All Dressed Up for San Fierro Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • All Dressed Up for San Fierro


    Complete The Green Sabre.

    How to unlock All Dressed Up for San Fierro

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This mission is the last story mission in the Los Santos area, and is given to you by Sweet. You will need to kill a lot of Ballers during this mission as you rescue Sweet from almost being killed. During this fight under the overpass, cops will eventually arrive and arrest you in cutscene. You will then wake up in a brand new area of the map, Angel Pine and the mission will be completed and the trophy will unlock.

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  • It says this trophy cannot be missed but somehow I have missed it, I completed the mission as you do and am part way through the country set of missions and suddenly realised it never popped for me. Same as the "Assassin" trophy, any ideas?
  • Did you use cheats?

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