Yes I Speak English Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Yes I Speak English


    Reach 50 fares in Taxi Mode.

    How to unlock Yes I Speak English

    Taxi Mode is a side mission which involves you picking up passengers and dropping them off at the required destination in which they want to travel to. In order to start the Taxi Mode, you must first acquire a taxi in which you can simply steal on the road, and then pressing . The location of each passenger will be represented by a blue dot on the minimap, and then their drop location will be represented by a yellow dot. You do not need to complete 50 fares in one go, you just need to complete 50 in total. You can track how many you have completed by pressing and then navigating to Stats > Mission > Passengers dropped off.

    Once you reach 50 fares in total the trophy will unlock.

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  • Doesn't require a single sitting, although the '50 in a row' bonus is rather rewarding for your efforts.
  • I did 26 in a row before failing, getting pretty mad, then looking at this and realizing it's cumulative. Lol, whoops. Oh well, I got like $5000 out of it.

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