Game Time Trophy in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition

  • Game Time


    Win a game of Territory Capture.

    How to unlock Game Time

    In order to play Territory Capture you'll have to talk to Kassey while both him and his brother are inside their house and sitting down. They live in the tower that you access via rope, down the hill from Romana's Villa.

    In order to win, I found it easiest to first build a diamond-shaped strucure in the middle of the board and then build outwards from there. It won't work every single time, but I won 10 out of 13 games that way.

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  • Territory Capture is a minigame that can be played against the Firework making twins, Kassey and Patrick, in their Elevated Hut down the hill from the pathway to Romanas Villa. They can only be challenged to the game when they are sitting on opposite sides of the entry hole and while they are making fireworks. (Not when they are up and walking around) An effective strategy I was taught was to always try and make a hexagon in the center of the playing board. Be sure to build your hexagon away from where Kassey or Patrick is trying to build their shape so they dont intersect theirs with yours. Once youve made your initial central hexagon, build off of it again on the opposite side of where Kassey or Patrick is trying to conquor their area. I never bothered blocking his shapes as I was

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