Plenty of Plants Trophy in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition

  • Plenty of Plants


    Plant 20 crops.

    How to unlock Plenty of Plants

    You can buy seeds at Vesta's Farm but, for the sake of this trophy, make sure they're not tree seeds. You'll need to have 20 crops planted at once, and trees don't count towards the total. So, while trees are a good source of income, they won't help you here.

    Personally I would recommend that you plant turnips once it's summer as you can easily use them towards Main Course.

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  • Crops can be purchased from either Vesta, Celia or Marlin while they are on Vestas Farm. Vestas Farm is the farm with all the white greenhouse structures across the bridge from your farm. The crops can be planted in tilled soil on your farm (till soil with a hoe) as long as it is planted and will grow in the proper seasons. To check what seasons a seed grows in, hold the seed and press X when it indicates the red "?" when you press X. Plant the seeds and water them at least once a day. Pick them when they are ripe/bearing.

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