Butterfly Effect Trophy in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

  • Butterfly Effect


    Clear "Sumeragi Secret Bunker 2" for the first time.

    How to unlock Butterfly Effect

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This stage is a gauntlet of sorts, forcing you to face the first 3 of the Sumeragi Adepts. First you must defeat Rebellio, then Stella, then Crimm. There are no emblems in this stage either. Use the same tricks on them that you used last time to win quickly.

    After that you will have to face the boss of this stage, whom I won’t spoil but instead will just refer to as The Butterfly Effect. It's an easy enough fight if you happen to have Anthem going. Use Bullit to destroy the shield then attack the brain until the shield regenerates. Rinse and repeat and you will emerge victorious.

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