Shoot like a pro Trophy in Handball 16

  • Shoot like a pro


    Score a goal with a spin shot for the first time.

    How to unlock Shoot like a pro

    This can be tricky and may take several attempts to get the trophy. It isn't glitched, it just wants a very specific thing to happen. Scoring a spin shot will not get you the trophy - it has to be a spin shot on the ground to register. This means the spin curls the ball back into the goal grounded like a snooker ball, not like a free kick in football where the ball swerves mid-air due to spin.

    This is done by holding and using either or depending on the player.
    I got this using a left handed player on the right wing get the ball to him and go up into the corner close to the inner coloured D and press + he should sort of dive instead of jumping and throw the ball forward it needs to touch the floor and spin right to take it into the goal.

    On the other wing you would want a right hander and use the same strategy but with + instead. This may still take quite a few tries to knock off properly. Best done in a player match.

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