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    How to unlock EXTREME ALL PERFECT

    [Get Perfect in all EXTREME songs]

    This is the real challenge of the game, the make-or-break factor as to whether you earn the 100% or not. Since this is such a vast trophy, first the requirements will be explained: A Perfect is earned by getting no less than a COOL or FINE throughout a song; in other words, an endless combo. You cannot miss a single note. Although SAFEs don't affect you negatively, they break a combo, and therefore restrict you from a Perfect.

    Extreme is the hardest difficulty in the game as the name would suggest - you'll need to be highly skilled to Perfect every single song on that difficulty. The majority of the songs are doable (albeit with a lot of practice) however some songs are deadly and may be unachievable to some. The hardest songs on Extreme include:

    • [Two-Faced Lovers]
    • [Paradichlorobenzene]
    • [The Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku]
    • [Rolling Girl]
    • [The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku]

    These are the songs that require pure skill and reaction time and getting past these will make the rest of the trophy much more doable. Below are some pointers on the most difficult songs; the rest, is just up to practice.

    (Credit to Kevelinu for the video)

    [Two-Faced Lovers]

    Easily the hardest song to perfect, reaction time is key. The choruses aren't as difficult as they seem, it's the verses are the hard parts. The irregular beat of the song makes perfecting a chore to say the least but knowing the beat of the song helps a lot in perfecting Two-Faced Lovers.

    (Credit to oOcyberkevinOo for the video)


    Paradichlorobenzene is all about the triple notes for the majority of the song, and becoming well-acquainted with executing triple notes well will reduce the difficulty of perfecting the song significantly. However watch out for the end of the song as it's easy to trip up and make a mistake on the long notes you must hold down the face button for.

    (Credit to hisokeee for the video) 

    [The Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku]

    Everyone's favourite song from Dreamy Theater 2nd has returned! The obvious problem with perfecting this is the chaotic flurry of notes halfway through the song onwards, but thankfully they have rhythm which is all you need to practice for. Just remember that the only reason you start losing yourself a while into the song is if you start losing the rhythm of the notes.

    (Credit to oOcyberkevinOo for the video)

    [Rolling Girl]

    Rolling Girl is one of the easier Extreme songs to perfect but is still difficult as keeping up with the speed and constantly changing controls is a hassle to say the least. The hurdle here is getting over the constant change between face buttons and directional notes and you should be able to perfect this song with (relative) ease.

    (Credit to Kevelinu for the video)

    [The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku]

    The Extreme version of this song is easier than the original Dreamy Theater's rendition of this song but is harder in most respects. There's no merciless sequence of beats but the speed of the notes is all the same and the switch up of notes is quite frequent, but really the only thing to conquer here is keeping up with the speed of the song.

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