• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 31 (16, 10, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 36-50 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 2, (Diligent Digger & A Hard Bargain) and while not technically missable keep an eye out for Lights in the Sky
  • Glitched trophies: None as far as I know
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: There are no difficulty settings
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Welcome to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, the game where you'll be milking cows, watering crops, shearing sheep...you get the idea. You'll be a farmer.

The game was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube as Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, with the key difference between both versions being the gender of the playable character, along with some other changes and additional cut-scenes. When it was finally ported over to the PS2, it received the "Special Edition" tag and combined both GC versions to, at best, lukewarm reception, mainly due to the technical issues it was riddled with. Some of those are still present in the PS4 version, such as the framerate drops.

If you're confused by the above history lesson, let me tell you that three versions of a single game make it a living nightmare to find accurate information on Google regarding the version you're playing. But, you won't have to do that, because I did it for you!

Most of the trophies are straight forward and there's nothing remotely hard in the game, some things just require you to be in the right place at the right time. Due to the nature of the game there's not a "best" way to obtain all the trophies, and you'll be long done with everything the game has to offer before the story actually wraps up. That being said, some thing - such as befriending Galen - are best done during Chapter 1. For more information, check out the walkthrough and trophy guide.


Step 1: Farm, make friends, and dig up your first stone tablet

As mentioned in the Introduction, there's some things you should work on as soon as you can, namely befriending Galen. The reason for that is that starting Ch. 2, he won't accept any of your gifts and his friendship can only be raised via his mini-game. So to make things easier on yourself, bombard him with all the Mugwort you can during the first chapter.

Another thing you have to pay attention to is the stone tablets. There's 5 of those you have to dig up at the dig site, 1 for every chapter. Make sure you remember to visit the digsite every day until you've found that chapters tablet. They're easy enough to find, so it shouldn't take you too long.

You should spend the rest of the year making friends (check out The Right Tool for the Job and Record Keeping for more information on who you should befriend), tending to your farm and whatever other trophies you want to work on. Personally, I made sure I cooked a lot so that I could make some extra money from the fishes I catch and that I won Territory Capture 10 times. Remember, you can't do everything during Ch. 1, some of the people and mini-games only become available once you're in Ch. 2.

Step 2: Continue making friends, haggle yourself a goat, raise some ducks and help some sprites

As soon as chapter 2 starts, rush to town and enter the new house between where Wally and his family live, and where Galen and Nina used to live. The new guy in town will give you an alarm clock regardless of your friendship status with him. If you miss it the first day, don't fret, just make sure you visit his home before 6AM another day and you'll get it.

Make sure you visit Romanas villa on Spring 1 to attend the Spring Festival for Serious Celebrator, and keep checking your calender every month for the Summer, Fall and Winter festivals if you haven't already attended those during Ch. 1.

At the end of the first day, around or after 6PM, go up to the Spring (the place where the sprites have their home) for your first cut-scene on your road to Lights in the Sky. I personally didn't finish the trophy until Fall, Chapter 3, but it's good to get it out of the way early.

After a busy first day, feel free to go back to your old schedule, incorporate the new people that moved into town, haggle with Van who will now finally sell you a goat, dig up your second stone tablet, order the "Pond" extension from your ledger and wake up later than your wife during summer to get your ducks - make sure you own 6 or less chickens, otherwise they will not appear!

Step 3: Clean up

At this point, you'll most likely have only very few trophies left to obtain, most likely Lights in the Sky, Construction Worker, Diligent Digger and the chapter related trophies. Check the specific trophy descriptions for more information on how to obtain them, keep digging for those pesky stone tablets and finish the story. Once you've gotten all the trophies that are not Diligent Digger or the story trophies out of the way, feel free to just sleep through the rest of the days to finish up the story. Or simply keep farming and raising your kid, it's up to you - the fastest way to your shiny new involves a LOT of sleeping though.


[PST would like to thank Labartu for this Roadmap]

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Trophy Guide

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31 trophies ( 10  16  )

  • Unlock all trophies.

    You've lead a truly wonderful life, or slept through most of it at least.

  • Plant 20 crops.

    You can buy seeds at Vesta's Farm but, for the sake of this trophy, make sure they're not tree seeds. You'll need to have 20 crops planted at once, and trees don't count towards the total. So, while trees are a good source of income, they won't help you here.

    Personally I would recommend that you plant turnips once it's summer as you can easily use them towards Main Course.

  • Win a milk drinking contest.

    Enter the hotel from 2PM to 3Pm and talk to Rock, he will challenge you to a milk drinking contest. Accept and press as quickly as you can once the contest starts. You can tell if you're winning by the drinking animations, there's no counter to show who drank how many bottles. It's easy enough to beat him, so don't worry.

  • Win a game of Territory Capture.

    In order to play Territory Capture you'll have to talk to Kassey while both him and his brother are inside their house and sitting down. They live in the tower that you access via rope, down the hill from Romana's Villa.

    In order to win, I found it easiest to first build a diamond-shaped strucure in the middle of the board and then build outwards from there. It won't work every single time, but I won 10 out of 13 games that way.

  • Before you can catch your first fish you'll have to purchase the Fishing Rod from Van for 500g. Van comes to down on every 3rd and 8th day of the month, so make sure you pay him a visit as soon as you can.

    Once you've purchased the rod, go to one of the ponds or the river, press to bring up the quick select menu and select the Fishing Rod. You can now throw it out with . Now you'll have to wait. Eventually the lure will start moving but don't reel it in just yet! Instead, wait for the lure to submerge deeper (you'll see the water splash). Once that happens, repeatedly press until you've succesfully reeled in the fish.

  • Have a cow give birth to a new calf.

    In order for your cow to get pregnant you need to order the Miracle Potion from your ledger. For the standard cow you start with, it'll cost you 2500g. Takakura will apply the potion the next day, and your cow will go through multiple stages of pregnancy until after ~20 days she finally gives birth to her calf.

    A cow gives milk for ~35 days before she dries up and needs to give birth in order to produce milk again, so I suggest you try and time the birth of the calf with your 35 days milking period. You can still milk your cow while she's pregnant, you just want to avoid having her dry up, thus losing out on possible money you could have made from the milk.

    Hint: If you don't plan on keeping the calf, sell it immediately and keep the Mother's Milk that your cow will give for 5 days until you can cook "Dhibe Cakes". See Construction Worker for more information.

  • Milk a cow for the first time.

    Unless you actively try to avoid your cow, this will be the first trophy you earn from the game. Simply stand next to your cow, facing her side and press to milk her. You can use the Cow Milker tool, but it's not required.

  • Produce a bottle of S-grade milk.

    This is the highest possible quality rank your milk can have. In order to obtain it, you'll have to take good care of your cow(s) - talk to them twice a day whenever you milk them, cuddle them once a day and, if you already own the brush (500g at Van's Shop), brush her twice a day and make sure she can eat in the morning and evening, either by fertilizing the grass in your pasture or by giving her the fodder from the food dispenser inside your barn.

    After a few seasons, your cow will like you enough and you'll get S-Rank milk on a frequent basis. Don't worry if you get A-Rank milk in spring and B-Rank in summer, that's perfectly normal and no indication of how well your cow is taken care of. If you want to speed up the process, you can feed your cow good fodder that you buy from the ledger to upgrade A-Rank milk to S-Rank. I don't recommend wasting your money on good fodder though for your normal cows.

  • Attract a duck to your pond.

    Can be obtained starting with Chapter 2 - A Birth.

    There's a couple of prequisites until you can attract ducks:

    1. Own a pond - You can order it from the ledger for 2500g
    2. Own 6 or less chickens - this may include any unhatched eggs currently residing in the incubator
    3. Wake up after your wife during summer, either by staying up long enough or using the alarm clock

    Once you've done so, a cut-scene will play after you wake up where your wife informs you that there's some ducks in your pond. The trophy unlocks immediately, so you can decide not to keep the ducks if you don't want to. But keep in mind that they're worth more when you sell them than chickens.

  • Acquire some Golden Wool.

    Buying a sheep will cost you 1500g at the ledger, and acquiring golden wool requires you to own the Brush, which you can buy for 500g from Van so that you can wash it.

    Washing is not the same as brushing! To be able to wash your sheep, push it to the trough in your pasture and press when holding your brush close to it. Showing your sheep affection may not be necessary for the acquisition of golden wool (some people say it's not, some say it is), but if you want to be on the safe side like me, just treat your sheep like you would your cows - talk, cuddle and brush them.

  • Hatch a chicken.

    Before you can hatch a chicken, you will need to purchase a hen and a rooster for 900g each from the ledger. Remember to also buy some bird feed, which will cost you 150g per bag, but they'll be able to eat multiple days from it. Eventually, your hen will lay eggs that you can pick up - she may be sitting on them, so pick up your hen first and move her away. Once you've picked up an egg, check it with . It'll either be a normal Egg or Fertilized Egg, if it's the latter you can put it in the incubator in your chicken coop.

    It'll take a few days before the egg will hatch. A cut-scene will play where the harvest sprites inform you that you have a new friend, and the trophy will unlock.

  • Ride a horse for the first time.

    Takakura will gift you the horse starting Summer, Ch. 1 provided that you've the ledger to ship some dairy products before. So despite haggling with Van being the more lucrative option for most of your products, make sure you use the ledger at least once. I recommend selling B-Rank milk or eggs through the ledger as you can't haggle with Van for a higher price for those items.

    Once you own your horse simply approach its side and press the button to hop on.

  • Cook an Entrée.

    You can cook inside your house. Simply approach the kitchen and press . You start with the Salad and Soup options, and unlock more cooking options, including the Entrée, once you've cooked around ~20 dishes.

    I recommend you grow some turnips and turn those into Light Pickles as each of those requires only a single turnip and no other ingredients. Simply press the right half of the once you've selected your turnip to start the cooking process with 1 instead of 3 ingredients. After around 20 Light Pickles, you should finally be able to cook Entrées.

    The easiest Entrée to make is Sashimi, which only requires a single fish. Sashimi is also a good way to make some additional money from the fishes you catch as it sells for 150g pre-haggling at Van's Shop, and even more if you haggle with him. So if you don't need your fishes as presents for the villagers, turn every fish that's worth less than 150g into Sashimi before you sell it.

  • Hybridize two hybrid crops to create something new.

    Can be obtained starting Chapter 2.

    Before you can hybridize crops, you not only need to reach Ch. 2, but also meet Tartan, a two headed, talking plant that lives inside Takakuras house. Tartan won't live there from the beginning though, he'll "move in" once Takakura comes back from a trip to down one day because you ordere something (Bird Feed, for example). After you ordered something from the ledger, simply enter Takakuras house when he's in there - around 7PM should work to trigger a cut-scene where you meet Tartan.

    If you have trouble getting the cut-scene, re-enter Takakura's house repeatedly. Rumor has it that the chance of you unlocking Tartan is increased depending on how hard you worked on your farm, but I unlocked him straight away and I didn't have an excessive amount of crops. It's still worth a shot if you can't unlock him though.

    Once you've met Tartan, you'll have to become his friend. Luckily, he requires no presents to become your friend - you simply have to talk to him a lot. If you want, you can just keep talking to him until the Hybridize option becomes available, or stretch it out over a couple days. Regardless of your choice, once it becomes available you can combine two crops or seeds into a new one, provided you pick the correct ones. Even then, it's not a 100% guarantee that you will obtain a hybrid crop or tree though, so you might want to save your game before you start hybridizing.

    For the trophy to unlock, you have to hybridize two hybrid crops/seeds to obtain a third generation seed. If you want, you can experiment with hybridization, or simply use my recipe:

    1. Hybridize a Strawberry and a Turnip to get a Dhibe Seed.
    2. Hybridize a Strawberry and Melon (NOT watermelon) to get a Berrylon Seed.
    3. Hybridize your Berrylon and Dhibe Seeds to make a new, bell-looking plant that you can name yourself and unlock your trophy.

    Make sure you put in the crops/seeds in the order above, or you may get different results!

    Remember, you can buy seeds from anyone on Vesta's Farm, and you don't need to plant them first to use them in hybridization.

  • Construct all of the buildings.

    Purchase every available extension from the ledger to unlock this trophy. Here's what you have to buy:

    • Milking Room (60,000g)
    • Food Processing Room (30,000g)
    • Fertilizer Maker (15,000g)
    • Chicken Yard (10,000g)
    • Seed Maker (6500g or as a present from Daryl)
    • Large Field (20,000g)

    Not all of these will be available to you from the start. You can't buy the Seed Maker during Ch. 1, but you can receive it as a present if you befriend Daryl - which I recommend doing to save yourself some money.
    For both the Large Field and the Chicken Yard you have to talk to Takakura first, once after you've unlocked the hybridize option and once after you own 4 or more chickens, respectively.

    I recommend buying the Milking Room and the Fertilizer Maker last, because they're either very expensive or effectively useless. The Milking Room may lessen the manual work you have to do, but it won't help you make more profit, unlike the Food Processing Room, which I highly recommend you buy right after the pond.

    You can make the money however way you choose, but here's a few tips I used during my playthrough of the game:

    1. Befriend Darly (he likes fish) and visit his home during Ch. 1 to get a free Seed Maker, and plant a couple Banana trees as soon as you can (buy seeds at Vesta's Farm). Even though the price of Banana Seeds has been severly reduced in the Special Edition, they're still worth 140g per seed, pre-haggling. One tree produces 16 fruit every summer, so 32 seeds per tree if you put them in the Seed Maker. You will also save the money you'd have to spend on the Seed Maker later on.
    2. Befriend Mukumuku as soon as you can during Ch. 1, Winter. He'll give you a record which you'll need for Record Keeping. But more importantly, he'll keep giving you 1 record every day if you talk to him after that. They sell for 405g before haggling at Van's Shop. For more information on how to befriend Mukumuku, see Record Keeping.
    3. Unless you're using Star Cows, get the Food Processing Room ASAP. Cheese is worth much more than milk, even if you get S-Rank milk from your normal cows. The same is true for your goat.
    4. Turn your excess cheap fish into Sashimi (See Main Course).
    5. Plant Dhibe (Hybridize Strawberry+Turnip) once you have the chance. With them, you can cook Dhibe Cakes (Milk+Egg+Dhibe), provided you have unlocked the Dessert option (~40 dishes cooked, failures not included) - which you should have if you've made enough Sashimi. 1 Dhibe Cake sells for 2010g after haggling at Van's Shop. 1650 without haggling - but why would you do that?
    6. If you plan on selling Dhibe Cake, make sure you use the cheapest milk you have - it can be Mother's Milk, Goat Milk or B-Rank milk depending on what you have available. Turn the rest of your milk into cheese or butter.
    7. If you have Goat Milk that you don't plan on using for Dhibe Cake, turn it into cheese. It's worth slightly more than Goat Butter.

    I had enough money to buy everything I need half-way through Ch. 3, and I could have been way more efficient in making money had I planted more Dhibe earlier, or simply not messed around so much.

  • Fill all of your dog's hearts.

    You get your dog as soon as the game starts. He starts off with 5 hearts, and you need to raise it to 10. You can check your progress under "Assets" in your Diary (where you Save and Sleep).

    To raise your dogs affection make sure you feed him once a day by putting food into his bowl. He's not picky, so feed him whatever you want (or what's cheapest!) and pick him up with at least once a day and immediately put him down with . I'm not sure if training him speeds up the process, but considering that the game time is stopped during training, I did it anyway. You can train him by pressing when standing in front of him.

  • Fill every tool slot in the Toolshed.

    For this trophy you'll have to buy all the tools from the ledger, as well as receive gifts from a few people after you befriend them. Here's a list of all the tools and what you have to do to obtain them:


    1. Cow Milker - Starting tool.
    2. Goat Milker - You will receive this for free when you buy your goat

    Fishing Rods:

    1. Fishing Pole - Befriend Galen and visit his house before 6AM during Chapter 2.
    2. Fishing Rod - 500g at Van's Shop


    1. Heavy Hoe - Starting tool.
    2. Hoe - Buy for 800g at the ledger
    3. Light Hoe - Buy for 1000g at the ledger
    4. Strange Hoe - Befriend Tim and enter his room in the hotel around 7AM. You will need the large field for this present.
    5. Weird Hoe - Befriend Vesta and enter the storage room at her farm (the small building) around 10:30 AM. You will need the Strange Hoe and the large field for this.


    1. Heavy Sickle - Starting tool.
    2. Sickle - Buy for 600g at the ledger.
    3. Light Sickle - 750g at the ledger.
    4. Strange Sickle - Befriend Cody and enter his house when he's in there.
    5. Weird Sickle - Befriend Dr. Hardy and enter his clinic when he's in there.

    Watering Cans:

    1. Watering Can S - Starting tool.
    2. Watering Can M - 600g at the ledger
    3. Watering Can L - 750g at the ledger.
    4. Watering Can W - Befriend Romana and enter her room when she's in there. 6AM is a good time to visit her. You may have to receive the cat from her first in order for her to give you the Watering Can. You'll get the cat if you're her friend and wake up after your wife during fall.


    1. Clippers - Buy for 1300g at the ledger.
    2. Brush - 500g at Van's Shop
    3. Wool Clippers - Befriend Wally and enter his house before 6AM.
    4. Shears - 400g at the ledger.

    In order to befriend people, you have to give them gifts. They will accept 2 gifts total every day - 1 from the "Other" category, and 1 from the "Food" category in your quick select menu (). Not every person likes the same things, so just because Romana accepts a Flower, Tim might not. To make matters worse, sometimes the villagers enter a state where they won't accept any gifts no matter how much they like them. If you try to gift them things during this time and they don't accept you can't give them any more gifts until the next day. Below you'll find a list of suitable gifts and moments where you should avoid giving them gifts if applicable:

    1. Galen - Mugwort, Fish
      Make sure you befriend him during Ch. 1, because as of Ch. 2 he will no longer accept gifts and you have to play his mini-game in order to raise your friendship with him.
    2. Tim - Eggs, Milk
      Tim often says how much he loves flowers and artifacts from the dig site, but never accepts them as gifts. This may be a bug, or just a weird interaction. If you can get him to accept these things, good for you! This will speed up the process.
    3. Vesta - Flowers, Eggs
    4. Cody - Flowers, Eggs
      He will not accept gifts when he's standing with his arms crossed or working on his art (arms flailing).
    5. Dr. Hardy - Fish, Coins, Flowers
    6. Romana - Flowers, Fruit, Milk
      She will not accept gifts when she's sitting in her room.
    7. Wally - Eggs, Milk, Coins

    The above list is not extensive and does not include items such as cheese, because I believe that it's a either a waste of money (and thus time in the long run) or time to give these items as gifts.

    There's no 100% reliable way to tell when people like you enough to grant you their gift, so you'll have to keep giving and visiting until they do. One thing that indicates that they are starting to like you is when they turn their head after you when you're walking by. They only do the head-turn animation when they're walking as well, and it doesn't mean you'll get their gift 100%. Keep going at it, they'll eventually hand it over.

  • Collect 10 different records.

    You start out with 2 Records: Breeze, which is on your record-player and Silent Winter which you can find on the shelf in your tool shed. This means you'll have to obtain another 8 records, and for most of them you'll have to befriend people again. Luckily, you can buy one more record from Van starting Ch. 2, Spring Song for 430g.

    Additionally to the record you can buy, one of them, 64 Memories, is unlocked by winning Territory Capture 10 times. Remember that you can play only 1 round of Territory Capture each day, so try and go there whenever you can until you get the record. Obtaining both these records allows you to befriend only 6 instead of 8 townfolk, which I strongly recommend you do as two of them, namely Marlin and Rock, are incredibly time-consuming compared to the other villagers.

    For more information on how to befriend people, check The Right Tool for the Job.

    Here's a list of people you have to befriend, what they like etc.:

    1. Griffin - Record: Marine Jazz - Fish, Coins, Trick Blue Flowers
      Enter his private room in the Blue Bar when he's in there alone, around 2PM and talk to him.
    2. Rock - Record: Flowerbud Fall - Toyflower, Mist Moon Flower, Cooked Dishes
      Another one I recommend you skip. If you don't want to skip him, you can find him in his room around noon. He soon after leaves for breakfeast though, meaning you have to look for him around town. Rock is one of the most time consuming people to befriend alongside Marlin, so be prepared to visit him a lot. A good indicator that you're nearly done is when he starts talking about writing a book. Answer "Maybe So" in order to potentially speed up the process.
    3. Marlin - Record: Butterfly - Milk, Eggs
      Probably the most time consuming person to befriend. I recommend you skip him, but if you really don't want to, brace yourself to pump A LOT of eggs into him. Talk to him on a Van day near the waterfall to obtain your gift, eventually.
    4. Chris - Record: The Bride - Flowers, Apples, Milk
      Talk to her on her way home from work or when she's in her home to obtain her gift.
    5. Kate - Record: Winter HM - Flowers, Fish
      Kate moves into the Valley at the start of Ch. 2, so you will be unable to befriend her before that. Once you're friends with her, visit her in her room at 6AM to get your record.
    6. Carter - Record: Summer Memories - Fish
      Talk to him on a Van day to receive your gift. He will not accept gifts during his morning work out (arms stretched out) or when he's looking at the ground in the dig site. He will, however, accept them if he's simply standing or walking around in the dig site.
    7. Mukumuku - Record: Joy of Fall - Fish, Flowers (up to x5 each day, for a total of up to 10 presents a day)
      Mukumuku is only available during Winter. You can find him on the way to, or around, the Spring. Try and give him the max. number of presents you can each day to not only speed up the process, but make some nice extra money - Mukumuku keeps gifting you his record for some unknown reason once every day you visit him after you're friends.
    8. Sebastian - Record: Town Spirit - Fish, high quality Butter and Cheese
      Visit him in his room in Romana's Villa when he's in there alone to obtain your present once you're his friend.
  • Successfully clean Nina's grave.

    This mini-game is locked until you you reach Chapter 2. Starting with Chapter 2, Galen will live on the small hill below Vesta's Farm. In order to play the mini game, talk to Galen when he leaves his house around 6AM.

    You'll get 60 seconds to clean Nina's grave by pressing the button. Unlike the Milk Drinking Contest, it's not about pressing as fast as you can though because you'll quickly run out of stamina if you do. Try and find a rythm that allows you to be both quick and efficient. 60 seconds is plenty.

  • Dig up all of the tablets.


    You can dig up the tablets at the dig site (duh) from ~10AM to 5PM, provided Carter is inside. Talk to him to start digging. He won't be around on Van days though, so you won't be able to dig on the 3rd or 8th day of every month.

    There's 5 tablets in total you have to dig up, one each for the first 5 chapters:

    1. Tablet C (Chapter 1)
    2. Tablet D (Chapter 2)
    3. Tablet E (Chapter 3)
    4. Tablet F (Chapter 4)
    5. Tablet G (Chapter 5)

    There's no tablet in Chapter 6, and the trophy unlocks as soon as you dig up Tablet G - before you even see you dug it up, actually.

  • Attend all four festivals.

    There's 4 festivals total that you have to attend, 1 in every season. I think it's impossible to attend the Spring Festival in Ch. 1, so you'll need to reach at least Spring, Ch. 2 in order to unlock this trophy.

    In order to attend the festivals, check the calender inside your home every month for the exact dates the festivals happen, the Summer and Winter Festival can happen on different dates each year.

    1. Spring Festival - Go to Romana's Villa on Spring 1 to get a cut-scene of Lumina playing the Piano for the villagers.
    2. Summer Festival - Exit your home on Summer 5-10 (check calender!) around 9AM to 5PM. Gustafa will come to your farm and invite you to the festival.
    3. Fall Festival - Exit your home on Fall 5 around Noon. Vesta will invite you to the Blue Bar for the Harvest Festival.
    4. Winter Festival - Exit your home on Winter 5-10 (check calender) after 7PM and Rock will come to your farm to invite you to the Starry Night Festival.
  • Haggle with Van to purchase a goat for less than 4,000G.


    Van will start selling the goat during Ch. 2. Once he arrives in town on Spring 3, go to him and try to buy the goat but don't accept his first offer of 4000g. Instead, select the option "How about a Discount?" in order to reduce the price. You can haggle him down all the way to 2000g.

    If you buy the goat without haggling you'll have to reload an older save or re-start the game for this trophy, as Van only sells you a goat once - even if you sell yours. So make sure to haggle the first time!

  • Heal a sick animal.

    Healing a sick animal involves buying animal medicine from the ledger for 200g per medicine. The trophy will unlock on the next day, not when you administer the medicine. I don't recommend letting your cow get sick during Ch. 1 because you can't milk her while she's sick, thus losing money for it. You could do a seperate save for this trophy, or simply wait until later on in the game.

    If you decided to wait until later on, there's a good chance that one of your animals will get sick once you start just sleeping through the remaining years of the game because you finished up all the other trophies. Keep an eye on them until one of them is sick and give them the medicine. It doesn't matter if it's a chicken, sheep, goat or cow.

    For me, my goat got sick twice towards the end of Ch. 2, despite receiving the same treatement as my cows (they spent most of their time outside unless it was raining/snowing), so that might happen for you as well. If not, most of my animals died once I started power-sleeping, so I could have healed any one of them before their death to unlock the trophy.

    If after reading all that, you still want to get this trophy as soon as possible, simply leave your animals outside at all times, especially during rain and don't feed them. Make sure the grass in your pasture is always cut so they can't eat it. Eventually, one of them will get sick (most likely the god damn goat).

  • Help the Harvest Sprites find a "nice".

    This one is probably the reason why you're here. There's a lot of confusion surrounding this one on the world wide web, but don't fret. It's not hard or overly complex once you know the steps involved!

    In order to unlock this trophy you have to watch 6 cut-scenes involving the Harvest Sprites, which will require you to be at certain places at certain times. Besides the two scenes at the Spring, each cut-scene can only be triggered in a certain season.

    Below are my times and dates of triggering the cut-scene just to give you a an idea of a successful run:

    Remember, these are NOT exact times you have to visit each area, but simply when I did. Each cut-scene should be available on every day of their corresponding season!

    1. Chapter 2, Spring 1. Visit the Spring pond around or after 6PM. The Sprite will talk about the Harvest Goddess and how they have to look for "Nices" to make her arrive.
    2. Chapter 3, Spring 1. Same as above, visit the Spring after 6PM. The Sprites will try to summon the Harvest Goddess, but she can't come out because they haven't collected enough nices. Instead, she'll hit her head on the surface...of the pond...Yeah.
    3. Chapter 3, Spring 2. Exit your house around 6AM, and make sure that you have pastured your cow beforehand (the night before, for example). The Sprites will talk about your Cow and if it is a nice.
    4. Chapter 3, Summer 1. Visit Romana's Villa around 11:30AM. The Sprites will discuss if Romana is a nice.
    5. Chapter 3, Fall 1. Leave your farm via the path next to Takakura's house around 10AM. The Sprites will look through the town for nices, but can't find any.
    6. Chapter 3, Fall 2. Do the same thing as above. The Sprites will listen to Gustafa and come to the conclusion that his voice is definitely a nice. Trophy unlocked. I left my farm around 11:30 for this one though, because it was raining and I had to run to the dig site first.

    Important: In my own experience, none of the cut-scenes (except maybe the first two) can be triggered if it rains. So you'll have to either wait for a day during that season where it doesn't rain, or you'll use a nifty little trick to make the rain stop. If you don't want to wait for a sunny day, simply go to the dig site and start digging. Immediately leave, and the rain will have stopped once you come back out. Then, go to wherever you need to be to trigger the cut-scene. Don't worry if you're later than I was, there's still a very good chance you can trigger the scene.

    As of writing this, I am unsure if you can complete the whole run during Ch. 2. Personally, I wasn't able to, because I could never get the second scene to trigger before Spring was over - I never attempted if I could simply skip it, though. So you might be able to get your trophy earlier.

  • Use the Alarm Clock to wake yourself up.

    You can obtain the Alarm Clock starting with Ch. 2. Simply visit the new family in town before 6 AM, and Grant will give it to you, regardless of your friendship status with him. Once you own the Alarm Clock, click on your Diary and select "Alarm Clock". Press to adjust the time and to turn it on or off. Afterwards, go to sleep and the trophy will unlock as soon as you wake up again.

  • Complete the first chapter.

    Story related. Cannot be missed

    See Chapter 6 for more information.

  • Complete the second chapter.

    Story related. Cannot be missed

    See Chapter 6 for more information.

  • Complete the third chapter.

    Story related. Cannot be missed

    See Chapter 6 for more information.

  • Complete the fourth chapter.

    Story related. Cannot be missed

    See Chapter 6 for more information.

  • Complete the fifth chapter.

    Story related. Cannot be missed

    See Chapter 6 for more information.

  • Complete the final chapter.

    Story related. Cannot be missed

    Each Chapter represents 1 year, which consists of 4 seasons of 10 days, for a total of 40 days per year/chapter. After you go to bed on Winter 10, a cut-scene will start to play that deals with the flow of time in Forget-Me-Not Valley. Once the cut-scene is over, your trophy will unlock.

    There is literally nothing you have to do in order to progress the story besides finishing a year. Which is a blessing, because you will most likely finish everything related to the Platinum during Chapter 3. So instead of going through over 2 more years, you can simply sleep through the rest of the story. Or, keep playing normally, tending to your farm. It's up to you. Sleeping is much, much quicker though.

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