The Key to San Andreas Trophy

  • The Key to San Andreas


    Unlock All Trophies (the use of cheats will disable all trophies).

    ”Grove Street. Home. At least it used to be until I f@#$ed everything up”
    - Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson

    Once you unlock all other trophies in the game, the platinum trophy will be yours. Congratulations!

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  • Challenge accepted!
  • Never played this one before, but I will enjoy it and complete it to 100%!
  • so glad there's not a 100% completion trophy for SA. I don't mind doing III and Vice City 100% but SA is my least favorite.
  • I have completed Grand Theft Auto San Andreas multiple times pure 100%. This game is going to be my 5th Platinum Trophy. Really enjoyable game!
  • Platinum #87! What a great game, shame there was no collectible trophy!
  • Plat #85 way easier than 4/10
  • Damn I had some problems this game :P took me way longer than I thought. Still I really liked it. One of the better gta imo. Plat nr: 43 :D
  • I dont get how so much % have gotten platinum , its really hade to get IT, especiqlly with the controls in this game.
  • @8 the controls aren't really that hard at all, if you think this is hard you obviously haven't played 3 or vice city, now THOSE games have pretty outdated and annoying controls, i didn't even plat'd them because of this. but gameplay-wise san andreas greatly improved over previous GTAs.
  • did not find the controls hard in anyway when i platinum the game vice city a little to i got used to it. just got bored with all the extra stuff need to do hidden package etc all ready played that game so mach in my childhood mybe i take it up someday
  • Just got my platinum today. However, the exporting cars and vigilante trophies were annoying to get.
  • Looks like a very doable plat. At least there is no trophy for the hidden collectibles. Bring it on.
  • I think grove street war lord is glitched
  • #13 that's weird. Because when i just only at Los Santos. After the Doberman mission. And that when you start taking over territories. I got all of Ballas's territory. Then Vagos. Then the trophy just popped up right away for me. But this game can easily bug out.. And i feel your disappointment.
  • And i just platinum this game yesterday! Took me three months to finish it. Because i took my time and enjoyed the nostalgia of it. Back in the ps2 age. I never got 100%. But now i did. There was alot to do on gta:sa. Finished Vice City and gta3. I feel like i completed my goal for these trophies. Good luck to those trying to get platinum. If i can get it. You will get it too.
  • Red2186 I just finished vice city and got the platinum as well. What method did you use for the dredded "take the cannoli" trophy? I used the blow up all helicopters cheat. That trophy was so out of place and required grinding like never before.

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