Is That All You've Got? Trophy

  • Is That All You've Got?


    Achieve 100% completion.

    Be careful, the developers did not fix the bug with the mission "work for Uzi" (Uzi Money), which has existed since the PS2 version, if you have a save file that has not been passed to 100%, then do not start a new passage in another cell because this will block the spawn of the necessary npc to complete the task, the only solution is to completely remove the save from the console and start a new game. Perhaps the bug will be fixed in the future, but at the time of writing the tip, it is relevant.

    Completing the game 100% depends on many factors, such as main missions, phone missions, side activities such as patrols or firefighting, collecting hidden packages or completing unique jumps. You have to do whatever the game has to offer, and the worst part about it is that there is no in-game reward for that, other than the trophy itself. Before you start the game, be sure to pay attention to side activities, such as rescue, patrol or fire missions. The key is to do them right at the beginning of the game as it may not be possible later on due to gangs shooting at you all the time. Whatever it is, below is the full list that is required to score 100%.

    100% game completion:

    Main missions:
    • Introduction
      • Give Me Liberty / Freedom in Liberty
    • Luigi Goterelli 
      •  Luigi's Girls
      •  Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up
      •  Drive Misty For Me
      •  Pump Action Pimp
      •  The Fuzz Ball
    • Joey Leone 
      •  Mike Lips Last Lunch
      •  Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
      •  Van Heist
      •  Cipriani's Chauffeur
      •  Dead Skunk in the Trunk
      •  The Getaway
    • Toni Cipriani 
      •  Taking Out the Laundry
      •  The Pick-Up
      •  Salvatore's Called a Meeting
      •  Triads and Tribulations
      •  Blow Fish
    • Salvatore Leone 
      • Chaperone
      •  Cutting the Grass
      •  Bomb Da Base: Act I
      •  Last Requests
    • 8-Ball  
      •  Bomb Da Base: Act I8
    • Asuka Kasen 
      •  Sayonara Salvatore
      •  Under Surveillance
      •  Paparazzi Purge
      •  Payday For Ray
      •  Two-Faced Tanner
      •  Bait / The Lure
      •  Espresso-2-Go!
      •  SAM
    • Kenji Kasen   (must be done before The Kenji plot)
      •  Kanbu Bust-out 
      •  Grand Theft Auto 
      •  Deal Steal
      •  Shima
      •  Smack Down
    • Ray Machowski  
      •  Silence The Sneak 
      •  Arms Shortage 
      •  Evidence Dash 
      •  Gone Fishing 
      •  Plaster Blaster 
      •   Marked Man 
    • Donald Love 
      •  Liberator
      •  Waka-Gashira Wipeout!
      •  A Drop in the Ocean
      •  Grand Theft Aero 
      •  Escort Service 
      •  Decoy
      •  Love's Disappearance 
    • Catalina 
      •  Ransom
      •  The Exchange

    Phone Missions:
    • Marty Chonks  - phone at the Bitch'n 'Dog Food factory (Portland, southern part of the map)
      • The Crook 
      • The Thieves 
      • The Wife
      • Her Lover
    • Portland - El Burro 
      •  Turismo 
      •  I Scream, You Scream
      •  Trial By Fire
      •  Big 'N' Veiny
    • Staunton Island - King Courtney 
      •  Bling-Bling Scramble
      •  Uzi Rider
      •  Gangcar Round-Up 
      •  Kingdom Come
    • Shoreside Vale - D-Ice 
      •  Uzi Money
      •  Toyminator 
      •  Rigged to Blow 
      •  Bullion Run 
      •  Rumble 
    Side missions:
    • Off-road missions
      • Patriot Playground
      • Multistorey Mayhem - you have to get to Stallion in the garage and drive it in front of the entrance (the marker will show)
      • A Ride in the Park 
      • Gripped!
    • RC car missions
      • Diablo Destruction
      • Mafia Massacre
      • Calamity
      • Rumpo Rampage
    Map with off-road + RC missions locations

    • Service missions
      • Paramedic  - you need to complete 12 levels of the rescue mission
        • Reward: Adrenaline at home + infinite sprint
      • Vigilante - kill 20 criminals on each island (60 in total)
        • Reward: Bribe to the house every 10 kills
      • Firefighter - put out 20 fires on each island (60 in total)
        • Reward: Flamethrower for 60 extinguishments
      • Taxi - divorce 100 clients
        • Reward: Borgnine Taxi
    • Export
      • Bring required civilian cars to the Portland Harbor Garage
      • Bring the required emergency vehicles to the Portland Harbor crane (right behind the Import / Export garage)
      • Bring the required cars to the garage at Shoreside Vale

    In the case of the final edition, the matter is so much simpler in the case of cars, as there are many more of them on the streets, which means that less frequent cars are generated more often and there is no problem finding them. You don't have to run a dozen or so minutes on the street like you used to for the game to generate it. With a few exceptions, most can be found by simply searching the streets for them. Just drive back and forth and they should finally load. Below I am throwing in a complete list of the required cars, including tips on where to find them.

     Rides regularly on the roads in the second city (Staunton Island) and the third (Shoreside Vale).
     Rides regularly on the roads of every city, just wait for it to appear. Bobcat also often stands in the Supa Save car park and at a Portland car dealership.
    Bus It
     Runs on the streets of Staunton's second town, roughly in the vicinity of our home. It also happens to appear in the first town near Chinatown.
     Stands in a depot on the south side of Portland's first town. Near the dog food factory and the port.
     Located in one of the airport hangars, in the third city of Shoreside Vale. You have to drive it through all the cities to get back to the garage.
     Like Bus, it often travels in the other city, near our home. He also appears in the Chinatown area, in the first city.
    Linerunner The
     truck is in the same port as the Import / Export garage. You will find it behind several trailers, which also has the Exceptional Jump. He also drives very often on the streets in the southern part of the first city.
     One of the most popular cars, it goes everywhere, so just wander around and wait for the game to generate it.
    Mr. Whoopee.
     The rarest car in the game, but in the Definitive Edition, it can be found very often in the southern part of the first city (near the port). Alternatively, you can do firefighting missions and wait until you have to extinguish this vehicle. As soon as you see them, take them to the garage right away.
     Another very popular car, it spins everywhere, in addition, it often stands in various parking lots, so you can easily find it.
     The nearest Patriot stands next to the port, next to the Supa Save market (the mission will start when you get in, but you don't have to do it). He also frequently appears at the car dealership alongside the Banshee.
     Very often drives on the roads of all cities, just wait and 100% of it will finally appear somewhere. A very popular car. It also stands next to the shredder in the landfill in the north of Portland's first town.
     He drives on the streets of all cities, you will find him without any problems.
     A very rare vehicle, but in Ultimate Edition, it spawns very often around Chinatown in the first city. During the mission for Donald Love (Decoy / Zmyłka), you will escort this car and finally you will be able to take it away.
     Trash can spawn in any city, but it mostly drives in the first city, mainly around Chinatown, Aspatria and Bedford Point.
     He drives the streets of every city, but one is right behind the Import / Export garage in Portland, next to the crane you bring emergency cars to.



    There is a hospital in front of every hospital, or you can kill someone on the street and wait for the ambulance to come.
    Barracks OL
     It stands only in one place, in another city, in the north of Phil Cassidy's barracks. It also shows up with 6 Search stars, but you won't even get into it because they'll kill you right away.
     Spawns with 3 search stars and stands in the back yard of the police station in the second city of Staunton. To enter this square, you must sit in another police car for the gate to open.
    FBI car
     It appears only with 5 search stars. You have to steal it from the police. It is best to do it close to our home, when you already have a minimum of 5 bribes. Then you just need to score stars, wait for them to arrive and quickly take bribes. However, you have to be careful, because as soon as you get into it, they will start shooting at you right away, so drive into the garage as soon as possible (even if it explodes in it, it should repair it after a quick closure).
     stands at every fire station in every city. You can also set someone on fire with a Molotov or a flamethrower and they will also come to extinguish the fire.
    Police car
     It stands in front of every police station in every city. It also runs normally on the streets, or if you try to steal it, you will immediately have 1 Star of Search.
     Like Barracks OL, it stands only in Phil's barracks, in the north of the second city. You will be able to get into it only after completing all story missions

     I don't think this car needs to be introduced to anyone. In the first town, it stands in a commission shop in the northern part. In the second and third city, he often drives normally on the streets.
    BF Injection
     Will be standing in the first city, next to the booth where you did El Burro phone missions (blue phone icon). You must first complete all missions for him, and then this car will appear in the next block between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM.
     Rides the streets everywhere. you will find it without any problems.
     Will not start appearing until the second and third city, normally in the streets.
     He travels literally everywhere and very often stands in different parking lots.
     Like Esperanto, it goes everywhere and stands in most parking lots.
     will start appearing only in the second and third city. One is parked regularly in the car park next to the airport in the third city.
     He drives everywhere, one is in the port parking lot in the first town, near the Import / Export garage.
    Landstalker Will only
     start appearing in the second and third city. One is in the park, in the other city. The mission starts when you enter it, but you can ignore it and drive straight to the garage.

    She goes everywhere, you can easily find her on the streets.
     Rides everywhere, most often in the first city, but you can also easily find it in the second and third city. One is in the port parking lot in the first town.
     will only start appearing in the second and third city. It rides the streets normally.
    Stallion It
     runs on the streets of all cities, you will find it without any problems.
     He will start appearing only in the second and third city. It rides the streets normally.
     May appear in the 2nd and 3rd town, but very often it runs around villas in the 3rd town.
    Taxi The
     most popular car in the game, it doesn't need to be introduced to anyone. He goes everywhere.
    • Collectibles
      • Find 100 hidden packages - see the description of the trophy
      • Perform 20 Exceptional Jumps - see the trophy description
      • Perform 20 Ramps - video and map below
    In the case of Rampages in GTA III, each of them appears first in place "A" , and when you collapse it, it appears in place "B" . I marked both of these places on the map below, and in the video I focused only on the "A" spots. The requirements are always the same, only the location of the Beat-down point changes. The Kills themselves are not difficult, but you can very easily die if you run into a group of enemies. There are many more enemies in the Definitive Edition than in the original, so always attack from a distance, and it's best to stay somewhere behind cover so that you can quickly escape. If you don't have any enemies, despite the fact that you are running around all the time, restart the game, it should help. 

    (Credit to GTA Series Videos): LINK

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