Heaven's Concert Stage Trophy in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

  • Heaven's Concert Stage


    Clear "Radio Tower 'Artemis'" for the first time.

    How to unlock Heaven's Concert Stage

    Story related, cannot be missed

    The radio tower is full of bottomless pits and spikes to avoid, so make sure to always have a full supply of Bullit's so you can air dash upwards to get past the obstacles. You can also press while in the air over aircraft with green containers and break those containers by landing and reloading.

    At the end of this stage is Isola, the Falcon?Idol. She tends to make little purple energy spikes to attack you with as well as clone herself and as usual, at 1/3rd life she will use her Skill Trigger, Wonderful Rush. It's not hard to avoid, just stay in between the energy beams.

    If you hit her with the Rising Cyclone, you can actually blow away those purple energy spikes that follow her around, as well as easily attack her when she is performing on the stages overhead.

    The official website has a rundown of all of Isola's attacks, for reference.

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