Horror of the Santa Maria Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Horror of the Santa Maria



    How to unlock Horror of the Santa Maria

    A very straightforward trophy that can be obtained at any point in the game. Simply travel to any section of the coast to reach the ocean, and swim out until the water gets deep. You will then need to dive under the water by double tapping . Once underwater swim by tapping . In the top right corner of the screen will be a blue bar which indicates your lung capacity. Once it is depleted, you health bar will then start to go down. In order to unlock this trophy you must dive under the water and remain there until both your lung capacity and health bar have depleted, at which point you will die. If you're struggling to get the hang of diving underwater, you can also drive a vehicle into the ocean and then simply stay inside and don’t hop out and you will eventually die.

    The below video shows you how to most easily obtain this trophy at the start of the game:


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