Going Rogue Trophy

  • Going Rogue


    Kill 15 criminals during one Vigilante mission.

    The trophy is not missable, but I recommend that you do it as soon as possible, because later the gangs will have better weapons and they will destroy you very quickly, which can make it very difficult to do 100%.

    You can launch patrol missions from any police car, it can be an ordinary one that circulates around the streets and stands in front of the police stations, an armored car that appears when you have 3 search stars or stands in the back yard of the Staunton police station (you have to get there with another police car), a car FBI, which only appears if you have 5 search stars or a tank (it will unlock after completing the last story mission in Phil's barracks in the second city). For the trophy, you need to kill 15 in one mission, and for 100% you need to kill 60 (20 in each city) . In the case of 100%, you do not have to do them during one mission, you can do them even individually, it is important to do 20 kills on each island. As above, missions can be launched by pressing  when you sit inside. Every 10 you kill you will get an additional bribe to your house.

    Patrol missions are relatively simple, so you can safely do them in a regular police car. It's best to drive them from the side and shoot them directly from the car with the Uzi. As soon as you see that their car is on fire, go as far as possible so that you don't accidentally explode. I advise against doing tank patrols, because while it sounds cool, it's very slow and you will smash too many civilian cars and get your search stars unnecessarily. While doing a mission, after exiting the car, you have 60 seconds to find a new one, otherwise the mission will be canceled. This is a good way to get your vehicle repaired in the garage under the house.

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