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    Achieve maximum sex appeal.

    Sex appeal in the game is determined by what you are wearing (clothes, hair and tattoos) as well as your physical attributes (fat and muscle). In general, the expensive the items you are wearing the higher your sex appeal will be. You sex appeal is also determined by the car that you are currently driving. For example, sports cars such as the Banshee will give you high sex appeal for as long as you are driving that vehicle. To check your current level of sex appeal press and navigate to Stats > Player > Sex appeal.

    There are a few ways you can unlock this trophy. Firstly, you can buy a lot of expensive clothing items, such as those found at the Victim clothing stores, as well as have an expensive hairstyle and drive a sports car. Alternatively, you can use a minor exploit to increase your sex appeal by changing the clothes you are wearing whilst in your wardrobe at one of your safe houses. The steps for this method are outlined below:

    • Travel to any clothing store and buy a single expensive clothing item. I bought the Gray Jacket from Victim (see the Metrosexual trophy description for the location in Las Venturas).
    • Acquire a high performance sports car, such as the Banshee, ZR-350 or the Elegy. All these vehicles are common on the roads throughout Las Venturas.
    • Travel to one of your safe houses where you have access to your change room.
    • Unequip the Gray Jacket and then save changes, and then requip and save changes. Each time you requip the jacket it will increase your overall sex appeal.
    • Repeat this until you have reached 50% sex appeal (check in the Stats > Player menu).
    • Leave your safehouse with the Gray Jacket on and hop back in your sports car and the trophy will unlock.

    The below video will walk you through how to obtain this trophy using the above described method:


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  • Doesn't collecting all 50 oysters max it out automatically?
  • #2 It doesn't max sex appeal. But it gives a perk where the player can begin dating new girlfriends regardless of the player character's appearance or sex appeal. If a girlfriend dumps him or is killed during the game, collecting all fifty oysters will allow the player to date her again, whereas normally this is not possible; girlfriends can be refound in their original spawn locations.
  • I did this at the same time as Metrosexual (Only I bought snakeskin boots too as this trophy wouldn't pop without them). Took a sports car to a nearby safehouse, took everything off and put everything back on (including gold chain and silver watch) then jumped into the car to unlock the trophy. For some reason with my default shoes it wasn't enough to reach 100%.

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