Truffle Slider Trophy

  • Truffle Slider


    Earned a gold medal in the Rift Plane Sliding Race.

    This challenge consists of 24 checkpoints and must be completed within 2:00:00 in order to unlock the gold medal. Make sure you have Gravity Slide at level 5 or 6, this will make it much easier. You need to use the motion control function within this challenge and when using it pretend the Vita is a steering wheel and only gently turn it rather than turning it fully on its side. You will also need to use the jump motion function, again only a slight flick of the Vita is necessary. Another technique to use is the drift, when you lift one of your thumbs from the Vita while sliding you will stop in place and you will be able to make much sharper turns than usual. When you lift a thumb when using the drift technique you will turn in the direction of the other thumb, so if you lift your left thumb you will drift to the right and vice-versa.

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