School's Out Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • School's Out


    Complete a vehicle school.

    How to unlock School's Out

    Story Related - Unmissable

    There are four vehicle schools available in the game, these are the driving, flying, boat and bike school. You will only need to complete one of them to unlock the trophy however. Once each school is unlocked they are represented by the following icon on the map . The below map and list illustrates the location of each school and when they are unlocked in the game:

    • Driving School - available in San Fierro once you complete the ‘Deconstruction’ mission from the ‘CJ’ garage.
    • Flying School - available inside the Abandoned Air Control tower at the Verdant Meadows airfield in the Desert after you complete the mission ‘Verdant Meadows’ for the Mike Toreno.
    • Boat School - available to the North East of the Gant Bridge once you gain access to this area.
    • Bike School - available to the south of the Stadium to the West of Las Venturas once you gain access to this area.

    Each school requires you to complete a series of objectives. In order to pass each objective you must obtain at least a 70% score rating. Your overall score is determined by Final Heading, Final Position and Damage Penalty. The faster you complete each objective and the less damage you obtain, the higher your score will be. Some schools are easier than others, so I suggest that you try and complete the school in which corresponds to the vehicle you are most comfortable driving. In saying this, all schools are relatively easy and each objective shouldn't take too long to complete.

    You will actually have to complete the Mike Torino mission 'Learning to Fly' in Bone County so this will be unmissable. Also you'll need to do the Driving School to unlock the mission strand which leads to the ability to Import and Export cars for Legitimate Business so technically you have to do both of them for the Platinum.

    The below video shows the location of the driving school in San Fierro, as well as a walkthrough of all 12 objectives:


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  • You have to complete the flying school for a story mission so don't waste your time on any of the other schools.
  • Actually, you also need to complete the Driving School to unlock three of Cesar's missions, which in turn unlock the three car export lists (which you need to complete for a trophy). This is only if you're going for the platinum. The story can be beaten without playing these missions.

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