Beneath the Mask Trophy in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

  • Beneath the Mask


    Clear "Sumeragi Secret Bunker 1" for the first time.

    How to unlock Beneath the Mask

    Story related, cannot be missed

    If you run into the purple machine gun like barricades, you can use the Anchor Nexus to temporarily disable them. The first half of this stage is familiar, a lot like Sumeragi Building 13 was earlier. Once you get to the next part, things change a bit. There are lots of spikes but nothing too difficult to navigate (except for the last emblem if you're aiming for those).

    At the end of this stage is your final encounter with Blade and it's a tough one. Blade does all sorts of damage so you have to be cautious. With any luck, you will get an Anthem to save you on this one but like last time, if you can tag Blade with the Bullit's, you can dash into the ceiling and keep some distance while you attack.

    Blades 1/3rd HP Skill Trigger is different this time. Thunderandal is a multi stage electric attack, starting with a series of vertical attacks from the ground.

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