Public Enemy No. 1 Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Public Enemy No. 1


    Reach 6 wanted stars.

    How to unlock Public Enemy No. 1

    For this trophy you must obtain the maximum 6 star wanted level. Your wanted level increases with the more laws that you break, such as killing people and blowing up cars. It will increase faster if you kill cops, rather than just normal civilians. There are multiple ways in which you can get this trophy. You can go to Ammu-nation and stock up on a complete arsenal of weapons and then wreak havoc in the streets. This can be pretty difficult though, as with each new wanted level the cops become more difficult with the army and FBI starting to hunt you down, as well as helicopters. If you choose this method, try to find an area where the cops can only come towards you from one direction, preferably under cover away from helicopters.

    The easiest way to obtain this trophy is to first acquire the Rhino (tank) which can be found at multiple locations in the game, with the easiest location being the restricted area in the middle of the desert (see below video). Simply travel to southern side of this area and ram through the gate in your car. Proceed to the three hangers in front of you and the Rhino will be located in the middle hanger. Upon entering this area you will instantly attain a 5 star wanted level, so all you need to do now is kill all the cops that start pursuing you until you reach 6 wanted stars. You do not need to lose these wanted stars once you have attained them for the trophy. However, if you want to lose them so you can keep the tank, head to the abandoned runway to the north and park in the massive hangar. Run over to the save game point and upon saving the game you will lose all your wanted stars.

    The below video shows the exact location of the Rhino in the restricted area of the desert, as well as how to quickly lose your wanted level:

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  • If I remember correctly from PS2, getting in a plane or boat and traveling to one of the islands you have not yet unlocked gives you instant 6 stars.
  • @ #2 Actually you only get a 4-star wanted level, just tried it on PS4

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