Assert Yourself Next Time Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Assert Yourself Next Time


    Fail a mission.

    How to unlock Assert Yourself Next Time

    This will likely unlock as you play through the game, as failing a mission at some point is almost inevitable. However, you can unlock this trophy from the very start of the game by dying during a mission. Start killing people to obtain a wanted level, followed by getting killed by the police, or alternative travel to the ocean and drown yourself.

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  • All you had to do was follow the damn train!
  • You will automatically earn this trophy when attempting to complete "Wrong Side of the Tracks" mission ;)
  • I just drove into the water during a mission. Got this and the drowning achievement at the same time.
  • when grinding for 50 arrests just steal a cop car and hit R3 before getting busted. It'll start Vigilante and you'll immediately fail.

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