Serial Offender Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Serial Offender


    Get arrested 50 times.

    How to unlock Serial Offender

    In order to get arrested you need to "break the law" and obtain at least a one star wanted level. Your current wanted level is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. The easiest way to obtain a one star wanted level is to attempt to hijack a police car by pressing . The cops will immediately get out of the car and arrest you. Once you are arrested you will be transported to the closest police station.

    To grind this trophy out, simply re-enter the police station and punch the closest cop by pressing . They will continue to hit you until you fall to the ground, at which point they will pull out their gun and arrest you and the ‘busted’ screen will display. You must see the busted screen in order for it to count as an arrest, if you are killed by the cops it will register as a death as opposed to an arrest. The below video shows this method, as well as the location of the police station in Downtown Los Santos:


    Each time that you are arrested you will lose all your weapons and money, so it is best to grind all 50 arrests at a single time to avoid losing your weapons later in the game. Alternatively, you can just create a new save file and then complete them on an alternate save file. However, you will need to obtain all 50 arrests on the one save file. You can track how many times you have been arrested by pressing and navigating to Stats > Crimes > Times Busted.

    Once you reach 50 arrests the trophy will unlock.

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  • This is probably the most stupid trophy ever. What kind of GTA player willingly turns themselves in even once, never mind 50 times? "Escape the cops 50 times" would have been more suited.
  • Warmonger preach it ... it's like you just have to let the game win 50 times ...
  • The fact that I was arrested more times in an hour than in the entire series combined while grinding this is just plain wrong and stupid. They really didn't think these through. Come on, drowning? Seriously?
  • this trophy is so ridiculous! don't know why they made this a trophy. well... here we go!
  • Really easy trophy but annoying and ridicilously time consuming
  • why drowning and arrasting, is they dump or what?
  • This trophy is an absolute grind but i found a quicker way than in the description above. Instead of going inside police station and waiting for cops to beat you down and bust you. Walk out onto the street and punch a walking cop. Then quickly steal a nearby car and wait for that cop to open the door and bust you. Hope that helps everyone ????????????
  • Wtf this trophy is completely ridiculous in what were they even thinking when they created this?Rockstar?Are you taking drugs or somethin'?
  • not hard just be at police station hit a cop or cop car then go into a car repeat but i don't get the point of the trophy. one play gta to avoid get arrested and on top of that 50 times? 15 -25 fine but 50 is just to piss one off unnecessary and dumb trophy lol
  • This is an annoying trophy. I always have the goal of completing the game with zero deaths and zero arrests.
  • Takes time, cops take a while to arrest you. Quicker way is to find a cop car or bike, press Triangle and wait, alot quicker! just a note, this trophy lags your game so I would create a backup save
  • Jesus was GTA: SA always this broken? Gets laggy as hell when trying for this trophy and now won’t let me save or bring up the map, keeps going to the ‘please connect controller to port 1’ screen ???? how annoying!!

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