The servers have now closed, therefore the Platinum is unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened.


-Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 Platinum Difficulty Rating -
-Offline breakdown: 46 (34 11 1)
-Online breakdown 3 (3) However, many more trophies are easiest done online. - Unobtainable.
-Approximate time to : 26-35hrs+
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable trophies: 0, none.
-Glitched trophies: 2; Chanteuse, Sampler Plate.
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No.


"Chanteuse" may be a glitched trophy, depending on whether you get 100% of the notes on the song, or if you get 6/5 gold/non gold stars. These somehow conflict with each other.

For "Sampler Plate," you may not get credit for achieving the trophy even though you've played through every game mode. If you've played through them all and it hasn't unlocked, play them all again and it should unlock.


Step 1: Career Mode

Simply go through career and play all of the songs, while attempting to get 5/6 stars on the songs and possibly even complete a few challenges while going through the set. This should net you a majority of the trophies in the game.

Step 2: Multiplayer - Boost/find other players in order to get the trophies. - Unobtainable

This can be most helpful with getting band challenges if you cannot earn the trophies locally with your nearby friends. This should net you a lot of stars and challenges, and should also be mostly looking out for the 3 online-only trophies. You should also be concerned about getting the "4 of each instrument" trophy too if you cannot accomplish that by yourself. Find the boosting thread for this game at this link: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!) -

Step 3: Cleanup

Go through career and get any remaining stars you need by doing challenges and scoring as many stars on songs as you possibly can. It is also a good time to play 300 songs in quick play if needed. The easiest method for getting 300 songs in quickplay is by creating 10 songs in the music studio that consist of one short 3 second note, and making a setlist of these 10 songs and playing them in a setlist over and over until the trophy unlocks. This should get you the trophy much quicker then trying to play 300 normal songs over a long period of time.

 [PST Would Like to Thank Whiteclone for this Road Map]

Guitar Hero 5 Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 12  36  5  )

  • Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies in Guitar Hero 5


    As it says, get all bronze, silver and gold trophies in the game.

  • Complete a song with an average individual multiplier above 4x

    Select "Bring the Noise 20XX" on expert vocals and place your microphone next to a fan (the fan trick). Activate star power everytime you get it (the X button).

  • Play a song with 4 Bass Guitarists

    See "String Quartet"

  • Play a song with 4 Vocalists

    This is probably the easiest out of the "4 of the same type" class trophy. Singstar mics work perfectly so if you have 2 pairs of mics you can get it easily. If not you can ask someone who has singstar to lend you the mics or do it online. It is the easiest in terms of instruments but you need 4 PS3 controllers so if you dont have them try playing online. Or find someone in the boosting thread

  • Complete 100 songs in Quickplay

    See "Juke Box"

  • Complete 5 band challenges at Gold or better

    The easiest band challenges are definetley the maintain a 2x band multiplier, they can be done on easy difficulty with 2 people.

  • 5 Star 'Ex-Girlfriend', 'Send A Little Love Token' and 'Only Happy When It Rains' as a Vocalist

    Go into quickplay, select beginner difficulty and play each song one at a time ( dont make a setlist ) place your microphone beside a fan and you will get 6 stars on the songs.

  • Achieve a maxed out band multiplier as a standard band

    Get 4 people together ( Standard band: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals ) all play on easy or beginner and select "Song 2" make sure every band member is hitting every note, as soon as you hit the second band moment everyone activate star power. Everyone must be on a 8x multiplier during the second band moment (while the fret board is orange) if you do it right the trophy will pop up.

  • Fill your Rock Meter all the way

    In this one you need to get your ROCK meter (not star power meter) all the way up to the green, and then to the top of the green. This is probably the easiest trophy on the game and if you get like 50 note streak from the start you should get it.

  • Play a song with 4 Drummers

    See "String Quartet"

  • Read 5 Tooltips in GHMix

    Go into GHMix ( the place where you create songs ) Hold a fret button on something and it will tell you a tip repeat this 5 more times for the trophy.

  • Play 10 4-Player RockFest Mode games of any type

    This trophy is much easier if you have 2 guitars ( even easier if you have 4 ) find another person with 2 guitars and simply play 10 rockfests, I recomend you put your T.V on Mute and repeat "Song 2" by Blur as it is the shortest song in the game.

  • Complete 50 of the challenges at Diamond

    If you get Diamond on 50 challenges you will get the 3 trophies so what you have to do is first do the song without going for the challenges and then set the "No Fail" cheat on so you can concentrate just on Whammying, Red notes SP sequences etc. For the ones which requiere hitting HOPOs you can use the cheat to increase the amount of them. For the songs were you can choose the song, you must think about it. If its maintaining a X4 multiplier for 4 minutes you can sort songs by length and choose the longest and easiest one.

  • Complete 50 of the challenges at Gold or better

    See "Going Diamond"

  • Complete 50 of the challenges at Platinum or better

    See "Going Diamond"

  • Complete a 25-phrase streak as a Vocalist

    This trophy is very easy, Pick mostly any song ( just to name a song "Bring the Noise 20XX" would work ) and then place your microphone beside a fan and select expert difficulty

  • Complete 300 songs in Quickplay

    Go into the studio and create 10 short songs or more if you like ( 1 note songs ) Then go into quickplay and create a setlist with the songs you just created, save the setlist so you can quickly restart. Playthrough all ten songs and then basically repeat another 29 times ( dont repeat creating the songs just playing the setlist. )

  • Create 4 rockers of your own and play a song with them locally in Career or Quickplay

    Dont waste your time creating 4 characters, simply just select "Random Rocker" for all 4 band members, The place where you select your difficulty, activate cheats etc scroll down to the bottom and it will say "arange band" click on it and change all 4 like stated above.

  • Streak through the entirety of a song in Quickplay or Career

    If you have a drum kit go into ghtunes, and download a song called "trophyautokick" once it has downloaded turn on auto kick and play the song. The song is all just bass pedal so just leave it to run. You will get 100% and the trophy will unlock ( this will also net you the "The Streak" trophy ). Or play "Song 2" on easy and dont miss a note ( this song is easy on every difficulty )

  • Play an online match with 8 players, all on the same instrument


    This is possibly the most frustrating trophy in the game, getting 8 people together is no easy task. It's easier if you have 2-4 of the same instrument. Once you have 8 people (or enough people) host a Competitive then fill all 4 player slots and search for "Team Pro Face Off". Have the other party of 4 search at the same time and hope that you get matched up.

  • Complete 25 Pro Face Off matches online (Win or Lose)


    Either simply play through 25 pro face off matches or find a partner and play "Song 2" 25 times. This would be very tedious so I recommend you just play 25 regular songs (NOTE: If you play a pro face off with 4 people each song is counted towards the 25). There is also another method - connect two of the same instrument (select same difficulty) and search for a Pro-Faceoff. Most likely you will not find anyone but the game will start with only your 2 instruments in the game (all credit goes to starcrunch061).

  • Make and complete a setlist which is at least 1 hour long

    You dont need to play an hour long setlist, Simply select enough songs to surpass an hour ( in quickplay ) and select a very short song ( either one you created or any ingame song ) as the last song, once the first song starts to play press start and go to skip song repeat this until you get to the very last song. Play the last song and the trophy will pop up as soon as the last song finishes.

  • Create a music studio song

    Just enter the music studio, play a few random notes then save and bam the trophy is yours.

  • Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or better

    Easy challenges for each instrument:

    Guitar: "Gratitude" by Beastie Boys, Play on Hard and turn on the Always Slide cheat and no fail
    Bass: "In The Meantime" by Spacehog, Turn on the All HOPO's cheat and play on Expert
    Drums: "Steady As She Goes" by The Raconteurs, Play on Expert+ with the Auto Kick cheat on and no fail.
    Vocals: "Bring the Noise 20XX" by Public Enemy, Play on Expert, and use the mic trick ( difficulty must be expert )

  • Collect 101 Stars in Career

    See "Star Cluster"

  • Make a standard 8-player Band v Band match online, win or lose


    This trophy is very easy if you have every instrument (guitar, bass, drums and microphone). Just find another person in the boosting thread with the full kit (you would both need 2 guitars) or use the boosting thread and find 8 people. This trophy is very frustrating if you only have 1 instrument. Once you have 8 people you will need to search for each other (2 parties of 4 searching for a band vs band).

  • Play at least one song in Quickplay, Career and each Competitive game type

    This trophy sometimes does not unlock, the only thing you can do is keep going through the list until it does. Play one song in Career and Quickplay then play all of the competitive modes:

    • Pro face-off
    • Band vs Band
    • Team Pro Face-off
    • Momentum
    • Team Momentum
    • Streakers
    • Team Streakers
    • Do or Die
    • Team Do or Die
    • Elimination
    • Team Elimination
    • Perfectionist
    • Team Perfectionist
  • Earn 500,000 points in a single song as a solo act

    Go into GHtunes and download "trophyautokick" once it has downloaded turn on auto kick and play the song, the trophy will pop up at the end. Alternatively play "Do you feel like we do" on hard or expert guitar and do your best and hope you can beat the score.

  • Earn 1,000,000 points in a single song as a solo act or band

    See "Score Biggest"

  • Earn 3,000,000 points in a single song as a band

    Go into GHtunes and download "trophy song" (published by Priddo) use a drumkit with auto kick enabled, and play the guitar yourself, when you have full SP use it, once it runs out repeat ( big thanks to Priddo for the song )

  • Earn 5 or more Stars on a song in Career or Quickplay

    Select "Song 2" and place your microphone beside a fan on beginner difficulty. You will get 6 stars, Or play "song 2" with another instrument on beginner. And hit all or most notes

  • Collect 303 Stars in Career

    See "Star Cluster"

  • Create a custom instrument

    In the area where you create your character, go to edit instrument

  • Collect 808 Stars in Career

    This sounds really hard to do but with some time and effort you will easily go over 808. You can get up to 9 stars in a songs. 5 for high score 3 bonus and 1 for FC. (Full combo) If you use the fan trick you can get 6 easy stars on every song but 2 songs which have no lyrics. Doing this you would end up with:

    83x6, 498 easy stars and you can get 3 more stars for each song. It doesn't up over 808 because of the songs you can choose at the end of it stage. This are probably the easiest to get 9 stars because you can choose a song and it tells you the difficulty and length.

  • As a 4 player standard band, all 4 players activate Star Power simultaneously

    Get 4 people together ( Standard band: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals ) all play on easy or beginner and select any song ( preferably an easy song ) What i did was wait until everyone has star power and activate all 4 straight after the band moment ( i used "song 2" ) ( You will most likely get this if you go for "Crank It Up To 11" )

  • Play a song with 4 Lead Guitarists

    All 4 of these trophies can be a big pain, If you are lucky enough to have 4 of each instrument ( unlikely ) then just boost all 4 by yourself. Or find people from the boosting thread, These trophies are not difficult just arranging boosting seasons can be tedious.

  • Collect 505 Stars in Career

    See "Star Cluster"

  • Complete a sponsor gig challenge at Diamond level

    I recommend you do the "Seymour Duncan Pickup Match Guitar Challenge" Pick "In my place" by Coldplay, Play on hard/expert turn on no fail and always slide. Concentrate only on whammying the sustain notes

  • Complete 20 Band Moments

    You can boost this yourself, place your microphone beside a fan, select beginner difficulty and play either guitar, bass or drums on easy/beginner just make sure you hit the band moments ( the notes that appear to be on fire )

  • Unlock every venue in the world, and then some

    You will get all but one of the venues by progressing through the the career mode, the last one you get by getting Gold on the challenge for "Play that Funky Music"

  • Complete a 1001 note streak

    Play "Do You Feel Like We Do?" on guitar easy/beginner and don't miss a note. Or see "No Mistakes Allowed".

  • Complete 14 songs in Quickplay

    See "Juke Box"

  • Play 5 encore gigs

    Just play 5 of the gigs marked with the lighter being lit ( like the trophy image ) in career mode

  • Collect 25 Stars in Career

    See "Star Cluster"

  • Complete any tutorial's lesson on a new feature

    Go into tutorials and select one with [NEW] next to it, play through the tutorial and the trophy is yours.


Secret trophies

  • Get 95% of the way through 'Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)'

    This is simple. You just need to be patient. You have got to complete 95% of this song, The song lasts for over 13 minutes, If you really dont want to play through the whole song just turn on the no fail cheat and leave the song to run.

  • Earn over 9000 points in a single Star Power deployment

    Another simple trophy, you must get 9000 points or more in a single star power deployment. You get more points on expert so its the easiest way. Fill your star power meter up to the top (will require 4 star power sequences) And then deploy it when you have and 4X multiplier and you are in a section with lots of notes and chords. This way you should get over 9000 easily.

  • Meet all of the celebrity guests

    This trophy will pop when you complete all songs in career. There are 5 guests in the game. Each one has its song and when you complete it you automatically unlock him/her. The guest are:

    -Shirley Manson. (From Garbage)Is the first one, unlocked with: Only Happy when it rains.
    -Matt Bellamy. (From Muse) Is the second one, unlocked with: Plug in baby
    -Johnny Cash. Being third, unlocked with: The Ring Of Fire
    -Santana. Unlocked with: No one to depend on (live)
    -Kurt Cobain: (From Nirvana) Unlocked with: Lithium (live)

  • Complete Career Mode

    You have got to get enough stars to pass all stages, you can get up to 9 stars in a song.

    -5 for getting a high score (getting an X8 multiplier helps)
    -3 for bonus stars. This can be for example: Whamy for 30 seconds on sustains. This ones which include whamy are difficult to get 3 bonus stars on. What I do is turn the no fail cheat on and just concentrain on sustains and the whammy bar. This way its easier to get these stars.
    -1 extra star for FCing a song (full combo) this means getting 100% of the song without air strumming. You can get 6 easy stars in every song by placing your microphone beside a fan on beginner difficulty.

  • Complete each on-disc song at least once (Career, Competitive, or Quickplay)

    This will take some time but you will eventually get it. This trophy requires you to play through the 85 songs that come with the game. You can do it in anymode but if you are going for the 808 stars on career mode do it on that. you will get it when you play all the songs at least once.

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