Grove Street War Lord Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Grove Street War Lord


    Capture 30 territories.

    How to unlock Grove Street War Lord

    "Gang Territories" become available early on in the game after completing the mission “Doberman” given to you by Sweet. In order to capture a gang territory you must start a gang warfare, which can be done so by killing approximately three rival gang members within their own territory. You must be on foot when you kill them, if you run them down in a vehicle a gang war will not begin. You will then be indicated that a gang warfare has begun and you must kill all three waves of rival gang members in order to successfully capture the territory. An important note on this is you must hold 30 territories at the SAME TIME. To own 15, then lose them all to rival gangs, then claim another 15 wont count.

    Enemy gang territory is indicated by a color on your minimap and in the game map accessed by pressing . The below list identifies which color territory belongs to which gang:

    • Purple - Ballas
    • Green - Grove Street Family (your own gang)
    • Yellow - Los Santos Vagos
    • Turquoise - Varrios Los Aztecas
    • Dark Blue - San Fierro Rifa
    • Pink - San Fierro Triads
    • Gray - Da Nang Boys
    • Dark Gray - Italian Mafia

    In total there are 58 gang territories in which you can take over, as such you don’t need to take over them all to meet the requirements for the trophy. However, in order to unlock the trophy you must successfully hold 30 gang territories at one time. Once you have completed the game, you will have access to a lot more gang territories, and you will also lose all your territory which was gained before this point. As such it is best to wait until you have completed the game before attempting to earn this trophy. You can track how many gang territories you currently have in control by pressing and navigating to Stats > Gangs > highest number of territories held.

    General tips for Gang Wars:

    • Recruit fellow Grove Street Gang Members before starting a gang war by walking up to them and holding and pressing . They can be quite useful in drawing the fire from enemy gangs.
    • There are three waves of enemies you will need to defeat, with each wave getting harder as there are more enemies with stronger weapons.
    • Stock up on powerful guns, especially assault rifles, and plenty of ammunition before taking over enemy territories.
    • Look for health and armor locations during gang wars as each territory will spawn one of each.
    • Watch the HUD to see the direction in which the enemies are approaching during each wave. You want to position yourself so you don’t get surrounded and they funnel towards you from one direction.
    • Crouch by pressing as this will help increase your aim. Hold to aim and move the upwards to aim for head and get headshots as the enemies will die much quicker.
    • The darker the color of the enemy territory on the map, the harder each wave of enemies will be. As such, you may want to target the easier territories first until you get used to taking them over.

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  • Did they add more territories? Last time I played San Andreas they only had gang territories for Ballas and Vagos.
  • no the other gangs are from the beta
  • This is glitched. Will not unlock

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