. Then I called Jayden instead of Ethan or going alone. All four people were at the scene and I don't think it matters if the Origami Killer dies or not. I didn't save him and then I got trophy.

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