• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 33 (16, 12, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20 - 30 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 Time to Kill
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes, do not use any cheats prior to earning the platinum!

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Trophy Guide Video Playlist
Complete GTA: San Andreas Wiki

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open world action-adventure developed by Rockstar North. It was originally released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2004. The emulated edition of the game with full trophy support was released on both the PS3 and PS4 in December 2015. The seventh installment in the series sees you take control of Carl “CJ” Johnson as he returns from Liberty City to his hometown neighborhood of Grove Street, Los Santos. Upon his return, CJ must retake control of the streets that have been overrun with gangs and corrupt law enforcement. The game is a full HD remaster of the original classic of the PlayStation 2 version of the game.

In regards to the trophy list, it is predominantly story related with numerous side quest related trophies. Fortunately there are no collectible trophies and you do not need to obtain 100% in game completion. Don’t be mistaken though, the trophy list is still very inclusive and you will need to partake in the majority of the games content in order to achieve the platinum trophy. There is a single missable trophy related to watching the end game credits, so be sure not to skip them, or at least make a backup save before the final mission. There is freeroam after the story missions, so all non-story related trophies can be obtained at any point post game.

This trophy guide and roadmap covers both the PS3 and the PS4 versions of the game. Although both games have separate lists the trophy lists and requirements are identical.

The below walkthrough is a guide as to how I went about obtaining the platinum trophy. There is only one missable trophy relating to watching the full credits at the end of the game (see note at the end of Step 2 below). Other than that, you are free to go about earning trophies in any order that you wish.

Step 1 - Taxi missions, getting arrested and other miscellaneous trophies

A large proportion of the trophies in the game relate to completing side missions, as well as performing single random events. Some of these trophies are best unlocked right at the beginning of the game once you have completed a few missions as they will help you net some cash which will be beneficial for buying guns and armor. Money will also help towards other trophies listed in Step 3 if you wish to unlock them at an earlier time.

As a minimum for this step, I advise that you should complete the 50 taxi missions for the Yes I Speak English trophy, as well as getting arrested 50 times for the Serial Offender. The latter can be annoying to grind at later stages of the game as you lose your weapons and cash every time that you are arrested, as such you may as well grind it out quickly before you have accumulated a lot of money.

At the end of this step you will have unlocked the following trophies:

Getting Started
Serial Offender
Yes I Speak English

Step 2 - Complete the main story missions

Now that you have some cash and have unlocked two of the grind related trophies, you will now focus on completing the main story. There are a total of 100 story missions in the game which you will need to complete. These are spread out across the entire map as you unlock new areas and are also given to you by various NPCs that you meet throughout the story. Be sure to always have full health and armor, as well as plenty of ammo and weapons, as this will make most of the missions a fair bit easier.

During this step you might want to unlock the side mission trophies detailed in Step 3, as these will reward you with increased health and armor capacity, as well as plenty of cash to buy weapons and ammo. These include the Savior and What the City Needs trophies.

Note: There is a single missable trophy, Time to Kill, which requires you to watch the full credits at the end of the game. Make sure you save a game before the final mission in case you accidentally skip the credits as you cannot be rewatch them post game.

At the end of this step you will have unlocked the following trophies:

The End of the Line
Assert Yourself Next Time
What the City Needs
Rescue a Kitten Too?
Time to Kill (MISSABLE)
What happens in Las Venturas…
All Dressed Up for San Fierro

Step 3 - Miscellaneous trophy clean up

As previously mentioned in Step 1, there are numerous trophies which can be unlocked at any point in the game. There are also a number of trophies related to side missions. If you didn't unlock these during Step 1, or Step 2, now is the time to go back and unlock them. There is free roam after the main story, so none of the below listed trophies are missable.

At the end of this step you will have unlocked the following trophies:

Hustle Some
A Legitimate Business
The American Dream
Get a Pump
Pay ‘n’ Spray
Bike or Biker
Beat the Cock
School’s Out
Freight Date
Horror of the Santa Maria
Home Run
What are the Odds
Double or Nothin’
Original Gangsta
The Los Santos Slayer
Public Enemy No. 1
Chick Magnet
Grove Street War Lord
The Key to San Andreas

[PST Would Like to Thank dcollins22 for this Roadmap]

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Trophy Guide

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33 trophies ( 12  16  11  )

  • Unlock All Trophies (the use of cheats will disable all trophies).

    ”Grove Street. Home. At least it used to be until I f@#$ed everything up”
    - Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson

    Once you unlock all other trophies in the game, the platinum trophy will be yours. Congratulations!

  • Complete Big Smoke.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    ‘Big Smoke’ is the very first mission of the game. You will speak to "Big Spoke" in Grove Street before traveling to the cemetery and meeting a few friends. From there you will have to ride your bicycle back to Grove Street as you evade pursuing rival gang members, the Ballerz. Once you enter the red marker in Grove Street the mission will end and the trophy will unlock.

  • Purchase a Grove Street tattoo.

    Tattoos can be purchased from tattoo parlors which are represented by the icon on the map . The tattoo parlor will be available very early on in the game after you complete the first couple of missions. In order to unlock this trophy you must purchase a Grove St Tattoo, which are available for the stomach and back positions. The cheapest tattoo is the Grove tattoo for the stomach which will cost you $70. Once you have obtained this tattoo the trophy will unlock.

    The below video shows you where the first tattoo parlor is in the game and how to unlock this trophy:


  • Complete End of the Line.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    End of the Line is the final story mission in San Andreas. You will start this mission from "Sweet" in Grove Street but you must first have at least 35% of gang territory under your control. You can check this in the Stats menu under Gangs > Territory under control. Sweet will then give you a call on your mobile when you can start the mission.

    The mission is quite long and you will need to kill a lot of enemies. You will first travel to the crackhouse to take down Big Smoke. There are lots of enemies here, so make sure that you stock up on armor and ammunition before starting the mission. You will need to make your way up four floors until you get to Big Smoke. You will find armor and health at the end of each floor. Once you have killed Big Smoke you will then need to hunt down and kill Officer Tenpenny. Just keep following him and kill all the cops and "gangstas" that pursue. Once you have killed Tenpenny and returned to Grove Street, the mission will be completed and the trophy will unlock.

  • Win a game of pool.

    Pool can be played at numerous locations around the game, predominately at bars. There is no pool icon on the minimap, and bars are not represented either. However, the ‘Ten Green Bottles’ bar is conveniently located on Grove Street and you can access it from the very beginning of the game. Once inside the bar, walk up to the pool table and press to begin a game against the CPU opponent. Pool functions like it does in any other video game, you must sink all the strips or solid balls and then the 8-ball before your opponent. The skill level of your opponent can vary drastically between games. Sometimes they don’t ever miss a shot, and then other times they sink the 8-ball early on in the match which means you automatically win. Just keep playing until you eventually beat him, You can set a wager before the match, with the minimum being $50.

    The below video shows the location of the ‘Ten Green Bottles’ bar, as well as me beating the opponent and unlocking the trophy:


  • Export all three car lists.

    The export car lists are side missions in the game which require you to collect certain vehicles and drop them off at the docks in San Fierro. They become available once you complete the ‘Customs Fast Track’ mission for Cesar, which is an optional mission strand that only becomes available for getting at least a bronze medal on each test in the Driving School just up the road from your safehouse. There are a total of 30 vehicles which must be collected across three separate lists. Thankfully every car required can be found in a predetermined location in the game. However, they may only spawn once you are completing the certain list. Once you have completed the first list, the next list will become available.

    When you find a car that is listed on the current export list, a notification will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Bring the car to the docks in San Fierro (see below map). You will then need to operate the crane and pick it up and place it on the red marker on the ship. Once the car has been delivered it will be crossed off the list and you will receive money based on the condition it was delivered in.

    List 1:

    • Admiral
    • Buffalo
    • Camper
    • Feltzer
    • Infernus
    • Patriot
    • Remington
    • Sanchez
    • Sentinel
    • Stretch

    List 2:

    • Blista Compact
    • Cheetah
    • Comet
    • FCR-900
    • Rancher
    • Sabre
    • Slamvan
    • Stafford
    • Stallion
    • Tanker

    List 3:

    • Banshee
    • BF Injection
    • Blade
    • Euros
    • Freeway
    • Journey
    • Huntley
    • Mesa
    • Super GT
    • ZR-350

    The below video by YouTube user D A Game Guides shows the location of all 30 vehicles required for the trophy:


  • Purchase any house.

    Houses that can be purchased are represented by the green house icon on the ingame map . They range in price with the cheapest being $10,000. You can buy houses quite early on in the game, but you may not have enough money until you have completed a number of missions. An easy way to earn enough money early in the game is to complete taxi missions; which you will need to for the Yes I Speak English trophy. This will net you around $30,000.

    Once you have enough money, it’s best to save the game and then buy a property, that way you can reload your save after you have unlocked the trophy and regain your money. Houses function purely as a save point, and are thus not overly important. The closest and easiest house to buy is south of Grove St near Emmets place. Simply walk up to the green house icon in front of the property and press to buy it.

    The below video shows the exact location, as well as how to buy the house and unlock the trophy:


  • Do a barbell curl or benchpress at any gym.

    You will first gain access to a gym after the ‘Drive-thru’ mission early in the game. Sweet will give you call and tell you to start going to the gym to build more muscle. Gyms are represented on the map by the dumbbell icon .

    Travel to the gym, which is located right near Grove Street and enter and go to either the bench press machine or the two dumbbells sitting on the ground. Press to start the exercise. Both exercises will require you to rapidly press in order to perform a single repetition. For this trophy you simply need to do one repetition of either the dumbbell curls or the bench press.

    The below video shows how to unlock the trophy at the first available gym in the game:


  • Use a Pay 'n' Spray with wanted level.

    Pay ’n’ Spray locations are marked on your map by the following spray can icon . They paint your car a different color in which will remove your current wanted level regardless of how many wanted stars you currently have. The first time that you might enter a Pay ‘n’ Spray is during one of the early missions in the game when you go around killing Ballers gang members. This will not unlock the trophy, you must gain a wanted level outside of a mission and then use the Pay ‘n’ Spray to remove it. Each time that you use the Pay ‘n’ Spray you will be charged $100.

    The easiest way to obtain this trophy, is to hang around near a Pay ‘n’ Spray in a car and then when you see a police car or motorbike, run into it to get a single wanted star. Now just drive to the nearby Pay ‘n’ Spray and enter it to remove your wanted level and unlock the trophy. The below video walkthrough shows this exact method:


  • Complete BMX or NRG challenge.

    The BMX and the NRG challenges are side missions which involve you having to ride either a bicycle or a motorbike through a series of checkpoints (coronas) within the given time limit. Each time that you collect a corona you will receive an additional 15 seconds to your total time limit. The BMX challenge is located at Glen Park in Los Santos, and the NRG challenge is located at the dry dock in the Easter Basin, San Fierro. Both of these locations are shown in the below map:

    The NRG challenge is by far easier than the BMX challenge as it doesn't require a high bike skill to complete. In comparison the BMX challenge will require a high bicycle skill so you can perform high bunny hops to reach certain coronas, though the bike skill will come in handy for the Beat the Cock trophy. For the NRG challenge, collect all the easy coronas at ground level first so you have plenty of time available to reach the harder to reach ones in the air. Use the sides of the dry dock to launch yourself into the air and reach the high coronas.

    The below video shows the location of the NRG challenge and how to complete it:


  • Win the Beat the Cock marathon.

    The Beat the Cock marathon is actually a triathlon that consists of a swim, bicycle ride and then a marathon run. One marathon is located at Santa Maria Beach, Los Santos and the other is in Palomino Beach in Red County (see below screenshot). They are only available on weekends, and you must also have to complete the ‘Yay Ka-Boom Boom’ story mission for these events to unlock. You can check the current day of the week by holding at any point during the game.

    Note that the Santa Maria marathon is way shorter than the Red County one so for obvious reasons, choose this one. The triathlon is best attempted at the end of the game as you will need quite high stats, especially stamina and cycling skill. You will also need to have at least 50% stamina and 50% cycling skill before starting this event. You can increase your stamina quickly by riding the bike at the gym, but the cycling skill will take longer to increase. Just keep riding a bicycle around until the stat increases.

    Once you are ready, simply make your way to the red marker on the weekend to start the triathlon. You will first need to swim across Los Santos Inlet. You will probably fall quite far behind at this point as the other competitors are very fast swimmers and seem to have unlimited stamina. Once you make it to the other side you will begin the cycle leg of the event, which will see you travel through Avispa Country Club. Eventually you will start the last section of the event which is the run. By this point you should have quite a comfortable lead from the cycle section. Once you cross the finish line and win the triathlon, the trophy will unlock.

    Some tip[s for anyone having difficulties with this event:

    • - Ensure your stamina and bike skills are at 100%
    • - For the running part at the end, dont hold down :x: but instead, keep pressing it in bursts. I seemed to get the best results by having it held down and then not, on every 3 steps Carl takes. 3 with, 3 without. The stamina lasts way longer this way.
    • - Early in the story, Ryder gives you a mission to burgle an army vet in the night. After this you can use the van to do raids as a side mission. If you steal a total of $10,000 worth of goods on these side missions, you get infinite sprint! This makes the marathon super easy.

    There are alternate tips also, such as bringing the jet pack along (unlocked way into the game) and using it to cross the river, but the rubber-banding is so strong in this that this is also no guarantee you wont be caught. You can also do this method and sabotage the competitors bikes by riding them into the sea after you ditch the jet pack but I didn't try this out as I'd already beaten it.

  • Spend $6,969 on clothes, hair, and tattoos.

    Clothes, hair and tattoos can be bought from various shops throughout the game. Depending on how frequent you visit these locations during the game, you may unlock this trophy through natural progression. Out of clothes, hair and tattoos, clothes are the most expensive items to purchase. Clothing stores are represented by the following icon of the map . To unlock this trophy, you must spend at least $6,969 on any combination of clothes, hair and tattoos. The trophy is cumulative throughout the entire playthrough, so you don't need to spend it all in a single visit to the shop.

    You can quickly earn this trophy once you have unlocked Las Venturas as you will have access to some high end clothing stores that sell expensive items. You will also have a lot of money by this point from completing missions. Simply travel to any Victim shop location and purchase the following items:

    • Torso - Gray Jacket ($1944)
    • Legs - Jean Shorts ($1200)
    • Chains - Gold Chain ($660)
    • Watches - Silver Gnocchi ($3600)

    The below video shows the location of the Victim store at Las Venturas, as well as how to unlock the trophy:


  • Complete a vehicle school.

    Story Related - Unmissable

    There are four vehicle schools available in the game, these are the driving, flying, boat and bike school. You will only need to complete one of them to unlock the trophy however. Once each school is unlocked they are represented by the following icon on the map . The below map and list illustrates the location of each school and when they are unlocked in the game:

    • Driving School - available in San Fierro once you complete the ‘Deconstruction’ mission from the ‘CJ’ garage.
    • Flying School - available inside the Abandoned Air Control tower at the Verdant Meadows airfield in the Desert after you complete the mission ‘Verdant Meadows’ for the Mike Toreno.
    • Boat School - available to the North East of the Gant Bridge once you gain access to this area.
    • Bike School - available to the south of the Stadium to the West of Las Venturas once you gain access to this area.

    Each school requires you to complete a series of objectives. In order to pass each objective you must obtain at least a 70% score rating. Your overall score is determined by Final Heading, Final Position and Damage Penalty. The faster you complete each objective and the less damage you obtain, the higher your score will be. Some schools are easier than others, so I suggest that you try and complete the school in which corresponds to the vehicle you are most comfortable driving. In saying this, all schools are relatively easy and each objective shouldn't take too long to complete.

    You will actually have to complete the Mike Torino mission 'Learning to Fly' in Bone County so this will be unmissable. Also you'll need to do the Driving School to unlock the mission strand which leads to the ability to Import and Export cars for Legitimate Business so technically you have to do both of them for the Platinum.

    The below video shows the location of the driving school in San Fierro, as well as a walkthrough of all 12 objectives:


  • Get arrested 50 times.

    In order to get arrested you need to "break the law" and obtain at least a one star wanted level. Your current wanted level is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. The easiest way to obtain a one star wanted level is to attempt to hijack a police car by pressing . The cops will immediately get out of the car and arrest you. Once you are arrested you will be transported to the closest police station.

    To grind this trophy out, simply re-enter the police station and punch the closest cop by pressing . They will continue to hit you until you fall to the ground, at which point they will pull out their gun and arrest you and the ‘busted’ screen will display. You must see the busted screen in order for it to count as an arrest, if you are killed by the cops it will register as a death as opposed to an arrest. The below video shows this method, as well as the location of the police station in Downtown Los Santos:


    Each time that you are arrested you will lose all your weapons and money, so it is best to grind all 50 arrests at a single time to avoid losing your weapons later in the game. Alternatively, you can just create a new save file and then complete them on an alternate save file. However, you will need to obtain all 50 arrests on the one save file. You can track how many times you have been arrested by pressing and navigating to Stats > Crimes > Times Busted.

    Once you reach 50 arrests the trophy will unlock.

  • Take the train between cities.

    The train line in the game is represented by the red line on the minimap. There are stations scattered throughout the game, but they aren’t represented by an icon on the map. In order to unlock the trophy you need to travel between two cities on the train, either as a passenger or as the driver. It is much quicker as a passenger as you can skip the entire journey by pressing . I unlocked the trophy by getting the train from Cranberry Station at San Fierro and then skipping to the next station. Just hang at the train station until the train pulls up, and then press to enter it, as you would with any other vehicle.

    The below video shows the exact location of Cranberry Station and how to unlock this trophy:


  • A very straightforward trophy that can be obtained at any point in the game. Simply travel to any section of the coast to reach the ocean, and swim out until the water gets deep. You will then need to dive under the water by double tapping . Once underwater swim by tapping . In the top right corner of the screen will be a blue bar which indicates your lung capacity. Once it is depleted, you health bar will then start to go down. In order to unlock this trophy you must dive under the water and remain there until both your lung capacity and health bar have depleted, at which point you will die. If you're struggling to get the hang of diving underwater, you can also drive a vehicle into the ocean and then simply stay inside and don’t hop out and you will eventually die.

    The below video shows you how to most easily obtain this trophy at the start of the game:


  • This will likely unlock as you play through the game, as failing a mission at some point is almost inevitable. However, you can unlock this trophy from the very start of the game by dying during a mission. Start killing people to obtain a wanted level, followed by getting killed by the police, or alternative travel to the ocean and drown yourself.

  • Complete 12 levels of Vigilante.

    "Vigilante missions" involve tracking down and killing criminals who will be travelling along the road in vehicles. In order to start the Vigilante missions you must first acquire a law enforcement vehicle. These include: police car, police bike, FBI vehicle and the Rhino (tank). Once you have acquired one of these vehicles press to start the Vigilante missions.

    Once the mission starts you will be alerted to the location of the criminal(s) on your map by the red blip. Simply travel to their location in the law enforcement vehicle and kill them. Once they are all dead the level will be completed and you will be awarded with money and a time bonus and the next level will begin. Each subsequent level of the Vigilante missions gets harder with more enemies, however the time bonus you get awarded increases. As such, time does not play much of a factor when completing these missions. The hardest part is not letting your vehicle get totaled, or running out of ammunition.

    The easiest method to earn this trophy is below, courtesy of ProfBambam55 and still works for the PS4 version!

    Originally Posted by ProfBambam55 just a quick tip for people who are feeling lazy about the vigilante missions and not wanting to go too far out of their way to get them done...there was a glitch on the ps2 version which has remained unpatched for the ps3 version...i tested it out today and it works just fine...the ideal situation is once you've unlocked san fierro...grab a police car and head to the pizza parlor in the north part of downtown...activate vigilante with R3 and enter the pizza shop...walk around for about 30 seconds...exit the shop and get in the police cruiser for a couple seconds...exit the cop car, head back into the pizza parlor and repeat the process...what happens is that the criminals spawn downtown where they usually get killed by the AI cops for you...you don't need to waste any ammo/health/armor, worry about destroying your vehicle, avoid getting chased by cops and building up a wanted level, or go out of your way to get a tank/heli/jet with this strategy...i was able to get to level 20 with over 10 minutes to spare on the clock when i was testing this out earlier...some people said in the past that this works only with the car and not the police bike, but I have also heard that the bike works...was too lazy to test it out earlier...would recommend using the car just to be on the safe side...hope this helps some of you...

    In addition to the above, it is also confirmed to work the same but with the Cluckin Bell in Downtown area of San Fierro with a slight amendment, just keep entering and exiting the restaurant, jumping in the squad car to rest the timer as necessary. Credit to Paradigmatica

  • Complete 12 levels of Paramedic.

    Paramedic missions involve picking up sick people in the ambulance followed by dropping them off to the nearest hospital/ medical center. In order to start the Paramedic missions you must first acquire an ambulance by either stealing one when you see one driving around the city, or stealing a parked one from a hospital/ medical center. Once you are in the ambulance press to start the Paramedic missions.

    Once the mission starts you must pick up the patient at the blue dot on the minimap and then deliver them to the hospital marked by the yellow dot on the minimap. Each passenger you pick up will reward you with additional time. The ambulance can carry a maximum of three passengers, and as you reach higher levels the number of passengers required to be picked up increases. By level 12 you will need to pick up a total of 12 patients. You need to complete all 12 levels at one time. If at any point you run out of time, die or totaled the Ambulance you will fail and will need to restart again from level one.

    The easiest location to complete the Paramedic mission is at Angel Pine which is the area that you will travel to after you unlock the All Dressed Up for San Fierro story related trophy. This town is very small which makes the distance between patients and the hospital very short. Once you complete all 12 Paramedic missions you will also be rewarded with a 150% upgrade to your health capacity.

    The below screenshots show the location of Angel Pine as well as the Medical Center and Ambulance:

  • Complete 12 levels of Firefighter.

    Firefighter missions are available when you are inside a fire engine and you press . This will start the firefighter missions which will require you to drive to the blue dot on the map and extinguish the fire with the use of the water hose. To use the water hose, hold and use the to aim the water stream at the fire. There are a total of 12 levels which you must complete in a single go without dying nor failing. Each level gets progressively harder with more fires to extinguish. You will also have a time limit however, once you complete the first few levels time does not become a factor as you will earn a lot of extra time after each level that you complete.

    You can attempt these missions at any point in the game, as long as you have a fire engine. You will either come across these naturally as you drive around the game, or you can go to a fire station and steal one. Once you complete all 12 Firefighter missions you will also be rewarded with the ability of not taking damage from fire. The below screenshot shows the location of the fire station in Los Santos where you can easily steal a parked fire engine:

    The easiest way to earn this trophy is by waiting until you complete the story mission 'Yay Ka-Koom Boom'. You will need to start a fire as the San Fierro Fire Dept truck has ladders instead of a hose and is no good for this trophy, I took a car to where the Pay & Spray is opposite your main safehouse and shot the gas tank to make it explode. Steal the Fire Truck now and head for either bridge leaving to the north of the map. Once half way over the bridge, hit to start the missions. Most of the cars and people on fire will be on the bridge making the journey to and from each level way easier.

  • Reach 50 fares in Taxi Mode.

    Taxi Mode is a side mission which involves you picking up passengers and dropping them off at the required destination in which they want to travel to. In order to start the Taxi Mode, you must first acquire a taxi in which you can simply steal on the road, and then pressing . The location of each passenger will be represented by a blue dot on the minimap, and then their drop location will be represented by a yellow dot. You do not need to complete 50 fares in one go, you just need to complete 50 in total. You can track how many you have completed by pressing and then navigating to Stats > Mission > Passengers dropped off.

    Once you reach 50 fares in total the trophy will unlock.

  • Watch Credits to the end.

    Note: This trophy is missable

    The credits will play once you complete the final mission in the game, ‘End Of the Line’. This mission is given to you by Sweet in Grove Street. For more information regarding the timing of this mission please refer to The End Of the Line trophy description. In order to unlock this trophy you must not press any button whilst the credits are playing. You can avoid this by simply putting the control down and leaving it idle until the trophy unlocks. To be extra careful, I suggest creating a backup save before the final mission, that way if you should accidentally press a button. you can reload the save and complete it again.


Secret trophies

  • Complete Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This mission is obtained from the Triads at your garage in San Fierro. Upon starting this mission you will get a phone call from Woozie’s men that they have a rigged car with a bomb that they want you to plant in a factory in San Fierro. You will need to go pick up this car and then drive it into the factory to blow it up. There are numerous enemies that you will need to kill once inside the factory, so make sure that you have body armor and some decent weapons. Once you blow up the factory and escape, return to your garage to complete the mission and the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete The Green Sabre.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This mission is the last story mission in the Los Santos area, and is given to you by Sweet. You will need to kill a lot of Ballers during this mission as you rescue Sweet from almost being killed. During this fight under the overpass, cops will eventually arrive and arrest you in cutscene. You will then wake up in a brand new area of the map, Angel Pine and the mission will be completed and the trophy will unlock.

  • 'Go home' with a girlfriend after a date.

    It’s worth noting that this trophy can be obtained early on in the game by dating your first girlfriend, Denise. This will require you to take her on several dates before the option of having sex with her becomes available. There are a total of six girlfriends you can have in the game. They are represented by the on the map once they have been unlocked.

    It's easiest to date Denise, which can be done early or late in the game, it's up to you. She's available each day from 4pm until 6am for dates so take her out to Cluckin Bell when she wants food, Ten Green Bottles for a drink and the disco in Idlewood for a dance (all of these are a close distance from her house). Run back to your safehouse on Grove Street, save 4 times to make a day pass by, then return to take her out again. It should take about 7 or 8 dates to raise her like meter above 40% which is the point where you will be invited in for a 'coffee' and the trophy will pop.

  • Win a race in Inside Track Betting.

    Inside Track Betting are shops found in Los Santos where you can bet money on horse racing. There are only two locations for Inside Track Betting, which are shown on the below map. One is found in Downtown Los Santos and the other is located in Montgomery, Red County, as illustrated on the below map:

    Inside these shops are small terminals in which you can place your bet. Walk up to one of them and press to start. You can then select one of five horses to place your bet on, each with different odds of winning the raise. The lowest bet you can place is $5 and the highest is $10000. It is best to choose a horse that has a high chance of winning, e.g. slim odds (3/1 or 5/1) as these horses are generally more likely to win. However, it is completely random as to which horse will win the race. Just keep betting the minimum amount and the horse you pick will eventually win and you will unlock the trophy.

    The below video shows the location of the Inside Track Betting shop in Downtown Los Santos, as well as me successfully winning my placed bet:


  • Put the maximum bet on red or black and win.

    In order to play Roulette you must have gained access to the last area of the game: Las Venturas. Roulette can only be played inside casinos which are only located in this area of the game. Las Venturas will unlock once you have completed the mission ‘Flying School’ in the desert. The first casino you will have access to is the Four Dragons Casino when you complete missions for the Triads.

    Once you head inside of the casino, the Roulette tables will be in front of you. When you stand near one of the tables the maximum bet for that specific table will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Select a table that has a low maximum bet, e.g. $100 or $1,000. Put the maximum bet on either red or black and hope for the best. You have a 50% chance of winning so just keep trying until you unlock the trophy.

    The below video shows the location of the first casino in Las Venturas, as well as how to play Roulette and unlock the trophy:


  • Complete a stealth kill.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You will first be introduced to stealth kills during the ‘Madd Dogg’s Rhymes’ mission given to you by OG Loc. This mission will require you to break into Madd Dogg’s mansion and steal his "rhymes". Upon entering the mansion you will automatically have a knife in your inventory and must perform a stealth kill on the guard in front of you. Simply crouch by pressing and then sneak up behind the enemy and press . A video walkthrough of how to perform a stealth kill is provided below:



  • Reach maximum respect.

    "Respect" is earned by completing story missions, killing rival gang members and capturing rival gang territories. There is no need to worry about this trophy as you will most certainly unlock it while you attempt to earn the Grove Street War Lord trophy. You can keep track of overall respect level by pressing and navigating to Stats > Player > Total respect.

  • Reach a total kill count of 4,000.

    This will likely be the last trophy that you will unlock. 4000 kills sounds like a lot, but depending on how aggressive and destructive you are, you should be quite close to 4000 kills by the end of the game.

    You can grind out kills however you please, but I found the tank (Rhino) or the jet (Hydra) to be the most effective in earning a lot of kills in a short period of time. You can track how many kills you have by pressing and navigating to Stats > Crimes > People you've wasted.

  • Reach 6 wanted stars.

    For this trophy you must obtain the maximum 6 star wanted level. Your wanted level increases with the more laws that you break, such as killing people and blowing up cars. It will increase faster if you kill cops, rather than just normal civilians. There are multiple ways in which you can get this trophy. You can go to Ammu-nation and stock up on a complete arsenal of weapons and then wreak havoc in the streets. This can be pretty difficult though, as with each new wanted level the cops become more difficult with the army and FBI starting to hunt you down, as well as helicopters. If you choose this method, try to find an area where the cops can only come towards you from one direction, preferably under cover away from helicopters.

    The easiest way to obtain this trophy is to first acquire the Rhino (tank) which can be found at multiple locations in the game, with the easiest location being the restricted area in the middle of the desert (see below video). Simply travel to southern side of this area and ram through the gate in your car. Proceed to the three hangers in front of you and the Rhino will be located in the middle hanger. Upon entering this area you will instantly attain a 5 star wanted level, so all you need to do now is kill all the cops that start pursuing you until you reach 6 wanted stars. You do not need to lose these wanted stars once you have attained them for the trophy. However, if you want to lose them so you can keep the tank, head to the abandoned runway to the north and park in the massive hangar. Run over to the save game point and upon saving the game you will lose all your wanted stars.

    The below video shows the exact location of the Rhino in the restricted area of the desert, as well as how to quickly lose your wanted level:

  • Achieve maximum sex appeal.

    Sex appeal in the game is determined by what you are wearing (clothes, hair and tattoos) as well as your physical attributes (fat and muscle). In general, the expensive the items you are wearing the higher your sex appeal will be. You sex appeal is also determined by the car that you are currently driving. For example, sports cars such as the Banshee will give you high sex appeal for as long as you are driving that vehicle. To check your current level of sex appeal press and navigate to Stats > Player > Sex appeal.

    There are a few ways you can unlock this trophy. Firstly, you can buy a lot of expensive clothing items, such as those found at the Victim clothing stores, as well as have an expensive hairstyle and drive a sports car. Alternatively, you can use a minor exploit to increase your sex appeal by changing the clothes you are wearing whilst in your wardrobe at one of your safe houses. The steps for this method are outlined below:

    • Travel to any clothing store and buy a single expensive clothing item. I bought the Gray Jacket from Victim (see the Metrosexual trophy description for the location in Las Venturas).
    • Acquire a high performance sports car, such as the Banshee, ZR-350 or the Elegy. All these vehicles are common on the roads throughout Las Venturas.
    • Travel to one of your safe houses where you have access to your change room.
    • Unequip the Gray Jacket and then save changes, and then requip and save changes. Each time you requip the jacket it will increase your overall sex appeal.
    • Repeat this until you have reached 50% sex appeal (check in the Stats > Player menu).
    • Leave your safehouse with the Gray Jacket on and hop back in your sports car and the trophy will unlock.

    The below video will walk you through how to obtain this trophy using the above described method:


  • Capture 30 territories.

    "Gang Territories" become available early on in the game after completing the mission “Doberman” given to you by Sweet. In order to capture a gang territory you must start a gang warfare, which can be done so by killing approximately three rival gang members within their own territory. You must be on foot when you kill them, if you run them down in a vehicle a gang war will not begin. You will then be indicated that a gang warfare has begun and you must kill all three waves of rival gang members in order to successfully capture the territory. An important note on this is you must hold 30 territories at the SAME TIME. To own 15, then lose them all to rival gangs, then claim another 15 wont count.

    Enemy gang territory is indicated by a color on your minimap and in the game map accessed by pressing . The below list identifies which color territory belongs to which gang:

    • Purple - Ballas
    • Green - Grove Street Family (your own gang)
    • Yellow - Los Santos Vagos
    • Turquoise - Varrios Los Aztecas
    • Dark Blue - San Fierro Rifa
    • Pink - San Fierro Triads
    • Gray - Da Nang Boys
    • Dark Gray - Italian Mafia

    In total there are 58 gang territories in which you can take over, as such you don’t need to take over them all to meet the requirements for the trophy. However, in order to unlock the trophy you must successfully hold 30 gang territories at one time. Once you have completed the game, you will have access to a lot more gang territories, and you will also lose all your territory which was gained before this point. As such it is best to wait until you have completed the game before attempting to earn this trophy. You can track how many gang territories you currently have in control by pressing and navigating to Stats > Gangs > highest number of territories held.

    General tips for Gang Wars:

    • Recruit fellow Grove Street Gang Members before starting a gang war by walking up to them and holding and pressing . They can be quite useful in drawing the fire from enemy gangs.
    • There are three waves of enemies you will need to defeat, with each wave getting harder as there are more enemies with stronger weapons.
    • Stock up on powerful guns, especially assault rifles, and plenty of ammunition before taking over enemy territories.
    • Look for health and armor locations during gang wars as each territory will spawn one of each.
    • Watch the HUD to see the direction in which the enemies are approaching during each wave. You want to position yourself so you don’t get surrounded and they funnel towards you from one direction.
    • Crouch by pressing as this will help increase your aim. Hold to aim and move the upwards to aim for head and get headshots as the enemies will die much quicker.
    • The darker the color of the enemy territory on the map, the harder each wave of enemies will be. As such, you may want to target the easier territories first until you get used to taking them over.

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