Hustle Some Trophy in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Hustle Some


    Win a game of pool.

    How to unlock Hustle Some

    Pool can be played at numerous locations around the game, predominately at bars. There is no pool icon on the minimap, and bars are not represented either. However, the ‘Ten Green Bottles’ bar is conveniently located on Grove Street and you can access it from the very beginning of the game. Once inside the bar, walk up to the pool table and press to begin a game against the CPU opponent. Pool functions like it does in any other video game, you must sink all the strips or solid balls and then the 8-ball before your opponent. The skill level of your opponent can vary drastically between games. Sometimes they don’t ever miss a shot, and then other times they sink the 8-ball early on in the match which means you automatically win. Just keep playing until you eventually beat him, You can set a wager before the match, with the minimum being $50.

    The below video shows the location of the ‘Ten Green Bottles’ bar, as well as me beating the opponent and unlocking the trophy:


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  • I thought I did,everything in San Andreas...Never won a pool game
  • Never even played pool in this game. Good to know you can!

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