Final Decisive Battle Averted Trophy in Hatoful Boyfriend

  • Final Decisive Battle Averted


    Get Tohri Ending (ED no.14)

    How to unlock Final Decisive Battle Averted

    Please refer to …at the Dawn for general info regarding achieving each ending.

    Tohri is new to this version of the game, and was not present in the original PC release. He is sandwiched into Shuu's storyline, so watch out for your chance to interact with him there!

    See below for a walkthrough for this ending:

    Make the following choices on the given days for this trophy (note that any choices that don't appear below will not have any effect on your playthrough):

    • 04/11 - Join the infirmary staff.
    • 04/15 - Neaten the desk.
    • 04/21 - Talk to Kazuaki
    • 05/21 - Go to the first-aid tent.
    • 06/22 - Go to the infirmary.
    • 06/22 - Hear your voice.
    • 07/07 - Rule the world from the shadows.
    • 07/07 - No thank you.
    • 07/13 - I was in my classroom.
    • 07/20 - Missing students
    • 07/24 - Forget it.
    • 08/06 - Invite Shuu.
    • 08/14 - Ask what he's doing.
    • 08/30 - Return to my glorious abode.
    • 09/03 - It's suspicious, so destroy it
    • 10/10 - Contact the stalker bird first.
    • 02/02 - Any Bean.

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  • Do this route as last one before BBL, and DO NOT CHOOSE "MATHS" through all of it.
  • Yeah same I played this 1 once and nothing. Second try I choose all music and got my trophy. Thanks diabolvs_pl for that tip.
  • doing all math worked for me

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