• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 63 (58, 3, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 60-80 hours (Personal Estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 - He trusted you… 
  • Glitched trophies: Possibly 1 - More blue points! 
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to Graveyard Keeper! If you like games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, you’ll like this as well. This takes place in the Medieval Times, and you play as a...Graveyard Keeper. Your job is the manage a graveyard and Church, while trying to find your way back home.

The game has the days of the week as symbols for the deadly sins, though in this game there's only six days in a week. I'll be referring to the name of the sin for the days, so here is a listing of them:

 = Pride
 = Lust
 = Gluttony
 = Envy
 = Wrath
 = Sloth

Step 1: Play the Game

Just play and enjoy it. There is no time sensitive tasks or a limit on how many days you have. You can do everything at your own pace. The only trophy you have to keep an eye on is He trusted you… as it's missable. It's part of the Inquistior’s tasks for you and will be one of the last ones he gives you.

The game doesn't explain much and just expects you to figure out of a lot of things on your own. If you're wondering about how to unlock certain things in the tech tree that is hidden, it's all done by advancing your tasks with the villagers. Also, when buying/selling items, you'll notice that some are grayed out, those are not meant be purchased. Those are items you can sell to that particular vendor. Then to get to another tier with a vendor, you will either need to buy or sell items to them to unlock it.

There's also no get rich quick in this either. You'll have to slowly build up your money. There's no magical crop, or thing to do to rack in the cash. The best way to earn money is by burying bodies and doing your sermons when you can. So if you want cash, tend to your Church and Graveyard.

Optional DLC: Breaking Dead

There is no trophies related to this DLC, but I do suggest getting it as it does help you out a LOT. You're able to bring back the dead and essentially make them into undead worker slaves for you. This helps you expend significantly less energy by having them complete the tasks for you. You can also have them continually harvest wood, stone, and ore for you so you never have to do that again, which is a major help. You can do everything by yourself, but this will cut down the time for you and help you progress much faster once you get it rolling.

[PST Would Like To Thank PainOfDemise for this roadmap]

Graveyard Keeper Trophy Guide

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102 trophies ( 97  19  )

  • Collect all Trophies.

    Congratulations! You are the Graveyard Keeper.

  • Buried your first body.

    See Shovel master.

  • Buried 10 bodies.

    See Shovel master.

  • Buried 50 bodies.

    During the tutorial, you’ll be shown where you get bodies from and how to bury them. Every day, the Donkey will drop off a body for you. A sound of a bell ringing is the notification that a body as been delivered. At the start of the game, he’ll do it for free, but not shortly after he’ll require you to “pay” him with carrots. The seeds for carrots are cheap, so buy a lot of them and continually plant and harvest them when they’re ready and then place them in the box near the entrance of the morgue for the Donkey. Throwing them in the river or burning them does not count, but exhuming a body and reburying it does.

    When you get further along and are able to embalm bodies, I suggest not burying any bodies unless you are able to get them to at least have 12 points (skulls). If you cannot, harvest whatever parts you need from the body and then burn them at the crematorium to get your burial certificate. Having 12 points on a buried body lets you get as much as you can out of your graveyard as the combination of additions you can add to each grave (fence and gravestone), as you can only get a max of 12 points for each grave. 

    Check out this link on the process on what you need to do to get a 12 skull corpse here.

  • God your first slice of meat. Smells a little strange, but looks like ordinary meat...

    See Sashimi master.

  • Made 30 slices. You've got the perfect size slice pretty much down.

    During the tutorial, you’ll be shown how to harvest organs from a body in the morgue. Each time you get a body, extract the meat from it. With it, you can cook the meat, or sell it to Horadric at the Dead Horse if you have the Royal Stamp.

  • Upgraded the church.

    See His mansion.

  • Upgraded the church for the second time.

    You will gain the ability to upgrade the church by progressing through the tasks given to you by the Bishop. The first upgrade will be during 3rd and 4th tasks he gives you, while the second upgrade will be offered during the 6th task. The first upgrade will require you to get your graveyard to 30 and your church to 20. Then buy a building permission for 20 silver.

    For the second upgrade, you’ll need to get your graveyard to a rank of 200 and the church to 50. Then you need to give the Bishop 3 golden quality carved pieces of marble.

  • Caught 6 different types of fish. One fish for every day!

    See Brutal fisherman.

  • Caught 10 different types of fish.

    See Brutal fisherman.

  • Caught 15 types of fish! You know everything about fish. They feel uncomfortable about it...

    See Brutal fisherman.

  • Caught 200 fish. Your name is used to terrify misbehaving fish larvae.

    You can obtain a fishing pole from the Fisher guy at the lighthouse. Talk to him and he’ll give you a quest to bring him 5 moths for a fishing pole. In order to catch the moths, you must first unlock the ability to gather them, which is located under the “Farming and nature” tree for 20 green points and 5 blue points.

    Once you have a fishing pole, then you need to go to a fishing spot. It’s pretty straightforward on how to catch fish, and it explains it to you the first time you try. The different spots and different baits you use will change you chances of catching fish. I also suggest keeping older rods as well, as some are easier to catch on the lesser quality rods compared to the better ones. The meter will show you your chances are on catching a certain fish. There are only 16 different kinds of fish to catch with 5 different locations: Village, Swamp, Waterfall, Sea, and River.

    Check out this list of all the fish and the best ways to catch them here.

  • Got a gold fish. Want to make a wish?

    This is for catching a Goldfish, not a gold quality fish. You can get a Goldfish by fishing out in the sea. To catch it, you need an Excellent fishing rod and a lure with a gem. I'd wait until night, as you'll have a 5% chance to get catch one instead of a 2% chance in the day.

  • Cooked 10 different dishes or drinks.

    See Chef.

  • Cook


    Cooked 20 different dishes or drinks.

    See Chef.

  • Chef


    Cooked 30 different dishes or drinks. You can call yourself a Chef now.

    There are 17 different recipes you obtain, which equals out to 40 different dishes. The quality of the dish doesn’t matter, you have to make 30 different dishes. You can either buy the ingredients from the different NPCs around The Village, or you can harvest them yourself in your farm area.

    Here is a list of how you obtain all the recipes:

    • Simple and Tasty - Found in your cellar in a chest
    • Sweet Baking - Bought from Miss Chain for 2 silver
    • Pies - Bought from Miss Chain for 1 silver
    • Cake - Give 5 pots of honey to Dig
    • Vegetable Dishes - Talk to the farmer and ask him about farming
    • Soups - Give Clotho a Pumpkin of silver quality
    • Tasty and Healthy - Bought from Miss Chain for 5 silver and 40 copper
    • Jelly - Kill the jellies for the Blacksmith
    • Egg Dishes - Interact with the egg basket in The Village
    • Meat Fiesta - Obtained during the tutorial when harvesting meat from a body
    • Nectar of the Gods - Given to you by Horadric when he requests a mug of beer of gold quality
    • Bread - Automatically unlocked during the tutorial
    • Good Carbs - Talk to the Woodcutter in The Village and give him an Axe when he requests one
    • Beer Snacks - Have a bronze quality onion in your inventory and talk to Horadric
    • Fish Dishes - Talk to the Lighthouse keeper and ask about cooking fish
    • Kebab - Talk to the Gypsy Baron and give him 4 silver quality fish fillets
    • Fish Delicacies - Bought from Miss Chain for 8 silver and 30 copper
  • Made a gold-star dinner.

    You’ll be required to make 5 gold star dinners during the task “Royal Dinner”, which is the 5th one given to you by Merchant. You can always make one before the task is given to you.

    When selecting to make the dinner, a drop down menu will appear and you can cycle through the different items you can use to make the dinner. You either need to make it with all gold quality items or two gold and one silver quality items.

  • Ate a fish stick. It reminded you of home...

    You can either cook one yourself if you have the recipe for “fish nuggets” or you can buy one from Horadric at the Dead Horse. All you need to eat is one of them, and they’re pretty cheap. It’s simpler just to buy one, but you can just make one yourself, as you need to make a bunch of different recipes for the trophy Chef anyways.

  • Discovered 5 alchemy recipes. You're getting to know how things work in the lab.

    See Master alchemist.

  • Discovered 10 alchemy recipes. Just remember, the Philosopher's Stone is a lie.

    See Master alchemist.

  • Discovered 20 alchemy recipes. Now it's time to buy a white van and drive into the desert.

    You don’t need to actually find recipes to make alchemy potions, you can just mix the right ingredients together for it to work. 

    Alchemy Workbench (Tier 1)

    • Black Paint
      • Graphite Powder/Water or Ash/Oil or Death Powder/Water
    • Energy Elixir
      • Acceleration Powder/Slowing Solution or Slowing Powder/Acceleration Solution
    • Energy Potion
      • Acceleration Powder/Acceleration Solution
    • Freshener
      • Oil/Order Solution
    • Growth Enhancer
      • Ash/Life Solution
    • Heal Potion
      • Health Powder/Chaos Solution or Life Powder/Health Solution
    • Spices
      • Salt/Health Solution
    • White Paint
      • White Powder/Oil or Alcohol/Slowing Solution or Yellow Electro Powder/Water
    • Zombie Juice (DLC)
      • Health Powder/Blood

    Alchemy Workbench (Tier II)

    • Acid
      • Toxic Powder/Chaos Solution/Toxic Extract
    • Alkali
      • Life Powder/Death Solution/Blood
    • Aromatizer
      • Acceleration Powder/Alcohol/Life Extract
    • Balsamic Solution
      • Chaos Powder/Water/Death Extract
    • Berserk Potion
      • Toxic Powder/Death Solution/Death Extract
    • Digestion Potion
      • Health Powder/Toxic Solution/Acceleration Extract
    • Flavor Enhancer
      • Ash/Toxic Solution/Life Extract
    • Glue
      • Health Powder/Life Solution/Chaos Extract
    • Golden Elixir
      • Gold Powder/Toxic Solution/Chaos Extract or Gold Powder/Order Solution/Health Extract
    • Preservative
      • Life Powder/Slowing Solution/Slowing Extract or Slowing Powder/Life Solution/Slowing Extract
    • Protection Potion
      • Order Powder/Slowing Solution/Slowing Extract
    • Rage Potion
      • Chaos Powder/Death Solution/Toxic Extract
    • Restoring Potion
      • Order Powder/Health Solution/Health Extract
    • Silver Elixir
      • Silver Powder/Order Solution/Life Extract or Silver Powder/Chaos Solution/Order Extract
    • Speed Potion
      • Acceleration Powder/Chaos Solution/Blood
    • Tanning Agent
      • Slowing Powder/Death Solution/Order Extract
  • 50 health potions. -- And all of them red!

    You need to drink 50 health potions. You can either buy them or make them. Check out Master alchemist to see the ingredients needed to make the potion.

  • There can be only one.

    For this, you have to die 10 times. Nothing happens when you die, you just wake up in your home.

  • Dungeon level 5 cleared!

    See Nothing underneath.

  • Dungeon level 10 cleared!

    See Nothing underneath.

  • Dungeon level 15 cleared!

    Level 15 is the last level of the dungeon. You can find the dungeon in the area behind the gate where Snake stands. Once you enter the dungeon, you’ll have to kill all the enemies on the level in order to proceed down the stairs once you find them. You won't be able to progress any further than the 10th floor until you get far enough along Snake's tasks where you obtain a medallion to unlock the rest of the floors.

    The only way to exit the dungeon is to either die or go back to the steps. The teleportation stone will not work inside the dungeon. The enemies don’t respawn, so if you can’t finish the level, don’t worry. You can go back later and clean up the rest and proceed to the next level.

  • Harvested a gold-star pumpkin.

    You can buy the pumpkin seeds from the Farmer, but you'll need to get him to open up his second tier of items to you by buying or selling goods to him. You can either buy the bronze or silver quality ones. In order to get higher quality seeds, you’ll need to make some fertilizer. Fertilizer can be made at the Church Workbench.

    You can either make Quality Fertilizer I or Quality Fertilizer II. You need Peat and a Growth Enhancer for the lower quality, while you need Peat and Flavor Enhancer for the best one. Peat can be obtained by taking crop waste and using it on the compost heap on your farming land, while the enhancers are made at the alchemy bench.

    Put down the fertilizer before you put the seeds in the ground. When you harvest your crops, you get some seeds in return. When you use fertilizer, you get more seeds back and also will get seeds of higher quality. The tier 1 fertilizer will give you silver seeds, while the tier 2 fertilizer will give you some gold quality seeds. Use the fertilizer until you get gold pumpkin seeds and then plant them and harvest the crop when grown.

  • Made a gold-star wine.

    You’ll need to purchase grape seeds from the Merchant. To see how to get gold quality crops, see Golden pumpkin.

    Once you have 30 gold quality grapes, you’ll need to use the Vine Press, which you can build in your cellar if you have it unlocked, and make 2 pails of grape juice of gold quality, then go to your Wine Making Barrel and brew a gold quality red wine.

  • Met Astrologer. He's wise and tired of everything, even life.

    The Astrologer can be found at the Lighthouse during the day of the Sloth. Just walk up to him and talk to him to start his tasks.

  • Met Ms Charm. There's something about this woman that you can't understand.

    Miss Charm can be found in the tavern during the day of Lust. Just enter the tavern during the day she is there. This will start her tasks for you, where you will have to bring her at least 5 Faith, which you obtain by doing sermons in the Church.

  • Met Merchant. He's always ready to do business. Except around dinner time.

    The Merchant is available on the day of Gluttony. He is located just South of the Dead Horse. Find and talk to him.

  • Met the Lord Inquisitor. An unwavering kind of guy. You definitely wouldn't want to be his enemy.

    The Inquisitor is available on the day of Wrath. He is located on Witch Hill. Gerry will tell you that he’s seen him on the Hill and you can proceed to the entrance of the Hill to start a cutscene.

  • Met Bishop. His motto - Pray, preach, and look like you won the lottery.

    You’ll meet the Bishop during the tutorial of the game. The Bishop is available on the day of Pride at the church.

  • Met Snake. He seems dangerous. You get why everybody calls him Snake.

    You’ll “meet” Snake during the tutorial of the game. When you first go into your cellar, a scene will play out. You won’t be able to actually talk to him yet until you clear the debris blocking the path. Snake is available on the day of Envy where you first saw him in the cellar.

  • Snake summoned a chicken. Well... it's a start. Better than nothing.

    This is related to the 3rd task Snake will provide you. The items that he needs can be obtained in the dungeon between the 3rd and 5th floors. You'll need to bring him:

    • Bloody Nails (x5)
    • Bucket of Blood (x1)
  • You killed a Vampire Hunter. In life, there are no side quests.

    This is part of the 9th task Snake will give you. Meet Snake just south of Witch Hill near the vineyard. Make sure to bring a wooden plank with you. Here you will see a scene play out with the Vampire Hunter.

  • Decorated a Dark Shrine. Looks better than your first apartment!

    This is the 7th task given to you by Snake. You'll be required to get the "Dark Shrine" to 20 points. There are specific items you need to build.

    Here is a list of materials you'll need to complete the task:

    • A Polished Brick of Stone (x1)
    • Blood (x20)
    • Polishing Paste (x10)
    • Pumpkin (x4 Silver Quality)
    • Skull (x24)
    • Stone Repair Kit (x2)
    • Wooden Beam (x8)
  • Sold burgers at the burning ceremony. It's a mystery why you didn't make hotdogs.

    This is the 4th task given to you by the Inquisitor. Build the buffet tent that is next to where the witch's get burned. Then you'll have to make 5 gold quality burgers and 10 gold quality beers.

    For the burgers, it will require gold quality onions, while the beer requires gold quality hops. See Golden pumpkin for how to get harvest gold quality crops.

  • Collected three dark organs. Three in a row! The Inquisition is going to get a prize!

    This is the 6th task the Inquisitor will give you. He will ask you to bring him proof of evil in this world. This will unlock the technology for you to harvest dark organs. It is completely random whether or not a dark organ will appear on a body, so it may take awhile to get the one you need.

    You'll need to harvest at least one dark brain, dark heart, and dark intestine.

  • Got rid of the guardsmen's ambush. Now you are the Witch Hill Keeper too!

    This is the 3rd task that the Inquisitor will give you. You need to bring him Red Wine (x10 Silver Quality). You can either buy them, or make it yourself. Once you have it, turn it in.

  • Gave some perfume to Ms Charm. It smells nice, and wasn't tested on animals.

    This is the 5th task from Ms Charm. To get the perfume, you need to do a task for Miss Chain, which requires you to bring a food basket to her sister and then bring back 12 frogs, which can be caught fishing in the swamp. Once you have the perfume, bring it to Ms Charm.

  • Got an Ideal Song from Vagner. Now you know how you'll make a million bucks, once you get back home.

    This is the 11th task Ms Charm will give you. She wants the greatest love song ever. To get it, you need to help Vagner by making him a fly agaric infusion potion so he can write one. You need a Red Mushroom (x3) and some Booze (1x). This needs to be mixed at the distillery. Give it to Vagner and then you'll need to complete another task for him to get the song. Once you have the song, bring it back to Ms Charm.

  • Started a company with Merchant. A great name for a successful company!

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This is part 5th task by the Merchant. Once you bring him 5 gold star dinners, you'll also need to provide him a trade license, which can be bought from the Royal Services for 50 silver.

  • Your company achieved 5 Fame. When you want quality vegetables -- you go to the graveyard!

    Once you have unlocked your company with the Merchant, you can start building fame. To do this, you need 10 flyers, which can be made at a printing press or a desk in the basement of the church. This will give you 1 fame. So make at least 50 flyers to get 5 fame. When you have the flyers, return to the company and turn them in for fame.

  • Gave a gold-star book to Astrologer. You should consider writing six more...

    This is the 12 task given to you by the Astrologer. He'll ask you for a silver quality book and then a gold quality book. The books are created at the desk in the basement of the church. Make a gold quality book and turn it into the Astrologer.

  • Fixed the garden. You'll spend a lot of time here...

    In order to fix the garden, first you need to claim the property from Horadric. Head to the Dead Horse and talk to him. He’ll tell you, you have to talk to the Merchant in order to claim the property, but you can just go back to your garden without talking to the Merchant. He’ll give you the papers needed to use the garden. Once you have the papers, just head back to the garden and go to the pile of rubble to claim it.

  • Built a stone fence around the graveyard. Your graveyard is well protected now.

    You can upgrade the fence around the graveyard after you upgrade the church for the first time. You'll have to fix it first and then it'll give you the option to make it a stone fence. This adds a decent amount of points to your graveyard, so I suggest upgrading it when you can. Here is what fixing it will cost you:

    • Nails (x10)
    • Wooden Plank (x10)
    • A Piece of Stone (x6)

    Then for the stone fence:

    • A Carved Piece of Stone (x2)
    • A Polished Brick of Stone (x24)
    • Complex Iron Parts (x12)
  • Got the marble quarry ready. Marble is better than stone.

    The marble quarry is located at the top left corner of the map. There is another shack nearby where you can sleep and save your game, as well as use the teleportation stone to warp there. Once you clear the path up to there, go to the quarry and fix it so you are able to mine the marble from it. To repair the site, it'll cost you:

    • Flitch (x16)
    • Nails (x7)
    • Simple Iron Parts (x4)
  • Gave a skull to Astrologer. A skull makes a nice present indeed!

    This is the first task the Astrologer will give you when you first meet him. In order to give him a skull, you’ll have to unlock the ability to harvest a skull from a body under the “Anatomy and alchemy” tree. This will only cost you 10 red points and 5 green points.

    Whenever you get a body dropped off to you, select the skull to be harvested and then proceed to harvest it. Now go back to the Astrologer on the day of the Sloth and give him the skull.

  • Fixed the mill. No further need to grind everything by hand.

    This is part of the 9th task from Ms Charm. Once you've been given the task, talk to the Miller near the Mill and he'll give you instructions on how to repair the mill, but it's missing a page and in Latin. Talk to the Astrologer and he'll fix it for you as long as your standing is at least 60 or more with him. Once you have all the materials needed, go back to the mill and fix it. Here is all you'll need:

    • Complex Iron Parts (x5)
    • Paper With Calculations (x1)
    • Wooden Plank (x6)
  • Gave the Necronomicon to Snake. Hope nobody uses it as cookbook!

    This is the 4th task that Snake will give you. He will ask you to bring him the Necronomicon. You'll need to talk to the Astrologer, whom will point you to the Lighthouse Keeper if you have at least 40 standing with him. He will request 5 maggots for the book. Once you have the book, bring it to Snake.

  • Fixed the bridge to the swamp. Whatever else happens, you'll always be remembered as a great bridge

    The bridge to the swamp is located just west of the Church. It'll cost you:

    • Flitch (x4)
    • Nails (x8)
    • Wooden Plank (x1)
  • Collected 1000 green points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.

    See More red points!

  • Collected 1000 blue points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.

    See More red points!

  • Collected 1000 red points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.

    See More red points!

  • Collected 3000 green points. Ok. Now that's impressive.


    See More red points!

  • Collected 3000 blue points. Ok. Now that's impressive.

    See More red points!

  • Collected 3000 red points. Ok. Now that's impressive.

    Majority of the actions you do that drain your stamina will give you either red, green, or blue points. You’ll gain red points with things that involve physical labor, green is involving organic materials, and blue is earned by things dealing with more of a spiritual nature.

    Blue points is by far the hardest to earn, and you won’t be able to earn any until you unlock the Church. The best way to earn blue points is by using the Study Table in the alchemy lab in the basement of the Church.

    Whenever you view an item, most of them will have a section on it called “study”. This will show you one of the points and by studying it at the Study Table, you will gain points in that area. The other way I found to earn blue points if you need them is to make higher end gravestones and fences for your graveyard as they give out a decent amount of points. You can also purchase techbooks which will give you 25 or 50 points, depending on the quality, but I don’t suggest that, as the cost for what you get out of them isn’t worth it.

    WARNING: Using the books to gain blue books may potentially glitch out the trophy More blue points!. It is also possible that it just might not count the points you gain from the books and you have to gain them another way. There have been reports that people have not earned the trophy when they hit the 3,000 mark with blue points by using the book, so do so at your own risk.


Secret trophies

  • Switched on the portal. Are you sure you want leave?

    You'll need to obtain 6 different items to fix the portal home. You'll gain these items by completing all the tasks offered to you by the Astrologer, Ms Charm, Snake, Inquisitor, Bishop and the Merchant. Once you have the 6 items, go to the portal on Witch Hill and craft the two items needed to open the portal.

  • Helped Astrologer reunite with his family.

    This is part of the final tasks given to you by the Astrologer. Once you complete the task of giving the Astrologer a gold quality book and waiting a week, you can having him begin his excavation. This will trigger a cutscene and your trophy.

  • Helped Merchant forgive his brother.

    This is related to the final tasks between the Bishop and the Merchant. Once you upgrade your church for the second time, the Bishop wants someone of importance to attend a ceremony. Talk to the Inquisitor, who will deny you. Then talk to the Merchant and he'll agree. You'll also need the aristocrat papers, which costs 12 gold. Once you've completed both, return to the Bishop and turn them in.

  • Helped Snake with his dark ceremony.

    This is the final task given to you by Snake. He will request a Dark Heart from you to finally complete his ritual. To get dark organs, you'll need to progress the Inquisitor's tasks to unlock them.

  • Betrayed Gerry. That's not something you should be super-proud of.


    This is the task "Convincing the Crown" from the Inquisitor's story. You'll be asked to gather three dark organs for him. Get them and return them to him. A week later, you can talk to him and he'll ask if you know of anything else to use as "evidence of witchcraft. Or the undead. Or any other cult stuff". This will give you three different options to pick from. You need to pick the one "I could bring you a talking skull. His name is Gerry".

DLC: Stranger Sins

13 trophies

  • Bought your first land in the Village. By cheating a sick and helpless old man.

  • Your tavern's quality is 80! Ultra Wow!

  • Yorick became your bartender. For no salary. Slavery? No, he's made of wood!

  • Threw an excellent alco-party. It's time to open the local drunk tank.

  • Put on an excellent Comedy Show. It can't be -- the guests didn't have to be commanded to laugh!

  • Put on an excellent concert. Ms. Charm received a marriage proposal from each male spectator.

  • Organized an excellent rat race. Two guests lost everything and drowned themselves.

  • Organized 15 events. You're a natural-born event manager!


Secret trophies

  • Watched the Master being summon. Is that Grace you feel?

  • Watched the scene at the Coliseum. Unemployment benefits is everything.

  • Watched the destruction of the Bridge. Always think before destroying bridges!

  • Witnessed the Contract signing. Who are "truly guilty men"?

  • Watched the scene in the bath house. You saw that one coming, didn't you?

DLC: Game of Crone

13 trophies

  • Exposed the vampire. Time to play Van Helsing!

  • Brought corpse blood to the vampire. Not very tasty, but better than many popular diets!

  • Watched a scene from the past. Nothing is clear but it's quite intriguing...

  • Interrogated vampire Carl, leaving Carl greatly enlightened.

  • Lady Beatrice made you an offer you can't refuse. Unless you decide to refuse.

  • You rescued the refugees. Welcome to the Inquisition's blacklist!

  • The Revolution has come to pass. It's time to look back on why you started it.

  • Camp


    Now you have your own camp! And hundreds of potential enemies -- in the form of Inquisitors.

  • You've improved your camp. The chances that the refugees will die of starvation got lower.

  • You've provided the camp with some fortifications. They look dubious, but the settlers like them.

  • Your camp is flawless. You should write a guide to camp management!


Secret trophies

  • All the ambushes have been cleared out. The Terminator and Rambo would have been proud.

  • Worked on someone's memory. Time to add "Neurosurgeon" to your CV.

DLC: Better Save Soul

13 trophies


Secret trophies

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