Complete Hell Trophy in Gunslugs

  • Complete Hell


    Achieve the "Complete Hell" objective

    How to unlock Complete Hell

    No wonder why this is the only  trophy. Take another look at the General Tips provided in the road map as they will be essential. In addition, I strongly advise staying away from all the enemies because they will either kill you instantly or consume your life extremely quickly. You should also be extremely careful when you advance, as the fire skulls are usually aimed right at you. "Land Mines" are often placed directly beneath crates as well, so pay attention to their beeping sound.

    Furthermore, you should NEVER buy anything other than the voodoo doll. The sooner you get it the better, and you probably won’t be able to buy anything else (you may get a shot at one mini-game or buying the armor from the last house if you’re lucky, but sometimes you won’t even have enough coins).

    Fortunately, you get a brand new weapon: the Skull Gun. It’s relatively short ranged but powerful, and its bullets split in three so you’ll be able to shoot enemies that are above and below you. Avoid the jetpack though, it’s too unreliable to be useful. Other than that, just play with Sarge, keep at it and you will eventually Complete Hell! If you need advice on how to beat the boss, please refer to the Boss FAQ.

    The trophy will unlock after taking the chopper, so try not to die by falling into the hole after defeating the boss.

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  • Basicly Phase 3 is inposible to beat. So far i cant find solution how to beat that phrase 3. First 2 are easy they take 10s. Just stand under him nearest as you can to the gap and shoot his fingers but in phrase 3 it looks inposible :(
  • Ok i did it few more tries and i can say its easy last Phase 3 stay on the ground you must have skullgun when he start shooting you will not die in a second then just jump on the other side go as close as it is posible to the hand kill first one when he stops shoting go fast on the other side aloso as close as posible to hand still shoting and i had just a few left points of life but i did it :D GooD Luck to all of you.
  • Another tip is complete the arcade machines if you can to get as many coins as possible. I made it to the boss with a continue and full armour which came in very handy..

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