To be the True Java Sparrow Trophy in Hatoful Boyfriend

  • To be the True Java Sparrow


    Get Azami ending (ED no.13)

    How to unlock To be the True Java Sparrow

    Please refer to …at the Dawn for general info regarding achieving each ending.

    Azami is into tough ladies, so you will want to pump weights at the Gym every chance you get! Azami has two endings, and you can take advantage of Save States to get her second ending, which will be outlined in the walkthrough below.

    See below for a walkthrough for this ending (and To be the True Java Sparrow):

    While following the guide below, keep an eye out for the red [SAVE STATE] step, as you will want to be aware of that when it's coming up. Once you get to that date, don't turn on auto-skip until AFTER you've saved the game.

    Make the following choices on the given days for this trophy (note that any choices that don't appear below will not have any effect on your playthrough):

    • 04/11 - Join the track team.
    • 04/15 - Sprint.
    • 04/21 - Talk to Ryouta.
    • 05/21 - Marathon.
    • 06/22 - Go to the infirmary.
    • 06/22 - I came here to skip class.
    • 07/07 - Conquer the world by force.
    • 07/07 - No thank you.
    • 07/20 - Join in.
    • 07/24 - Get a job.
    • 07/25 - Do the job I was hired for.
    • 08/06 - Invite Ryouta.
    • 08/24 - [SAVE STATE] Create a save state here, so you can return to this point to make the other choice later!
    • 08/24 - Azami's scooter.
    • "Carve it into your soul, kid! LOVE BLASTER!" unlocked!
    • The game "ends" shortly after the above choice, but then carries on as usual. Load the save you made at 08/24 and continue from there after the trophy pops.
    • 08/24 - Azami's martial arts.
    • Play the rest of the game however you choose
    • To be the True Java Sparrow unlocked!

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