Freight Date Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Freight Date


    Take the train between cities.

    How to unlock Freight Date

    The train line in the game is represented by the red line on the minimap. There are stations scattered throughout the game, but they aren’t represented by an icon on the map. In order to unlock the trophy you need to travel between two cities on the train, either as a passenger or as the driver. It is much quicker as a passenger as you can skip the entire journey by pressing . I unlocked the trophy by getting the train from Cranberry Station at San Fierro and then skipping to the next station. Just hang at the train station until the train pulls up, and then press to enter it, as you would with any other vehicle.

    The below video shows the exact location of Cranberry Station and how to unlock this trophy:


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  • Second trophy I got. You can get through the barrier at the end of the tunnel if you go fast enough. As you can’t derail in a tunnel just keep your finger on X and once through you can speed up again.

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