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    Defeated the five giant Nevi that appear with mining site gravity disturbances.

    Note: Giant Nevi are not the Rare Nevi. Rare Nevi are something completely different and hunting them is not necessary for Platinum.
    There are five locations you are able to mine. All five can spawn a Giant Nevi and when one spawns, you will receive a notification saying "Strange Gravitational Phenomena." As soon as you see it, talk to one of the characters who are able to drop you in a mining trench and select the site you want to go to. Once you're at the site, it will be empty; with the exception of the Giant Nevi itself. Fly to the location indicated by the arrow.
    The Giant Nevi is the large Nevi that throws its scythe at you. It has multiple weak points. Once those all break, it will reveal one final one. The easiest approach to defeating one is to hang back spamming Stasis objects at it. It can be a little annoying trying to Gravity Kick it. Move around and find object to throw at it. If you can't find any more objects (or in the case of the Toflug site, there weren't any to begin with), switch to Lunar Style and Wormhole Kick it. It's faster than the other styles, and you can avoid its scythe. It's good to have talisman equipped that increase your offense and defense.
    Thanks to Namek_pd over on PSNP, there is a potential way to force a Giant Nevi to spawn. It's not a guarantee but it's worth a try. If the times listed here don't work, try different ones as it could be tied to regions as oppose to a universal time. It's difficult to fully grasp how Giant Nevi spawns work so we're mostly at the mercy of theories like this one.

    I finally got the trophy and from the experience that I got I think I can explain how these trophy can be tackled.The times that the Giant nevis appear aren't random, they follow a specific logic:
    • 0 to 5 stars, is a "normal" zone
    • 6 stars, Storm appears
    • 7 stars, giant Nevi

    The stars are related to time, so if in your time is zone it's 9 am/9:00 and the zone that you want has 0 stars, to get make the stars go up you need to change time or just the hours. For example, if you change for a time +6 hours your zone will have 3 to 4 stars and if you keep on changing the time zone the stars will go up and if you pass the wanted number of stars, you just need to make decrease the time that you have.

    It's like the stars are connect to specific path of time, if it starts at time than it will increment until it reaches the giant nevi and starts all over again and most importantly these stars appear at the same time in each time zone. In the case the giant nevi appears at 10pm/22:00 in Samoa(+13), it will appear in GMT at 10pm/22:00 and in all the other time zones at 10pm/22:00.

    In my last zone, the candle zone, I reach the Storm (6 stars) at time zone +13 with the time 6 am/6:00 but the giant nevi only appear when I changed the hours to 8pm/20:00. The gaps may change from zone to zone.

    I hope this may help future trophy hunters and If you have any question, feel to free to ask, I may have miss some important info in this post.

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  • i think you need to kill that scythe throwing nevi in all 5 mining sites that has gravity disturbance, that's how i got my rift hunter trophy while i killed him last time in candle zone.
  • #1 is correct. Just the Scythe enemies. Stasis throws really help in defeating them with the exception of Toflug, which you can't really do that at. I just used Lunar kick because it's a fast style haha. I highly recommend working on this maybe when you get your second new power. If you wait until after you finish most everything else, you're going to have a frustrating time waiting for "Strange Gravitational Phenomena" to appear where you want it to. Took me about three days for the last two to appear.
  • My question is does it have to be done in all 5? Unless someone else can confirm I will post result after killing another one. I've killed it in Toflug, Candle zone and twice in enchanted zone.
  • *edit* Has to be done once per mining section.
  • i started doing this mid way through the game still missing 2 candle zone and toflug reef are the only two that haven't appered yet
  • If you're having trouble killing these, just upgrade your Stasis Field and spam objects at them. For Toflug Reef which doesn't have any objects to throw, dodge its scythes and hit O quickly to pick up the pieces the scythe breaks into. Talismans with Auto-Stasis like Indigo Treasure will pick up the pieces automatically.
  • I have found a solution to doing this quickly! Each mining site has 8 stages which cycle with time - 0 through 6 gravity stars (with late 5 and 6 getting possibly a Gravity Storm) and then Strange Gravitational Phenomena. You can use the PS4's Time Zone settings to advance and turn back game's time a few hours, depending on your regular time zone. So for example if you see that the stage you need has 5 stars - CLOSE THE GAME and move the time zone forward 4 or 6 hours and start the game again. Or, if the desired site has one or two stars, turn back the time zone. It worked like a charm for me and 2 of the Sites never had Phenomena throughout all my playthrough. Good luck!
  • #7 I'm having trouble with getting Toflug Reef Strange Gravitational Phenomena to spawn. What if it's at 6 stars with a gravity storm, how much time do i fast forward?
  • Nevermind i got the trophy, i had 5 stars. And then i changed the time zones from +01:00 to +13:00. And the i got the Toflug Reef Strange Gravitational Phenomena. Hope this can help somebody else
  • Even with the cheesing method this trophy is complete garbage, my last rift is stuck on 1 star no matter how many times i change the timezone.
  • Yeah, the mechanic for the Sites is weird as hell. I got "lucky" and during my playthrough managed to spawn the Nevi in 4 sites. Only "Site 13" left now.

    The growth of the Stars DOES seem linked to real life time. As in, "after 4 hours there's one more Star", something like that. HOWEVER. Forcing the PS4's clock to "+10 hours" does NOT affect the stars...somehow.
    What does affect them is, as people are saying, is the time zone itself. So don't change the clock to +10 hours, but rather change the time zone to somewhere that's "10 hours ahead", which for all intents and purposes is +10 hours.

    Problem? There's a limit to that. First: going backwards does NOT work. I'm in UTC+1, and right now at 1 Star. Going to UTC -11 does NOT substract Stars. I don't care what the guide says, it does not. However, going to UTC+11 does give me 2 Stars (meaning, I'm at 3).
    Which links to the second limitation: That's about it. There isn't a time zone for +23. Which means I cannot possibly get that Nevi right now. I can only play with a +11 or +12 time zone, which is only 2 more Stars. Meaning I STILL need to wait for the place to naturally reach 5 stars on its own.

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