• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 15 (10, 5)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 8-10hrs (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Luminous Avenger iX is the third game in the Azure Striker Gunvolt franchise. Unlike the previous two games, this entry stars Copen (aka Acura in the Japanese version), the titular Luminous Avenger iX. Copen is a Minos, a normal powerless human, who is fighting against Sumeragi and their Adepts, humans with powers known as Septima. Minos are being eradicated by the Adepts, and Copen uses his weapons and technology that simulates Septima to fight back. Assisting Copen is Lola, an AI who takes the form of a small drone with an alternative form of a diva.

Made by IntiCreates, the game plays like classic 2D platformers of previous generations. You can run, jump, dash, shoot and wall jump your way to victory. Defeating bosses will earn you additional weapons. Earning money in the game also gives you the ability to purchase new upgrades to expand your abilities. You will rack up combos which, when reaching a certain threshold, will cause Lola to transform into a diva and sing, also augmenting your abilities.


Default Controls

- Shoot (hold for continuous)
- Jump
- Dash, can be directional up or down
- EX Weapon 1
- EX Weapon 2
- Swap EX Weapon (Up)
- Swap EX Weapon (Down)
- SP Skill
- Reload or if in the air or on a bridge, drop down

Kudos, Lola and Overdrive

In the game, you rack up a combo by attacking enemies and not taking damage. This is called Kudos. Once you reach 1000 Kudos, Lola transforms from tiny flying drone to a diva. This is the Overdrive. At that point, she will start singing to you and your abilities will get a boost. You need to do this regularly to unlock songs in the Jukebox, as well as make certain parts of the game more manageable.

There are three options settings of earning Kudos points, which can be selected in the mission screen prior to a mission. The first (and default) is Cautious, the second Fearless and finally Gutless.

Gutless will prevent you from losing Kudos points when you are damaged. You won’t get a score bonus either but for the sake of trophy expediency, this is the way to go. Gutless won't disable trophies.

Cautious will cause Kudos points to reset if you get hit by 3 enemy attacks. You also get a score bonus.

Fearless will cause Kudos points to reset after 1 enemy attack, but you will get a huge score bonus.

Regardless of which of the three you choose, you also will lose Kudos points if you die or if you activate a mid-stage checkpoint (the little round purple X icons but isn't to be confused with the end of a section barrier you have to destroy) or if you use a SP Attack.

In most stages there are four yellow emblems scattered around. Collecting one of these will give you an automatic 500 Kudos.


Step 1: Learn the game up to the endgame

Focus on beating the game and learning the different systems, weapons and techniques you can use to get through each challenge. You can use the Gutless Kudos Mode, which prevents you from losing your combo (unless you hit a checkpoint) and still earn the trophies if you so desire. Every trophy can be earned in one save file and 1 run, though you will be replaying individual stages over and over again.

On completing this step you should/can earn:

Meeting of the Minos
Redline Tangle
The Weight of Pygmalion
Detonations in Bloom
Heaven's Concert Stage
Lost Memories
The Hidden World
Attack of the Giga-Lola

Step 2: Endgame and the Jukebox

Once you reach the final stretch of stages of the game, after beating Giga-Lola, you might focus on farming money. Before going for the final stages, it is helpful to have HP restoring abilities purchased in the customization. While you are farming, you might as well unlock the songs you’re missing in the Jukebox.

On completing this step you should/can earn:

Beneath the Mask
Butterfly Effect
Overseer of the End
The Muse of Hope
Ability Collector

Step 3: Unlock then clear the Boss Rush

You need to unlock the boss rush before you can consider completing it. In order to unlock the Boss Rush you must first beat the game. Reload your save file and find that there is a series of Special Missions added to the mission list. Complete each of these in order to get access to the Boss Rush.

On completing this step you should/can earn:

Luminous Avenger iX

Step 4: Make that money

With everything else done, replay old stages for money. Earn enough to purchase all the upgrades to earn your final trophy.

On completing this step you should/can earn:

Ability Collector

[PST Would Like To Thank shrapx for this Roadmap]

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Trophy Guide

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15 trophies ( 10  13  )

  • Unlock every song in the jukebox.

    You need to unlock all 7 songs in the jukebox in order to earn the trophy. Once the final song plays in a stage, the trophy will pop.

    To unlock them, you must motivate Lola to sing them by getting an overall Kudos level in a stage of 1,000 or more. At that point, Lola transforms into her idol mode, where she will sing one of the songs. This is easy to do if you change the Kudos mode to Gutless. This will allow you to build kudos without fear of losing the combo. You can also gain 500 Kudos by picking up any one of the four emblems scattered around in the stage. You will lose Kudos if you do a SP Skill or activate a checkpoint, so keep that in mind. If you get 1000 Kudos, you can do either and reset your Kudos, get another 1000 and try to unlock another song.

    I believe the song Lola sings to be completely random. It doesn't seem to follow a specific pattern. Though I observed the first song didn’t pop up until I was fighting the last boss and got a kudos of 1,000.

    You can uncheck any songs you have learned from the playlist, which should narrow down the songs Lola will sing to new songs. (Unconfirmed, I did this randomly with all songs).

    The songs to unlock are:

    • COUNTDOWN: 3-2-1-0

  • Purchase every ability for customization.

    This is the most time consuming trophy in the game and will require quite a bit of farming to complete, since several upgrades have large purchasing prices, the highest being 99,999. You will likely only earn 3,000 or so money per stage. Save this for the end, because it will take a while.

    The abilities you can unlock and their costs are:

    • Auto-hover - Free
    • Prevasion - Free
    • Anthem - Free
    • Extender - 7,000
    • EX Saver - 30,000
    • Bounty Hunter - 4,000
    • Regenerator - 30,000
    • Heaven or Hell - 88,000
    • All of Nothing - 15,000
    • Extra Bullit - 7,000
    • Extra Bullit - 15,000
    • Extra Bullit - 30,000
    • OD Auto-Recover - 22,000
    • OD Guard Up - 8,000
    • OD Sharp Nail - 65,000
    • OD High Pride - 4,000
    • OD Icarus Wing - 99,999

    Farming method: Go to Auto-Fab Plant. If you have purchased All or Nothing, turn it off because you want a checkpoint. Next proceed until you get to this money drop box, just before a checkpoint. Don't destroy it! Instead, trigger the checkpoint then go back and destroy it (use the Photon Detonator for speed). The box drops 500 money. Now open the menu, press and select Retry. As long as you saved before destroying the box, the box will respawn. Repeat this process to earn money quickly. It isn't the most amusing method but in a few hours you can get all the money you need.


Secret trophies

  • Clear "Boss Rush" for the first time.

    This is the most challenging trophy in the game but with the right preparation this isn't too difficult. The Boss Rush cannot be cleared until it is unlocked. To unlock the Boss Rush, first you must beat the game. After that, reload your save file and you will see additional Special Missions in the mission menu. There are 6 in total, and they are pretty easy. They are short snippets of stages with a few more enemies (nothing too challenging) and then one of the 6 Adept bosses at the end. The bosses themselves are powered up a bit and no longer seem to have any weaknesses to EX Weapons. Clear all 6 missions and the Boss Rush will be added to the mission list.

    You definitely want OD Auto-Recover and Regenerator for this. Focus on building your Kudos to 1000 as soon as possible so that you can keep your HP with Overdrive (Lola in diva form) and the Regenerator upgrade. Extra Bullits and Extender really help too.

    You will face bosses in this order: Rebellio, Stella, Crimm, Isola, Bakto, Dystnine, Giga-Lola, Blade, The Butterfly Effect and then both encounters with the final boss. Keep your HP and Overdrive as long as you can. Use the SP skill only if you are on the verge of death, as this will heal you but remove your Overdrive. Providing Overdrive is active, you can fully heal before every battle as well as heal during battle which is very useful.

    You can use checkpoints every few bosses, if you wish but if you're confident in your skills and you have the Overdrive activated, I'd skip it. The Overdrive is much more useful to you and rebuilding Kudos can be costly, especially since using EX Weapons doesn’t build Kudos.

    Of particular note is the second form of the final boss. They squeezed in a tad bit of story into the rush. The last boss is powered up a bit. Its attacks are stronger and have more screen coverage. However, if you have Overdrive with Regenerator and are consistently locked on and attacking you should be ok.

    The trophy will pop when you return to the base of operations. You won't get any in game rewards for your hard work but you will get a trophy.

  • Clear "Sumeragi Secret Bunker 3" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This stage is like the last, another boss gauntlet. Again, there are no emblems in this stage either. You face Isola, Bakto and then Dystnine. Like before, they have all the same patterns and weaknesses. The REAL challenge of the game comes after, because you must face the final boss in two forms.

    The first form can be cruel. You really want to have the Overdrive (with Regenerator) here to mitigate the damage it’s capable of. Like Blade you can lock on and keep your distance, using the ceiling if possible (though he does have means of blocking your ability to get there).

    The second form has three tubes in the background. The boss will appear in one of them, and when he does an glass orb will appear above his head you need to target and attack that. His Skill Trigger attack is a large ball of electrified chains that flies across the screen several times. The side walls will be electrified. The first time it arrives will be at a angle from top corner to opposite bottom corner. The second will be the same going the other way. The third and fourth will both fly across the floor so you must dash up to avoid. Finally the fifth one will fly down from the ceiling in the center. Reduce this forms HP and victory is yours. Sit back and watch the end of the game.

  • Clear "Sumeragi Secret Bunker 2" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This stage is a gauntlet of sorts, forcing you to face the first 3 of the Sumeragi Adepts. First you must defeat Rebellio, then Stella, then Crimm. There are no emblems in this stage either. Use the same tricks on them that you used last time to win quickly.

    After that you will have to face the boss of this stage, whom I won’t spoil but instead will just refer to as The Butterfly Effect. It's an easy enough fight if you happen to have Anthem going. Use Bullit to destroy the shield then attack the brain until the shield regenerates. Rinse and repeat and you will emerge victorious.

  • Clear "Sumeragi Secret Bunker 1" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    If you run into the purple machine gun like barricades, you can use the Anchor Nexus to temporarily disable them. The first half of this stage is familiar, a lot like Sumeragi Building 13 was earlier. Once you get to the next part, things change a bit. There are lots of spikes but nothing too difficult to navigate (except for the last emblem if you're aiming for those).

    At the end of this stage is your final encounter with Blade and it's a tough one. Blade does all sorts of damage so you have to be cautious. With any luck, you will get an Anthem to save you on this one but like last time, if you can tag Blade with the Bullit's, you can dash into the ceiling and keep some distance while you attack.

    Blades 1/3rd HP Skill Trigger is different this time. Thunderandal is a multi stage electric attack, starting with a series of vertical attacks from the ground.

  • Clear "City Slums 2" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This stage is nothing more than one boss. No emblems, no stage even, just the boss. You are forced to battle the Giga-Lola, whose weakness is the jewel on its head. Mark it with your dash and Bullit's and build your Kudos gauge. It’s not too hard to beat, just attack that jewel.

  • Clear "Data Center Beta" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This stage is pretty simple. Throughout there will be a few locked doors that you must destroy a machine to open in order to proceed. There is also a few large lasers that you should destroy or at least get out of the way, because when their timers run down they shoot a screen long wide blast.

    At the end of the stage is Dystnine, Altair of Vengeance. This android has a cloak that, when it’s glowing, tagging him with a Bullit dash will cause him to knock you back with damage, so be weary of that. At 1/3rd life, he attacks with Total Blackout. This is another attack that you have to avoid from being caught or get hit with a lot of damage.

    He seems to be more susceptible to the Anchor Nexus than anything else. Lock on with it and he won't knock you back like he normally does.

    The official website has a rundown of all of Dystnine's attacks, for reference.

  • Clear "Data Center Alpha" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This stage is easy if you take the long way. Throughout the stage is several platforms you can ride. You don't have to, you can dash but they will take you past the open pits if you wish.

    At the end of the stage is Bakto, the Leonian Tempest. His 1/3rd life Skill Trigger Sonic Spiral creates large drills, one on one side of the screen, then on the other, then two that cover almost the entire screen except two corners.

    Bakto really doesn’t like the Shroud Spear weapon. It makes the fight rather trivial.

    The official website has a rundown of all of Bakto's attacks, for reference.

  • Clear "Radio Tower 'Artemis'" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    The radio tower is full of bottomless pits and spikes to avoid, so make sure to always have a full supply of Bullit's so you can air dash upwards to get past the obstacles. You can also press while in the air over aircraft with green containers and break those containers by landing and reloading.

    At the end of this stage is Isola, the Falcon?Idol. She tends to make little purple energy spikes to attack you with as well as clone herself and as usual, at 1/3rd life she will use her Skill Trigger, Wonderful Rush. It's not hard to avoid, just stay in between the energy beams.

    If you hit her with the Rising Cyclone, you can actually blow away those purple energy spikes that follow her around, as well as easily attack her when she is performing on the stages overhead.

    The official website has a rundown of all of Isola's attacks, for reference.

  • Clear "Medical Center" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    The Medical Center stage cannot be challenged until you clear the City Slums, Store Ruins, Auto-Fab Plant and Building 13. The stage is very easy, but at the end you have to face Blade again. Blade's attacks aren't too hard to avoid, since most are sword strikes that are easy to predict. If you can lock on you can attack Blade by dashing and hiding near the ceiling, just attacking at a distance and dashing in the air.

  • Clear "Auto-Fab Plant" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    At the end of this stage is Crimm, The Explosive Artiste. He uses a shield to make it difficult to lock on to him while attacking you with heavy artillery over and over. As usual, at 1/3rd life he uses his Skill Trigger, Exquisite Artillery.

    If you got it, you want to use the Orbital Edge on this one, as it will break his armor and make damaging him easier. When he uses Exquisite Artillery, stand next to him and spam the Orbital Edge if you can to end the fight fast.

    The official website has a rundown of all of Crimm’s attacks, for reference.

  • Clear "Sumeragi Building 13" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This trophy is earned after clearing the Sumeragi Building 13 stage, which is a simple enough stage.

    Upon reaching the end you will have to face Stella, The Sudarshana Gravity Well. And like before at 1/3rd life she uses Graviton Pandemonium, an attack where Stella creates large blocks and tries to crush Copen. Dash before they appear to try to avoid them. After several are on the ground, she will create large blades at the top of the screen and drag the blocks up.


    Weakness wise, I find the Anchor Nexus the most useful.

  • Clear "Store Ruins" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This trophy is earned after clearing the stage Store Ruins, which is one of the initial stages available after the intro stage. The stage is pretty basic so it’s a good starting stage. The boss is named Rebellio, The Craftsman's Dream. When he is down to 1/3rd he will automatically use Crimson-Death-Thread. An attack that if he locks onto you will do a lot of damage unless you can avoid the changing patterns of yarn. Quickly dash to avoid it.

    If you have the Photon Detonator, use that weapon as Rebellio is weak to it.

    The official website has a rundown of all of Rebellio’s attacks, for reference.

  • Clear "City Slums" for the first time.

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This trophy is earned after clearing the games intro stage. The stage is pretty easy. Clearing the stage can easily be done and at the end, you will face Blade. You can defeat Blade with a SP attack or you can just attack and weaken Blade until the battle ends which isn't too difficult. The trophy will pop after the results screens when you enter the story segment.

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