The American Dream Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • The American Dream


    Purchase any house.

    How to unlock The American Dream

    Houses that can be purchased are represented by the green house icon on the ingame map . They range in price with the cheapest being $10,000. You can buy houses quite early on in the game, but you may not have enough money until you have completed a number of missions. An easy way to earn enough money early in the game is to complete taxi missions; which you will need to for the Yes I Speak English trophy. This will net you around $30,000.

    Once you have enough money, it’s best to save the game and then buy a property, that way you can reload your save after you have unlocked the trophy and regain your money. Houses function purely as a save point, and are thus not overly important. The closest and easiest house to buy is south of Grove St near Emmets place. Simply walk up to the green house icon in front of the property and press to buy it.

    The below video shows the exact location, as well as how to buy the house and unlock the trophy:


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  • As with the Get a Pump Trophy I cannot get this.. I bought two houses already... is there a cheat that is preventing me from getting the trophy ? anybody having the same problem ?
  • Just like the description for the platinum trophy says, all cheats disable trophies
  • In order to get a lot of money at the early stage of the game, I do some missions, complete the burglary side mission and the tags and then I go to the betting building and place everything I can on the long shot. If it loses, I just restart the game, having saved right before betting. After doing that you should have plenty of money to buy not just one house but plenty.

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