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  • Anger


    Second stage

    How to unlock Anger

    This trophy is for completing the second stage of the "Five Stages of Grief" Challenges, which is the Anger Challenge in the Desert Chapter.

    After collecting Memento #5 (see Mementos), you'll return to the giant bell in the center of the hall and the loose rocks underneath. When you break the first floor under the bell, it'll drop you into a room with another bell and another floor to break. Do so, after which you'll land in a black & white area. Here, there will be three statues you'll need to use your Heavy ability to crush for this challenge. You'll know which ones they are as they'll be the only ones you can climb on top of. However, you'll need to be very careful. If you hit them with anything other than Heavy or hit anything else, it will automatically take you to the next area and you will have to return to get this after you finish the game.

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  • Feels like you either have to play this gaming using a guide or just come back for a lot of these after you are done. This is easy to miss and also easy to mess upp by cruching something that you should not.

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