Painting the Track red Trophy in GRID

  • Painting the Track red


    Complete the Painting the Track red Objective

    How to unlock Painting the Track red

    For this trophy you need to beat a time of 01:25:600 with:

    Track: Indianapolis – Sport Circuit
    Vehicle: Ferrari FXX-K Evo (Category: Seasons, Class: Track Day Hypercar)

    Recommended vehicle settings:

    Gear Ratio -1
    Springs +2
    Dampers +2
    Anti-roll +1
    Brake Bias 0

    Stick to the racing line and don't push the car too aggressively as this is another pretty generous lap time.

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  • Select "FREE PLAY" from the main menu then select the following settings in the next screen... Event Name: Pick whatever you want Discipline: Time Attack Vehicle Category: Seasons Vehicle Class: Track Day Hypercar Grid Size: Pick whatever you want Number of Rounds: 1 Track: Indianapolis Route: Sport Circuit Winning Condition: Laps Laps: 99 (gives you plenty of time to get the target time) Time of Day: Pick whatever you want (I used Day) Car: Ferrari FXX-K Evo Tuning I Used (1= all the way left / 5 = all the way right) Gear Ratio: 2 Springs: 4 Dampers: 4 Anti-Roll Bars: 4 Brake Bias: 2 Time to Beat: 1.25.600 My Time: 1.21.706 (Firt try)

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