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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition is a remaster of the 2002 classic title. It's the 80s and you're Tommy Vercetti, just released from a long stint in prison. You're sent to Vice City, a parody of Miami, where you're tasked to establish a foothold for your mob boss, but soon get ambitions of your own. If you followed the release of this collection you'll know that it was not received well due to it's bugginess and design choices, since then patches have been released to address many of the glitches and as always with Grand Theft Auto, the game is still fun, with some of the updates to the game making it easier to play than the original versions.

The approximate amount of time to platinum depends on whether you use a glitch for the 100% completion trophy, which can save you from doing some of the lengthier and more tedious content usually required for the completion. There are also four missable trophies as they require tasks in missions, and if missed you'll have to start a new game for them. Thus it is recommended to make a save before the following missions so you can reload them if you miss the trophies:
Finally, there is one glitched trophy, Born in the 80’s trophy_bronze.png. You might get this without any problems or you might find yourself needing to start a new game later to get it. Thankfully if you do need to start a new game, it takes under an hour of mostly idleing to get it, so check the guide for more details.


Step 1: Cone Crazy grinding for Take the Cannoli

If you want to just jump into the story without worrying about your criminal rating or money, feel free to skip this step and come back to it later, though if you do, you may want to avoid doing Cone Crazy at all until you're ready to commit to this short 30-60 minute grind. If you want to get one of the more annoying trophies out of the way early and set yourself up with far more money than you can spend, I'd recommend reading Take the Cannoli trophy_silver.png and doing this right off the bat when you start the game. If you fancy it, I'd also recommend completing the Pizza Boy and Paramedic minigames as soon as possible (Pie Guy trophy_bronze.png and Somebody Call the Wambulance? trophy_gold.png) as the extra 50 maximum health and infinite sprint you get as rewards are extremely helpful across the game.

Trophies earned in this step include:

Step 2: Play until you unlock the second island, then collect the Hidden Packages

Again, this is merely a suggestion to make the overall platinum run as easy as possible, so if you don't fancy taking a break from the story to pick up 100 collectibles that's totally understandable, but know that if you do get them all you'll have a constant spawn of useful weapons and armour at some of your safehouses which help with some of the trickier missions. You'll also unlock the Tank and helicopters that will make other trophies much easier, too.

Before you get to the second island, however, take care not to miss the Iron-y trophy_silver.png and Chopper’d Up trophy_gold.png trophies found in the first two Avery missions. Once you complete Phnom Penh '86 you'll have access to the whole map and therefore all of the packages, and since you need to do them anyway for City Sleuth trophy_gold.png, you're best off doing them when you can get the most benefit out of the unlocks you get.

Once you've collected them all, I'd suggest going ahead and stealing a tank, completing Vigilante for Running Rampant trophy_silver.png and an increase to your maximum armour, which should also get you a six star wanted level in the process.

Trophies earned in this step include:

Step 3: Continue the story, purchase all Assets and complete all Asset and Gang Missions

From here we're now in a great spot to finish all the missions available in the game as we'll have access to a powerful armoury and numerous useful bonuses. Once you complete Rub Out, in which you'll need to get Salutations My Little Friend trophy_gold.png, you'll unlock your first asset, and after completing Shakedown you'll unlock the rest of the Assets for purchase, which you should do for Vice City Mogul trophy_bronze.png. Eventually you'll hit a wall in the story and will have to complete eight asset missions including Print Works and Vercetti Estate before you can unlock the final two story missions. Complete all the Asset missions, including the Sunshine Autos Car List for Grand Theft Auto trophy_silver.png and InterGlobal Studios, where you should ensure you get Not my First Time trophy_silver.png on the G-Spotlight mission. You can also complete all of the Gang missions; Cubans and Haitians for Big Heat from Little Havana trophy_bronze.png, Love Fist for Chauffeur trophy_bronze.png Bikers for Tommy Two-Wheels trophy_bronze.png and Assassinations for Gun for Hire trophy_bronze.png. Finally, once it's unlocked, complete the final two missions of the story for Mischief Managed trophy_bronze.png.

Trophies earned in this step include:

Step 4: Miscellany

From here, you'll want to grab the rest of the trophies other than the big one for 100% completion. Some of these trophies will inch you closer to 100%, some are just for trophies. High Quality H2O trophy_silver.png and Point A to Point B trophy_silver.png require only a fraction of their respective minigames for the trophies, but feel free to complete the whole missions now to save time later (if you're not going to use the 100% glitch). Go on a rampage with a tank to get Bull in a China Shop trophy_bronze.png and I'm Famous! trophy_bronze.png. Also grab all the Stunt Jumps here and a couple of other trophies that require small tasks to complete. If you haven't got Born in the 80’s trophy_bronze.png by now you may want to start a new game on a different file at this point to get it, and if you didn't get Take the Cannoli trophy_silver.png or any other mentioned trophies earlier do so now.

Trophies earned in this step include:

Step 5: 100% Completion

At this point, you should only have Done it All trophy_gold.png remaining for platinum. As has been touched on previously there is an exploit for this that can help you skip lengthy or annoying facets of the 100% completion. Of course, you could also do this how it was intended and complete everything the game has to offer, it's up to you really. Either way, depending on how much aside from the trophy related stuff you did you'll be anywhere from 85%-95% completion coming into this step, see Done it All trophy_gold.png for a list of what you need to do or how to perform the exploit. Either way, you should unlock your platinum, congrats!

Trophies earned in this step include:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition Trophy Guide

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34 trophies ( 19  4  )

  • Unlock all trophies.

    As always, get all the other trophies in this game to unlock this platinum.
  • Complete Vigilante mission level 12.

    Vigilante is a vehicle mission that you can start in any police or military vehicle. You must go around and kill criminals in vehicles while also avoiding increasingly aggressive police who aren't quite fond of your vigilantism. You can utilise drive bys or short stints out of your vehicle of choice to destroy the marked cars and kill the criminals inside

    The easiest eligible vehicle to find is a regular police car, but it is highly recommended to save yourself a lot of trouble and wait until you have at least 90 hidden packages (City Sleuth trophy_gold.png) before attempting this. This unlocks a tank to steal at the military base north of the airport. The tank is an eligible vehicle for Vigilante, is practically indestructible and of course has a giant cannon that makes quick work of any and all enemy vehicles. You can also go for the Hunter attack helicopter that you unlock after all 100 hidden packages. The name of the mission is different in this case but still works for this trophy.

    The number of criminals in each level is equal to the level number. Thankfully they all drive four door vehicles which fill up when applicable, so you only have to deal with one vehicle in levels 1-4, two in 5-8 and three in 9-12. Again, this makes it much easier to use the tank as if you destroy the vehicles by other means the criminals usually have enough time to escape their vehicle and scatter, whereas the tank will kill all enemies in each vehicle in a single shot.

    Once level 12 is completed, you'll earn this trophy, as well as an increase of your max armour to 150, plus credit towards Done it All trophy_gold.png.
  • Complete mission "G-Spotlight" without falling from the rooftops.


    This one is a lot easier to miss than the previous missable trophy, so definitely make a manual save before this one. G-Spotlight is the fourth and final mission you undertake for the InterGlobal Studios asset after buying it on Prawn Island (the small island in the north).

    In this mission you'll be tasked to make a series of jumps on a motorbike from roof to roof to get to a certain point. As you progress you'll occasionally open up staircases back up incase you fall, but for this trophy you can't fall at all. Follow the markers and take each jump one at a time, taking the furthest possible run up in order to make each jump. Your other risk for this trophy is your bike being destroyed, so make sure to land on both wheels to preserve it. If you fail for whatever reason reload your manual save and try again, you'll eventually get the hang of where you need to go. As long as you don't rush this isn't as bad as it may seem.
  • Perform a 30 second wheelie.

    This one can be a little tricky as wheelies are pretty finnicky; if you go too far back or too far forward you'll stop the wheelie.

    There are two motorbikes in the game that are good for this; the PCJ-600 (sports bike) and the Sanchez (dirt bike). You can find these on the roads of Vice City, or you can find a PCJ-600 at the Marina where you get the Colonel's missions, or a Sanchez by a track in the very north of the second island. Whichever bike you choose, head to the beach as this is really the only place you'll have enough space to do this without some crazy and lucky riding. The easiest way in my opinion is to change your control layout to classic so acceleration is mapped to cross.png. Instead of holding cross.png to speed ahead, instead tap it rapidly, hold lss.png to initiate the wheelie, then adjust your tap speed depending on how high off the ground your front wheel is. This may take a few tries, but it's a lot easier than going full steam ahead as the bumpiness of the beach can throw you off otherwise.
  • Drop off 25 passengers driving the taxi.

    Taxi Driver is another of the numerous Vehicle Missions present in the game. It is simple; you drive around until you find a passenger, pick them up, then take them where they want to go in the time limit given.

    Thankfully, you don't have to do all 25 in a single instance of the mission, you can break these down as much as you like, though completing them in one go will provide better financial rewards the more you do consecutively. If you do these a bit at a time, you can check your total in the stats.

    Any taxi is good for this, though the best one for this is the cab you unlock for completing all three asset missions for Kaufman cabs. This taxi is faster, stronger and handles better, plus your customers never complain if you're slow or crash.

    Note that in order to get 100% completion, you must drop off a total of 100 passengers, again in as many sittings as you like. But for this trophy, just get 25 and it'll pop.
  • Extinguish 10 fires.

    Firefighting is another Vehicle Mission in the game. You obviously need a fire engine for this, you can make one appear by destroying a vehicle or throwing a molotov, or you can head to the north of the second island and steal one from the fire station.

    This vehicle mission tasks you with extinguishing vehicles on fire. From the second level onwards, when you extinguish a vehicle its passengers will jump out the car still on fire, you must extinguish them too. Just be careful not to run them over as this will fail the mission! Exiting the fire truck at any point or running out of time will also end the mission.

    For this trophy you only need to extinguish 10 fires so four levels worth (like Vigilante, the number of fires is equal to the level number), though to get 100% completion and thus the plat you'll need to complete twelve levels in one go, so you'll probably want to keep going from the trophy unlocking to save time later.
  • Deliver 10 pizzas.

    Pizza Boy is yet another Vehicle Mission in the game, and it's exactly what it sounds like. You'll first need to grab one of the delivery scooters parked outside one of the three pizza restaurants in the game. Once you're on the bike and start the mission a customer will be marked on your minimap. You must drive to the customer and throw a pizza at or near them using a drive by (square.png/circle.png+l1.png on default controls).

    Like the other Vehicle Missions the number of customers on any given level is equal to the level number, so to unlock this trophy you need to complete four levels. You have a set time to deliver your pizzas which increases with each successful delivery. However to obtain 100% completion and therefore the plat (plus a really handy boost in your maximum health), you'll need to complete ten levels. You can only carry six pizzas at a time so for levels 7 to 10 you have to factor returns to the pizza restaurant in your route, you can pause your game and look at the map to figure out the best order to deliver pizzas in. And though you won't be directed to the restaurant until you're out of pizzas, as long as you remember where you're going you can return and replenish at any time.

    Complete four levels of Pizza Boy to unlock this trophy, then keep playing until you finish level 10 to work towards 100% completion and Done it All trophy_gold.png.
  • Cause $1,000,000 in property damage.

    This one will slowly tick up throughout your playthrough as you destroy cars and the like, but you'll be able to significantly speed up your progress once you obtain 90 Hidden Packages (City Sleuth trophy_gold.png)  to unlock access to the Tank. In the tank you are practically invisible and will easily destroy most vehicles you fire at or even collide with, so go on a rampage with it and you'll get there in no time. You can check your progress in the stats.
  • Own 10 properties.

    There is a total of 15 properties you can purchase in the game; 7 safehouses where you can save your game and sometimes store vehicles, and 8 assets that give you missions to complete to earn you a regular income you can collect. You only need to own ten for this trophy though you'll need all of them for 100% completion. If you need a hand finding these, there are maps in dcollins22's 100% completion guide here.

    The safehouses are available from the start of the game, aside from two downtown which require the second island to be unlocked to reach. The safehouses are as follows:
    3321 Vice PointVice Point$2,500
    Links View ApartmentVice Point$6,000
    El Swanko CasaVice Point$8,000
    1102 Washington StreetWashington Beach$3,000
    Ocean Heights ApartmentOcean Beach$7,000
    Skumole ShackDowntown$1,000
    Hyman CondoDowntown$14,000

    The assets require you to finish the mission "Shakedown" before being available to purchase them. You don't need to complete any of the associated missions for this trophy, though you will for 100%:
    The Pole Position ClubOcean Beach$30,000
    Malibu ClubVice Point$120,000
    InterGlobal StudiosPrawn Island$7,000
    Kaufman CabsLittle Haiti$40,000
    Print WorksLittle Haiti$70,000
    Cherry Popper Ice Cream FactoryLittle Havana$20,000
    Sunshine AutosLittle Havana$50,000
  • Achieve a six-star wanted level.

    Getting a six-star wanted level can be tricky as both you and the cars in the game are very squishy and you are prone to dying before you can cause enough death and destruction to reach six stars. To make this easiest, follow the same method for Bull in a China Shop trophy_bronze.png as you will certainly reach six stars in your path of destruction.
  • Complete Paramedic Mission level 12.

    Paramedic is the final Vehicle Mission to cover in this guide and in my opinion it is the most annoying. Hop in an ambulance at any hospital in the game to be able to activate this mission. I'd personally recommend starting the mission in the north of the first island as the roads are widest so you're less likely to run over a patient or explode.

    For this mission you must pick up injured pedestrians and return them to the nearest hospital for treatment. Like the other Vehicle Missions, the number of patients you must pick up per level is equal to the level number you're on, plus you'll be on a time limit that increases with each pick up and drop off. 

    The reason this is the most annoying Vehicle Mission is that it's the most failable in my opinion. If you run over a patient, you fail. If you crash too much, you will lose time, a patient may die or your ambulance can explode, all leading you to fail. Finally, if you leave the ambulance at all you fail.

    You have a maximum capacity of three patients, after which you must drop them off before picking up more. Like Pizza Boy, you can drop patients off anytime if you remember where the hospital is, since you won't be directed there until you're at capactiy. By the time you finish the mission you'll be making four runs per level, so it's a good idea to pause and figure out groups of three passengers close together so you can maximise efficiency.

    Though it's annoying for sure I definitely made it sound more scary than it is, you'll have plenty of time so drive carefully and you'll be fine. Completing level 12 will unlock this trophy, will increase your completion % for Done it All trophy_gold.png and unlock infinite sprint, probably the most useful ability in the game.
  • Use a police bribe to reduce your wanted level.

    This is the easiest trophy in the game and will likely come without trying. Throughout Vice City are spinning pink discs with stars on them, if you drive or walk through these with a wanted level it will automatically reduce by one. One example is if you go down the street to the left of the initial safehouse, then down the stairs just south west of you, there will be one there, though there are many to be found, usually in alleyways and shortcuts. If you want to get this out the way, punch or shoot some people until you attract attention, then grab a star for the trophy.
  • Win the RC Bandit Race.

    There are a few RC races you can take part in by entering Top Fun vans around the map. The RC Bandit Race can be found on the upper part of the huge beach along the east coast of Vice City, you'll easily come across the course by driving north, the van is just nearby. The race itself is easy, there are two laps with three other vehicles you must beat. The handling is a little different to regular cars, but you should get used to it quickly and win without much issue.
  • Earn a high score of 5 with the Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball.

    The Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball is a hidden minigame that tasks you, as the name implies, with keeping a beach ball off the ground. There are a couple of locations to find a beach ball, the easiest to find is in the pool of the eastern most Starfish Island mansion, though you may also find them on the beach and another mansion pool.

    Once you've located a ball you just need to run into it to propel it into the air then proceed to bounce it off your head five times in a row to get this trophy. The camera angle isn't very friendly towards this task so this might take a few attempts, you can use the shadow of the ball to guide you a little bit or just keep trying until you get favourable bounces.
  • Complete all assassination contracts.

    The assassination contracts are unlocked pretty early in the game, after completing "Jury Fury" for Ken. You will get a phone call while on foot directing you to a public phone, a phone icon will be marked on your map.

    There are five contracts in total. They unlock in sequence, though other missions are required as prerequistes too. None of them are particularly difficult, just make sure you come into the missions well equipped and you'll be fine.

    The Assassination Contracts are as follows (prerequiste mission in brackets):
    1. Road Kill (Jury Fury - Ken Rosenberg)
    2. Waste the Wife (Mall Shootout - Colonel Cortez)
    3. Autocide (The Fastest Boat - Ricardo Diaz)
    4. Check Out at the Check In (Shakedown - Vercetti Estate asset mission)
    5. Loose Ends (The Shootist - Malibu Club asset mission)
  • Earn the Stuff of Legends media attention rank.

    Media Attention Rank is a measure of the most havoc you've caused in a single spree. The Stuff of Legends rank requires 1,800 points, you can check your record through the stats screen.

    This is another trophy that is a pain at first but once you unlock the tank from getting 90 hidden packages (City Sleuth trophy_gold.png) it becomes a joke. Just like Bull in a China Shop trophy_bronze.png and Catch Me if You Can trophy_bronze.png, grab a tank once you've unlocked it and go on a spree destroying every vehicle you come across for fifteen or so minutes and you should have got enough points for the trophy. It didn't pop for me until I died and respawned, however.
  • Complete 36 unique jumps.

    There is a total of 36 unique jumps in the game so you must get all of them for the trophy. You'll know you've found one as the camera will change into a slow motion cinematic one in midair with enough speed, and if you successfully land it you'll get a pop up saying so. Also it's worth noting that 'land' isn't actually always the case, I completed numerous jumps despite smacking into a wall at the end of it. Some jumps are a bit more finnicky than others, though, so some might require a few tries to get.

    To unlock all the jumps, you'll have to unlock the second island, and also unlock the final InterGlobal Studios asset mission, as three of them aren't accessible until during and after this mission. I'd recommend using the PCJ-600 for the jumps, as it is fast and nimble, plus some jumps are impossible without a bike anyway due to narrow ramps and staircases.

    I'd recommend following the below video from GTA Series Videos for all unique jumps. It shows you all the locations and gives you an idea of how to approach the trickier jumps.

    NOTE: The final G-Spotlight jump (#24 in the video) often fails to prompt you that you completed it, especially when redoing the jump if you're double checking if you got it. I'd suggest checking your total in the stats menu before and after performing this jump for the first time to ensure you got it.
  • Complete the "Riot" mission.

    Riot is the fourth and final mission you undertake for Ken Rosenberg, the first mission line you unlock after the introductory missions. You shouldn't have any issues with this mission, you just need to punch people until a riot starts then destroy the vans with the nearby explosive barrels to complete it.
  • Complete the "All Hands on Deck!" mission.

    All Hands on Deck is the fifth and final mission you undertake for Colonel Cortez. This mission tasks you with defending the Colonel's yacht from numerous attackers in speedboats, and later, helicopters. Again this mission isn't too tricky as long as you make sure you go into it with decent weapons and armour, there is also health on the boat if you need it.
  • Complete the "Supply & Demand" mission.

    Supply and Demand is the fourth mission you undertake for Ricardo Diaz. This is another simple mission. You first have to drive a speedboat to the marked location, then Lance will take over and you'll have to defend the boat from other boats, helicopters and enemies on the shore. Just keep an eye around you and kill any enemies as soon as possible, especially the ones on foot as they are the easiest to miss and can deal a good amount of damage to the boat.
  • Complete the "Trojan Voodoo" mission.

    Trojan Voodoo is the last mission in the Cuban-Haitian gang war. You'll have to do missions for both sides of the war, with the first Cuban Mission (blue explosion symbol) being unlocked after Avery's final mission, and the first Haitian mission (black body outline symbol) being unlocked after completing the first Cuban mission. After completing three missions for each gang, you'll unlock this final one for the Cubans.

    You'll be tasked with infiltrating a Haitian warehouse and planting three explosives. You'll need to be well equipped with weapons and armour for this. First you'll need to find a Haitian gang car, you can use the one outside where you started the Haitian missions. Once you drive in, take things slowly as you can easily get overwhelmed and mowed down if you rush in. Make sure all the gang members are killed before planting any bombs as a timer starts once the first one is planted. Once you've planted them all, high tail it back to the entrance, the gate is locked so you need to head up the stairs behind the right side of the gate to escape. Once the cutscene with the warehouse's destruction plays you'll be done.
  • Complete the "Publicity Tour" mission.

    Publicity Tour is the third and final mission for the Love Fist "gang". To unlock the first mission you have to complete Rub Out, then to unlock the third and final mission after completing the first two you have to complete the Biker Gang missions so see Tommy Two-Wheels trophy_bronze.png for more information there.

    On this final mission you are tasked with driving the band's limo to their show only to find that you're in a Speed-like situation where if you drive slow for too long you'll explode. You can afford to slow down a bit on turns but much longer than that you'll fail, so try and get onto the long stretch of road on the east of the island. You'll have to keep this going for just under two minutes so it's really not that bad. Once the bomb has been defused you'll have to drop the band off to complete the mission.
  • Complete the "Hog Tied" mission.

    Hog Tied is the third and final mission for the biker gang. You unlock the missions by completing the first Love Fist mission and you must complete these missions to unlock the final one for Chauffeur trophy_bronze.png.

    This is another mission that is relatively simple if you're prepared with weapons and armour and if you take your time instead of rushing in. You'll have to grab a bike and do a stunt jump into a compound where Mitch's motorbike is, killing numerous enemies in your way. Once the area is relatively clear you can use another staircase to get back onto the roads and deliver the bike.
  • Retrieve every wanted vehicle at Sunshine Autos Import Garage.

    This asset mission unlocks after purchasing Sunshine Autos for $50,000. You will have to retrieve a total of 24 vehicles over four lists and return them to the garage. Each list has six vehicles and you must complete a list to unlock the next one. The list appears on the wall next to the garage so you can keep track of what you need.

    For a list of vehicles needed, images of what they look like and suggested locations to search, see this supplemental guide by dcollins22 here. The guide was written for the original PS4 port, but is still valid for this version. The only difference in this version as far as this trophy goes is a graphical polish on the cars, but they're still more than recognizable from the images provided.
  • Earn the Butcher criminal rating.

    See Take the Cannoli trophy_silver.png, as this will pop on the way.
  • Earn the Godfather criminal rating.

    First off, it should be noted that this trophy is completely bugged without patches, so if you have the disc version make sure you're fully updated to unlock this trophy.

    Secondly, if you know about this trophy from the original port, you'll be relieved to know that it's a lot quicker and easier to unlock it than before. You're still probably going to have to go out of your way on a fresh file for it, but it only takes 30 minutes to an hour rather than 6-8 hours.

    To get the Godfather criminal rating you need to amass 100,000 points, which you increase by committing crimes and earning money. For example, you earn 1 point for every $1,000 you make. Which yes, requires you to earn  $100,000,000, which sounds absurd but there's an exploit that can make you that much before doing pretty much any missions.

    To exploit this, we're going to use the Cone Crazy vehicle mission situated on top of the multi-story car park that's one block directly to the west from your first safehouse. There's a muscle car parked there that activates the mission when you get inside. But don't complete it until you've finished reading!

    You are tasked with driving through five checkpoints on the roof in any order while not destroying any cones in your path. Your reward for beating it starts at $200, and this reward doubles everytime you beat your best time. If you made it to exponentials in math you'll know that doubling a number repeatedly gets you massive numbers very quickly, and this is the basis of the exploit. I'd recommend saving the game after each success just in case you mess up in some way

    You only have a certain time limit to begin with. To maximise your earning potential, you'll want to mostly complete the course, but when you get to the final checkpoint wait until the timer hits 0 seconds before finishing. From here, the time limit drops a little each time, so continue to repeat this by parking the car where you found it, exiting and entering it to restart the mission. Repeat until you've done it 7 times (the reward is $12,800 at this point) and from here the time limit will no longer drop on repeat runs. Instead of finishing on 0 seconds, you'll want to add 1 second to the time left on the clock when finishing each time. At this point it gets tricky to keep beating your best time, but thankfully the time doesn't start until you pass through a checkpoint, and you're able to gently nudge cones out of the way with your tires, so you're able to clear a path to finish quickly instead of having to weave around the cones.

    Keep doing this until you finish with 12 seconds left on the clock, at this point you should get over fifty million for the completion. This should get you to 100 million, and the trophy will pop when you pause your game.

  • Complete the "Keep Your Friends Close..." mission.

    Keep Your Friends Close is the final story mission in the game. Your story progress will halt at a certain point after finishing everyone's mission lines. To continue from here, you have to purchase complete the asset missions for at least eight assets, two of which must be the Print Works and Vercetti Mansion. Once you've done this, you'll unlock the penultimate mission, and after that one you'll unlock this one.

    Make sure you're well equipped before starting this one as you'll have to defend your mansion from lots of enemies. Hang back in your office and let enemies come up the stairs to you, as long as you don't lose attention and you kill the enemies quickly with an AR or shotgun, you shouldn't take much damage. Keep going until a cutscene with Lance plays, you'll then have to chase him down to the roof. Enemies will keep spawning so you may as well sprint right after him, killing people in the way if you need to. Get in cover quickly on the roof and clear the enemies including Lance, there's also adrenaline here if you want to use it. Once the roof is clear head back down to the foyer for your final confrontation. Keep shooting at Sonny and his guards to finish him and complete the story.
  • Kill all hostile NPCs during the mission "Demolition Man" using the RC chopper’s blades.


    Demolition Man is the second mission you undertake for Avery Carrington. As with the other missable trophies, make a save before this mission just in case something goes wrong so you can try again.

    In this mission you are tasked with controlling an RC chopper to plant four bombs in a construction site within a certain time limit. Throughout the building are numerous enemies; you need to kill them all by hitting them with the chopper to kill them with the blades. Go through the mission as normal but check all of the rooms on each floor for any enemies hanging around. If you reach the final bomb plant location and still haven't unlocked it, you've missed at least one enemy so you'll have to sweep the construction site to find them. Once the final enemy is dead the trophy will pop.
  • Find 100 hidden packages.

    Hidden Packages are the collectibles in the game, you have to find them all for this trophy. They look like tiki statues and as you can imagine, you will need to have access to the entire map to find them all. Additionally, you will need a helicopter to access a few of them, plus having a helicopter makes navigation between many of the packages a lot faster. You can find helicopters on a few roofs across the second island.

    As well as working towards this trophy and 100%, you'll also get rewards for every 10 packages you find. After 10 you unlock an armour spawn in your first safehouse and outside of the Vercetti Mansion when you unlock it. For each 10 after that you unlock progressively better weapons in the same locations until you unlock the rocket launcher after 70, which can help a ton with trickier missions. After 80 packages you unlock the Sparrow behind the mansion, then 90 and 100 unlock the Tank and Hunter helicopter respectively, which helps a ton with trophies involving causing chaos around the city. For the unlocks you get, you may want to find all the packages as soon as you have access to the second island, but this is optional.

    As for actually finding them, you can either use the included text and map Hidden Package guide in dcollins22's 100% completion guide (for the previous port of the game, but all locations are the same) HERE, or use a video guide like the one by GTA Series Videos below. Note that the packages are not shown in the same order in these guides so you'll probably want to stick with one or the other for ease of tracking.
  • Earn 100% completion.

    Here it is, the big one. As can be expected, this trophy requires you to complete everything the game has to offer.

    The following things need to be completed (relevant trophies in brackets):
    Of course, there is a lot to do and some of it requires finding things that aren't covered elsewhere in the guide. Thankfully, dcollins22 made a comprehensive 100% guide for all your needs for the previous port of the game. Nothing has changed 100% completion wise, so aside from some less pretty screenshots this still works fantastically for the completion: LINK

    Finally, there is actually a glitch you can use to boost your completion percentage repeatedly by completing the same task repeatedly, allowing you to skip some tasks you don't feel like doing (unless there's another trophy tied to them).

    Before you do this, complete everything above that has a trophy tied to it. Feel free to complete anything else you want to as well, as the glitch is kind of grindy and repetitive and having a higher percentage leading into it will reduce your grind. You should be on 85-95% when you've unlocked all of the other trophies depending on how much other stuff you've done. The method involves exploiting a glitch with the Checkpoint Charlie asset mission for the boatyard. Every time you save and reload the game, the mission will reset but you'll keep the % increase from it. If you start it and the timer reads 3 minutes, completing it again will add to your completion again. You can then head back to the boatyard, save and reload inside the warehouse then repeat it over and over. Each completion will increase your % by 0.5 and will take around 5 minutes each including driving time. Keep doing it and this trophy will eventually pop!

Secret trophies

  • Listen to all music stations at least once.


    This trophy can be buggy and it's not really clear what exactly counts as listening to a radio station. There are two different reports on what counts:
    1. Listening to a full song on every station. Unless you happen to turn over in the middle of a commercial, you'll have to finish whatever song is playing then listen to another song after that. In the case of the talk stations, there are further varying reports between having to listen to the whole loop of the show, or listening from commercial to commercial.
    2. There are reports that an update changed the requirement for a listen to five minutes per station.
    Either way, your best bet is to just mix up your radio usage throughout the game and hope this trophy pops by the time you've finished everything else. You need 100 taxi fares for the platinum anyway and that's a lot of driving, time that can be well spent listening to a bit of each radio station. There's no true tracking for this trophy, but you can get a rough idea of what you might be missing by checking your least favourite station in the stats. Also note that no radio counts towards this, so you'll need to have your radio off for a little bit for this trophy to pop!

    If you've done everything else and find yourself without this trophy, you might want to start a new save file and listen to every station for just over five minutes each right at the start of the game, and hopefully the trophy will then pop. I had issues with this trophy, and this is what worked for me, I went around the radio radial menu in sequence and the trophy popped as soon as I turned the radio off.
  • Kill the property developer with a Golf Club during "Four Iron".


    Four Iron is the first mission you undertake for Avery. You may want to make a manual save before starting incase anything somehow goes wrong, but this is a hard one to miss. You'll be directed towards the golf course, unless you manage to get inside another way, you'll be forced to leave your current weapons at the door. From here, grab a golf cart and you'll automatically equip a Golf Club, which you must then use to kill the target. Since you shouldn't have any other weapons the club is the most efficient way of killing him, just try not to run him over or allow him to get into his golf cart as this makes it a little more difficult. If he does you can try and block him off then carjack him, before finishing him with the club for this trophy.
  • Use the M4 to take out Diaz during the mission "Rub Out".


    Rub Out is the final mission "for" Diaz, where you'll be storming his mansion and taking him out. It's recommended to manually save beforehand incase something goes wrong with this trophy. Lance will give you an M4 for use in the mission, though you may want to save this ammo and deal with his goons with your other weapons so you can ensure you have enough ammo to grab this trophy. At the end of the mission you'll be prompted to kill Diaz, do it with the M4 to unlock this trophy.
  • Hit max speed in a Deluxo.

    The Deluxo doesn't spawn on the roads or in any particular spot, so first you'll need to unlock it. It'll start to spawn in the Sunshine Autos after completing the first car list, so see Grand Theft Auto trophy_silver.png for more details on that.

    After you've unlocked it, the trophy is a breeze. It accelerates to max speed rather quickly so you only need a mid sized stretch of road to have enough room to get this trophy. The airport is pretty close to the spawn location so the runway is a great place for this, though I actually had enough room to get this on the road heading towards the airport.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition is 3/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition?
    There are 34 offline trophies in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition.
  • How many online trophies are there in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition?
    There are 0 online trophies in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition is 25-35 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition?
    There are 4 (Iron-y , Not my First Time , Salutations My Little Friend , Chopper'd Up) missable trophies in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition?
    No, but cheats disable them.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition?
    Born in the 80's

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