Vanishing Point Trophy

  • Vanishing Point


    You've won a race in a white Dodge Challenger but lived to tell the tale, unlike Kowalski.

    For this trophy you will have to customize your car. First, select “My Vehicles” at the menu. Choose Tier 2, and select Dodge Challenger. You have to paint it ALL white, choose the first pattern (the one where your car has only one color). Then paint it all Matte White. Now all you have to do is win any race. The trophy should pop after the race.

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  • Like with Master Racer, this is easiest done on the very first Club race in the WSR, set the difficulty to Very Easy and you'll have no issues winning.
  • This is stupid :( Bought this game used = no VIP Pass. The 48h trial should get me through the online part, but now I realise that the Dodge Challenger is an add-on that comes with the VIP Pass. So either pay up or no platinum. :( The greedy game makers strike again!

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