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  • A Legitimate Business


    Export all three car lists.

    The export car lists are side missions in the game which require you to collect certain vehicles and drop them off at the docks in San Fierro. They become available once you complete the ‘Customs Fast Track’ mission for Cesar, which is an optional mission strand that only becomes available for getting at least a bronze medal on each test in the Driving School just up the road from your safehouse. There are a total of 30 vehicles which must be collected across three separate lists. Thankfully every car required can be found in a predetermined location in the game. However, they may only spawn once you are completing the certain list. Once you have completed the first list, the next list will become available.

    When you find a car that is listed on the current export list, a notification will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Bring the car to the docks in San Fierro (see below map). You will then need to operate the crane and pick it up and place it on the red marker on the ship. Once the car has been delivered it will be crossed off the list and you will receive money based on the condition it was delivered in.

    List 1:

    • Admiral
    • Buffalo
    • Camper
    • Feltzer
    • Infernus
    • Patriot
    • Remington
    • Sanchez
    • Sentinel
    • Stretch

    List 2:

    • Blista Compact
    • Cheetah
    • Comet
    • FCR-900
    • Rancher
    • Sabre
    • Slamvan
    • Stafford
    • Stallion
    • Tanker

    List 3:

    • Banshee
    • BF Injection
    • Blade
    • Euros
    • Freeway
    • Journey
    • Huntley
    • Mesa
    • Super GT
    • ZR-350

    The below video by YouTube user D A Game Guides shows the location of all 30 vehicles required for the trophy:


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  • for the Wiki lovers: http://en.wikigta.org/wiki/Import/Export_(GTA_San_Andreas)
  • that "camper"s door is locked shut........
  • You need to complete the car driving school (bronze at least) in San Fierro for this to unlock. After that, wait for a phone call and then go to the new mission marker.
  • Grindiest trophy tho'
  • If you drive along the train tracks I find it gets you around much faster.

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