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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (personal opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 37 (22, 9, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 15-25hrs (Skill dependant - personal opinion) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 but 2 are recommended
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must finish the game on Hard.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No. There's one cheat avaliable, and it's beneficial to players.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

Guacamelee 2 is the metroidvania-style sequel to the first game, released back in 2013 (2014 for the Super Turbo edition). After 7 years in retirement, Juan Acabate must don the mask again, to face a new threat, that not only endangers his world but the whole Mexiverse itself. With a new storyline, challenges, some new enemies but the same game mechanics and combat systems, this is certainly a game most fans will enjoy. For the newcomers, this may seem a bit difficult but believe me, it's not.

About the game, there are some new game gameplay mechanics you must get used to. See below for more info.

Now you have a set of skill trees, ranging from upgrading health and stamina, to improving your combo capabilities, super moves, pollo powers and throws.

Second, as with the first game, you can get all trophies in one go, instead of needing to finish the game once (thanks HellRazor and Robinworldwide for pointing this out) so if you want, you can finish the game with a good ending and get the Platinum quickly. However (and specially for the newcomers) I advise finishing the game once to get used to game mechanics but mainly because certain challenges become a pain in the arse on Hard Mode (and I'm talking specifically about Moves Like Jaguar ). If you, on the other hand, loves a challenge, or just want this one as fast as possible out of your way, just input this code below to enable Hard mode - the code is exactly the same as the first one for PS4 - the Super Turbo Edition:

For these changes, you can head to their respective trophies for additional information.

Author's note: English is not my native language, thus you may find some grammar or syntax errors in what I've written. Also, keep in mind this Guide was made for a Portuguese version so some names and locations might change e.g. every time you see "Tierras Malas", please know I am talking about the Badlands, left of Villachulla.

Step 1: Finish the game on Normal, collecting 100% of items and doing both endings.

This step is for you who want to enjoy the game first, not worrying about difficulty of some sort. Here, you will earn almost all trophies, except for Even Darkest-er . First, play through the game, collecting all items, chests and doing sidequests and challenges available, without worrying too much about completion. Now, near the end-game, you have a choice. Either continue and finish the story or go back and complete/collect everything you have to. If you choose the former, after you face and defeat Salvador and watch the "bad" ending (because it isn't that bad), you can continuing playing from the last checkpoint.

Either way, go back to all areas and find every collectible you've missed, completing 100% on all maps, except for Prisión "El Corazón", which will be the last. You can focus as well on unlocking all skills on the skill trees you've missed. Also, focus on getting all special key parts you've missed and open the Golden Door. Finish the last Pollo dungeon to get the Infinite Chicken Shot and proceed to get 100% on the last map. Finally, finish the game after entering the Golden Door and listening to the Sacred Chicken's advice, to get the good ending and earning the last trophy.

At the end of this step you should get the following trophies:

I Remember That Being Harder
Show's Over, Go Home
Severed 2
Prickly Pair
Questionable Plumbing
Santa Golpiza!
Grapple Expert
Juan Punch Man
I Was Told There'd Be Candy
The Floor Is...
6-Piece Combo
He Looks Portable
Talented Player
One Born Every Minute
King of the Hill
Special Delivery!
Combo Machine
You Survived
These are not fertilized
Temple Raider
y cant guacamelee crawl
I have nothing left to teach you
One down...
Very Special
Luchonarrative Resonance
Talk to the Hend
Moves Like Jaguar
El Técnico Táctico
Mr. Worldwide
Nacho Libre
Legend of the Timelines

Also, if you chose to finish the game in only one playthrough, by enabling Hard mode at the start of the game, you should get the following trophies (if not, head to Step 2):

Even Darkest-er

Step 2: Finish the game on Hard (Optional)

After doing everything you have to, it's time to face the challenge of Hard mode if you chose to play the first playthrough on Normal but skip this step if not.

Hard mode is more challenging than the first one, specially for those new to the franchise. Enemies hit harder and take more punishment before going down but aside from that, every other aspect of the game remains the same. A friendly reminder: you do not need to collect every item in the game to get this trophy. As 100% completion is not necessary to finish the game on hard, you can rush some parts and even completely ignore quests like seeking all Special Key parts and looking for all chests. However, as some battles can become frustrating, I recommend that you at least try to find health/stamina chests to upgrade its respective status and have less trouble advancing through the game.

In this step, you shout get the following trophies:

Even Darkest-er

Step 3: Clean Up

If you have missed any trophies, then now is the time to get them either by going to a specific dungeon, completing a specific challenge or collecting any/all treasures you've left behind.
[PST Would Like To Thank Phodda for this Roadmap]
Enemigo's Character Pack DLC:
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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 5 (3, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: < 1 hour (depends on if you’ve beaten the story or not)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, so play on Normal difficulty for an easier time.


The Enemigo’s Pack is the first DLC pack with trophies for Guacamelee 2. It adds 3 new character skins for use, each with slightly different attributes compared to the main game characters.

The trophies are extremely quick and easy, just a few miscellaneous ones and some kill trophies. There is one trophy that requires beating the game, so load up your completed save file if you still have it to save you a few hours of getting back to that point.

To change characters, go to any save point on the map (they look like little purple skulls on the map and are in almost every room in the game). Press  to access the select screen, then choose the character you need for the trophies.

This guide assumes you’ve beaten the game on a 100% completed file, otherwise you may need to earn new abilities or complete some quests to access some locations. Check the main game guide HERE if you still need some items/quests completed.

The steps can be done in any order, but I’d suggest this order for the quickest way to 100%. 

Step 1: The El Muñeco trophy.
Select El Muñeco as your character and head to Villachula to perform with the Dead Band.

Trophies Unlocked:
 Steal the Show

Step 2: The 2 Uay Pek trophies.
Select Uay Pek as your character, kill a Giant Skeleton, and kill 25 enemies in the Living World.

Trophies Unlocked:
 Body Builder
 Welcome to MY World

Step 3: The Jaguar trophies.
Select Jaguar as your character, dodge/kill 15 enemies, and beat the game with him.

Trophies Unlocked:
 Cool Cat Counter Attack
 Jaguar’s Redemption

[PST Would Like to Thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 2-3h (personal estimate, skill-dependent)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 - all challenges will likely require a few replays though, some more than others
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A

The Proving Grounds is the second and final DLC for Guacamelee! 2. Developed by Drinkbox Studios like the main game, it was released in December 2018 and offers a number challenges to test your skills similarly to those found in Infierno in Guacamelee!.

Trophy-wise, it's very straightfoward. You will need to get a gold medal for all challenges, completing 2 of them in a specific way for extra trophies, before going back to other areas of the game to perform specific actions for a couple more. Overall, this shouldn't prove too long or difficult (it certainly is easier than the Infierno DLC from the first game) but will mostly require to practice and rely on muscle memory to master all challenges.


Step 1: Get a gold medal on all of Tiempochtli’s challenges to wake him up

Let's go straight to the point and sink your teeth into the challenges right away! Please note that you will need to have purchased all the items from the various upgrade trees to be able to access all challenges, so you likely won't be able to this until after you've fully completed the main game. Once you've completed all challenges and paid a visit to Tiempochtli, you will earn:You should also watch out for the following trophies in 2 particular challenges along the way:
Step 2: Clean-up

After the hardest part is done, all that remains is to travel back to other locations for these 2 miscellaneous trophies:

Guacamelee! 2 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

49 trophies ( 10  31  6  )

  • Obtain every trophy in the game

    You get this trophy after obtaining every other in the game. Well done!
  • Story related. Can not be missed.

    The trophy is unlocked after defeating Calaca in his second form, in the battle that resembles the last boss battle of the first game. Calaca is the first "boss" in the game, fought in the first minutes of gameplay, working more like some sort of tutorial. If you've played the first game, you will notice he requires much less effort to be defeated.

    If you're having trouble, then watch the boss battle video: LINK
  • Regain the mask

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    The trophy unlocks after you get your mask back. For more information, see below:
    You will be transported to the Darkest Timeline, after going to Pueblucho in your own dimension. Afterwards, you will be tasked with finding Juanita from this timeline in Los Manglares. When you meet her, she will "kill" you then the ask you to follow her. Just do this and the mask will be yours.
  • Defeat El Muñeco

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    For more information, see below:
    El Muñeco is the first boss, faced at the end of Templo de Jade. He is a masked magician, who fights alongside his chicken companions. He uses his sword and a tornado attack and also a chicken shot from high ground. The fight has three stages.

    1: He will attack you directly. Avoid his sword attack by dodging him when he comes to you and using your Eagle Boost when he goes tornado. When he's above you, shooting chickens, use Eagle Boost when he starts laughing, then Rooster Uppercut him, followed by as many hits as you can. As you both hit the ground, do the same.

    2: When his health is about 2/3, he will summon chickens to attack you from above and from the sides. Avoid them and, when you see a chicken barrage forming from one of walls, jump in one of the floor panels and position yourself behind the column that rises from it (taking care not to be hit by its spikes) then he will come out and fight you again.

    3: Phase 2 will repeat when he goes to 1/3 his health. This time, a single chicken will home at you at a set interval, until the chicken attack ends. When it does, finish El Muñeco and the trophy is yours.

    If you're having trouble, then watch the boss battle video: LINK
  • Defeat Uay Pek

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    For more information, see below:
    Uay Pek is the second boss, fought and the end of Temple Obisidana. She is a skeleton chivo, who uses her staff to shoot projectiles and a powerful beam, as well as do short ranged attacks.

    The fight has three stages:

    1: She will attack you directly first. Just dodge them and hit her repeatedly. When the health goes to 2/3, the arena will shapeshift and she will start shooting energy beams from protected places. Dodge them and destroy the enemies that spawn around the place.

    2: After the third enemy wave, she will attack you again. Use the same strategy and when her health is depletes to 1/3, she goes into hiding again and start shooting a three-ball attack at you. Dodge it, destroy any enemies and she will come out to be finished off.

    3: Once her health is completely depleted, she will change into a huge dog-like skeleton and swallow you (can't be avoided). Once inside her, you can literally "break her heart". Do this and you will win the battle and pop the trophy.

    If you're having trouble, then watch the boss battle video: LINK
  • Defeat Cactuardo and Zope

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    For more information, see below:
    Cactuardo and Zope are fought on your way to Templo de la Serpiente, while crossing El Infierno for the second time. After the workers let you pass, you will come across the Pollo Illuminati leader who tells you both of them have stolen a golden egg and urges you to stop them. You will eventually come across a huge hole in the wall, in Cactuardo's format and will be tasked with defeat both of them.

    The battle is easy and just require some timing. You will start facing only Zope, who will launch a three-feathered attack and perform a chicken shot/slide in quick succession. Avoid these attacks until its health bar is depleted. Then Cactuardo will join the fight. He only attacks by slamming the ground, while the wall directly in front of him will be covered by spikes. Every time he uses his slam, a wave of spikes will come out of the floor. Now, you must knock Zope out of Cactuardo's head and then attack Cactuardo.

    To do this, do a double jump + rooster uppercut on the not-covered wall and you should be in position to do a well-aimed Goat Fly. Just be careful because when Cactuardo is about to attack, he will jump high and that's your clue to dodge below him (you can't dodge him passing through his body).

    When Cactuardo has lost about 1/3 and 2/3 of this health bar, Zope will come out of his head and repeat its patterns. Just repeat the strategy. Also, take care as there are some enemies roaming around the arena and the come in infinite numbers. Just focus on beating hitting Zope, then Cactuardo. When the battle ends, you will also earn the Special Key first part.

    If you're having trouble, then watch the boss battle video: LINK
  • Discover the Pollo Illuminati's headquarters

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    The trophy will unlock after finding the Pollo Illuminati's Headquarters, located inside Prision "El Corazón". See below for more information:
    After being jailed by a treacherous Jaguar Javier and Salvador, you will find you escape route, aided by a fellow galinaceous. During your prison break, you will come across the HQ and will know about the Important Door for the first time. The trophy will pop as soon as you enter the temple.
  • Reach 150 on your hit-meter

    The trophy will unlock after you reach 150 hits without breaking your combo meter. About combos: Normal hits add 1 to your combo meter and normal uppercuts and downercuts (in the air, press + ) adds +2. Throws add +6 and dodges add +2. Super moves add +3, with Olmeca Headbutt adding +4.

    When you upgrade skills, they add more, up to +4 on normal uppercuts and downercuts and +9 on super moves (with Olmeca Headbutt adding +12). Flameface's skill Tough Guy, allows you to be hit up to 3 times before losing your combo meter as well as extending the time between hits before resetting it. Uay Coco's skill tree is the one you should upgrade, if you want to skyrocket your combo meter.

    If you're having a hard time to get this trophy, there's a place you will certainly unlock it so see below for more details:
    On your way to Templo de la Serpiente, before facing Zope and Cactuardo, you will come across the supreme Pollo weapon - a feather that changes you into a huge rooster. Just keep killing enemies and going forward and the combo meter will be over 300 in no time. When it cashes in, the trophy will unlock.
  • Use all four of Coscorrona's special throws

    Coscorrona is the third trainer found in Pantanillo (after Templo de Jade quest). Her skill tree is composed of special throw movements and there are four of them as follows:
    • Pile Driver
    • Suplex
    • Das Boot
    • Rocket Kick
    For this trophy, you don't need to buy their respective second tier. Just unlock all four first-tier throw types, use each of them once and the trophy should immediately unlock. Each first tier costs 950 gold.
  • One-shot an enemy with a fully upgraded super move

    Super moves are unlocked by chivos on Choozo statues. To upgrade a super move, you must first meet Uay Coco for the first time, at Villachulla's exit to the Badlands. He's an anthropomorphous crocodile and the last trainer, who then will unlock his skill tree, centered on upgrading your four combat super moves. To unlock a skill, you need to defeat enemies a certain number of times using super moves and also spend some gold.
    After unlocking the first tier, you should do the same with its second one. Now one-hit kill any enemy with a super move. Look for the weaker/smaller ones.
  • Defeat a Piñataface

    Piñatafaces are new enemies introduced in Guacamelee 2. The trophy will unlock after defeating your first one. This trophy is unmissable, as the very first Piñataface will be fought at Los Manglares, before reaching Pantanillo and since its an arena fight, you can't avoid it. It has a huge mace and its only attacks are weapon swings high and low. Time your dodges, attack with all you have and destroy it. The trophy should pop immediately. Here's what a Piñataface looks like:
  • Kill 50 enemies as chicken

    The trophy is unlocked after you kill your 50th enemy while in Pollo form. After defeating El Muñeco, the Pollo Illuminati leader will give you the power to change to Pollo. While in this form, kill 50 enemies. This trophy will certainly come naturally, as there are many, many areas in the game you can only proceed transformed.
  • Eagle Boost from 10 different hook points without touching the ground

    Eagle Boost is a move you gain just before entering Templo de Jade. After getting it, you must use it ( as default button) on 10 different points (the eagle-shaped crosses) without touching the ground.

    The best place to do this is, actually, the very first place you must use it effectively. Before entering Templo de Jade, there are exactly 10 eagle points in quick succession and you can keep trying this until you get the trophy. Just keep in mind that, in order to use the last eagle point, you must perform your Rooster Uppercut ( + ) to be in its reach. The trophy will unlock as you grab the last one. If you still find it difficult, then see this video for reference: LINK
  • Juggle an enemy with 6 Chicken Shots or Slides before it touches the ground.

    The trophy will unlock after you hit an enemy for the 6th time with your chicken shot/slide before it touches the ground again. I can't stress enough how easier is to get this trophy using chicken slide instead of chicken shot:

    1: The infinite chicken shot will only be available after completing the hardest Pollo dungeon, near end-game.
    2: Chicken shots tend to be imprecise, hence the easiness of chicken slides.

    Also, you can attempt this trophy right after unlocking the move, at Pollo Illuminati's HQ. You will face some shielded enemies inside a small arena. Let them line on the center and use chicken slide ( + while on the ground), quickly turn around and use it again before they touch the ground.

    Beware of two things:

    1: If the shield is a chicken slide specific (yellow), you can end up killing the enemy before getting the trophy.

    2: There are spikes on both sides of the arena that will insta-kill both you and your enemies and enemies (including the shielded ones) if they hit them so focus on the enemies with shields that can't be broken by Chicken slide, then the trophy shall pop shortly afterwards. If you see that the enemies won't survive, kill yourself at the spikes and try again.

    Here there's a video showing how to do it: LINK
  • Find Juan and Lupita in the Darkest Timeline

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    You will unlock this trophy after meeting Juan and Lupita on their house, on Agave Fields, after acquiring the power to switch dimensions. You can do this right after you earn this power in Badlands, if you want. Reach the ranch house, switch dimensions (if you're not on the dead world yet) and enter the house. The trophy should unlock immediately.
  • Dodge 10 enemies' attacks by rolling

    Probably the easiest trophy in the game. Dodging is performed by pressing or the right when an enemy attacks. You can start doing this on the very first enemy after you get the mask back (you can't dodge without it) but you must dodge 10 different enemies to get the trophy (thanks to Jerry Appleby for the clarification). Nearly every enemy in the game can be dodged but keep in mind purple and white attacks can't.
  • Open a loot box

    The trophy will unlock as you finish the "quest" of saving a locked family and "receiving" their family treasures. There's a house located left of the Olmeca Head. Enter it and access the House of Doors portal. You will hear a help call. Attend it and the quest starts. Everytime you try to open something, a message will spawn, asking if you want to unlock it right away or wait for the time to end for it to unlock for itself. If you want to wait, know that you will have to do it for more than 26 hours. Of course, you don't need to.

    You will need approximately 1,000 gold to open the front door, the Vault door and two chests inside the vault. Once you do it, the trophy will unlock.

    Here's a video for reference, as well as the location on the map: LINK
  • Defeat El Trio de la Montaña

    The trophy will unlock once you've defeated the boss at the base of Pico of Gallo. For more information, see below:
    El Trio de la Montaña is the boss at the end of the sidequest to save Darkest Timeline's village of Camposanta and, in fact, are this dimension's iteration of Trio of Death (Pico de Gallo's boss, from the first game). You can get to Camposanta through a portal located in Badlands, accessible after coming from El Infierno. Here is the portal's location:

    Once you enter, you can hear the story of how the volcano is about to erupt then you will be tasked with stopping the impending doom and have to face a few Final Fantasy-esque battles, until you meet El Trio de la Montaña. Defeat them and the trophy should unlock afterwards. The battles are pretty simple. Your headbut is the strongest attack so use it everytime you can. When you're faced with more than two enemies, kill the first one with headbutt(s), then proceed with your dashing punch, until only one remains. Kill it with headbutts. El Trio de la Montaña will be followed by two other enemies. Kill the first one with headbutts, then spam dashing punches. When just El Trio remain, finish them off with headbutts.

    Here's a video for reference: LINK
  • Feed the hungry guard

    The trophy will unlock once you feed the hungry guard, protecting the entrance to Tule Tree's Chicken Key Challenge. Once in Isla Bonita, you will come across a house with a Pollo guarding a portal. He will ask you to prove you're worthy by laying an egg. Do this and the trophy will unlock. You can find his house here:
  • Complete all of Flame Face's challenges

    The trophy will unlock after finishing the last of Flame Face's combo challenges. These are equivalent to Pollo Gym challenges of the first game (there's even a Poncho here). Flame Face's challenges are accessed on Flame Face's bar. The first opportunity you have to face a challenge is the first time you arrive on Pantanillo - you will also unlock Flame's skill tree.
    He will ask you to perform a set of specific combos and everytime you succeed, a set amount of gold will be awarded. When he's out of challenges for that moment, you will be notified to "find new powers" AKA new super moves. All challenges will be available once you've unlocked all super moves for Juan on human and Pollo forms. The combos get progressively harder but are not a real challenge. Once you complete a set, you go to the next one. Failing a combo does not reset the challenge and you can keep trying until you get the right moves. Just take your time and go slow as there's no need to rush. Flame Face will notify you once the final challenge is available. Complete it and the trophy will pop.
  • Lay a dozen eggs

    This trophy will unlock after you lay your 12th egg as a Pollo. You will unlock the egg laying ability on the Pollo dungeon, located in El Inferno, just before Isla Bonita. After this, you can lay eggs by pressing so keep pressing it until the trophy pops.
  • Find 100% of the hidden items in a temple


    The description for this trophy is misleading, because you must find 100% of all items in a temple to unlock it. Templo Obsidiana is the first location you can attempt this, because you can open every chest available with your current powers and the ones you get there.

    If you didn't and as there are areas that require specific powers to reach, try this after you get the Goat Fly power on El Inferno (on your second visit), since it's the last power you will receive, assuming you completed all Pollo dungeons before or just proceed with the story and get all items on Templo de la Serpiente. See Mr. Worldwide for more information.
  • Complete a Pollo challenge dungeon

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    Pollo challenge dungeons are marked on your map as golden chicken head. The trophy will unlock as you finish your first dungeon. The very first Pollo dungeon is mandatory so this trophy is unmissable. You will face the challenge after leaving Templo de Jade. This first one is pretty easy so just grab your first Pollo skill and complete the dungeon. The trophy will pop up after you exit through the Pollo head.
  • Fully purchase one trainer's skill tree

    See El Técnico Tático for more information.
  • Complete a secret Chicken Key Challenge


    See Very Special for more information.
  • Open the Golden Door


    The Golden Door is the special door located inside the Pollo Illuminati's HQ. You must first acquire all 5 key pieces before opening the door. The first one you get it after defeating Zoco and Cactuardo (see Prickly Pair). The others you get after facing some tough and, sometimes, frustrating challenges. Once you have all keys, return to Pollo Illuminati's HQ and head to the door. Talk to their leader and he will open it.

    Below are a list of their locations:-

    El Infierno:

    It's on the second right entrance, at the elevator shaft, left of the tunnel you fall when you beat Templo Obsidiana.
    Templo de Jade:

    You must come from Los Manglares. Go to Templo de Jade entrance and then to right at the bottom of the waterfall, then use Goat Fly or Pollo Glide to reach Templo de Jade bottommost entrance. This is one of the most frustrating challenges so keep at it until you get it right.
    Los Manglares:

    Coming left of Templo de Jade, you will eventually find an yellow block at a shaft bottom. Now you must face a challenge where you have to find some enemies in a bridge that disappears while changing dimensions. Do this, then stick to the right wall and use Goat Fly to break the blue blocks in the left. Go down the shaft.
    Isla Bonita:

    Enter the house where a Pollo is guarding a portal, on the other side of the lake and lay an egg (you need to complete the Pollo Dungeon at El Infierno, just before Isla Bonita entrance to get this ability) for him to clear the path.
  • Kill 1000 mean, nasty skeletons without families

    The trophy unlocks after you kill your 1,000th enemy. Every enemy in the game counts toward this trophy (contrary to what the trophy description says), be it a dragon, a skeleton or a piñataface. Even those flying clockbombs count so keep killing and the trophy will pop before you complete your first playthrough.
  • Purchase all of the upgrades

    Trainer's skill trees are unlocked after encountering their respective trainers throughout the game. There are five skill trees, one for each specific ability. The trainers responsible for each are as follow:
    • Doña Chamoya (Pantanillo) - Fitness (health and stamina)
    • Flame Face (Pantanillo) - Fury Fighting (combos)
    • Coscorrona (Pantanillo) - Wrestling Moves (throws)
    • Rooster Ramirez (Villachulla) - Pollo Powers (focused on Pollo powers upgrade)
    • Uay Coco (Villachulla) - Special Moves (focused on super moves upgrade)
    To purchase a skill, it must become available to so you need a set amount of gold and in some case will have to perform specific actions using that skill (e.g. to unlock Pile Driver second tier, you need to unlock Pile Driver, paying 950 gold then use it three times, as well as paying another 1,800 gold).

    Once a specific skill can be purchased, you will receive an on-screen notification. You can also keep track yourself of how much you still need to make that skill available. As you unlock the last one, the trophy will pop.
  • Achieve 100% completion in all areas


    The trophy will unlock after you get everything on every area. All maps must display the 100% completion on their respective screens. To get this, you must find every chest, complete every side quest, collect all secret keys and find all Pollo Temples on all maps. Also, after collecting all keys, you must go to the Golden Door (located in the prison), complete its challenges and get all chests outside the Cauldron, after getting the unlimited Pollo shot power. They are above the temple after exiting it.

    Some chests are only accessible after unlocking the last super move (Goat Fly) so don't worry too much about it and just play normally. However, you don't need to avoid looking for chests either, as every upgrade will help you to advance easier. Also, side quests are very few and only require you to talk to some people and to bring an item back to a certain character in Villachulla.

    When you're up to the task, look for black areas and coloured dots on maps. They represent areas that haven't been explored yet and stones that need to be broken by specific super moves. Also, if you notice any golden chicken head standing, it means a Pollo dungeon hasn't been explored yet.

    If you find difficult to solve some puzzles, you can see videos by clicking in the location's name - featuring the chest puzzle rooms and how to solve them (keep in mind these videos do not feature all chests, only those located in specific parts and are difficult to do), as well as all of the Pollo dungeon solutions. Also, below the respective area names there are maps showing the full respective location but not all areas have videos, because there are some that literally don't need a walkthrough.

    Due to the large number of screenshots and videos, please see the forum Guide instead: LINK
  • Beat the game on Hard mode

    Hard mode can be accessed using the code described at Road Map, or finishing the game once. The trophy will unlock as you defeat Salvador. Like the first game, Hard mode isn't that hard. Enemies are stronger and tend to take more hits before falling down. Aside from that, there's no significant changes on gameplay or any other characteristic. Some arenas, on the other hand, can become very frustrating on hard mode, due to enemies swarming onto you.
    The best tip I can give is to take your time. If you feel you're not strong enough to beat a specific challenge, try to find chests to upgrade your health/stamina then come back to try again. Remember that you don't need to beat 100% of the game on Hard Mode, if you chose to do 2 playthroughs. Just finish it and the trophy will pop.
  • Defeat Salvador

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    Salvador is the last boss of the game, found in the Temple de la Serpiente. The trophy will unlock after he is defeated on his second form. For more information, see below:
    The battle will have two stages. First, you face two giant snakes, one on each side of the screen. Their attacks are easily predictable so you can dodge them fairly ahead of time. They consist on beam shots from their mouths (they will emit a glowing shine before the shot), burrowing and coming from the floor and shooting fire projectiles, that incinerate the floor when they touch it. This first stage is simple and requires no effort to beat.

    When they both go down, Salvador will come into battle, bragging about his "ultimate defense shield". This is, in fact, breakable with a Chicken shot. His next shield can be broken with a chicken slide. From then on, he uses random kinds of shields. Salvador will attack floating and sending his three snake spirits breaking the ground. He will also rush at you (this attack can't be dodged) and will perform a shoulder smash, immediately followed by his snakes attacking in front of him. He will also punch the ground, with his snakes attacking next and last but not the least, he can dodge your attacks. However, this final battle is beyond ridiculous as you will be able to win, even if you're not fully upgrade. This is because Salvador is predictable, weak and your moves will deal massive amounts of damage (especially if you have unlocked everything in Uay Coco's tree). There's no specific strategy here so just punish him until he's out cold.

    Here's a video for reference: LINK

Secret trophies

  • Defeat Uay Pek a second time

    Story related. Can not be missed.

    The trophy will unlock when you defeat Uay Pek for the second time. For more information, see below:
    This happens right before the last battle. Uay Pek will confront you as you try to reach Salvador, to prevent him from fulfilling his plans. However you only need one hit after the battle starts, to defeat her so punch her once and the trophy will unlock.
  • Cleanse the Mexiverse of the vehicular menace

    The trophy will unlock as you emerge victorious after a "fierce battle" against a car. For more information, see below:
    After defeating Uay Pek and falling from Templo Obsidiana into El Infierno, you will proceed right meet Diablito (left path is now inaccessible). Talk to him and he will direct you to a portal called "Calle Bonus" right of your location then you will enter a Street Fighter-esque world, where you will find a man mumbling about his father's car. To start a fight, hit it. Destroy the car, then the man will berate you about your violence. Exit this dimension and come back. Now, the same man is talking about having his own car (a green one). Do the same thing and after destroying it, the trophy will unlock. You can do this at any time after accessing this portal for the first time.
  • Enter the Heart of Dankness... and return

    The trophy will unlock after you emerge alive from the "Heart of Dankness". For more information, see below:
    This Heart of Dankness is, in fact, a cavern full of memes you will come across while crossing El Infierno. a Uay Chivo will greet you at the entrance and you will need to go around it. There are funny messages people will tell you and a lot of meme-themed outdoors scattered throughout the place. Once you meed Uay Chivo again, the trophy will unlock. See below for a screenshot showing the cavern's location but see here for a video: LINK
  • Receive the Holy Hen's message

    The trophy will unlock when you meet the Holy Hen and receive her message at the end of the last Pollo Dungeon "The Cauldron". You must first collect all special key parts (see Very Special! trophy for more information). Once it's completed, head to Pollo Illuminati's Headquarters, in Prisión "El Corazón". Open the special door and enter the last dungeon.

    This is, by far, the hardest of all Pollo Dungeons. You will need to beat a series of obstacles and platforming sections, much of them can one-hit kill you and send you back to the room's entrance. Fortunately, once you clear a room, the game will checkpoint your location. After you clear the last section, head up and meet the Holy Hen. She will give you her special message, then you can get the Infinite Pollo Shot power after that (don't forget to use Pollo Slide on the block you find after breaking the statue, for a special message and gaming reference). The trophy will unlock when she stops speaking. For a comprehensive walkthrough, see the following video:
  • Defeat Jaguar(s)

    The trophy will unlock after you emerge victorious from the battle against the Jaguars. For more information, see below:
    You will face the Jaguars during your quest to acquire the Chicken Key part located in Los Manglares. These quest is much like the Pollo Cavern of the first game, with the difference there's only one set of caverns to face. Every one has a specific battle you must win, before facing the Jaguars. Some of them are a bit hard, some are just as easy as any other closed fight. If you die at any arena before reaching the bottom, you need to start all over again, from the beginning. At the bottom, you will find a save table and two exits. The right one will lead you to a set of chests. The left one will have you face the Jaguars. They are, in fact, Javier Jaguar from this timeline. Once the battle begins and he is up to half his health, a second Javier, from another timeline, will join the fight. When the first one is about to be defeated (or the second one has his health halved), a third Javier will come and you will have to face all of them at the same time. They attack slamming the ground with their maces and jump-spinning then hitting the ground with their maces. Also, they tend to release a powerful energy burst and do a dash that can't be dodged. They are protected by shields that changes after being broken. When they are about to die, the 3-hit shield (the white one) tend to come out more often. To make things worse, they move and attack independently but this is what makes this one of the most difficult battles of the game.

    There is, however, an easy way to win the challenge. First, you must be prepared. Unlock all Flame Face and Uay Coco's skills. This way, all your moves will have more damaging power and after the 100th hit, you no longer spend stamina. Also, collect as much health and stamina chests as you can, to maximize your ability to chain super moves, as well as your capability to stay alive. If possible, unlock all Doña Chamoya skills. When the fight begins, hit Javier hard, alternating between your 3-hit combo and super moves. Try to built a 50+ hit combo before the second Javier comes into battle. When he does so, try to corner them both, with super moves and dodges. Be careful not to let them stand on opposite sides, else you might get in trouble. Also, try to build a 100+ combo before the third one comes, to not be out of stamina in the middle of a combo. At any time, if you feel you're about to die and see you have some room, press to recharge your health/stamina, if you've unlocked Doña Chamoya's last skill. When they do, corner them and start unleashing your Olmeca Headbutt which is your most powerful super move. If the combo counter stops registering more hits, then they are protected by other kinds of shields. Change super moves but do not let them out of the corner. If you need to, change to Pollo form, use a Pollo Shot/slide, revert and go back using headbutts. They will soon start crawling for their lives and the trophy is yours.

    If you're having trouble defeating them (which I believe you will, at first), see this video for an easy way to beat him: LINK
  • Reach the good ending (collect all keys)

    The trophy will unlock after you defeat Salvador, having listened to Holy Hen's sacred message at the last Pollo dungeon. For this trophy, you must collect all special key parts, then head to Pollo Illuminati's headquarters, enter the last Pollo Dungeon and meet the Holy Hen. After receiving her message, go face Salvador (or face him again, if you have finished the game once) and the trophy will unlock at the end of the fight. You don't need to finish the game once, you can collect all key parts on your first playthrough and do the good ending at once. For more information, see Very Special and Talk to the Hend for more information.

DLC: 'Enemigos' Character Pack

5 trophies

  • Dodge then Hit 15 Enemies as Jaguar

    This trophy can be done at any area of the game, and on any enemies of your choice. I did all the trophies in the final area of the game but any other area will also do.

    To dodge enemies, you just need to press  right before an enemy hits you with an attack. If done properly, you’ll see a blue outline around your character and the game will slow down slightly to indicate you dodged correctly.

    Once you dodge an attack, use any move (preferably a special move like  +  or  + ) to hurt the enemy. Jaguar’s special ability allows you to do more damage after a dodge, so any of his special moves should instantly kill any normal enemy.

    Repeat on 15 more enemies and you’re done!

  • Perform with the Dead Band at the Mariachi Club as El Muñeco

    Head to Villachula by any means and make sure you have El Muñeco as your character. Head to the Mariachi Club, it’s the upper-most building in the centre of town. When you enter the building, make sure you switch to the Dead World with  and simply go on stage and press  to get this easy trophy!

    Note that if you haven’t completed the quest to bring the band back together, you will need to do so first by talking to various characters around the town before you can attempt this trophy.

    Here is the location if you’re having trouble: Thanks frobeiusdf for the image!

  • Defeat a Giant Skeleton as Uay Pek's Head

    Make sure you have Uay Pek selected as your character. For this trophy, you need to kill a Giant Skeleton using Uay Pek’s head. The head is using the Pollo form for Uay Pek (the chicken mode), and you can change to it by pressing . You should also fight one while in the Dead World (switch with ), because Uay Pek takes less damage and heals in that dimension.

    The enemy is a big skeleton with huge arms that pound the ground with a green colour. He has his heart visible in the centre of his body.

    Once you kill one with the final blow being from the Pollo form of Uay Pek, the trophy will pop! 

    If you’ve already beaten the game, the easiest location to find one is to go to the final checkpoint before the final boss, and head down and to the right a few rooms.
    Here is the location if you’re having trouble: Thanks frobeiusdf for the image!

  • Defeat 25 Enemies in the Living World as Uay Pek

    Make sure you have Uay Pek selected as your character. Head to any area with enemies and make sure you’re in the Living World. You can tell which is which because the Dead World is has darker purple backgrounds, so change dimensions with  to have the less vibrant colours.

    Uay Pek heals after every attack in the Dead World, and takes more damage in the Living World, so you will take more damage while attacking enemies, but if you’re doing this post-game you should be able to kill everything relatively easily.

    Kill 25 enemies by any means and the trophy is yours.
  • Defeat Salvador as Jaguar

    Self-explanatory. You just need to make sure you have Jaguar selected as your character, and beat the final boss for this trophy.

    The same strategy applies as in the main game, so if you’ve beaten the game prior it shouldn’t be tough at all.

    The only difference compared to using a standard character is that Jaguar takes more damage against Salvador than the others, so playing on Normal Difficulty is almost the equivalent of playing on Hard Mode.

    If you have all the upgrades, don’t forget that you can heal yourself by pressing  in human form in you think you might die.

DLC: The Proving Grounds

7 trophies

  • Complete the Snakes in the Grass Challenge without taking damage

    This trophy is sefl-explanatory, you need to complete the Snakes In The Grass challenge (the first one from Rooster Ramirez) without taking any damage. This should be attempted when going for the gold medal. You will find more details and a video under Let Sleeping Gods Lie trophy_gold.png. However, you can take damage and still earn the gold medal, so it can be done in different runs.
  • Kill 20 Exploders using Wall Fly while completing the Exploder Elimination Challenge

    This trophy is self-explanatory, you need to kill 20 ennemies with Wall Fly in the Exploder Elimination challenge (the second one from Uay Coco). This should be attempted when going for the gold medal. You will find more details and a video under Let Sleeping Gods Lie trophy_gold.png.
  • Grab and Throw 50 Enemies as Coscorrona in the Snake Temple

    You will first need to unlock the Coscorrona costume by getting a gold medal in one of her challenges: Face Invaders, Involuntary Escort or Way of the Passive Grapple. Please refer to Let Sleeping Gods Lie trophy_gold.png for more details.

    Once unlocked, equip it at a save point and fast travel to the Templo de la Serpiente (that's if you have progressed enough through the story, otherwise you will have to wait until it is accessible).

    You will then need to grapple 50 enemies in this zone to earn this trophy. You don't need to kill them with a grapple move, and you can grapple the same enemy multiple times. Remember that you can grab enemies when a triangle.png prompt is displayed above their head and proceed to throw them with dpad.png+triangle.png, either after hitting them a few times or by dodging an attack (Coscorrona can also grab enemies that were hit by a thrown enemy).

    If you haven't completed the Templo de la Serpiente yet, just go through it normally but be aware that Coscorrona's special moves deal less damage than so it will be a little harder than with other characters. If you already have, go all the way up from the fast travel Olmec Head then go left to find multiple basic skeletons you can easily grapple.
  • Visit the Mother Superior in Isla Bonita as Salvador

    You will first need to unlock the Salvador costume by getting a gold medal in all of the Proving Grounds challenges and speaking with Tiempochtli. Please refer to Let Sleeping Gods Lie trophy_gold.png for more details.

    Once unlocked, equip it at a save point and teleport to Isla Bonita (that's if you have progressed enough through the story, otherwise you will have to wait until it is accessible).

    From the fast travel Olmec Head, wall run up the cliffs on the left to find the Church (past Flame Face's Fight-A-Torium, the save point and the small altar). Simply go inside and all the way to the right to talk to the Mother Superior for a little scene and this trophy (if you have completed the main story, this is the character who opened the way to the Templo de la Serpiente for you).
  • Achieve a Bronze Medal for all of Tiempochtli’s Challenges

    Please refer to Let Sleeping Gods Lie trophy_gold.png.
  • Achieve a Silver Medal for all of Tiempochtli’s Challenges

    Please refer to Let Sleeping Gods Lie trophy_gold.png.
  • Wake up Tiempochtli

    The Ciudadela (Proving Grounds) is the main addition of this DLC. It as an exclusive location accessed from the Badlands near the exit to Villachula (indicated by a road sign pointing up) that will have you test your skills in 15 challenges, 3 for each of your 5 trainers. Please note that the last challenge of each trainer can only be attempted when the corresponding skill tree is fully purchased.

    You will need to obtain at least bronze medals in all of these challenges for Bronze Champion trophy_bronze.png, silver medals for Silver Champion trophy_bronze.png, and gold medals then proceed through the unlocked door at the top for Let Sleeping Gods Lie trophy_gold.png.

    I recommend checking Gellot's great video playthrough provided below. Above is a picture of the Ciudadela location with the challenges numbered for reference. I will give pointers for all challenges as well, but there usually isn't much besides knowing the correct method or route and executing it as well as possible.
    Doña Chamoya challenges
    • 1. Treadmill Speedrun - Gold medal requirement : finish under 0:29 - video timestamp 00:50
      This is your basic obstacle course, just rush forward, using the treadmills to your advantage when they're going forward (progress by jumping when they don't) and carefully timing your dodges to go through the vines.
    • 2. Auto-Swap Hop - Gold medal requirement : finish under 0:50 - video timestamp 01:48
      This is another obstacle course, only this time you will need to swap between dimensions to progress. It might seem confusing at first and will likely take a few runs to memorize.
    • 3. Exploders in the Sky - Gold medal requirement : finish - video timestamp 02:55
      The Mega Exploder is best attacked with special moves, so remember which one you use before grabbing the yellow orbs to be able to use them again. Also pay attention to the regular ones that spawn, they need to be dealt with quickly. Another option is to use Pollo Shot, especially if you've unlocked the Infinite Pollo Shot ability in the Crucible (see the main game trophy Talk to the Hend trophy_silver.png).
    Coscorrona challenges
    • 4. Face Invaders - Gold medal requirement : finish round 3 - video timestamp 04:43
      Space Invaders with a twist! Try to always aim the skelletons you throw towards the lowest skulls. The Coscorrona costume will make this a little bit easier (enemies hit by thrown enemies can be grabbed), if you've already unlocked it by getting a gold medal in one of her other challenges.
    • 5. Involuntary Escort - Gold medal requirement : finish under 1:00 - video timestamp 07:05
      Pay extra attention to timing when you see projectiles and for the last jump.
    • 6. Way of the Passive Grapple - Gold medal requirement : finish round 3 - video timestamp 08:24
      Take advantage of the spikes on both sides and the vines at the top, and pay attention to the exploders spawning in round 3. Again, the Coscorrona costume will make this a little easier.
    Uay Coco challenges
    • 7. Barrel Breaker - Gold medal requirement : finish under 0:39 - video timestamp 11:25
      Dash Punch (dpad_left.png/dpad_right.png+circle.png) and Rooster Uppercut (dpad_up.png+circle.png) are your best friends here, but don't overuse them as some barrels are better broken with a basic square.png attack.
    • 8. Exploder Elimination - Gold medal requirement : finish - video timestamp 12:41
      This is the challenge in which you can earn Explosion Therapy trophy_bronze.png, and using wall fly whenever possible is actually the best way to get a gold medal. You will need to pay attention to the wall and floor platforms appearing and disappearing though, so you will have to kill some of the exploders with special attacks.
    • 9. Impacto De Facto - Gold medal requirement : finish under 1:00 - video timestamp 13:48
      Once again, Dash Punch and Rooster Uppercut to victory! Pay attention to enemy colored shields, but this challenge shouldn't be a problem.
    Flame Face challenges
    • 10. Workout Warrior - Gold medal requirement : finish round 3 - video timestamp 15:13
      Remember to reposition yourself frequently on the conveyor belt, and try to always hit enemies towards the right so you don't project them into the lava pit.
    • 11. Green Guardian - Gold medal requirement : finish round 3 - video timestamp 17:06
      Always keep an eye on the green skeleton at the top of the screen and swap dimensions accordingly, and pay attention to the spikes revealed in round 3. There is no time limit so there's no use rushing.
    • 12. Deadly Combo Chase - Gold medal requirement : kill 3 Piñata Faces - video timestamp 18:31
      Preserving your combo is essential, especially during the platforming sections, so you will need to be quick and make good use of all the moves at your disposal.
    Rooster Ramirez challenges
    • 13. Snakes In The Grass - Gold medal requirement : finish round 3 - video timestamp 20:51
      Pollo Shot and Pollo Slide will obviously be your best friends here. If you manage to finish this challenge without taking damage, gold medal or not, you will earn Slippery Snake trophy_bronze.png.
    • 14. Deadly Glide Slide - Gold medal requirement : finish under 0:35 - video timestamp 22:33
      This was the hardest challenge for me, and it's quite different from everything else. There's not much you can do but replay it until you know exactly where to go and when to swap dimensions.
    • 15. Impeckto Perfecto! - Gold medal requirement : finish under 0:55 - video timestamp 23:19
      Pollo specials for the win again! Remember that you dont need to target all enemies as usually hitting one in particular from a group (which is usually shielded) will send the others flying to their death on vines.
    Once you have obtained the 15 gold medals, simply head through the newly opened door at the top of the Ciudadela and have a little chat with Tiempochtli after which you will receive the trophy!

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