• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 32 (26, 4, 2) - 1 extra on PS4 and PS5
  • Online trophies: 18 (14, 2, 1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 150+ hours; 50-60 hours for single player, 100+ for Online.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 6: TP Industries Arms Race, Red Mist, Kifflom!, Three Man Army, Altruist Acolyte & Wanted: Alive or Alive
  • Glitched trophies: 2: Kifflom! [Fixed with patch 1.01], Enjoy your Stay
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings available.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes, all cheats will disable trophies.

Welcome to Grand Theft Auto V! Rockstar North's latest masterpiece returns to the fictional state of San Andreas and gives the player their biggest open world yet, with the choice to explore it via a riveting single-player campaign featuring three unique and instantly switchable protagonists or a free-roam online multiplayer experience that can be shared with as many as 16 friends. This game really needs little introduction, you know exactly what it is and we know exactly why you're here so on to the trophies!

The trophies are divided fairly equally between completing the story, finding all the collectibles, partaking in various miscellaneous activities and exploring the online component. In particular heavy time investment will be needed for the three trophies: 100% Completion for Career Criminal, 70 Gold Medals for Solid Gold, Baby! and attaining Rank 100 online for Above the Law. Many of the miscellaneous trophies will come naturally whilst progressing towards these, but we urge you to bear in mind the 6 missable trophies.

Note on missable trophies:

There are 6 missable trophies in the game. All of these trophies are missable post-game depending on a choice you make as Franklin during the final mission. Make sure when you are given a choice of three options that you choose "Option C", otherwise these trophies will be unavailable to you without starting a new game or unless you made a separate save file beforehand. 4 of these trophies (TP Industries Arms Race, Red Mist, Kifflom! and Three Man Army) become unmissable if "Option C" is selected so they can be earned at any point, however, special attention should be paid to Altruist Acolyte and Wanted: Alive or Alive as there are only a limited number of opportunities to earn these two trophies. When playing as Trevor, you will encounter select few Random Events that task you with driving an NPC to a given location. Instead of doing this, drop at least one off at the Altruist Cult in the mountains. Similarly there are only four Bail Bond missions in which you can capture a target alive so if all these opportunities are squandered, you will have to start a new game or revert to a previous save file to earn them. Please refer to the respective trophies in the guide below for more information.

Furthermore all cheat codes will disable trophies, however, they won't disable the autosave feature. If you want to have some fun with the cheats, then make sure you create a new save file first so that you can revert back to it and continue with your legitimate progress. Cheats list HERE.

Note on glitched trophies:

As a general note, many trophies on both PS3 and PS4 have issues unlocking, whether that being dirctly or by extension (such as side-missons not appearing and thus making 100% completion unobtainable). There is no known cause for this, or even a fix except hoping to luck out and resolve it by swapping characters, sleeping for a few days or finishing more missions and hoping to trigger it. Therefore, it is recommended to create new save files and back up your data at regular intervals, perhaps every five story missions or so.

The Kifflom! trophy is causing issues with some players. The trophy is not glitched in the sense that if you complete the mission it won't unlock, but rather that the mission will not progress in-game so you cannot complete it. To combat this we recommend making a new hard save before you are tasked with stealing the 5 cars, if the mission does not progress after that like it should then you can try again. Please see the trophy description for more details [Fixed with patch 1.01].

Enjoy Your Stay has an issue where it won't unlock for some players. Try going back to the tattoo parlour and getting a tattoo on the torso area.

Finally, skipping story missions is not advised, particularly those with a story-related trophy attached to it. The trophy will not unlock if you do this, so you will have to replay the mission anyway at a later time. Furthermore, some people have reported issues with the trophies not unlocking even after replaying the particular mission various times, so it is highly advised to not skip any missions at all.

Note on PS4 Version - Autopping trophies and extra trophy:

If you previously unlocked trophies in GTA Online with a character on the PS3 or XBOX 360 and then purchased the PS4 version, importing that character will automatically unlock some of those trophies on the PS4 version. For details on how to import your character, check this link.

The requirements must have all been originally done on that character, the trophy will not Autopop by having the progress done across multiple characters or by simply having the trophy from the PS3 or 360 version unlocked on your PSN account. In theory all trophies are supposed to Autopop as soon as you transfer your character, but occasionally they will differ player-by-player and may require a trigger to unlock. These are listed in the guide.

The trophies which can be Autopopped (in XMB order) are:

Show Off
Pimp My Sidearm
Los Santos Customs
Off The Plane
Three-Bit Gangster
Making Moves
Above The Law
Numero Uno
The Midnight Club
Unnatural Selection
Backseat Driver
Run Like The Wind
Clean Sweep
Stick Up Kid
Enjoy Your Stay
Crew Cut
Full Refund
Dialling Digits
American Dream

There is also an extra trophy on PS4, which is A New Perspective, requiring you to play the game in FPS mode for 15 hours. You can either work on this from the start or idle it later. Please see the trophy guide for more details.

We would like to especially thank Supremacy for all of the invaluable Autopop information contained within this guide, and for the A New Perspective write-up. All information is used with his permission.
Step 1 - Complete the story, bearing in mind the missable trophies

For the first step you are free to do whatever you like in the game and just have fun, but ultimately you should complete all 69 main story missions. Once you have completed 68 missions (which can be checked by pressing , pressing twice to get to the "Stats" tab then selecting "100% Checklist") you should either make sure that you have earned all the missable trophies or be aware that at the beginning of the next and final mission you must choose "Option C" as Franklin. If you choose another option, the missable trophies will be unattainable unless you have a prior save to fall back on or start a new game.

If you find yourself stuck on any of the story missions, please refer to Wozamil's excellent videos here: Complete GTA V Walkthrough Playlist.

Step 2 - Find all collectibles and complete various miscellaneous activities for 100% Completion

This is the most time-consuming step in single-player. For 100% Completion and the Career Criminal trophy you are required to firstly finish all 20 of Franklin's Strangers & Freaks side-missions, which in turn requires you to find 50 Spaceship Parts and 50 Letter Scraps. For the other collectible-related trophies you must complete the 50 Stunt Jumps, 50 Under The Bridge Challenges, 15 Knife Flights and find all 30 pieces of Nuclear Waste.

Finally, you will have to win medals in various Hobbies & Pastimes as well as take part in certain other activities to earn 100% Completion. To help you with this, we have created a 100% Completion Guide & Checklist which provides both locations and descriptions for all collectibles and information for how to complete all other miscellaneous activities. Furthermore, you should make use of the 100% Completion Checklist Spreadsheet which goes hand-in-hand with our guide and can be used to track your progress. Finally, as the in-game stats page is lacking in detailed information, it is advised that you link your PSN ID to the Rockstar Social Club as its "Checklist" tab provides more detailed information on the missions and activities you have already completed.

Step 3 - Clean up of miscellaneous trophies and replaying missions for 70 Gold Medals

You will likely have a few trophies left in the single-player, so now is the time to focus on them. Most are pretty simple but significant time and effort will need to be spent on the convoluted Kifflom! side-mission and Solid Gold, Baby!, which requires you to earn 70 Gold Medals from a combination of the 69 main story missions and 45 Strangers & Freaks missions. During this endeavour you should make use of dcollins22's Gold Medal Requirements Guide.

Step 4 - All GTA Online trophies

Now it is time to step into the world of GTA Online to mop up the remaining trophies. Luckily, almost all of them can be earned with little effort by boosting either in a Solo Session or with friends in an Invite-Only Session. Furthermore, with the exception of the Rank-related trophies, all other trophies can be earned by Rank 20.

The two most time-consuming endeavours are earning 30 Platinum Medals for Decorated and accumulating almost 1.6 million RP for Rank 100 and Above the Law. The former can be boosted quite easily, but the latter will be a long and arduous process. If you need to, please make use of the Trophy Boosting Thread to find a partner for the Online trophies.

After this step you should have all GTA V trophies and your , congratulations!
[PST would like to thank Darth_Krid for this Roadmap]
Heists DLC:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Skill and partner dependent)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 9 (7, 2)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: PS3: 0, PS4 potentially all of them could be glitched, as some people are reporting trophies not unlocking right away, specifically Live a Little and the Heist completion trophies.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, but cash and RP earned will change based on difficulty.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies auto-pop on PS4? No, but if using Character Transfer they will all pop instantly. Thanks SUM1SLY for confirming!

Hey everyone, welcome to the long awaited Heists for GTA Online!! After being promised at launch and never showing up, then being delayed hundreds of times for over a year, they are finally here! The Heists are a lot of fun, especially if you’re playing with friends, and they are a great way to get back into playing GTA Online again!

You can access the Heists once you reach level 12, but you can also join anybody’s heists at any level regardless of if you’ve unlocked them or not, simply by being invited through the in-game phone. In order to start a heist, once you reach level 12 you will see an “L” icon on the map at Lester’s house on the East side of Los Santos. Simply visit him and you will unlock the first heist.

There are 5 heists, each getting more and more difficult as you progress. They consist of a few setup missions, usually involving you collecting vehicles, items, weapons, etc. for each heist, and the main heist mission itself.

The first heist will require 2 players, and the rest will require 4 players. You can play with random players or with friends, but it will be much more fun and less exhausting to play with a dedicated group of people, so please check the boosting threads here:

PS3 Co-op/Boosting Thread

PS4 Co-op/Boosting Thread

As for the trophies, they are not too difficult; most will come naturally while playing the heists. The rest will require grinding money and getting platinum medals.

You can play every mission with different people. It will not affect the trophies earned, but you will need to at least complete up to the end of the second heist, The Prison Break, as Heist Leader in order to get a few trophies. The rest of the trophies can be obtained either by playing as Heist Leader, or just a heist member.


1. Play through every heist finale, either as Heist Leader or a Heist member.

If you are the Heist Leader, combine steps 1 and 2 together. The Heist leader will have to play through every mission in each heist, but as a crew member you are able to join other random players who are on the finale mission and just complete those missions. If you have a dedicated group, just have one player stay as the Heist Leader, and join them until you complete every heist. Also try to get as many platinum medals as you can, by going for objectives and kills/headshots.

At a minimum you will get the following:

Be Prepared
In the Name of Science
Dead Presidents
Parole Day

2. As Heist Leader, complete a 4 player heist and split the profits equally.

Play any 4 player heist (I recommend The Prison Break as it’s the shortest in terms of setup missions), and on the main heist itself, when selecting tasks, adjust the payout to be 25% for each member.

Trophies unlocked:

Shot Caller
Four Way

3. Play missions for platinum medals and complete a finale without getting hurt.

Simply join random missions, or grind in the first Heist, The Fleeca Job until you get 25 platinum medals. See Can’t Touch This for the best missions to do without taking damage.

Trophies unlocked:

Can’t Touch This

4. Clean-up and spend $8,000,000 on vehicles.

Grind money for buying the vehicles, and get any trophies you did not get earlier.

Trophies unlocked:
Live a Little

Good luck on your way to getting 100%!
[PST Would Like To Thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]

Rockstar Editor DLC:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 9 (5, 3)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2hrs, depending on if you have completed the GTA V Story mode or not.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None so far
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes

Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar Editor! After a few months of the editor being on PC, it has finally made its way to the PS4 and with new Trophies! Rockstar's Editor allows you to capture an create dramatic films using in-game footage and Casting animals and story characters in your films will add to the chaos. 


Step 1: Unlock ALL Story/Special/Animal Actors.

If you have not played through GTA V Story Mode, Now is the time. You will need to visit Certain characters within GTA V's Story once to gain access to them in the Director mode | All Story, An some Strangers an Freaks. You will also need to interact with the 12 "Special Characters" in the Story once. 

Trophies Earned:

 First Time Director
 Animal Lover
 Humans of Los Santos
 Cult Movie
 Location Scout 
 Ensemble Piece

Step 2: Online Character/ Exporting Videos

Go to GTA Online and if you do not have a Character created, create one. Also start recording clips (a minimum of 10) and the shorter the length, the quicker they will export. You do not need to edit or do anything to the clip, just select it then export it.

Trophies Earned:

 Method Actor
 Vinewood Visonary

Step 3: Cleanup

In-case you still don't have everything, use this step to get anything you don't have.

[PST Would Like To Thank zb420 for this Roadmap]
Grand Theft Auto Online: The Doomsday Heist DLC

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 8 (3, 5)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 45+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 (4 recommended)
  • Number of missable trophies: 1- Elitist
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Masterminds
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Masterminds must be completed on Hard Difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Additional peripherals required?: N/A

Heists have returned to GTA Online, with a new set of trophies to boot.

The Doomsday Heist is split into 3 Acts: Act I, II, and III. Each Act can be thought of as a Heist in its own right, containing their own Preparation (Prep) and Setup Missions, as well as a Finale. The story for the 3 Acts is of course connected, though.

New to Heists in this DLC are Heist Prep Missions, which you are required to complete in order to access Heist Setup Missions. The Prep Missions involve obtaining a Vehicle which is needed for a Setup Mission, with Setup Missions generally having one associated Prep Mission (though some have two). These Prep Missions must be completed in a Public Session, though you can pay to source the Vehicle obtained in the Prep Mission instead; this will save both time and the mayhem of navigating Public Sessions. It will, however, be costly - skipping a single Prep Mission will require at least $94,000 if you choose to skip it by paying. Skipping Prep Missions does not impact trophy progress in any way unless you are attempting the Criminal Mastermind Challenges for the Masterminds trophy.

After all Prep and Setup Missions for an Act are complete, you will be able to tackle the Finale of that Act and earn a Payout. The Heist can be completed as a team of 2, 3 or 4. This is a good feature which should save a lot of trouble if you are struggling to form a competent team of 3 or 4.

Another addition to the game in this DLC is challenge-based trophies. You will need to complete both the 3 Elite Challenges for Elitist and the 3 Criminal Mastermind Challenges for Masterminds. This will require familiarity with each Act, and a good team.

You may find the following threads of use for recruiting/joining a team:
Boosting Thread
Crew Recruitment Thread

For those who are fans of GTA Online, co-op, and challenges, the Doomsday Heist will be a welcomed addition to the game.

Below are some general Tips & Strategies applicable to all Heists which you should make the most of.

Body Armour
You can store Body Armour in your Inventory which can be used at any time (a capacity of 10 sets of Armour is available once you reach rank 135) - these will allow you to replenish your Armour whenever it is damaged or lost: it is imperative you make the most of this feature if you want to avoid being killing by the AI.

You can access your Inventory through the Interaction Menu by holding down and scrolling down to the Inventory, open the Inventory with and then open the Body Armour Menu with - here you can select a type of Armour to apply by using . It is recommended that you use Heavy Armour as this can sustain the most damage.

It is very useful to keep your Inventory open during combat situations and apply new sets of Armour when needed, you won't be able to run/sprint but you can keep jumping forwards by pressing ; this allows you to progress at a reasonable pace while having instant access to your Inventory.

You should develop a habit of stacking up on Armour in-between missions - you can do this at any AmmuNation Weapons shop, which can be found throughout San Andreas and are indicated by pistol icons on the map.

Similarly to Armour, you can store Snacks in your Inventory, which allow you to replenish your health. If you begin to run out of health, having an Inventory full of Snacks could very well save you - so get into the habit of stocking full Inventories of snacks in-between missions.

Snacks are accessed from the Inventory, just like Body Armour - just hold down and scroll down to the Inventory, then open the Inventory with and open the Snacks Menu, again with , here you will be shown the Snacks available in your Inventory which you can use to replenish your health by selecting them and pressing .

You can purchase snacks from any Convenience Store, which can be found throughout San Andreas and are indicated by store icons on the map. Alternatively, you can refill your Snacks Inventory at yours or a friend’s Facility Reception Desk. The Reception Desk can be found on the way to the Heist Planning Board.

When you try to use a Snack while either not in a vehicle or in cover, i.e. when standing out in the open, a short animation of your character eating the Snack will play; this is not ideal in combat situations as you won't be able to do anything except watch the animation play out, which can lead to you taking damage and dying. There are two ways to skip this animation to avoid such a scenario:
  1. Take cover where you can by pressing while near an object (there is always plenty of spots to take cover when in combat: you can use walls, crates, miscellaneous objects, cars etc.), then open your Inventory and use your Snacks. This will replenish your health while skipping the animation, thereby allowing you to retain control of your character.
  2. Aim while you access your Snacks. Aim your weapon (any weapon other than melee weapons) by holding down , then open your Inventory to and use your Snacks. Aiming while using your Snacks will also skip the animation, allowing you to replenish your health and retain control of your character.
Health-Regeneration via SecuroServ Organisations
Another way to regenerate health is to have you and your team in the same SecuroServ Organisation, there are two types of SecuroServ Organisations: CEO Organisations and VIP Organisations.

Registering as both a CEO or VIP is done through the SecuroServ Menu: hold down to bring up your Interaction Menu, then scroll down to the SecuroServ Menu, in this Menu you will be able to Register as a CEO or VIP, provided you meet their individual requirements below:
  • You will be able to Register as a CEO if you own an Office. Offices can be purchased from the in-game Maze Auto Bank Foreclosures website, with the cheapest Office costing $1,000,000. Simply access the SecuroServ Menu and select "Register as CEO".
  • You will be able to register as a VIP if you have $50,000 in your bank account. Simply access the SecuroServ Menu and select "Register as VIP".
If you do not own an Office, you should register as a VIP instead, since this is much cheaper. There is no difference for the purpose of these Heists in being a CEO or a VIP: both will allow you to benefit from health-regeneration.

You or someone in your team should register as a CEO or VIP and then hire the rest of the team as either Associates (for CEOs) or Bodyguards (for VIPs) through the SecuroServ Menu. Both registering and hiring are done through the SecuroServ Menu, you will only be able to hire Associates/Bodyguards once you have Registered as a CEO/VIP. The hiring feature allows those in the Organisation to have automatic health-regeneration when in close proximity to the CEO/VIP - a useful feature in combat situations, though the CEO/VIP themselves will only be able to regenerate half of their health bar.

The Armoured Kuruma
It is extremely useful to own an Armoured Kuruma.

To unlock the Armoured Kuruma, you must complete the Fleeca Job (the first available Heist in the original Heists Update). The Fleeca Job requires only 2 players to complete, and can easily be completed within 30 minutes. You must own an Apartment with a 10-car garage to start the Heist: apartments can be purchased from the in-game Dynasty 8 website. After completing the Fleeca Job, the Armoured Kuruma will be unlocked and can be purchased for $525,000 from the in-game Southern San Andreas Super Autos website (use the Travel & Transport Section of the in-game internet browser).

This car is very well-armoured and will allow you to drive into outdoor-combat situations and take on enemies from the safety of the car - thereby avoiding exposing yourself to gunfire. You can also duck when in the Kuruma (or any car) by holding , this too will allow you to avoid enemy gunfire.

Note, however, that the Armoured Kuruma will eventually blow up after sustaining enough damage, this is a definite possibility if using the Kuruma to take on Juggernauts in Act III, Setup 1. If you feel your Kuruma has sustained a substantial amount of damage, you can drive away from the combat situation to safety, blow it up, call Mors Mutual Insurance to reclaim it, then call your Mechanic to deliver it to you. This allows you to retrieve a fresh Armoured Kuruma and continue taking your enemies on from the comfort of its armoured confines.
Cover & Weaponry
Effectively utilising cover is also a great way to safely getting through the heists; in combat situations try to use good cover to avoid taking damage unnecessarily.

The Combat MG (unlocked at rank 80; with the standard MG unlocked at rank 50) should be your weapon of choice for most combat situations, as you will benefit from its large magazines and good range. You should also aim for headshots at all times: the enemies in these Heists are able to survive considerable amounts of gunfire but headshots will kill them instantly, allowing you to shift your focus to other enemies and deal with combat situations swiftly. When in-vehicle, the best weapon to use is the AP Pistol (unlocked at rank 33). Purchase extended clips for both of these weapons from an AmmuNation weapons shop so that you don't have to reload as often.

For the Juggernauts in Act III, the best weapon to use is the minigun (unlocked at rank 120), though the Combat MG and RPG (unlocked at rank 100) also work well.

A very useful setting to check is your aiming settings. You can change this from GTA V Story Mode via the Targeting Mode option in the Controls settings, which are under the Settings Tab in the Pause Menu. Change this to Assisted Aim Full - this will allow you to auto-lock onto enemies from vehicles, and allow you to automatically switch between enemies by moving to the left or right.

Step 1: Complete the Doomsday Heist, as well as all 3 Elite Challenges
In this stage, get to grips with the new Heist by playing through each Act and tackling each Act's Elite Challenge. The Elite Challenges are challenges related to the Finales for each Act, which are time-constrained, require you to avoid dying, and have other Act-specific requirements.

If you have the money, skip the Prep Missions by paying for them to save time (it costs $94,000 or more to skip a Prep Mission - you can do this from the Heist Planning Board in your Facility). Skipping Prep Missions will not affect your trophy progress in any way unless you are attempting the Criminal Mastermind Challenges for the Masterminds trophy, but this trophy will be tackled in the next stage.

You could skip this step and instead start with step 2, but this step is recommended to familiarise yourself with the Heist.

Step 2: Complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenges
Next, you will attempt the 3 Criminal Mastermind Challenges: this challenge requires you to complete the Heist in order, with the same team, without dying, and on hard difficulty. This may sound highly demanding, however, there is an exploit which can be used to make the Challenge a lot easier.

You may have to deal with your progress being reset despite following its many requirements as the progress-tracker for the challenge is unfortunately bugged at the moment, though methods for avoiding such glitches are recommended below (see Masterminds for further detail).

You will need to complete the challenge 3 times: once as a team of 2, once as a team of 3, and once as a team of 4 (in any order you choose).

Step 3: Miscellaneous Trophies
Finally, unlock the 2 remaining trophies if you have not done so already. You will need to purchase a Facility and start the Heists as a Heist Leader for Getting Started, and you will need to purchase the Orbital Cannon Upgrade for your Facility and kill a player with it for Orbital Obliteration.

Finally, thanks to ProfBambam55 for his feedback and insights which have been incorporated into this guide.

[PST Would Like To Thank Jiwan01 for this Roadmap]

Grand Theft Auto V Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

78 trophies ( 15  59  22  )

  • Congratulations! You're Vinewood's biggest star!

    You successfully pulled off the ultimate heist and earned every available trophy. Congratulations!
  • Earn any 70 Gold Medals on Missions, Strangers and Freaks.

    There are a total of 116 missions in the game which you can earn a Gold Medal in and work towards this trophy. These comprise the 71 main story missions and the 45 (out of 58) Strangers & Freaks missions which offer a Gold Medal. Medals earned in Hobbies & Pastimes such as races and weapon challenges do not count for this trophy.

    A Gold Medal is earned when all objectives in a mission are achieved. Luckily you do not have to earn them all in one run; you can replay a mission at your leisure and the objectives will stack with each repeat play of that mission (the 5 Rampages are the only exception to this, as all requirements must be achieved in one run). Individual requirements, however, are not stackable so if you get 8/10 headshots in your first playthrough you will still need to get 10 in your second. To replay a mission or check your current medal progress, pause the game by pressing and go to the "Game" tab with and select "Replay Story Mission" or "Replay Strangers & Freaks". Unfortunately you have to manually count how many Gold Medals you have earned by scrolling down the mission lists.

    Certain missions have requirements such as "Time Completed", "Accuracy" and "Minimal Damage to Health & Armour". These challenges will automatically be void if you die and instead the checklist will say "Checkpoint", if this happens you must restart the entire mission again. Cutscenes also add to the timer on missions so be sure to skip them with .

    A few tips to bear in mind:

    Your character's current skill levels when choosing "Replay Mission" will be available in that mission, therefore it is highly recommended to do this trophy post-game when you have maxed out at least "Driving", "Stamina", "Strength" and "Special". Furthermore, all weapons and upgrades you have bought will be available, as will body armour if you purchase it before replaying a mission.

    The Strangers & Freaks missions are by far the easiest missions to get a Gold Medal in as they are often very short and have only a few requirements to meet. Similarly the "heist preparation" missions are short and easy as are Lester's Assassinations. Unfortunately you can only replay the "heist preparation" missions that you chose to do during your playthrough i.e. "loud and dumb" or "smart", you can't do the other side's easy missions as well. You can, however, replay the final mission twice and choose both "Option A" and "Option B" for their very easy Gold Medals, bringing the total available for main story missions up to 71. For story missions in general you should replay those which have the fewest requirements, plus try and avoid those with criteria such as "Accuracy" and "Time Completed" because if you die you'll have to restart the whole mission again. With miscellaneous objectives if you fail you can often just kill yourself or fail the mission on purpose to try again.

    If you wish to view all missions which are eligible for a Gold Medal, along with requirement checklists and tips for various missions, please see this guide by dcollins22: Gold Medal Requirements Guide.

    Furthermore, if you wish to see a video walkthrough of a Gold Medal in each of the main story missions, see this video playlist created by GTA Series Videos: GTA V Missions 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough.
  • Attain 100% Game Completion.

    This trophy is not as daunting as it appears as you don't have to do absolutely everything in the game for 100% Completion. In order to satisfy the game's criteria for 100% Completion and unlock this trophy, you must complete all of the following:

    Story Missions (50%)
    • All 69 Story Missions, including all 5 of Lester's Assassination Contracts.
    Strangers and Freaks (10%)

    Only 20 of the 58 Strangers and Freaks Missions are required for 100%. However, they have to be the following 20 specific missions available to Franklin rather than any 20:

    • Pulling Favors
    • Pulling Another Favor
    • Pulling Favors Again (This rarely shows up unless you call Tonya to activate it).
    • Still Pulling Favors
    • Pulling One Last Favor
    • Shift Work
    • Paparazzo
    • Paparazzo - The Sex Tape
    • Paparazzo - The Partnership ("Paparazzo - The Highness" and "Paparazzo - The Meltdown" combined)
    • Paparazzo - Reality Check
    • Grass Roots - Franklin ("Grass Roots - The Pickup" and "Grass Roots - The Drag" combined)
    • Grass Roots - The Smoke-In
    • Exercising Demons - Franklin
    • Risk Assessment
    • Liquidity Risk
    • Targeted Risk
    • Uncalculated Risk (You must first complete all other Dom missions and all 13 parachute jumps for this to be available).
    • Far Out
    • The Final Frontier (Requires all 50 Spaceship Parts to be delivered to Omega).
    • A Starlet In Vinewood (Requires all 50 Letter Scraps to be collected).
    Hobbies and Pastimes (10%)
    • Get a private lap dance at the Strip Club.
    • Shooting Range: At least a bronze medal in all 3 challenges in each of the Hand Guns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns and Heavy categories (total 18 medals).
    • 5 Street Races (at least a Bronze medal in each).
    • 6 Off-Road Races (at least a Bronze medal in each).
    • 4 Sea Races (at least a Bronze medal in each).
    • Win at Tennis.
    • Play 9 holes of Golf and finish on Even or Under Par.
    • Win at Darts.
    • 3 Triathlon Races (at least a Bronze medal in each).
    • Flight School (at least a Bronze medal in all 12 lessons).
    • Parachuting (all 13 Base and Heli Jumps).
    Random Events (15%)
    • Complete any 14 Random Events when travelling around San Andreas.
    Miscellaneous (15%)
    • Collect all 50 Spaceship Parts (From Beyond The Stars ).
    • Collect all 50 Letter Scraps (A Mystery, Solved ).
    • Complete 25/50 Under The Bridges.
    • Complete 25/50 Stunt Jumps.
    • Complete 8/15 Knife Flights.
    • Purchase any 5 properties.
    • Purchase any vehicle from a website.
    • Walk and play "fetch" with Chop.
    • Complete a Booty Call.
    • Use a prostitute.
    • Hold up a store.
    • Visit the cinema.
    • 4 Friend Activities (go to the Cinema, play Darts, go to the Strip Club and visit a Bar).
    To keep track of your progress in-game pause it with , scroll over to the "Stats" tab with then selecting "100% Checklist". However, this in-game stats page has very limited information so we highly recommended creating an account with the Rockstar Games Social Club if you haven't done so already. Once on this site, select "GTA V" from the list of games and then click the "Checklist" tab. This will provide far more detailed stats and will show you everything that is needed for 100% and, more importantly, what you've already specifically accomplished (which the in-game page does not tell you).

    The game will autosave after you complete every mission or activity which contributes towards 100%, this is helpful indication that something has been completed appropriately. There are also on-screen notifications once you pick up a collectible or perform a Stunt Jump which tells you how many you have or how many are required.

    For a much more detailed guide on everything that is necessary for 100% Completion, please see our 100% Completion Guide supplement and if you want an easy way to keep track of your progress then please use the accompanying 100% Completion Checklist Spreadsheet created for us by GoddessMushu.
  • Explore all of Los Santos and Blaine County

    The description for this trophy is slightly misleading as revealing the ocean is also required, however, focus first on revealing all of the land area. You will notice that at the start of the game, despite the whole map being available to explore, the vast majority of it is clouded over with its features indistinguishable. The best way to reveal the map this is to get a helicopter or a plane (the fighter jet which you can steal from Fort Zancudo is preferable since it's the fastest) and fly along the coast to define the land boundaries, then start in one corner and work your way north (or south, depending on your starting point) before turning round and going back the other way in a parallel line. Do not worry as much about the ocean as you will reveal the majority of it whilst searching for Nuclear Waste for Waste Management .

    If after all this you are still without the trophy, set your waypoint on areas of the ocean still undefined and either fly or use a boat to uncover these areas. Note: The map "ends" where the water turns deep blue so if you carry on past this point, you are not uncovering any more of the map.

    Luckily you do not have to reveal every last pixel as the trophy unlocks once around 95% of the map is revealed.
  • Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.

    This property can only be bought with Franklin and it costs $200,000. You have to beat the story mission "Nervous Ron" to unlock properties for purchase. After this mission the Downtown Cab Co. can be found in East Vinewood in the North-East of Los Santos. It will be marked on your map with a symbol.

    Once the company is purchased wait until the manager, Raul, gives you a call about a private fare. Completing a normal fare in a company taxi won't count. Accept the task and go to the green "P" on your map. Wait until the VIP gets into the cab then drive him to the target destination. The trophy will unlock after the person leaves the cab and the "Private Fare Complete" notification appears on your screen.

    You don't actually have to be in a Downtown Cab Co. taxi for this trophy, as Raul can call you at any point as long as you're playing as Franklin. Picking the VIP up in any car will suffice.
  • Purchase McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.

    [MISSABLE] This trophy can be missed if you have not unlocked it by the time you get to the final mission. Make sure you choose "Option C" when offered the choice, after which this trophy is no longer missable.

    These missions can only be done as Trevor. You have to beat the story mission "Nervous Ron" to unlock properties for purchase. The McKenzie Field Hangar costs $150,000 and can be found in the Grapeseed area, north of the Grand Senora Desert. It will be marked on your map by the symbol.

    After purchasing it you need to complete 10 weapons-trafficking missions for Oscar. Five of the missions are done with the Cuban 800 plane located in the hangar and the other five are done with the BF Dune Buggy parked just outside it. Simply press to get in either vehicle and the mission will start. Once you complete a mission for one vehicle, do the other one then quick save and reload your game to respawn at the hangar with the next two missions immediately available. This is a much quicker way to respawn them, rather than having to travel a fair distance away and come back.

    Plane missions involve either airdropping crates on a fixed location or bombing certain areas, both of which are done by flying over them and pressing to release. For both types of missions you will have to land your plane back at the hangar, therefore it is advisable to have Trevor's "Flying" skill maxed and have completed the basic tutorials at the Flight School to get to grips with handling planes.

    The Dune Buggy missions are simple and just involve you driving to a nearby location to pick up a package (which you can do just by driving over it) and driving back to the airfield, occasionally having to either kill or escape from some chasing vehicles along the way.
  • Attain a gold medal in all applicable hobbies and pastimes.

    There are 6 applicable hobbies and pastimes in which you must earn a gold medal. Luckily you only need one gold medal per type of activity, which are as follows:
    • Flight School (any of the 12 lessons).
    • Off-Road Race (win any of the 6 races).
    • Sea Race (win any of the 4 races).
    • Shooting Range (1 gold medal out of all 18 challenges).
    • Street Race (Complete the "Shift Work" Strangers & Freaks mission for Hao).
    • Triathlon (win any of the 3 events).
    The shooting range is probably the hardest as you will have to get a certain amount of points within a time limit. Shoot quickly and always try and hit the yellow bullseye area of the targets to get the most points, try not to miss as that will reset your multiplier.

    In the flight school you just need to beat a very simple time limit in the first tutorial. In the various race types and triathlon you need to finish first to get a gold medal. Street races become available by beating Hao's mission but completing that mission itself requires you to get a gold medal in the street race so you won't need to complete any further races. Keep in mind that Hao's mission only becomes available from 8pm-5am while playing as Franklin and is shown as a on the map. For the other hobbies you can choose whichever character you like.

    Here is a video walkthrough for this trophy:
  • Collect and return all spaceship parts.

    There are 50 Spaceship Parts in GTA V. In order for the Spaceship Parts to spawn on the map, you must first complete the main story mission "Fame or Shame" (Mission 19 of 69) and then start the Freaks & Strangers side-mission "Far Out" by talking to Omega. He can only be found by Franklin and is located at the in Sandy Shores as shown below:

    Once you have found all 50 Parts, return to Omega as Franklin for a cutscene, after which the trophy will unlock. Note: The Parts can be found by any of the three characters, but only Franklin can begin and finish the mission.

    The Spaceship Parts are small rectangular glowing objects that emit a resonating vibration sound when you get close to them. As with all collectibles in the game, you need only walk over them to pick them up. Beware that 6 of them can only be reached with a helicopter. If you are having trouble locating some of the Parts, you can use Chop (as Franklin) to locate them for you. Stand next to him and press , from the list of options choose to take him for a walk with . When you are walking, press to send him out to find "pick ups" and if there is a collectible nearby he will run off and stand next to it. Follow the bone icon on the mini-map and the collectible will be there.

    On extremely rare occasions a Spaceship Part may not be where it should be. If this occurs, switch characters then back again and it should be there.

    Please see the video below for the locations of all Spaceship Parts or check the 100% Completion Guide & Checklist for a map showing the locations of all Parts, plus text descriptions with accompanying screenshots.
  • Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.

    There are 50 Letter Scraps to collect in GTA V and they appear as soon as the game starts and can be picked up by all the three characters. Once you find all 50 you must go (as Franklin) to the labelled "Killer" located here:

    There you will meet a character and the Strangers & Freaks mission "A Starlet In Vinewood" will begin. Simply chase and kill him in order to complete the Strangers mission, after which this trophy will pop.

    The Letter Scraps are small, glowing pieces of paper. Just like with the Spaceship Parts some of them can only be reached with a helicopter. If you are having trouble locating some of the Scraps, you can use Chop (as Franklin) to locate them for you. Stand next to him and press , from the list of options choose to take him for a walk with . When you are walking, press to send him out to find "pick ups" and if there is a collectible nearby he will run off and stand next to it. Follow the bone icon on the mini-map and the collectible will be there.

    On extremely rare occasions a Letter Scrap may not be where it should be. If this occurs, switch characters then back again and it should be there.

    For the location of all the Letter Scraps please see the video below or the 100% Completion Guide & Checklist for a map showing the locations of all Letter Scraps, plus text descriptions with accompanying screenshots.
  • Purchase the old dock and collect all nuclear waste.

    There are 30 Nuclear Waste collectibles in GTA V. To collect them you need to buy the Sonar Collections Dock, which is available for $250,000 after completing the main story mission "The Merryweather Heist". The dock can be bought with any character and is found here:

    The Nuclear Waste collectibles are bright yellow and glow brightly underwater. They are all found at the bottom of the ocean and they can only be picked up by driving into them in a submarine, which will always spawn at the dock once the property has been bought. To control the sub press to accelerate, to brake and reverse, then and to ascend and descend respectively.

    Buying the property will also give you a new app called "Trackify" which starts automatically when entering the submarine. The app works like sonar, showing a red blip on your mini-map that you must follow until you reach the Waste. On extremely rare occasions one of the Nuclear Waste items may not be where it should be. If this occurs, switch characters then back again and it should be there.

    See the following video for the locations of all the Nuclear Waste (the order in the video matches the order on the Trackify app) or use the collectible map provided in the 100% Completion Guide & Checklist.
    Each piece of Nuclear Waste you pick up will net you $23,000 per barrel and a lump sum of $250,000 once all 30 are collected. The funds will be added to your weekly income from the property.
  • Complete all Rampages.

    [MISSABLE] This trophy can be missed if you have not unlocked it by the time you get to the final mission. Make sure you choose "Option C" when offered the choice, after which this trophy is no longer missable.

    Rampages are Strangers & Freaks missions that can only be done as Trevor and will become available after beating the story mission "Trevor Philips Industries". There are 5 Rampages and in them you need to kill a certain amount of enemies within a time limit. The first Rampage will be shown by the icon in the Grand Senora Desert. Here is a screenshot of its location:

    After finishing the first Rampage, the next one will show up as a skull symbol on your world map. Rampages that you have already completed will have a green tick next to the skull, which looks like this icon: . You always need to complete a new Rampage in order to unlock the next one. The trophy will unlock after beating all 5 Rampage events.

    You have infinite ammo for the given weapons along with 25 grenades. It'll greatly help you to have the "Traditional GTA" aiming mode on to as with the large groups of enemies, the auto-aim and ability to snap to different targets with will prove invaluable. You should also make liberal use of Trevor's special "berserk" ability by pressing and simultaneously as it fills up very quickly during Rampages. The game is confusing as the orange blur effect on the screen makes it seem like the ability is permanently activated, but this is not the case as you must activate it yourself.

    The 5 Rampages are unlocked in the following order:

    Rampage #1

    Location: Sandy Shores
    Requirement: Neutralize 25 Rednecks in 2 minutes using grenades and the AK47.

    Rampage #2

    Location: Rancho
    Requirement: Neutralize 30 Gang Members in 2 minutes using grenades and the SMG.

    Rampage #3

    Location: Chamberlain Hills
    Requirement: Neutralize 30 Gang Members in 2 minutes using grenades and the AK47.

    Rampage #4

    Location: Great Chaparral
    Requirement: Neutralize 35 Attacking Soldiers in 3 minutes using the grenade launcher and the AK47.

    Rampage #5

    Location: Mirror Park
    Requirement: Neutralize 20 Killer Hipsters in 2 minutes using grenades and the sawn-off shotgun.
  • Complete all Stunt Jumps.

    There are 50 Stunt Jumps in GTA V and they are easily the trickiest "collectibles" in the game. You must always land in a specific spot and on all four wheels at the same time (both wheels on a motorbike), without touching anything mid-air. If you drive too fast and overshoot or drive too slowly and fail to reach the target landing area, the jump will not be registered. The game inconveniently does not tell you where the specific landing area is so many jumps will require numerous retries.

    Make sure that you get the notification on your screen saying "Stunt Jump completed!" before you move on to the next one. This flashes up for a short period of time and if you miss it, there is no way to check which ones you have missed (either in-game or via the Rockstar Social Club). This will prevent endless frustration having to retry every jump to find the one you're missing.

    With this temperamental system in mind, it is highly recommended that you make use of the quick save feature (accessed from the main menu of your mobile phone by pressing ) before you attempt every jump. After loading the quick save (by pausing, selecting the "Game" tab then "Load Game") you will be with your vehicle again and will be at the exact same spot where you saved the game. This way you will save lots of time otherwise spent finding a new vehicle or lining up the jump again. Try to quick save whilst you are actually driving as the game, more often than not, respawns you without your vehicle if you saved whilst parked up before the jump. However, if you quick save when driving you will always be in or on your vehicle when reloading.

    It is best to do the Stunt Jumps whilst playing as Franklin. You can trigger his special ability by pressing and simultaneously to slow down time while driving, which will come in very handy for precise manoeuvring during these stunts. Furthermore, you can make adjustments to the vehicle's direction in mid-air by moving the . Use this to land on all four (or two) wheels and to avoid any obstacles in the jump.

    The best vehicle for the majority of the Stunt Jumps is the Pegassi Bati 801 motorbike which can be bought from the vehicle dealership on your mobile phone (go to "Internet" => "Travel & Transport") for $10,000 whilst any of the fast sports cars found in the Vinewood area will usually suffice. For some of the more precise jumps, a car that handles exceptionally well (such as the Taxi) is more preferable than speed. If you find yourself stuck at a jump use the same type of vehicle that is shown in the video, which can be seen below:

    Please check the 100% Completion Guide & Checklist for a map showing the locations of all Stunt Jumps and timelinks for each specific jump.
    [AUTOPOP] This trophy might Autopop for you for some reason after you complete an activity such as a race, without even having completed all Stunt Jumps in GTA Online. It is unknown exacly how or why, but it might be because you've already completed them in Single-Player on PlayStation 3 and have the data on your Social Club account.
  • Complete your path to enlightenment... or not.

    [MISSABLE] This trophy is missable if you have not unlocked it by the time you get to the final mission. You must choose "Option C" when offered the choice, after which this trophy is no longer missable. An even more serious problem is that this trophy is [GLITCHED]. Many people are reporting an issue with Step 7 not progressing like it should as after stealing all the cars they never get the email to proceed to Step 8. For more detailed information see Step 7.5 below. Note: This issue was fixed with Patch 1.01.

    This is a relatively complex trophy, you are required to complete numerous side-quests for the Epsilon Program. To begin with you need to be playing as Michael and have a total of $90,500 to earn this trophy, however, completing the final mission can net you as much as $2,100,000 so it is well worth the investment.

    This mission will be detailed in small steps, if you wish to make use of the video then clicking the timestamp next to each step will take you to that specific step in the video.

    Step 1 (0:05)

    Open the internet browser of your in-game phone by pressing then go to the Epsilon website by typing in "epsilonprogram.com". Once there scroll down, click "Evaluate Your identity" and complete the evaluation. It doesn't matter which answers you pick, the end result is the same.

    Step 2 (0:45)

    A icon will show up in Raton Canyon after a while (about 12 in-game hours) so travel there.

    Step 3 (1:09)

    Approach the red truck and watch the cutscene, afterwards you will get an e-mail. Open the attached link by pressing and donate $500 to the Epsilon website.

    Step 4 (1:39)

    The Epsilon symbol () will appear on the map after around 12 in-game hours have elapsed. Go back to your safehouse and choose to sleep a few times and it should appear on your map. When it does, go there.

    Step 5 (1:54)

    After the cutscene you will get another e-mail, open the link and this time donate $5,000 to the Epsilon website.

    Step 6 (2:12)

    Go to the next (again, this will take a while until it shows up on your map).

    Step 7.1 (2:31)

    You will now need to collect 5 vehicles for the Epsilon Program. Luckily, they all have fixed spawns. Once you find a vehicle, take it to the symbol that appears and park it in the garage. The vehicles can be collected in any order you like but this order will follow the video.

    The first vehicle is the Declasse Tornado which can be found here:

    Step 7.2 (3:16)

    The second vehicle is the Pegassi Vacca, found here:

    Step 7.3 (3:36)

    The third vehicle is the Benefactor Surano, found here:

    Step 7.4 (3:57)

    The fourth vehicle is the Enus Super Diamond, found here:

    Step 7.5 (4:21)

    Make sure you create a new save file before you pick up this vehicle!

    This is where the trophy can glitch, as after you deliver it to the Epsilon garage there is a chance that you will never get the email which leads you to Step 8. If you deliver this vehicle and never get the email, reload your save and keep trying until you can progress [Fixed with Patch 1.01].

    The fifth vehicle is the Dinka Double-T, found here:

    Step 8 (4:58)

    Travel to the next icon after waiting a short while.

    Step 9 (5:18)

    Complete the mission by searching for three items (a TV, a car battery and a shoe) with the extraterrestrial device provided. Hold to aim it and (if you are going in the right direction) the closer you get to the item the more the blue bars on the device will fill up, the beeping noise will become more rapid and your controller will vibrate quicker.

    Step 10 (7:21)

    Donate $10,000 to the Epsilon website (two donations of $5,000).

    Step 11 (7:40)

    Go to the next symbol after sleeping a few times.

    Step 12 (7:57)

    After the cutscene you will get another email. Open the attached link with and buy the Robes for $25,000 from the Epsilon website by clicking on the "Click here to purchase official Epsilon Robes set" link then "Buy Robes".

    Step 13 (8:23)

    After the robes have been delivered to Michael's house in Vinewood (this takes 24 hours), get them from Michael's wardrobe under the "Outfits" tab. You need to wear them for 10 cumulative days, the easiest way to do this is to keep going to sleep until 10 days have passed at which point you will get an email leading to the next step.

    Do not switch characters during the 10 day period as it is highly likely that Michael will have changed out of the robes into his normal clothes once you switch back.

    Step 14 (8:56)

    Go to the next symbol after wearing the robes for 10 days.

    Step 15 (9:25)

    Complete the mission when you get there, which is extremely simple and requires you to deliver the plane to Jimmy Boston at a nearby airfield.

    Step 16 (9:55)

    Go to the next icon after sleeping a few times.

    Step 17 (10:08)

    You will have to walk (or run) 5 miles in the desert wearing Epsilon robes. You know you are in the right place when you get a notification saying "Now inside the Epsilonism pilgrimage zone". To rack up 5 miles you can either: Stand at one end of the desert and set your waypoint at the other then run back and forth or you can rubber-band your controller so that you don't have to do it yourself. After you have travelled 5 miles, a notification saying "5 miles walked in the desert - pilgrimage complete" will pop up in the bottom left corner and you will get a phone call.

    Step 18 (10:54)

    Go to the final icon, which will appear immediately this time.

    Step 19 (11:05)

    Finish the mission, there are three ways of going about this and completing any of the three will give you the trophy:

    A) Deliver the vehicle to the target destination - The reward is an old rusty tractor.

    B) Escape with the blue Epsilon car before going to the target destination - You receive $1,000,000.

    C) Kill everyone at the target destination and escape the cops - You get all of the money ($2,100,000) and fulfil the Gold Medal criteria. You have to initiate the shoot-out with the Epsilon guards yourself.

    It is recommended to go for "C" to get a good return on both your time and monetary investment in this long side-quest. Bear in mind that you cannot replay this mission and choose another option for the money so make sure you kill everyone the first time if you want to go down that route.
  • Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

    [MISSABLE] This trophy can be missed if you have not unlocked it by the time you get to the final mission. Make sure you choose "Option C" when offered the choice, after which this trophy is no longer missable.

    Before you can do this you must complete the story mission "Friends Reunited" to be able to have all 3 characters hang out together. After that you can call the other two characters via the "Contacts" icon in the in-game mobile phone. Make sure you call both other characters immediately before picking them up, because if you pick one up first before you call the other then you will get a "busy" tone on your phone.

    Pick your friends up with any four door car by going to their location on the map (shown by the icon) and beeping the horn with , then head to the Los Santos International Airport at the southern end of the map. Once you enter the airfield you will immediately get a 3-star wanted level. Keep driving from one end of the airport to the other and make sure that you don't lose the cops. It would also be highly advantageous to upgrade your car with the bulletproof tires and armour from any Los Santos Customs shop to make this a little easier. After 3 minutes of driving round the airport this trophy will unlock.

    Here is a video showing this method:
  • You're gonna need a bigger boat...

    For this trophy you will need to be eaten by a shark. Sharks spawn randomly in deep water, go out into the ocean with a boat or jet-ski and watch your mini-map until the area around you turns completely dark blue. Keep navigating the boat or swim around. After a while you should see a red dot on your radar representing a shark, jump into the water and wait until it kills you. This may take some time as the shark doesn't spot you right away so keep swimming around until it eventually kills you and you earn the trophy. On rare occasions the shark will actually attack the boat/jet-ski you are on and kill you that way.

    Being killed will set you back 5% of your total income up to a maximum fee of $5,000 so if you want to save your money, you should make a new save and reload after you have the trophy.

    Please see the video below for a video walkthrough of this trophy:
  • Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.

    [MISSABLE] This trophy can be missed if you have not unlocked it by the time you get to the final mission. Make sure you choose "Option C" when offered the choice. Furthermore there are only a select few Random Events which provide you with an opportunity to deliver a victim so even if "Option C" is selected, this can still be easily missed.

    Only Trevor can deliver people to the Altruist Cult as the Cult's location won't trigger with another character. A Random Event occurs when you are driving or walking around and your mini-map flashes white and a blue (representing an ally) or red (representing an enemy) blip appears on your map. For this trophy you are looking for any of the following, these are confirmed to work for this trophy as long as you are playing as Trevor:
    • Domestic
    • Hitch Lift (x4)
    • Drunk Driver (x2)
    The Random Events have fixed locations, the easiest one to attempt this trophy is the "Hitch Lift" mission found at this location on the southern foot of Mount Chiliad:

    If you cannot find the hitchhiker, simply drive in another direction for a short while and return. The event will spawn sooner or later if you keep doing this.

    Once you pick up the hitchhiker he will ask you to drop him off somewhere. Instead of going to the target destination you must drive to the Altruist Cult marked by the icon on your map, this will be on the West side of Mount Chiliad and will only show up once the hitchhiker is in the car. Set your waypoint on this location and follow the purple route up to the camp. Wait for the gates to open and a scene will play, after which you will earn some money and this trophy.

    Here is a video showing how to earn this trophy:
  • Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters.

    This trophy requires you to spend a grand total of $200 million whether it be on weapons, cars, vehicle mods, property, shares etc. You must also buy at least one thing with each character for it to unlock. It is best to do this trophy after you complete the heist near the end of the game called "Big Score" as each character will have a large chunk of money in excess of $25 million. To look up how much cash you have spent in total go to the "Cash" tab in the "Stats" section of the pause menu.

    Luckily there is an extremely easy way of spending $200 million. Open your mobile phone with , then choose "Internet" and select the "Money and Services" tab. Open the LCN stock exchange website and invest all of your money in the stocks of any company in the list (the more expensive the stock, the quicker it will be to buy them all) under the "Markets" tab. You can do this by selecting "Buy" then hovering your cursor over the green "+" symbol and holding down until you have spent all your money. Press "Buy" again then "Confirm" and finally "Continue" to complete the transaction. As soon as you have done so, choose "Sell All" and "Confirm" to sell all the stocks back again and get your money back. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until you have "spent" $200 million. You won't lose any money if you sell the stocks quick enough, but it still counts towards the spending for the trophy.

    Here is a video showing this method:

    By far the best way of making money in the game is to take advantage of company stocks with Lester's assassination missions. Before you undertake each assassination mission, swap between all three characters and purchase as many stocks as you can from the following companies:

    Hotel Assassination - Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ stocks)
    Multi-Target Assassination - Debonaire (LCN stocks)
    Vice Assassination - Fruit (BAWSAQ stocks)
    Bus Assassination - Vapid (BAWSAQ stocks)*
    Construction Assassination - GoldCoast (LCN stocks)

    *This mission is slightly different as you should buy the stocks just after the mission when prices plummet, they will rise again soon after.

    After waiting a few in-game days, sell all of the stocks of these companies which each character and you will make a huge profit. This is because the assassination missions have you take out certain competitors of the above-mentioned companies, which will greatly boost up their market value. For a more detailed description of this method, see the following thread: How To Make Up To 1.5 Billion With Lester's Assassination Missions
  • Make a profit over your total investments in the stock market.

    For this trophy you will need to turn a profit in the stock market, just one stock is sufficient. For information on how to purchase stocks, please see the A Lot Of Cheddar trophy. After a couple of in-game hours, the price of your purchased stocks will have changed. A profit is indicated by a green "up" arrow in your portfolio, whilst a decrease in value will be represented by a red "down" arrow. Sell any of your stocks that are making a profit and the trophy will unlock.

    A guaranteed method to earn this trophy is by exploiting Lester's assassination missions with the method listed under A Lot of Cheddar. Another easy way is to complete the Random Events that flash up on your mini-map as you drive around. If you help people out, you will occasionally get lucky and one will email you revealing that they are actually rich and as way of thanks will give you stocks in their company. Go to your stock portfolio and immediately sell the stocks you were given and the trophy will unlock, despite the fact you didn't buy any of them.
  • Fully mod a weapon.

    This is a very simple trophy and can be earned either online, or in single-player as soon as you complete the "Complications" story mission as Michael. You will only need $3,381 which you should have by this point. Simply go to any Ammu-Nation store, select "Pistol" and buy the following to unlock this trophy:
    • Extended Clip - $387
    • Flashlight - $472
    • Suppressor - $1822
    • Army Tint - $100
    • LSPD Tint - $600
    Furthermore you can even earn this trophy for free. If you have the Special/Collector's Edition of the game, you will receive the Pistol .50 and the Bullpup Shotgun for free as soon as you enter an Ammu-Nation store. Simply "buy" all available attachments (they're all free) for either of these to unlock this trophy. Similarly, linking your PSN ID to the Rockstar Social Club will unlock the Assault SMG and all attachments for that will be free to.

    [AUTOPOP] If you import an existing character from PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 with which you've already attained this trophy, begin an activity such as a race and you'll unlock the trophy.
  • Deliver a bail bond target alive.

    [MISSABLE] This trophy can be missed if you have not unlocked it by the time you get to the final mission and choose an option other than "Option C". Furthermore there are only four bail bond targets which provide you with an opportunity to earn this trophy so even if "Option C" is selected, this can still be easily missed.

    Bail bond missions are only available to Trevor. After doing the story mission "Mr. Philips", travel to the icon North-East of Sandy Shores:

    Once there, you will meet Maude and unlock the bail bond side missions. Go back to your safehouse and sleep. When you wake up you should receive an email with details about your first target named Ralph Ostrowsk. To find him you need to head east to the "Davis Quartz" quarry area as shown here:

    After you locate the target use the quick save feature as insurance against accidentally killing him. Now quickly shoot the tires of his car and when he tries to run away just chase and shoot him with the stun gun (which can be purchased from any Ammu-Nation store for $90 or received automatically during the first "Civil Border Patrol Strangers & Freaks mission) or if you don't have one, punch him by holding and pressing . You can even try running him over with your car but only touch him lightly otherwise he will die. He should surrender after this, he will then enter your car automatically and you need to drive back to Maude. After you hand the bail bond target over to Maude the trophy will unlock.

    There are a total of four bail bond missions and they aren't replayable so you only have a few more chances if you fail at this first attempt. They are:
    • Bail Bond Target #2: Larry Tupper - In front of the giant barn in the Grand Senora Desert.
    • Bail Bond Target #3: Glenn Scoville - Parachuting off the summit of Mount Chiliad.
    • Bail Bond Target #4: Curtis Weaver - In the homeless camp by the foot of Mount Chiliad.
    Here is a video walkthrough:
  • Fully mod a vehicle.

    This trophy can be done either Online or in single-player. If done offline, in order to mod a vehicle you must first beat the story mission "Father/Son" to unlock the "Los Santos Customs" shops, located at the icon on the map. You will then need quite a bit of money ($60,000 to be safe) to fully upgrade a vehicle. Not all vehicles can be modified for this trophy, only those which have every type of upgrade available to purchase. Some cars that are eligible will have different upgrade categories to others so you will still need to buy something from every category that's unique to that car.

    If you have bought the "Los Santos Customs" property with Franklin for $349,000 then all mods and upgrades are free, however, this total is substantially more than the maximum you should have to pay so we have decided to list the absolute cheapest way to earn this trophy (assuming you have not bought the property). Also bear in mind that you can save your game before buying the car and upgrades, then simply reload after the trophy has popped to avoid any monetary loss.

    There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding using the three main characters' default cars. Some people have said that they got this trophy by modding them but many more have said that this never worked, therefore we have chosen to list a different car that is guaranteed to unlock this trophy.

    To begin press to bring up your mobile phone, select "Internet" => "Travel & Transport" => "Southern San Andreas Super Autos" and buy the Weeny Issi (any colour will do) for $18,000 and retrieve it from your garage. This is also the same car that Michael's daughter Tracey drives, so you can get one for free from the driveway at his house in Vinewood as it spawns fairly frequently.

    Now enter any "Los Santos Customs" shop and buy the following upgrades:

    1. Armor -- Armor Upgrade 20%
    2. Brakes -- Street Brakes
    3. Brakes -- Sport Brakes
    4. Bumpers -- Custom Front Splitter
    5. Bumpers -- Custom Rear Bumper
    6. Engine -- EMS Upgrade, Level 1
    7. Exhaust -- Dual Exit Exhaust
    8. Hood -- Vented Hood
    9. Horn -- Truck Horn
    10. Lights -- Xenon Lights
    11. Plate -- Blue on White 2
    12. Respray -- Primary Color -- Chrome
    13. Repsray -- Secondary Color -- Chrome
    14. Skirts -- Custom Skirts
    15. Suspension -- Lowered Suspension
    16. Transmission -- Street Transmission
    17. Turbo -- Turbo Tuning
    18. Wheels -- Wheel Type -- SUV -- Benefactor
    19. Wheels -- Wheel Color -- Black
    20. Wheels -- Wheel Accessories -- Custom Tires
    21. Wheels -- Wheel Accessories -- Bulletproof Tires
    22. Wheels -- Wheel Accessories -- Black Tire Smoke
    23. Windows -- Light Smoke

    Once you have bought all of the above, leave the shop to unlock the trophy. You must leave the shop otherwise the trophy won't unlock. Please see the video below for a video walkthrough of this trophy:

    [AUTOPOP] If you import an existing character from PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 with which you've already attained this trophy, complete an activity such as a race and you'll unlock the trophy.
  • Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.

    Under The Bridges

    There are 50 bridges that you must fly under across the map. First off, get a Maverick helicopter from the roof of the South Los Santos Hospital. If the Maverick doesn't spawn, go down the ladder to the street and up to the helipad again until it does. All 50 Under the Bridges can be finished with this helicopter and most are very easy, but there are a few tricky ones with very little room to manoeuvre. If you can't do these with the Maverick, the best helicopter for them is the Buzzard as it is smaller. This is located in Fort Zancudo or can be bought for $2 million from the "Warstock Cash & Carry" dealership on your phone.

    For all of the bridges we strongly advise you make use of the quick save feature when you are approaching one, just in case something goes wrong. Therefore if something goes wrong and you hit the bridge or the challenge does not register, you can quickly reload and try again. It is also highly recommended you max out the "Flying" statistic of one of your characters first by completing the lessons at the Flight School at the Los Santos International Airport (Trevor will be nearly maxed out when you gain control of him in the story). This will greatly help with stability and control for the delicate movements.

    You must not touch the sides of the bridges at all with your rotor blades, otherwise the challenge will not register. Only move on to the next bridge once an on-screen notification appears saying "Under The Bridge Completed!"

    Knife Flights

    There are 15 Knife Flight challenges in the game. A Knife Flight is when you tilt a plane on its side so that the wings are vertical, and to complete a "challenge" you have to do this manoeuvre between two buildings. Use the to tilt your plane on its side, then use the rudders with and to maintain altitude and balance.

    The best aircraft to do all of the challenges with is the fighter jet due to its speed, although the stunt airplane that occasionally appear at the McKenzie Field Hangar might be useful if you are struggling with the trickier challenges due to it being thinner and having the more precise control overall. However, it is much slower so you have to maintain your position and balance for a much longer period. The fighter jet can be found at Fort Zancudo, the military base in the west of San Andreas. You will automatically get a 4-star wanted level when you enter the base so make a quick save beforehand as it will likely take a few tries to successfully steal the jet.

    As with "Under The Bridges", it is highly recommended you use a character with a maxed out "Flying" statistic to give you more control over your aircraft. Completing the "Knife Flights" lesson at the Flight School is also good preparation for these challenges as the tutorial tells you exactly what to do. Most importantly, remember to quick save just before you attempt a challenge so you can easily restart if the attempt goes awry. Only move onto the next challenge once "Knife Flight Completed!" appears on your screen.

    Please check the 100% Completion Guide & Checklist for maps showing the locations of all "Under The Bridges" and "Knife Flight" challenges.
  • GTA Online: Complete the Introduction.

    [AUTOPOP] The first thing you will have to do when accessing GTA Online for the first time is design your character. You can adjust the various "Heritage" options to tweak the facial appearance and gender of your character, choose "Lifestyle" to adjust your various starting stats, and finally "Appearance" for the more physical characteristics like age, hair and clothes. Once this is done, select "Save & Continue". After this, the introductory cutscene will play accompanied by the credits.

    Lamar will pick your character up from the Los Santos International Airport, say a few welcoming words and give you your first weapon. He will drive you to a house and drop you off. As soon as you get out of the car, this trophy will pop.
  • GTA Online: Reach Rank 25.

    Please see Above the Law for more information. You will need 127,100 RP to reach Rank 25.
  • GTA Online: Reach Rank 50.

    Please see Above the Law for more information. You will need 448,800 RP to reach Rank 50.
  • GTA Online: Reach Rank 100.

    In order to reach Rank 100, you will need exactly 1,583,380 RP. Practically every activity in GTA Online will reward you with RP (Reputation Points), whether it be larger hauls from Jobs such as missions and races or smaller boosts from miscellaneous acts like holding up stores and losing Wanted Level stars. There is no escaping the fact that this is a long and arduous grind that will by no means come quickly. There are a couple of things to bear in mind:

    1: Completing a mission as a team as opposed to solo will give you a 20% increase in your RP reward for that mission and if a member of that team is in the same Crew as you, you will receive a further 10% boost.

    2: Setting the difficulty to "Hard" in the pre-mission options will also give you a 1.5x RP boost upon completion.

    Since Patch 1.06, almost all avenues of boosting RP quickly and efficiently have been removed by Rockstar. Therefore, reaching Rank 100 is an extremely long grind that will easily take upwards of 100 hours just if you are solidly doing Jobs and performing well in them. There are a few RP exploits that get found, which is to be expected with an Online mode of this size, but Rockstar are extremely diligent and as soon as they are found and posted on the Internet (such as on Youtube or their own forums), they will act very quickly to remove them.

    Exploits usually appear after new patches, so my advice would be to closely monitor the GTA V forum of this site and this thread in particular to see if any new exploits appear. Then, get onto them as quickly as possible because the better and faster they are, the quicker they will be removed. Similarly, keep an eye out for Double XP weekends and use them to your advantage to lessen the grind.

    [AUTOPOP] If you import an existing character from PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, provided you are at the requisite rank or above it, you will gain the appropriate trophies the next time you rank up or the next time you complete an activity such as a race. You might need to do this for every rank, for a maximum of three times.
  • GTA Online: Obtain first place in all competitive game types.

    [AUTOPOP] There are numerous competitive game types that you must obtain first place in. The complete list is as follows:
    • Deathmatch
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Air Race
    • Land Race - Standard
    • Land Race - GTA
    • Land Race - Rally (either as Driver or Co-Driver).
    • Sea Race
    • Arm Wrestling - Minimum one round.
    • Darts - Minimum 1 leg.
    • Golf - Minimum 1 hole.
    • Tennis - Minimum 1 set.
    • Shooting Range - Win any one of a Cover Target, Random Target or Target Grid match.
    • Parachuting - Get the highest score and touch the ground first.
    • Complete a Gang Attack.
    • Complete all 10 waves of Survival Mode.
    Thankfully all of the above can be easily boosted with a single friend or boosting partner in an "Invite Only Session", with the exception of the Rally race and Team Deathmatch which require a minimum of 4 each. Survival Mode and Gang Attack can be done in a Solo Session once you attain Rank 15 and 18 respectively. If boosting, once everyone is in the Private Session you can start any of the race types immediately by pausing, then selecting "Online => Jobs => Host Job => Rockstar Created => Races => *Select Race*". Similarly, you can access Deathmatches by the same method, swapping "Races" in the selection process with "Deathmatches". All other activities must be activated by travelling to their respective icons on the map and hosting that way.

    The earliest point at which you can complete this trophy is Rank 18 as that is when Gang Attacks are unlocked. To check which game types you have already won, pause and go to "Stats => Awards => Victory" to see an overview of your medal progress for each specific game type. Not all of the medals in this category denote objectives required to earn this trophy, only those which specifically register the number of wins in the game types listed above.

    To find a boosting partner, please click here: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!).
  • GTA Online: Use custom vehicles to win 5 races.

    [AUTOPOP] After completing the tutorial missions in the beginning of GTA Online, you will unlock the Los Santos Customs shops () on your map. Simeon will call and tell you to steal a car that you can use as your own personalised vehicle. Steal any car except a "premium vehicle" (basically any except the fast sports cars) and make sure it is customizable. Now bring it back to the Los Santos Customs shop and add a tracker and insurance, all of which are free the first time. This will be your personal insured vehicle and can be used in Land Races.

    Shortly after getting the car, Land Races will be shown all over the map and represented by the icon. Go to one of these icons and choose to host a race, making sure you enable "Custom Vehicles: ON" in the race settings and set "Vehicle Class" to the same class as your vehicle. For example, if you are driving a Coupe, you must choose "Coupe" as the vehicle class. If the class you choose does not match with the class of your insured vehicle, it will not be available to select. To see which class your own vehicle belongs to, simply press while driving. Behind the car's name it shows the vehicle type in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This trophy will not unlock in "Solo Session" so you must boost it with a friend or do it legitimately.

    Once hosting, wait until at least one other person has joined the match and choose your own customised vehicle in vehicle select. You need to win 5 races using any custom vehicle, you do not have to win all 5 races with the same vehicle.

    This can also be boosted very easily in a private lobby. Invite a friend to the race, set the number of laps to "1", choose a very short track like "Criminal Records" and then beat them 5 times. After the race, you can elect to "Replay" it by selecting the option in the bottom-left corner after the race is over. This will restart the race with the exact same settings so the wins will come very quickly.

    To find a boosting partner, please click here: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!).
  • GTA Online: Complete all 10 waves of a Survival.

    Survival is a wave-based mode that sees you battle increasingly difficult enemies for a maximum of 10 waves. It is first available once you reach Rank 15 when Ron calls you informing you of a commotion at the Industrial Plant. It is mandatory to go there and participate in your first Survival match after which they are available to play at any time, however, it is possible to earn this trophy earlier by having a friend who is Rank 15 or above invite you to a Survival lobby.

    Survival mode, even with 4 players, can be very tough as enemies get stronger with each wave that goes by in terms of both health and weaponry, though their A.I behaviour and numbers don't alter. Furthermore armoured SUVs and Buzzard helicopters are introduced later on to increase the difficulty, however, there is an exploit on one of the maps which makes completing all 10 waves ridiculously easy.

    Firstly, you should visit any Ammu-Nation store in preparation and stock up on ammo. You take into each Survival match what you have in your inventory at the time so it is wise to be prepared rather than run out mid-wave, then press and select "Online => Jobs => Host Job => Rockstar Created => Survival" and select the "Boneyard" map.

    Immediately as the first wave starts, look to your right to spot a grey portacabin in front of a red wall. In between these two structures is a very narrow gap, which is where you will camp for the entirety of the 10 waves. For some inexplicable reason, if you position yourself here all of the enemies will spawn in front of you and run into your line of sight repeatedly. All you have to do is hug the wall of the portacabin by pressing then move along it with and depending on which direction the enemies are coming from on your mini-map, then stick your head out to aim and pick them off using the "Traditional GTA" targeting mode. On rare occasions an enemy will reach the red wall and have a clear shot at you but instead of taking a shot, for some reason they prefer to either take cover behind the rocks on the right-hand side or the wall on the left-hand side so these should be of little trouble.

    A Buzzard helicopter will appear on waves 4 and 7 in solo, but they pose little threat as they can't shoot you in your narrow space. When they fly overhead and away from you, pop out of cover and try to shoot the pilot to bring it down instantly. It can be difficult to hit him though so you may prefer to shoot the helicopter until it crashes. The SUVs pose no threat as the enemies will conveniently park up in front of you in the open and climb out, just pick them off easily or throw sticky bombs/grenades at the vehicles to blow them up instantly.

    If you find yourself needing supplies, it is advised to wait until there is one enemy left (a notification at the bottom of the screen will tell you this) and then going around the battlefield carefully avoiding him while mopping up weapons, ammo, health and body armour if you need it. You have 20 seconds to do this in between waves anyway, but sometimes you can be pushing it a little tight and the last thing you need is to be caught out in the open when the next wave starts.

    Using this method I (Krid) completed all 10 waves solo and was only shot a handful of times but never enough to even deplete my body armour. It may, however, be advisable to do this with a partner (with each person guarding one end of the portacabin), simply for the security just in case something does go awry like running out of ammo mid-wave or even dying. With multiple players, if one player dies then they will be resurrected at the end of the wave if the other survives. Using this method with 3-4 players is still very possible, but is ill-advised due to the large increase in enemy numbers and the fact that there is little room in the narrow gap for the extra players to be of any use.

    One time only during a Survival match, you can call in helicopter support to assist you one time only. This is done by calling "Merryweather" from the Contacts section of your in-game phone for a cost of $5,000. This will also net you the Dialling Digits trophy if you haven't got it already. Thanks to JHChiBulls for this tip.

    To find a boosting partner, please click here: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!).

    [AUTOPOP] If you import an existing character from PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 with which you've already attained this trophy, beginning a game of Survival Mode will unlock the trophy.
  • GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.

    [AUTOPOP] To participate in a Rally, you must travel to any of the blue "Land Race" icons () on the map, host a session then choose Race Type: Rally Mode. You will need 4 players for this trophy as the match won't start with uneven teams so it is best to do it in a private session and invite three friends or boosting partners to join you.

    Once you have four people, select your "Preferred Partner" (which can be anyone, assuming you are going to swap wins) and most importantly, next to "Preferred Role", select "Co-Driver". You must be the co-driver for this trophy to unlock. None of the other settings matter, so choose whichever you like.

    Rallying works similar to real-life, where the co-driver directs the driver and communication is paramount. The driver's screen shows no race checkpoints, so it is up the co-driver to direct him in the right direction. This is most easily done with a PS3 headset or another voice chat service like Skype, but can also be done with the and buttons on the D-pad. Pressing these buttons will bring up a corresponding yellow directional arrow on the left or right side of the driver's screen to tell him when to turn. Simply direct the driver to the finish line first and the trophy will unlock.

    An even easier method is to do a race in Rally Mode on the "Criminal Records" track. This is a simple circular track going in a clockwise direction so you don't even need to direct the driver to win as the course is obvious.
  • GTA Online: Survive with a Bounty on your head.

    [AUTOPOP] Shortly after reaching Rank 10 you will receive a call from Lester while driving around in the open world in Multiplayer. Lester will ask you to come to his home, marked with a white "L" on the map. Go there and watch the cutscene to unlock the ability to place bounties on other players' heads. To do so, access the "Contacts" app from your in-game phone and then call Lester. Select the option "Set Bounty" and select then choose a player from your session to place a bounty upon. The minimum cash you need to place a bounty on a player's head is $2,000 ($1,000 for the bounty and $1,000 for Lester's cut).

    The easiest way to earn this trophy is by inviting a friend or a boosting partner to a private session and getting them to place a bounty on your head using the above method. You must be Rank 10 yourself to have a bounty placed on your head, even if the other player has unlocked the ability to set bounties.

    For the trophy to unlock you must survive with a bounty for 24 in-game hours, plus however long it takes to reach the next hour mark. For example: If someone sets a bounty on you at 12:27pm, you must survive until 1pm the next day. One in-game day is a real-life total of 48 minutes. Participating in activities, races or missions will pause the timer, so the best way to pass the time is by driving or running around the map to avoid timing out (set at 15 minutes of being idle) and leaving the session. One thing you cannot do is camp in your apartment, as the timer will pause as soon as you enter it. If an NPC kills you or you commit suicide, the bounty will not be negated so if you are only with your boosting partner in a session you don't have to worry.

    To find a boosting partner please click here: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!).

    There is also a small chance that you might get lucky with this in a solo session. If you steal cars from NPCs (particularly the more expensive "premium" cars), there is a chance that they will place a bounty on your head in revenge. You will get a threatening text message from them then Lester will call you informing you that you have a bounty on your head. Survive for 24 hours (flying around the map is best in solo as the NPC will never find you) and the trophy will be yours.
  • GTA Online: Finish a Gang Attack without dying and kill at least 10 enemies.

    [AUTOPOP] Gang Attacks are unlocked at Rank 18 after receiving a call from Martin Madrazzo informing you that gang members are causing trouble in certain areas of San Andreas. From this point onwards when travelling around the world you will see red circles appear on your mini-map indicating where there is a gang presence. These won't appear on the overall map in the pause menu so the only way to find them is by driving around and keeping an eye on your mini-map. There do seem to be some fixed locations, such as the homeless camp under the bridge just south of the shooting range at an Ammu-Nation and the construction site a few blocks to the north-west of it. If one does not appear in these locations, it might be best starting a new session and going back to that location as opposed to driving round aimlessly looking for others.

    It is preferable to stock up on ammo and buy some body armour before initiating the Gang Attack as even though you can still complete it after respawning, the trophy won't unlock if you die. Once you are ready, go into the red circle and either wait for the enemies to start shooting you or start killing them yourself. Once you do you will have an indicator in the bottom-right corner saying "Remaining: /15" to show you how many enemies are left. Take cover, preferably on the edges of the red circle to avoid being flanked from all sides and be patient. Keep an eye on your enemies' positions on the mini-map and pop out to take them down if they get close. Once they are all dead then, assuming you didn't die, this trophy will pop.

    This trophy is best attempted solo rather than in a public lobby to ensure that other players don't take too many kills but if you have a friendly partner in a private session, they can kill up to 5 enemies and draw their fire to make it easier for you to survive.

    Here is a map of all Gang Attacks and the times at which they occur. Thanks to legndorock for supplying it:
  • GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Awards.

    [AUTOPOP] Platinum Awards are in-game accomplishments that are earned by completing certain challenges in GTA Online. Initially, there were 85 in total, but more have since been added with various updates and only 30 are needed for this trophy, meaning it has gotten easier over time. Most Awards are tier-based (Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum) but 22 are one-time only accomplishments that give you a Platinum straight away.

    Luckily the vast majority of the Awards can be boosted either solo or with 2-4 players in an Invite Only Session. You can check your progress towards the Awards by pausing and selecting "Stats => Awards" and scrolling through the different categories. Similarly, clicking the "Awards" tab in the Rockstar Social Club will take you to a list of all medals and your current progress.

    Below is a list of awards, and ones marked with an asterisk (*) are the easiest ones we recommend you obtain by yourself in a Solo Session or with a single boosting partner in an Invite Only Session.

    For a detailed guide for this trophy, please see this thread created by FlutterGuy: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/f...rds-guide.html
    All Land Races should be boosted on the "Criminal Records" circuit with the number of laps set to "1". This track is extremely short and races can be completed in 30 seconds.

    1. The Slayer* - Place in the top 3 of 25 Deathmatches (Boost in a 1v1 Deathmatch).
    2. Death Brigade - Win 25 Team Deathmatches.
    3. Team Carrier - Be the MVP in 25 Team Deathmatches.
    4. The Champion* - Win 50 Races.
    5. The Aviator* - Win 25 Air Races.
    6. Making Waves* - Win 25 Sea Races.
    7. Cruisin' For A Bruisin'* - Win 50 GTA Races.
    8. Road Rage* - Kill at least 3 other racers in a GTA Race, then win the Race (This doesn't actually have to be three separate racers. Just destroy your boosting partner's car, let him respawn and then repeat twice).
    9. Follow To A Tee - Win 20 Rally Races as the Driver.
    10. The Dictator - Win 20 Rally Races as the Co-Driver.
    11. Impromptu Champion* - Win 20 Impromptu Races.
    12. In A Class Of Your Own* - Win a Race in a custom vehicle (See The Midnight Club ).
    13. Penetrate From Behind* - Move from last place to Race winner in 20 Races (Will be automatically earned if starting 2nd in a 1v1 Race).
    14. The Record Holder* - Hold a World Record in a Rockstar race (Currently glitched, just keep repeating a race and it will pop unexpectedly).
    15. Dust Maker* - Achieve the Fastest Lap in 25 Races (Will be automatically earned if you win a 1 lap race).
    16. Every Race* - Win every type of Race mode at least once (Only a "Standard", "GTA" and "Rally" Race is needed).
    17. Survivor* - Finish all 10 waves in Survival (See Unnatural Selection ).
    18. Over The Top* - Win 25 Arm Wrestling contests (Minimum 1 round).
    19. Throwback King* - Win 25 Darts matches (Minimum 1 leg).
    20. The Swing King* - Win 25 rounds of Golf (Minimum one hole).
    21. Stroke Master - Win 25 Tennis matches (Minimum 1 set).
    22. Out Of Five* - Win a 5 set Tennis match (Boost alongside "Straight Sets and "Ace". Set the match to 5 sets and win 3-0).
    23. Straight Sets* - Win a Tennis match in straight sets.
    24. Crack Shot - Win 25 Target Grid matches.
    25. Duck And Cover* - Win 25 Cover Target matches.
    26. Granny* - Color all the targets in a Target Grid match (Partner stands idle and lets you shoot all his coloured targets).
    27. The Marksman* - Win 25 Random Target matches.
    28. All Rounder* - Win every game mode at least once (Will unlock at the same time as Numero Uno ).
    1. War Pig - Play 25 different Deathmatches.
    2. Veteran Racer - Complete 25 Races.
    3. Nick Of Time - Deploy your parachute below 130 feet and land safely 25 times.
    4. Point Break - Stay in the air for over 3 minutes while parachuting 25 times.
    5. Stayed On Target - Use the brakes for an accurate and safe parachute landing 25 times.
    6. Clear Out - Clear out 5 Gang Attacks in one game day in a single session.
    7. Checking Out* - Win a game of Darts with a 6-dart checkout (With doubles being the coloured segment at the top of each number's section and trebles being the coloured segment halfway between the bullseye and the double segment, hit: T20-T20-D20, T20-T19-D12 or T20-T20-D20, T20-T15-D18).
    8. Birdies - Sink 25 birdies in Golf.
    9. Hole In One - Get a hole in one in Golf.
    10. Ace - Serve 25 aces in Tennis.
    11. The Hustler* - Win $50,000 in bets.
    12. Lapping It Up* - Pay for 25 private dances at the Strip Club (Initiate dance, quit then initiate again).
    13. Crate Chaser - Get to 25 crate drops first.
    14. Salvaged - Pick up a special crate before anyone else.
    15. Snapper Dresser* - Wear 25 different outfits (Buy the 25 cheapest items in any clothes store for this).
    16. Hairy Encounters* - Change your hairstyle 25 times (Swap between the two cheapest hairstyles).
    17. Proud Gun Owner - Buy all guns from Ammu-Nation (Needs Rank 120 for Minigun so can only be achieved after Above The Law ).
    18. The Human Canvas - Tattoo every body part (easy with Beach Bum DLC).
    1. The Fugitive - Spend 60 minutes with a Wanted Level.
    2. The Police Mocker - Evade 5 star Wanted Levels 50 times.
    3. When Pigs Can Fly - Shoot 25 police choppers down.
    4. Death By Drive-By - Get 100 enemy drive-by kills from a friend's passenger seat.
    5. Vehicle Thief - Steal 500 vehicles.
    6. Full Metal Jacket - Rob 25 armoured trucks.
    7. Armed Robber* - Hold up all 20 Stores.
    1. Sky High - Blow up 500 vehicles.
    2. The Exporter - Sell 25 vehicles to the Import/Export garage.
    3. No Claims Bonus* - Drive for 30 consecutive minutes without crashing.
    4. The Passenger - Ride as a passenger for 4 cumulative hours.
    5. Mile High Club - Spend 4 cumulative hours in a helicopter.
    6. Suped Up* - Apply each type of mod to one vehicle.
    7. Airborne* - Land 25 jumps over 300 feet in a road vehicle (Repeat the race "Downtown Underground" with the Adder car from the "Super" category - the jump halfway through the lap will always add +1 to this if you are going at a decent speed).
    8. Flippin' Hell - Flip your vehicle 10 times while travelling through the air.
    9. Spinderella - Spin your vehicle 4 full revolutions 5 times.
    10. Unirider* - Wheelie for 2000 consecutive feet (Start up the "Taking Off" Land Race and choose motorbikes and the Bati 801RR. Build up a bit of speed, hold and drive to the other end of the runway).
    1. Head Banger - Perform 500 headshots.
    2. The Widow Maker - Kill 1000 players in any GTA Online mode.
    3. The Bounty Hunter - Kill and collect 25 bounties.
    4. 3 For 1 - Kill someone 3 times before they get you 50 times.
    5. Streaker - Achieve 50 killstreaks in Deathmatch.
    6. Stolen Kills - Kill 25 players that have already been wounded by another.
    7. Death Toll - 500 total Deathmatch kills.
    8. Killstreaker* - Earn a killstreak of at least 10 in Deathmatch (Set the kill limit to 10 and boost 1 on 1 with a partner).
    9. Smoke 'Em Out* - Get the most kills during a Gang Attack (You can die as many times as you like, so as long as your partner gets less kills than you, you will get this).
    10. Bloodiest Of The Bunch - Get the most kills in a 4-player Survival.
    11. The Equalizer - Kill a player that has killed you 3 times in Deathmatch 25 times.
    These requirements are pretty straightforward yet time-consuming. Only kills on other players count towards these numbers so enemy NPCs in missions won't. If you play a lot of competitive match types, many of these will come naturally.

    1. Pistol Whipped - 500 Pistol kills.
    2. SMG Head - 500 SMG kills.
    3. Shotgun Blues - 500 Shotgun kills.
    4. Looking Down The Barrel - 500 Assault Rifle kills.
    5. Scoping Out - 500 Sniper Rifle.
    6. Rapid Fire - 500 Machine Gun kills.
    7. Ended In A Sticky Situation - 50 Sticky Bomb kills.
    8. Grenade Fiend - 50 Grenade kills.
    9. The Rocket Man - 50 RPG kills.
    10. The Melee Murderer - 50 Melee kills.
    11. The Car Bomber - 50 Vehicle Bomb kills.
    Since the addition of the Heists update, you can get 5 easy Platinum Medals just for finishing each heist.
  • GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores.

    [AUTOPOP] It is highly recommended you earn this trophy in Solo, this can be accessed while in Single Player by pressing => Online => GTA Online => Solo Session. If you play in a public session, other plays can hold up stores (which makes them disappear from your map for a while to "regenerate") and can also kill you and steal your money.

    There are 20 stores around San Andreas and all of them are marked on your map by the icon. You will learn how to hold up a store as part of the tutorial. You must enter the store and aim a weapon at the shopkeeper to intimidate him and make him empty the cash register, which he will do more quickly if you shout down the headset or fire your weapon into the wall behind him. Once the meter fills up, he will throw a bag of money over the counter and you can leave. What the tutorial doesn't tell you is that if you shoot the cashier in the head immediately, you can go around to the register and empty it yourself with . You only earn around 1/3 of the cash, but this is useful if you need a quick getaway or you are just looking to complete this trophy as quickly as possible. You incur no extra Wanted Level penalty from killing him.

    As soon as you aim your weapon, you will will have a Wanted Level which starts at 2-stars and increases with the number of consecutive stores you hold up. You do not have to evade the Wanted Level for the store to count as "held up", so even if you die it will count as long as you picked up the bag of money. You can also swap to Single Player quickly via the character-selection wheel then start a new Solo Session to erase your Wanted level completely or you can hold up a store wearing a mask and remove it out of sight of the cops to instantly lose a star.

    The stores you have successfully held up will have a green tick next to the map icon () and to check which stores out of the 20 you have left to hold up, access the map with then scroll down to "Store" with and through them with or . You can do this over multiple sessions as once a shop has been robbed, the progress will be saved permanently for the character you are playing with.
  • GTA Online: Participate in everything Los Santos has to offer.

    [GLITCHED] [AUTOPOP] Despite what the trophy description says, you don't have to participate in every activity for this trophy as only the following is required:
    • Buy a private dance at the Strip Club () - You don't need to actually have the dance, just buy one for $40 then walk out.
    • Buy clothes - Completed as part of the tutorial.
    • Get a haircut.
    • Get a tattoo (On the torso, to be certain).
    • Have an Arm Wrestle - Minimum 1 round.
    • Hold up a store ().
    • Play Darts () - Minimum 1 leg (the first to score 301).
    • Play Golf () - Minimum 1 hole.
    • Play Tennis () - Minimum 1 set.
    • Play the Shooting Range () - Play one challenge.

    Some people have experienced a problem where they have partaken in all of the above activities but the trophy did not pop. It seems to be the tattoo that is a little glitchy so go back and try getting a different tattoo on the torso area. Thanks to dcollins22 for this tip.

    All of the above can be completed as early as Rank 6 when the Strip Club and sports activities become available and all activities except for Arm Wrestling, Darts and Tennis can be done in a Solo Session. For those you can invite a friend or a boosting partner to a private session to get them done quickly.

    To check which activities you have done, pause the game with , go across to the "Stats" tab then to "Unlocks" => "Progress". This will provide a list of all the activities in the game, but only the ones listed above specific to Los Santos matter. Find the activity corresponding with the checklist above and check next to it for a "No" or "Yes" indicating whether or not you have completed this activity. Beware that if you quit out of an activity before completing it (or your opponent does during the sports), then it will be marked as "Yes" but won't actually have counted. You can also check by looking at the icon on your map; if there is a green tick in the top-left corner of the icon, it has been participated in. Once all the above activities have been completed, the trophy will unlock.

    To find a boosting partner, please click here: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/gra...irst-post.html.
  • GTA Online: Complete a Job as a member of a Crew.

    [AUTOPOP] Crews are GTA V's version of clans. For this trophy you need to finish any Job (such as a mission or a race) with one person who is in the same Crew as you are. It doesn't matter if you play in a team together or against each other, nor does it matter if you win the race/mission or get defeated, the trophy will unlock regardless. You can create your own Crew and invite a friend or accept a Crew invite. If you are hosting the match, choose "Crew Members" in the invite menu or select someone from your friends list who is part of the same Crew and invite them. Your entire Crew need only consist of 2 people for this trophy.

    You can create or apply for a Crew of your choosing by linking your PSN ID to the Rockstar Social Club and you can recruit members for your Crew or search for one matching your needs on this site using the https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/gra...irst-post.html.
  • GTA Online: Kill the thief that mugged you.

    [AUTOPOP] For this trophy, you will need to be in a lobby with someone who's Rank 50 or above. The easiest way to do this is to find one in your Crew or the Trophy Boosting Thread and set up a private session, rather than relying on chance in a public lobby. You do not need to be Rank 50 yourself to earn this trophy.

    Once at Rank 50 your boosting partner will get the option to call Lamar, select the "Send Mugger" option and choose a player in the session to send the mugger after for a fee of $1,000, just like the process for bounties for Run Like The Wind . Your partner must select you, and you must have cash on your person (although the amount can be as little as possible).

    When this is done an enemy NPC will shortly arrive and tackle you to the floor, taking some or all of your money in the process. Your character will be staggered and unable to stand up for a few seconds so follow the direction he runs off in with the in-game camera () and as soon as you can stand up, chase after him. If you lose sight of him you can just follow the blip on your mini-map. Once you get close enough, kill him and take your money back at which point the trophy will pop.
  • GTA Online: Call for a Backup Helicopter for the first time.

    [AUTOPOP] Once you reach Rank 20, you will get a call from Merryweather informing you that you can now utilise their help to call in air support via helicopters. To do so, go to the "Contacts" app on your phone and call Merryweather. Select "Backup Helicopter" (which costs $5,000) and they will send a Buzzard to support you. As soon as the Buzzard arrives the trophy will unlock, regardless of whether it actually kills anyone.
  • GTA Online: Own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle

    [AUTOPOP] For this trophy you must own all three components simultaneously. The "Insured Vehicle" component of this trophy is automatically covered, as you will get your first insured vehicle for free as part of the tutorial missions. If for any reason you lose this vehicle, you can call "Mors Mutual Insurance" from your phone to get it back or steal a cheap car (not a "Premium" one as they are untrackable) and take it to a Los Santos Customs shop. Select Loss/Theft Prevention then buy the "Tracker" and "Insurance".

    To get an Apartment and Garage you need to be at least Rank 5 and have $80,000 cash in the bank. You will get money fairly quickly by holding up stores, winning competitive match types, finishing missions and races or by collecting vehicles for Simeon or selling them at Los Santos Customs. Once you have $80,000, open your web browser and either click the "Dynasty 8" advert or go to the "Money and Services" tab and select the Dynasty 8 website (www.dynasty8realestate.com) and scroll down until you see the "0112 S Rockford Dr, Apt 13" property that costs $80,000. It comes with a garage so you won't need to invest money in a separate one. As soon as you purchase the property, the "Apartment" and "Garage" requirements will be fulfilled.

    You must buy a property from the Internet via your phone, this is because the trophy won't unlock if you buy one from the "For Sale" signs in front of the various properties dotted around the map.

Secret trophies

  • You repo'd a car and raced it through the heart of a sun-soaked metropolis.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 2nd story mission "Franklin and Lamar".
    After the prologue is over you will come to Los Santos and be in control of Franklin. In the beginning of this mission you will have to pick one of two cars to jack (steal) then race your buddy Lamar to a certain location. After the race you will have to escape the cops and bring the car back to the dealership garage. The trophy will pop after the cutscene at the garage.
  • With friends like this who needs enemies?

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 19th story mission "Fame or Shame".
    Go to the "M" on your map while playing as Trevor or Michael to start this mission, you will have to drive to the Maze Bank Arena and go inside. After that you need to chase down a certain character in an 18-wheeler. After the scripted chase you will eventually catch up with him, at which point a cutscene will play and the trophy will unlock.
  • It's time for a little getaway.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 38th story mission "Caida Libre".
    Go to the "MZ" on your map while playing as Trevor or Michael to start this mission. You will have to go to the Galileo Observatory and get the high-powered sniper rifle from the van that is parked there, then you need to shoot down an airplane by firing at the red square in front of it to accommodate for the time lapse. Now follow its smoke trail through the desert until it crashes. Once there kill the last passenger and go into the airplane to grab some documents. In the last step you need to destroy your van, go to Martin's house and meet up with your partner to end the mission. The trophy will pop after that.
  • You have uncovered the truth about Brad.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 49th story mission "Bury the Hatchet".
    Go to the "M" on your map while playing as Trevor or Michael to start this mission. You will need to drive to the Los Santos International Airport as Michael first and then to a graveyard. You will see a cutscene and subsequently be attacked by Cheng's small private army, fight your way through them and back to Michael's car. In the last part you will switch to Trevor automatically and need to reach the yellow target destination with your airplane. Once you get there and land the plane safely, the mission will end and the trophy will unlock.
  • Completed the final mission.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 69th story mission, which depending on your choice is called either "The Third Way", "Something Sensible" or "The Time's Come". The guide below follows The Third Way as that relates to "Option C" which we recommended you choose in the Roadmap to avoid missable trophies.
    When the last mission stars you will get a call while playing as Franklin, be sure to pick option "C"! In the first part you need to meet up with Lamar and drive to the target destination where you meet Michael and Trevor. Fight off all the enemies and you will get the task to assassinate one enemy leader with each character. Kill all of these high-value targets to receive the final objective as Trevor. Go to the final target's house, kill the guards around the pool and approach the target. Finally, drive to the rendezvous point and enjoy the final cutscene after which the final story trophy will pop.
  • You cleaned out Vangelico to pay back Martin Madrazo.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, It will unlock after completing the 13th story mission "The Jewel Store Job".
    This is the first heist mission. After finishing the preparations, you can choose between two approaches for this mission (i.e "Loud" or "Smart"). It does not matter which one you choose, it just changes the short preparation missions and the way the heist plays out. Your final reward depends on which people you choose to employ. Less skilled hirees will demand less of a cut than experienced hands, but they are more likely to die and lose the money they were carrying.

    During the heist, rob the store and take as many jewels as you can from the cabinets before escaping with the money on motorbikes. After losing the cops in the sewer tunnels and meeting at the rendezvous point, the mission will end and you will earn the trophy.
  • You stole an experimental super weapon from Merryweather... and gave it back.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 27th story mission "The Merryweather Heist".
    This is the second heist mission. After finishing the preparations you can choose between two approaches again (neither way will affect the trophy, just the way the mission pans out). Following the "Freighter" choice, you must plant the bombs on the ship then detonate them and pick up the experimental super weapon with the submarine. Bring it to the target destination to finish the mission and unlock the trophy.
  • You performed a classic blitz play.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 34th story mission "Blitz Play".
    This is the third heist mission. After finishing the preparations you must head to the "H" symbol on your map. Unlike other heist missions, you don't have the opportunity to choose between different approaches for this one.

    Get the garbage truck in place and ram the security van with the two trucks. Blast open the doors and take the money, then fight off the cops for a couple of minutes. After all the cops are gone you need to drive the garbage truck to the target area with Franklin. Destroy the truck and deliver the money to end this mission and unlock the trophy.
  • You made a big impression at the Paleto Bay Chicken Festival.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 44th story mission "The Paleto Score".
    This is the fourth heist mission. After finishing the preparations you must head to the "H" symbol on your map. Again unlike other heist missions, you don't have the opportunity to choose between different approaches for this one.

    Go to the bank and take the loot from the safe. Now fight your way through all the cops with your new weapon until you switch to Franklin automatically. Franklin has to bring a bulldozer to Michael and Trevor. Be careful though as there are several military tanks driving around and shooting you, use the scoop on the front to lift cars out of your way. Pick up your comrades and drive to the building on the other side of the street. Make your way through that building and jump on the train to end this mission and unlock the trophy.
  • You recovered sensitive information from a highly defended federal building.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 57th story mission "The Bureau Raid".
    This is the fifth heist mission. After finishing the preparations you can choose between two approaches for this mission. Following the "Fire Crew" option, you must go to the FIB building as Michael dressed as a janitor (which is automatically done for you). In between tedious mopping sections, you must plant incendiary bombs around the building. After that is done, go outside and detonate the bombs before going back in as a fireman (again, this will be automatic). Enter the building and take the hard drive, fight your way out then escape the cops and go back to Lester's house to finish this mission and unlock the trophy.
  • This ain't no dream no more.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock after completing the 68th story mission The Big Score".
    This is the sixth and final heist mission. After finishing the preparations you can choose between two approaches for this mission. Go to the bank and rob the gold. Now depending on which method you chose, you must either transport the gold with a helicopter and place it on a train or drive your escape vehicle into the back of a truck after a scripted chase to secure the loot. Once either is done, go to the rendezvous point to end the mission and unlock the trophy.
  • You played GTA V in first person mode for 15 hours.

    [PS4 ONLY] On the PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto V, you cycle through camera modes by pressing .

    Progress towards this trophy counts in either First Person on-foot or in-vehicle and is cumulative between Story Mode & GTA Online.

    • Track your progress in the pause menu. Stats > General/Career > Time played in first person.
    • By default, if you enable FPS you'll be forced to use it for both in-vehicle and on-foot. To enable seperate cameras in each mode, in the pause menu go into Settings > Display and enable Allow Independent Camera Modes.

    If you despise First-Person view you can always just leave the game idle for 15 hours. Just be sure to turn OFF all of the PlayStation 4's auto-off features such as "System" and "Controller Auto-Off" in the system settings to ensure your sytem remains powered.

    Thanks to Supremacy for writing and providing the guide for this specific trophy.

DLC: Heists

9 trophies

  • GTA Online: Invest your hard earned cash to set up a Heist.

    While this trophy is technically story related, you cannot get the trophy unless you are the Heist Leader. You will get this on the second heist, The Prison Break, after the initial cutscene. You will also need at least $40,000 in order to start the mission. Note you must have 4 people in your game in order to start the cutscene. If you have already completed all the heists as a crew member, you can choose to replay any heist, and the trophy will pop during/after the intro cutscene.
  • GTA Online: As Heist Leader set the finale cut as 25% across all players.

    Only the Heist Leader can get this trophy, crew members will not. You can get this trophy on any 4 player heist (i.e. The Prison Break and onwards).

    When you are the Heist Leader, you will choose the missions and which player has which task in each heist and setup mission. After completing all the setup missions, you will begin the main heist itself, which starts with a planning board where you can choose the tasks and payouts for each player.

    The Heist Leader is always offered more money than the others because they are the ones who pay the setup costs, so you will need to adjust the payouts. Simply change the payout so that each player gets 25%. The trophy should pop at the end of the heist after seeing the payouts appear.

    Note it appears that if somebody disconnects from your team right at the end of the heist, the trophy will not pop, so tell your teammates not to leave until the cutscene is done.
  • GTA Online: Spend a total of $8,000,000 purchasing vehicles included as part of The Heists Update.

    This trophy will require some grinding. The trophy requires you to spend $8,000,000 on vehicles that are part of the Heists update. Some vehicles are unlocked from the start, but the rest of the vehicles will be unlocked as you play through the Heists. You can view purchasable cars by going to your phone with , then selecting the “Travel and Transport” option on the phone with and going to the various websites.

    After completing all the Heists once, you will have earned roughly around $2,000,000. If you are playing with a dedicated group of players and each person hosts every mission once, you might earn close to $8,000,000 in that time. However, there are ways to exploit money to get the trophy quicker, but Rockstar keeps patching the exploits so I won’t post any specific tips here, but keep checking the other threads on the forum to see if any new exploits are found.

    You can buy a car and sell it right away and it will still count toward the trophy, but only if the vehicle is labeled as "Part of the Heists update" on the vehicle websites. You don't need to only purchase cars, the planes and helicopters that are from the same update will also count, however you are unable to sell those vehicles.

    Note this trophy has been reported to pop a few minutes after reaching the $8,000,000 spent. Some people have reported it taking over 30 minutes to unlock. For me the trophy popped instantly, about 10 seconds after buying my last vehicle.

    Another way to make some easy money would be to buy a GTA cash card with real money. Most people will not want to do this, but for those who just want to get the trophy as fast as possible, there is no faster way than to buy GTA $ and using that to buy the vehicles.
  • GTA Online: Complete a Heist finale without taking any damage.

    This trophy may or may not come naturally. You must complete an entire heist from start to finish without taking damage, and without anyone failing the mission. A mission failure includes too many players dying and running out of lives, or failing to complete an objective in time.

    There are 2 Heists to get this trophy easily. The first would be The Fleeca Job, which is the first heist in the game, only requiring 2 people to complete it; the other is The Prison Break, requiring 4 people.

    For the Fleeca Job, your objective is to take a car to the bank, rob it, then escape the police on a predetermined route. The only time you need to be careful is when you are leaving the bank. There will be some cops firing at you, so take them out before you leave. As you are following the route you may or may not get shot, but if you manage to complete the last section without taking damage, the trophy is yours. If you have body armour equipped, and you lose some armour(whether from a crash or being shot), it will negate the trophy.

    If you are playing on PS4, this mission is really easy to get the trophy on, as you can duck down and hide in your car by pressing . Thanks Dipsy for the tip!

    The other heist, the Prison Break, is where you can also get the trophy. There are 2 task members that are rarely in the line of fire: The Pilot and the Demolition player, and both only have small sections where you might get shot.

    The Pilot just has to fly a plane to the Sandy Shores airfield and dodge missiles and planes. Then he will land & pick up the others, and evade the police afterwards. After evading the police, the Pilot will parachute to the beach and the mission will be pretty much done. The only time the pilot might take damage is while picking up the other players, and while landing from parachuting. To avoid damage while parachuting, simply hold and to slow your descent, and as long as you don’t crash into a cliff or the helicopter’s blades, you won’t take damage.

    The Demolition player has to steal a prison bus and dispose of it. Then they will take a chopper and blow up planes chasing the Pilot. The only times the Demolition player might take damage is while hijacking the prison bus and taking the Buzzard chopper, so as long as they are careful and take out the single guard at each part, they should be fine.
  • GTA Online: Earn 25 platinum medals across Heist Setups and Finales.

    This trophy may come naturally if you are a good player, but if not, there is an easy way to get it! You must earn 25 platinum medals across all the heists. You CAN replay the same heist and get a platinum medal on the same missions, it WILL count! These platinum medals are not the same as platinum awards that you earned for the Decorated trophy in the main game. These medals are given based on how you do in each mission, where platinum is for first place, gold for second, and so on. The best way to get yourself a platinum medal is to always go for the objectives, and get lots of kills and headshots. The game tends to prioritize the objectives more than anything else, so if a mission has something you need to pick up, or a specific character to kill, prioritize those over all else. If a mission just has lots of enemies, get the most kills & headshots and you should get the platinum medal.

    Here is a link to a quick guide I made to help you get some easy platinum medals: Platinum Medals Guide.

    I would recommend finishing all the heists before grinding it afterwards, as you might get platinum medals without even trying during some missions, making you only need to grind a few afterwards.

    The fastest way to get the trophy would be to replay the first heist, “The Fleeca Job.” You can replay it by calling Lester and selecting the option “Replay Heist.” The person who drives the car in each setup mission and the heist itself will always get the platinum medal, regardless of how bad you drive.

    Note that after completing the heist, you will have to wait 24 in-game hours (roughly 50 minutes) before you can replay it.

    However here is a tip from Dark_Raven666 to get it done faster:
    For Mastermind, you can avoid the 48 minute cooldown on heists by cancelling the Heist at the finale. So for Fleeca Job, you can do the two set ups and cancel the finale, then call Lester and do it straight away. Makes grinding platinum medals a lot faster.
    If you want to keep track of your progress, press , then scroll over to “Stats.” Then select “Heists” and finally the award called “Decorated.”

Secret trophies

  • GTA Online: You completed a Heist Setup mission.

    Story related and will most likely be the first trophy you unlock. You will get this upon completion of any Heist setup mission (not the finale). Either host your own heist or join a random player, and complete the mission.
  • GTA Online: You completed The Humane Labs Raid and Series A Funding as Heist Leader or Crew.

    Story related, cannot be missed. However it has been reported that if somebody leaves your game right at the end of a heist, it may not count towards the trophy progress.

    You must complete the 2 heists “The Humane Labs Raid" and “Series A Funding.” These are the 3rd and 4th heists respectively, assuming you are doing them in order.

    You only need to complete the final mission of each heist, the setup missions are not required for the trophy. That being said, you will have to play through them all if you are the Heist Leader, and it is much more fun to complete all the missions in each heist anyways.

    Here are all the missions for each heist:

    Humane Labs Raid:
    -Deliver EMP
    -Heist (Only this one is needed for the trophy)

    Series A Funding:
    -Trash Truck
    -Steal Meth
    -Heist (Only this one is needed for the trophy)
  • GTA Online: You completed The Fleeca Job and The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.

    Story related, cannot be missed. However it has been reported that if somebody leaves your game right at the end of a heist, it may not count towards the trophy progress.

    You must complete the 2 heists “The Fleeca Job” and “Pacific Standard Job.” These are the 1st and final heists, if you are doing them in order.

    You only need to complete the final mission of each heist, the setup missions are not required for the trophy. That being said, you will have to play through them all if you are the Heist Leader, and it is much more fun to complete all the missions in each heist anyways.

    Note that some of the missions for the Pacific Standard Job are quite tough, so you might want to have lots of armour and powerful weapons if you want to survive.

    Here are all the missions for each heist:

    Fleeca Job:
    -Scope Out
    -Heist (Only this one is needed for the trophy)

    Pacific Standard Job:
    -Heist (Only this one is needed for the trophy)
  • GTA Online: You completed The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew.

    Story related, cannot be missed. However it has been reported that if somebody leaves your game right at the end of the heist, it may not count towards the trophy progress.

    You will get this upon completion of the second heist, “The Prison Break.”

    You only need to complete the heist finale itself for the trophy, but unless you are joining a random player’s game just for the heist, you will have to play through all the setup missions.

    Here are the missions:

    The Prison Break:
    -Prison Bus
    -Wet Work
    -Heist (Only one required for the trophy)

DLC: Rockstar Editor

10 trophies

  • Create and export a video using the Rockstar Editor.

    Create & export your first video, the trophy will pop once the exporting process has successfully finished. See Majestic for tips on exporting.
  • Create and export 10 videos using the Rockstar Editor.

    There are two ways of going about this trophy:

    1: You can either record an make 10 different films with edits, music tracks etc. and after exporting your 10th clip, the trophy will pop. 

    2: Record one, 2 - 3 second clip => open the Rockstar Editor => Create New Project => Add the clip then export it. Once it has been successfully exported, you can then re-export the same clip. Upon exporting your 10th clip, the trophy will pop. 
  • Unlock all Special Characters and enter Director Mode as an actor from this category.

    There are "12" Special characters you will need to interact with. They are scattered around Los Santos & Blaine County. After Talking with them all, Go into Director Mode as any of the following characters. Trophy will pop. List of the character names that count for trophy - 

    - Andy Moon
    - Baygor
    - Bill Binder
    - Clinton
    - Griff
    - Impotent Rage
    - Jane
    - Jerome (Preacher) 
    - Jesse
    - Mani
    - Pamela Drake
    - Zombie

    Here is a video guide to all "Special Characters". NOTE: The "Dancing Hillbilly" & the "Mime" do not count, credit to GTA Series Videos:
  • Enter Director Mode for the first time as an unlocked actor.

    Director Mode is only accessible in Single Player. Once there, press  =>  =>  then select Director mode. Choose an unlocked actor from the list and trophy will pop. 
  • Enter Director Mode as an unlocked animal actor for the first time.

    Load Director Mode as any Animal Actor you have unlocked then trophy will pop. See Cryptozoologist for more info on the Animals.
  • Unlock all Story Characters and enter Director Mode as an actor from this category.

    There are 27 GTA V "Story" related characters that you will need to meet at least once. Enter Director Mode as any of the following characters once you have them all an the trophy is yours. A Full list of each Character an How to unlock is below.

    NOTE: Dr. Friendlander can be missed while playing through the story if you do not visit his optional therapy sessions as Michael. After a certain point they are no longer available. However, after finishing the story you can visit him near the "Speech Bubble" to unlock him during the Abandonment Issues side mission. Otherwise you'll unlock him during your second therapy session "Chaos". 

    Character - Mission - Type

    - Franklin - Franklin & Lamar - Story

    - Michael - Complications - Story

    - Trevor - Mr Philips - Story

    - Amanda - Marriage Counselling - Story 

    - Beverly - Paparazzo - Strangers & Freaks

    - Brad - Prologue - Story 

    - Cheng Jr - Trevor Philips Industries - Story 

    - Cris Formage - Unknowing the Truth - Strangers & Freaks

    - Dave Norton - Dead Man Walking - Story

    - Devin Weston - By the book - Story 

    - Dr Friedlander - Chaos/Abandonment Issues - Story

    - Fabien - Fame Or Shame - Story 

    - Floyd - Friends Reunited - Story 

    - Jimmy - Father/Son - Story 

    - Lamar - The Long Stretch - Story 

    - Lazlow - Fame Or Shame - Story 

    - Maude - Bail Bond - Strangers An Freaks

    - Mrs Thornhill - Mr & Ms. Thornhill - Strangers An Freaks

    - Nervous Ron - Nervous Ron - Story

    - Patricia - Caida Libre - Story

    - Simeon - Repossession - Story 

    - Solomon - Mr. Richards - Story

    - Steve Haines - Threes Company - Story 

    - Stretch - The Long Stretch - Story 

    - Tanisha - Lamar Down - Story 

    - Tracey - Daddys Little Girl - Story

    - Wade - Mr. Philips - Story 
  • Enter Director Mode as Cris Formage.

    Cris Formage is/was the leader of the Kifflom cult. After completing Unknowing The Truth (final mission in the Kifflom line) he will become available in Director mode. Play as him an trophy is yours.
  • Visit all Locations in Director Mode.

    Load up Director mode as any Character. Hold down the  until you see the interactive menu. Where is says "Location", keep on changing it then let it load, now change it again. Once a location has loaded you are safe to go on to the next. After you have visited your 27th location, the trophy will pop. 
  • Enter Director Mode using any of your own GTA Online characters.

    Open the Rockstar Editor then load Director Mode. You will need an online character for this, if you don't have one then make one. The trophy will pop on loading into Director mode with your Online Character. 

Secret trophies

  • You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode... or did you?

    There are 21 Animals that count for this trophy and the way you unlock animals in Director mode is through the "Peyote" Collectible. 6 of these 27 that do not count, which are the underwater peyotes. After you are sure you have the full list go into Director mode as an Animal Actor. Trophy will pop. Here is a list of animals that count - 

    - Cat
    - Chickenhawk
    - Cormorant
    - Crow
    - Hen
    - Pigeon
    - Rabbit
    - Seagull
    - Boar
    - Cow
    - Coyote
    - Deer
    - Husky
    - Mountain Lion
    - Pig
    - Poodle
    - Pug
    - Retriever
    - Rottweiler
    - Shepherd
    - Westy 

    Here is a video guide for all 27 Peyotes (credit to GTA Series Videos): 

DLC: Grand Theft Auto Online: The Doomsday Heist

8 trophies

  • GTA Online: Set up The Doomsday Heist.

    This trophy will be awarded once you set up the Doomsday Heist from the Planning Room of your Facility.

    There are 2 requirements you must meet before being allowed to set up the Doomsday Heist as a Heist Leader:
    1. You need to own a Facility. Facilities can be purchased from the in-game Maze Bank Foreclosures website, which can be accessed from the Travel & Transport Section of the in-game internet browser. Facilities are indicated by purple globe symbols on the website, with 9 to choose from and prices starting at $1,250,000.
    2. You must be able to Register as either a CEO, VIP, or Motorcycle Club Leader.
    • To Register as a CEO, you must own an Office. Offices can be purchased from the in-game Maze Auto Bank Foreclosures website, with the cheapest Office costing $1,000,000. Simply access the SecuroServ Menu and select "Register as CEO".
    • To register as a VIP, you must have at least $50,000 in your online character's bank account. Simply access the SecuroServ Menu and select "Register as VIP". This requirement is easiest to meet, so use this option to set up the Heist if you are not able to Register as a CEO or Motorcycle Club Leader.
    • To Register as a Motorcycle Club Leader, you must own a Motorcycle Clubhouse. Motorcycle Clubhouses can be purchased from the in-game Maze Auto Bank Foreclosures website, with the cheapest Motorcycle Clubhouse costing $240,000. Simply access the Motorcycle Club Menu in the Interaction Menu and select "Register as Motorcycle Club Leader".
    If you are considering attempting the Elite Challenges, I recommend purchasing the Sandy Shores Facility, Grand Senora Facility or Ron’s Alternative Windfarm Facility (see Elitist for more detail).

    Otherwise, pick the Facility which meets your budget and preferences. The cheapest Facility is the Paleto Bay Facility, which can be purchased for $1,250,000.

    After you have purchased the Facility, head over to its Planning Room where a cutscene will automatically play. Once the cutscene has ended, go the Planning Board and start the first act by paying the setup cost of $65,000 to unlock the trophy.
  • GTA Online: Kill another player with the Orbital Cannon.

    The Orbital Cannon is a Cannon capable of firing Satellite Missiles and is an optional upgrade which can be purchased for your Facility (see Getting Started for more detail on purchasing Facilities).

    You can purchase the upgrade at the same time you purchase your Facility, or you can purchase it later by heading to the in-game Maze Bank Foreclosures website (accessible from the Travel & Transport section of the in-game web browser). Once on the site, you can click on the Facility you own, which will show you various upgrades which can be purchased for your Facility: select the Orbital Cannon Upgrade and purchase it for $900,000.

    Next, head to the Orbital Cannon room in your Facility, and kill another player with the Orbital Cannon for the trophy. With each Orbital Cannon shot costing $500,000 (manual) or $750,000 (homing, i.e. automatic lock-on), you should make your shot count.

    I highly recommend having a friend tell you where they are while in a Private Session and using the green arrow to locate them. Once you've located your friend, hold for 3 seconds to launch the missile at them. Once they have been smitten, the trophy will pop.
  • GTA Online: Complete all 3 Criminal Mastermind challenges in The Doomsday Heist.

    The Criminal Mastermind Challenge returns in this Heist: the challenge requires you to complete the Heist in order, with the same team, without dying, and on hard difficulty. There are 3 versions of the Criminal Mastermind Challenge which vary only in the number of players required to complete the challenge. Note, however, that you can only complete 1 Criminal Mastermind Challenge at a time: if you begin a 4 player run, then start a 2 player run before the 4 player run is finished, you will lose your progress on the 4 player run.

    The Challenge’s requirements may at first seem highly demanding, however, there is an exploit which can be used to make the Challenge a lot easier. If any of the Challenge’s requirements are failed, all players can Close the Application (i.e. quit the game and go back to the PS4’s dashboard) via the PS Button and reboot the game. This allows players to leave the game before it has the chance to reset progress and save. Note, however, all players must Close the Application and should do so promptly, failure to Close the Application promptly may result in progress being reset for those that fail to do so. It is therefore advised that players press the PS Button and have “Close Application” highlighted so that they can immediately access the option when holding down the PS Button. It is also advised that players use microphones to notify their team when they should Close the Application: a suggested signal is to frantically scream “CLOSE APP!”. You can then check your progress towards the Award through the Awards Section of the Stats Tab in the Pause Menu.

    Expect to spend at least 30 hours on this trophy alone (approx. 10 hours for each run). You may find yourself spending longer on the trophy if any you or any of your teammates’ progress is reset despite following the challenge’s requirements. There are, however, methods that have been found to circumvent progress from resetting due to glitches (more detail on these methods can be found below).

    The requirements for the Criminal Mastermind Challenge are as follows - read them carefully:
    • Complete all Heist Setup Missions & Finales in order: i.e. starting from the top of the planning board and working your way down through the Setup Missions to the Finale, and completing the Heist in the following order: Act I, Act II, Act III. Note that you may complete the Prep Missions in any order you prefer.
    • Complete all Heist Setups and Finales with the same crew: if at any point during your Criminal Mastermind attempt you play a Doomsday DLC Heist with players other than those in your team, your progress will be reset.
    • Complete all Heist Setups and Finales without dying: you must not die in any Setup Mission or Finale, though you are permitted to die as many times as you like in free mode Prep Missions. If any players die, all players should Close the GTA V Application immediately: doing so may allow you to retain your progress on the challenge before the game resets and saves your progress.
    • Setups Missions and Finales must be completed on Hard difficulty: ensure the Difficulty is set to Hard in the Lobby Options prior to starting Setups and Finales (they are set to Normal by default).
    • Note you must also complete Prep Missions in free mode: if you pay to skip any Prep Missions, your progress will be reset. You are allowed to die in the Prep Missions, and there are no difficulty settings, nor can you fail them and have progress reset.

    Below are some techniques that some players have found useful for avoiding the challenge’s progress-tracking glitching and resetting progress:
    • Before starting any missions (whether Preps, Setups or Finales), have the Heist Leader invite their team to their SecuroServ Organisation/Motorcycle Club. All players should then accept the invite.
    • Start missions from the Planning Board of the Facility: do not start missions via the text messages sent by Lester. Once inside the Facility, the Heist Leader should invite their team to their Facility through the Facility Management Menu in the Interaction Menu. Once all team members are inside the Facility, enter the Planning Room together. Take extra care to enter the Planning Room together before Finales and when starting new Acts, as a cutscene will begin playing automatically for anyone in the Facility as soon as the Heist Leader enters their Planning Room. If any team members are outside the Planning Room when the cutscene starts (i.e. before the Heist Leader starts a new Act or enters the Planning Room to start a finale), their progress may be reset. A way to avoid this is by having the Heist Leader wait for their team to get to the Planning Room before entering.
    • Use Invite-Only Sessions for Setups and Finales - you can create an Invite-Only Session from the Online Tab of the Pause Menu when in GTA V's Story Mode. Public Sessions should only be used for Prep Missions since this is a mandatory requirement for starting Prep Missions.
    • Note that you are permitted to use the trip-skip feature and this is highly recommended to save time. Note also that you are permitted to call Lester to have him remove your Wanted Level.

    See the below videos for a demonstration of completing the 2 player version of the Challenge:

    Act 1 - Criminal Mastermind:
    Act 2 - Criminal Mastermind:
    Act 3 - Criminal Mastermind: Coming soon

    See The Data Breaches, The Bogdan Problem and The Doomsday Scenario for Act-specific tips. You should also read through the techniques given in the Tips & Strategies Section - these will be vital to avoid dying. Good luck!

    Credit to ProfBambam55 for providing methods & advice for avoiding progress-tracking glitches.

Secret trophies

  • GTA Online: You completed Act I of The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

    This trophy will be awarded once you complete the Heist Finale of Act I.

    Act I involves 3 Prep Missions, 3 Setup Missions, and 1 Finale. You will be able to start Act I as a Heist Leader once you have purchased a Facility (see Getting Started for more on purchasing Facilities). Alternatively, you can play through the Act as a Heist Crew Member with a friend or with others through public matchmaking: you just need to complete the Finale to unlock the trophy.

    Below are some tips for completing the Act.

    Setup 1: Dead Courier
    Team 1 is tasked with taking an Ambulance to a morgue and stealing some data from inside, while Team 2 is tasked with recovering a stolen helicopter and assisting Team 1 with escaping the morgue.

    Once inside the morgue, don’t jump and make sure you have no weapons drawn as this will alert the police and they will begin shooting at you. Once you reach the top flight of stairs you will have to engage in combat. There is not much space to take cover so proceed with caution, taking out enemies as soon as you see them.

    Once you have retrieved the data, exit the morgue and rendezvous with your helicopter pilot to deliver the helicopter to a drop-off and complete the mission.

    Setup 2: Signal Intercepts
    In this setup, you must hack 4 vans, 4 boats, and an airplane.

    Use the Deluxo you are given to intercept the vehicles and begin hacking them by pressing :LEFT:. The vans you must hack have enemies in the back that can easily kill you, so try to stay to the side or ahead of the van.

    An easy way to do this is to barge the van into a tree/lamppost, or have your team approach it head-on and drive into it to stop it from driving forwards.

    An excellent way to survive when hacking the enemy vehicles is to make the most of the Snacks & Body Armour you have stored in your Inventory. After you have begun a hack, you can put away your phone with which will allow you to access the Inventory through the Interaction Menu. The hack will still continue, and you will be able to replenish your health/armour.

    Setup 3: Server Farm
    In the third setup, you are tasked with infiltrating a NOOSE Government Facility and hacking their servers.

    Use stealth and follow the mission's prompts to enter the building through a back door. You can enter stealth mode by pressing once, which allows your character to walk without making noise. Then monitor the minimap to avoid enemies - pay particular attention to their fields of view, which are denoted by blue field of vision cones on the minimap.

    Once inside, use stealth again to walk to and hack the 4 servers which are at the 4 corners of the room you enter. After you’re done hacking, make your way back to the entrance/exit in the centre of the room. Run back to the entrance using the sides of the room as you will encounter fewer NOOSE enemies this way. A good way to get back to the entrance/exit safely is to rendesvouz with your team before completing the last hack: this way you will be able to head back to the entrance/exit together, which will help greatly as the NOOSE will be alerted after the final hack and try to kill you.

    After exiting the building, fight your way back to your helicopter and evade the police. You can easily evade the police by putting your helicopter in Stealth Mode once inside it.

    Finale: The Data Breaches
    This is quite a simple Finale focused mainly on combat. Head to the IAA Facility and work your way through the enemies, using cover throughout. Once you have taken out all enemies, head to the Orbital Cannon room and protect the facility from incoming enemies.

    If you are struggling with any of the free mode Prep Missions, try joining a new session. The new session may have fewer players and allow you to deliver vehicles without other players interfering. Note you are permitted to skip Prep Missions by paying for them, you will still unlock the trophy, though this will reset any progress you have for the Criminal Mastermind Challenges (see Masterminds for more detail).

    Act I overall is quite simple and shouldn't give you much trouble. Use the advice given in the Tips & Strategies section and you should be fine.
  • GTA Online: You completed Act II of The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

    This trophy will be awarded once you complete the Heist Finale of Act II.

    The Act has a total of 5 Prep Missions, 4 Setup Missions, and a Finale. Act II will be available to start as a Heist Leader once you have completed Act I. Alternatively, you can play through the Act as a Heist Crew Member with a friend or with others through public matchmaking: you just need to complete the Finale to unlock the trophy.

    Below are some tips for completing the Act.

    Setup 1: Avenger
    Here you are tasked with going to a hangar to steal an Avenger airplane.

    Once inside the hangar, immediately head to cover, there are some good cover spots immediately to your left and right once you enter the hangar. Cover is scarce in the hangar so when in cover, ensure you take out as many enemies as you can.

    After clearing the ground and first level of the stairwells to the left and right, head up to the top floor. Before you go to the top stairwell and engage in combat, try to pick off as many enemies as you can from beneath, as this is a tricky section.

    Setup 2: ULP Intel
    In this Setup, you are split into 2 teams. Team 1 has to infiltrate a foundry to rescue a ULP Agent who is being held hostage (you may recognise him from a previous game in the series!), while Team 2 provides cover from a vantage point.

    Team 1 should carefully make their way through the foundry until they reach the ULP Agent. Team 1 should then transport the Agent out of the foundry and both teams should flee the scene, there are plenty of armoured vehicles outside the foundry which will work well.

    Setup 3: Salvage Hard Drives
    Use a Riot Control Van to salvage 4 hard drives from around Los Santos.

    There will be a lot of open space around the hard drives (which are being held in vans) so use the moderate safety of the Riot Van to pick off enemies before getting out and retrieving them - there is plenty of time given to complete the mission so you needn't rush. When exiting the Riot Van to salvage the hard drives, have your team cover you, the van itself is a great make-shift cover barrier.

    Setup 4: Submarine Recon
    A very simple Setup introducing you to the new Stromberg car-submarine hybrid. Use it to take out a few enemies and destroy underwater mines and you’ll be onto the Finale.

    Finale: The Bogdan Problem
    You will be split into 2 teams and need to head to Paleto Bay to get into your Avenger (Air Support Team) or Strombergs (Submarine Team).

    The Submarine Team will hunt down the target while the Air Support Team uses the Avenger to deal with incoming enemy helicopters. The Submarine Team may find an Assault Shotgun to work well for the close-quarters combat.

    Once the Submarine Team has found their target, they must swim back to a safe rendezvous point and have the Avenger pilot pick them up before heading back to Los Santos Airport to finish the Act. Overall, a fairly straightforward Finale.

    If you are struggling with any of the free mode Prep Missions, try joining a new session. The new session may have fewer players and allow you to deliver vehicles without other players interfering. Note you are permitted to skip Prep Missions by paying for them, you will still unlock the trophy, though this will reset any progress you have for the Criminal Mastermind Challenges (see Masterminds for more).

    Act II is slightly trickier than the first Act, with the Hangar Setup being the most stretching mission. Make the most of the advice given in the Tips & Strategies Section and you should be fine.
  • GTA Online: You completed Act III of The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

    This trophy will be awarded once you complete the Finale of Act III.

    The Act contains 6 Prep Missions, 5 Setup Missions, and 1 Finale. Act III will be available to start as a Heist Leader once you have completed Act II. Alternatively, you can play through the Act as a Heist Crew Member with a friend or with others through public matchmaking: you just need to complete the Finale to unlock the trophy.

    Below are some tips for completing the Act.

    Setup 1: Rescue Agent 14
    In this Setup, you’ll head to South Los Santos and deal with a bunch of enemies to rescue Agent 14.

    An Armoured Kuruma will be useful for the combat and for dealing with the Juggernauts which appear after you clear the first round of enemies. Try to position your Kuruma such that it's distant from the Juggernauts and exposed to only 1 at a time, and have your team pepper the Juggernauts' heads with AP Pistols. Should your Kuruma take a significant amount of damage in this Setup, you can drive away, blow it up and then retrieve it via your mechanic after calling Mors Mutual Insurance to reclaim it.

    Alternatively, pepper the Juggernauts with a minigun or RPG: the minigun can take the Juggernauts out in a matter of seconds. If visibility is an issue, i.e. the Juggernauts are around a corner and you cannot shoot at them, switch to the RPG and fire rockets into their vicinity to inflict damage. A Combat MG will also work well if you prefer.

    Setup 2: Escort ULP
    This is quite a simple Setup that involves taking control of and using a mobile ballistic missile launcher. You will have to defend a ULP Agent with it who is being transported in a helicopter to the Sandy Shores area.

    Those who aren’t in the missile launcher will benefit from being in an Armoured Kuruma as the Agent will take a while to get to his destination, and enemies will be coming after you with ground and air vehicles.

    The person controlling the missile launcher should focus their attention on the enemy helicopters, since they can damage the ULP Agent's helicopter. Luckily, the Agent ULP's helicopter can take quite a bit of damage.

    Make sure you stock up on snacks and armour before attempting this Setup as it takes around 20 minutes to complete.

    Setup 3: Barrage
    Head to the Los Santos Observatory and intercept an arms dealer flying by with a fleet of helicopters.

    You will need to destroy a Carbogob which is transporting a Barrage - a weaponised SUV which you require. Make use of the Explosive Sniper Rifle rounds you are given to take down the fleet of helicopters which pass by. To make the mission easier, you can damage the Cargobob until it is almost destroyed (its health bar can be tracked on-screen), and follow it until you are approaching the Sandy Shores area. Finish the Cargobob off here and collect the Barrage, this way you will not have to transport the Barrage as far and so will encounter fewer enemies on the route back.

    Setup 4: Khanjali
    Head to the abandoned airfield to retrieve a Khanjali - a new tank introduced in this DLC.

    There will be a few enemies to take out and several weapons crates to destroy. Use the Armoured Kuruma to make this mission a breeze. Overall, a fairly simple Setup.

    Setup 5: Air Defences
    Use the Volatol jet to fly-by and destroy enemy SAM turrets using its bombs.

    There is not too much to this Setup, just try to avoid crashing the jet and you should be onto the Finale in no time.

    Finale: The Doomsday Scenario
    This is it, the last Finale. Stock up on weapons, armour, and snacks before starting the Finale as it is will take some time and involve a good deal of combat.

    Once you start, you are tasked with heading to the previously acquired Khanjali or Barrage. I advise taking the Khanjali Tank for the added protection against enemies and its major firepower. After taking your preferred vehicle, make your way to the tunnels in Mount Chilliad and drive through them, you will eventually have to get out of the tank and proceed on-foot.

    You will face several Juggernauts, so use the techniques you practised in Setup 1 to take them down - you can take down the first set you encounter using the Khanjali Tank, which will take them out with ease. Continue making your way through the tunnels, and after an amusing cutscene, you will enter a lab containing several servers which need to be hacked. The hacker should complete the hacking minigames as quick as possible while their teammates provide cover. After a lengthy combat & hacking section in the server area, pursue your target and finish off the Doomsday Heist.

    If you are struggling with any of the free mode Prep Missions, try joining a new session. The new session may have fewer players and allow you to deliver vehicles without other players interfering. Note you are permitted to skip Prep Missions by paying for them, you will still unlock the trophy, though this will reset any progress you have for Criminal Mastermind (see Masterminds for more).

    You might find some of the combat in Act III testing, so make the most of the advice given in the Tips & Strategies Section to make life easier.
  • GTA Online: You completed The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

    This trophy will be awarded once you complete the Finales of all 3 Acts (Acts I, II, and III).

    You can complete the Acts in any order you prefer, e.g. by joining a random invite for the Act III Finale, then completing the Finales for Acts I and II with a friend. The trophy will still pop. You are permitted to complete the Heists as a Heist Leader or an ordinary Heist Crew Member - the trophy will pop either way.

    See The Data Breaches, The Bogdan Problem, and The Doomsday Scenario for tips on each individual Act.
  • GTA Online: Complete all 3 Elite Challenges in The Doomsday Heist.

    The Elite Challenges are challenges relating to the Heist Finales for each Act, which are time-constrained, require you to avoid dying, and have other Act-specific requirements.

    I highly advise practising each Finale once you are able to start them to familiarise yourself with them as you will need to complete each Finale quickly and without dying. An Act's Finale is made available once you have completed all of that Act's Prep and Setup Missions.

    Once you have unlocked a Finale, play through it but purposefully fail by having a player leave GTA Online through the Pause Menu or by dying/committing suicide. After this, you are taken to a screen where you can choose to Quick Restart or Continue - choose to Continue by pressing . Then restart the Finale so that you can restart it from the beginning and continue practising.

    Once your team is comfortable with the Finale, attempt a timed run using a stopwatch/smartphone: start the timer when you gain control of your character and stop the timer once you lose control at the end. If you feel you will not complete the Finale in the required time for the Elite Challenge, or have failed to meet any other requirements for that Act's Elite Challenge, ensure you purposefully fail to avoid completing the Finale, since if you do complete it, you will have to redo all Prep & Setup Missions for that Act to regain access to the Finale.

    A good way to save time on each Finale is to own one of the following Facilities:
    • Ron's Alternative Wind Farm Facility ($1,875,000)
    • Grand Senora Desert Facility ($2,525,000)
    • Sandy Shores Facility ($2,740,000)
    All of these Facilities are well-placed to quickly travel to the first checkpoints in Acts I and III.

    For Act II, the best-located Facility is the Paleto Bay Facility ($1,250,000), but it is not worth purchasing the Paleto Bay Facility solely for Act II since you can complete the Act II Finale in good time for its Elite Challenge from the suggested Facilities above.

    The Grand Senora Desert and Sandy Shores Facilities are better-placed than the Ron’s Alternative Wind Farm Facility but more expensive.
    The Sandy Shores Facility is overall the most well-placed Facility for all 3 Finales, though you may find the Grand Senora Desert Facility conveniently located close to the Sandy Shores airfield if you like using air vehicles.
    I used the Ron's Alternative Wind Farm Facility as it was cheaper and found that it worked fine for the Elite Challenges.
    The requirements for the Elite Challenges are as follows:

    Act I:
    • Complete within 5:30
    • Kill 78 enemies or more
    • Nobody dies
    • Do not trip-skip
    The most difficult requirement here is the time limit, so familiarise yourself with your route to the first checkpoint from your Facility and with the enemy combat. Work your way through the enemies quickly to save time - it may be useful to do this as a team of 3 or 4 so you can clear the enemies faster.

    You will more than likely kill 78 enemies naturally, but to maximise your chances of doing so, place particular focus on taking out as many enemies as you can once you gain control of the Base Defence System in the last checkpoint.

    Read the Tips & Strategies section for advice on not dying, and see the video below for a demonstration.
    Act II:
    • Complete within 15:00
    • Take 5% damage to the Avenger or less
    • Nobody dies
    • Do not trip-skip
    The time requirement is more than achievable after gaining some familiarity with the Finale, with the biggest time-savers coming from travelling to the starting vehicles in Paleto Bay quickly, and the combat section in the Submarine. The designated Submarine Team should familiarise themselves with the route to Bogdan so that they avoid wasting time looking for him. If you are travelling to Paleto Bay from a distant Facility at the start, you can save time by using an air vehicle to fly over (if you own one!): simply call Pegasus as soon as you start and request your fastest vehicle (I used a Hydra and parachuted out, while teammates used a Buzzard, either work). If you are struggling to complete the Finale within 15:00, you can purchase and use the Paleto Bay Facility to save time travelling to Paleto Bay at the start, but this shouldn’t be necessary.

    The most difficult requirement here is the damage requirement; you can only take a few hits to the Avenger and it is difficult to tell from the Avenger's damage bar exactly how much damage has been taken. Try to have 2 or 3 players in the Air Support team so they can effectively defend the Avenger using its turrets. The submarine section can be comfortably completed alone by a team member familiar with the role. You may also find yourself taking less damage to the Avenger if you fly the Avenger to a point of high altitude, this will result in enemy helicopters having to spend time raising their altitude before they can attack you, giving you more time to take them out.

    Read the Tips & Strategies section for advice on not dying, and the videos below for a demonstration.

    Submarine Role:
    Air-Support Role:
    Act III
    • Complete within 30:00
    • Get 150 headshots
    • 0 hacks failed
    • Nobody dies
    • Do not trip-skip
    The time requirement is quite lenient again so focus on getting through the combat sections safely, it will probably require a few practice runs to get used to the combat and familiarise yourself with the enemies locations. At the start, you will head over to the Grapeseed area where you can choose between either a Khanjali Tank or a Barrage SUV: take the Barrage SUV as this will save time in the driving section of the mission. If you die while driving through the tunnels, use the rest of the run as a practise or restart - you will have wasted no more than 5 minutes by restarting at this point.

    There will be ample opportunities to execute headshots in the server section where you are tasked with performing 4 hacks. Take cover and make the most of the infinitely-respawning AI to spawn-kill them.

    The designated hacker should get used to playing the minigame quickly and without failing - being able to complete the hacking sections quickly is a huge time-saver in this Finale and will significantly shorten the server section of the Finale. There are 4 hacks, and as long as you don't lose all of the lives you are given in each hacking minigame you will pass the requirement for not failing. The hacker can see the number of lives remaining for each hacking minigame in the top right of the minigame screen. If you or a team member feels they may fail a hack by losing all of their lives in the hacking minigame, they can quit the minigame by pressing and restart the hack immediately after, this does not count as a fail and will still allow you to meet the requirements for the challenge.

    The most difficult requirement here is nobody dying. There is a lot of combat in this Finale and your team should get used to taking out Juggernauts together before they kill you. Familiarise yourself with the techniques given in the Tips & Strategies section, and see the video below for a demonstration.
    You will be awarded $50,000 for each Elite Challenge you complete. The trophy will pop once you have completed all 3 challenges (they needn’t be completed with the same group of players, and can be completed in any order you prefer; you just need to complete each Elite Challenge once).

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