Bike or Biker Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Bike or Biker


    Complete BMX or NRG challenge.

    How to unlock Bike or Biker

    The BMX and the NRG challenges are side missions which involve you having to ride either a bicycle or a motorbike through a series of checkpoints (coronas) within the given time limit. Each time that you collect a corona you will receive an additional 15 seconds to your total time limit. The BMX challenge is located at Glen Park in Los Santos, and the NRG challenge is located at the dry dock in the Easter Basin, San Fierro. Both of these locations are shown in the below map:

    The NRG challenge is by far easier than the BMX challenge as it doesn't require a high bike skill to complete. In comparison the BMX challenge will require a high bicycle skill so you can perform high bunny hops to reach certain coronas, though the bike skill will come in handy for the Beat the Cock trophy. For the NRG challenge, collect all the easy coronas at ground level first so you have plenty of time available to reach the harder to reach ones in the air. Use the sides of the dry dock to launch yourself into the air and reach the high coronas.

    The below video shows the location of the NRG challenge and how to complete it:


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  • use this glitch it will save you time
  • The description for this trophy is incorrect. Playstation version only gives you 10 seconds per corona. Also the video shows the pc version that gives 15 seconds but the video title says ps3/ps4. Anyway the time glitch does work on PS4.
  • I cant also confirm that it works on Playstation 4, got it on my 8th try?
  • If you hit a corona a fraction of a second after the timer hits 0:00 (might take a few tries) you will have infinite time to get the remaining corona's. You should add this to the guide since it's real hard to do within the time limit. Also, you only get 10 seconds per corona, not 15.
  • NRG challenge is really hard without practice. For 100% completion you need both as well...
  • I don't agree with the guide writer's judgement of easier. It's a lot less skill (and easier in my opinion) to grind out high cycling skill (using left-hand side of the train tracks to avoid obstacles) and do the BMX challenge.

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