The Los Santos Slayer Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • The Los Santos Slayer


    Reach a total kill count of 4,000.

    How to unlock The Los Santos Slayer

    This will likely be the last trophy that you will unlock. 4000 kills sounds like a lot, but depending on how aggressive and destructive you are, you should be quite close to 4000 kills by the end of the game.

    You can grind out kills however you please, but I found the tank (Rhino) or the jet (Hydra) to be the most effective in earning a lot of kills in a short period of time. You can track how many kills you have by pressing and navigating to Stats > Crimes > People you've wasted.

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  • Get a tank and kill everything until the trophy pop up! How to get a tank:
  • I went with the ambulance technique I saw in the forums for this trophy. This was the last trophy I needed for plat and I still had to get around 1600 kills. So I went over to Las Venturas and got myself killed. I then took the ambulance and started running pedestrians over on the strip. At first, I didn't really have a technique, but I found a pretty good one. Take the ambulance to the strip, but try not to get 2 stars until you've made it there. Then start running everyone over. Once I made it to the Four Dragons Casino, I would start driving around the block it's on, over and over until the ambulance blew up. Doing this, I would easily get 20-30 kills each time I circled the casino. In the end it took me around 2 hours using this technique to get the kills I needed. Hope this helps.
  • If you've managed to obtain a Hunter, the Brown Thunder vigilante mission is a fun and profitable way to earn this trophy.
  • Although it is EXTREMELY slow going, if you need to clean up for this trophy, go to a bar and kill all the patrons. As you run from side to side of the bar, more patrons will spawn behind you in groups of two or three. You can kill as many people as you need without any police troubles.
  • the tank is ussless, afther some cars hit me it will explode.
  • If I had to strategize on how to get this AND the "Grove Street War Lord" trophy, I say just keep on taking over Gang Terretories in Los Santos. If you don't get the 4K trophy, then you will likely get the War Lord trophy. Afterwards I'd just keep on taking over Terretories until I got the 4K. Hope that helps!
  • The most efficient method I found for this, after taking the territories needed for Grove Street War Lord, was to stand outside the Four Dragons Casino with the minigun. Look one way up the strip and usually lots of peds spawn, look the other way and more will spawn. Keep doing so until police spawn and take care of them, eventually when health gets low just hop into the save icon and lose your wanted level. In the end I needed about 1200 kills and it really didn't take too long doing this.
  • This worked best for me. Move the helicopter around and npc respawn. It’s very easy.
  • Now is it total legitimate kills or people you've wasted stat?
  • The method that I think is easiest is to start the Heli Hell race at the Las Venturas airport. Starting the race will spawn you in a Hunter helicopter at Los Santos airport. Ignore the race's first waypoint and fly to your preferred killing area. Santa Maria Beach is a good option since the boardwalk will gather police and FBI vehicles for you to shoot and you can target beach goers. Once you reach Wanted level 6, you may want to destroy the Hunter or otherwise die since enemy spawns aren't as good for easy kills as the FBI SUVs at level 5.

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