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  • Win the Championship in the 1st season!


    Win the Championship in the 1st season!

    How to unlock Win the Championship in the 1st season!

    This is the main trophy and it’s technically missable in the sense that you would need to start a brand new save in order to achieve it. If you do end up needing to start over, you can do this by selecting Main Menu > 1 player > Championship > New, you don’t need to delete system saves or anything. This will overwrite anything in the ‘Continue’ section, however.

    As mentioned in the road map, your finishing position is absolutely crucial in the first couple of races. Your initial goal is to finish as high as you can in the first race, the USA GP (I would advise aiming for 10th or better), to get more upgrade tokens to improve your car quicker and also to have a better grid starting position in the next race. In the second race. Canada GP, 5th place or better will set you up well for the remainder of the season. Rinse and repeat this basic principle over the course of the Championship to win it.

    The points system works like most other traditional points scoring season systems; the higher you finish, the more points you get on the leaderboard. 1st place will get you 20 points, 2nd will get you 19 points and so on, until 19th place getting you 2 points and 20th place getting you 1 point. This is always the minimum you will get. If you finish first, the AI may time out and get 0 points depending whether they had time to complete the required amount of laps.

    Importantly, there is no actual ‘restart race’ option mid-race - you’ll probably need to restart races several times due to crashes, spinouts and not being happy with the final position you’re about to achieve, and to do this you’ll need to quit out to the Main Menu and start the race again.

    You cannot redo races once you have crossed the finishing line so it would be wise to backup your save after every race. Not only is this good general practice, you might finish a race in a low position and find a rival has too great a lead for your liking, or perhaps you forgot the fact entirely and finished 20th while learning the track. Make that backup just in case.

    You can redistribute your car stats at any time from the pre-race screen if you feel that your tokens have been spent in the wrong area. To try and help provide a bit of a template to roughly guide you, I have listed my progression through the first Championship season, and token distribution here:

    Race | Finish Pos. | Overall Champ. Pos. | Tokens Gained | Where tokens were spent | Stats after spending tokens | Notes

    #1 USA | 10th | 10 | 3 | 2A + 1TI | 1S 3A 1B 1TU 2TI
    #2 CANADA | 5th | 6 | 4 | 1S + 2A + 1TI | 2S 5A 1B 1TU 3TI
    #3 ITALY | 3rd | 5 | 4 | 1S + 1AC + 2TI | 3S 6A 1B 1TU 5TI
    #4 FRANCE | 1st | 2 | 4 | 1S + 2A+ 1B | 4S 8A 2B 1TU 5TI
    #5 GB | 2nd | 1 | 4 | 1S + 2A + 1TI | 5S 10A 2B 1TU 6TI | I was 19 points clear of 2nd here, as a guide
    #6 GERMANY | 1st | 1 | 4 | 2B + 2TI | 5S 10A 4B 1TU 8TI
    #7 SPAIN | 2nd | 1 | 4 | 4B | 5S 10A 8B 1TU 8TI
    #8 BRASIL | 3rd | 1 | 4 | 1S + 2B + 1TU | 6S 10A 10B 2TU 8TI | I saw overall Championship 2nd fly off track here so accepted 3rd place, 24 points clear by now
    #9 CHINA | 1st | 1 | 4 | 4T | 6S 10A 10B 6TU 8TI | I was mathematically champion here, but no trophy yet
    #10 JAPAN | 1st | 1 | 4 | 2S + 2TU | 8S 10A 10B 8TU 8TI

    Further to the above, there are also some general tips to follow during the actual races in order to actually win them:

    • Focus on upgrading acceleration first, then tires, speed and brakes, trying to spread the tokens fairly evenly. Acceleration is key in this game, you can’t get a decent start without it. I found upgrading speed and tires past about 8 meant my car was too unpredictable and would fly off most corners. Remember, you can redistribute them at any time if you feel you’ve gone too far/not paid enough attention to a particular stat.
    • Do not under any circumstances touch the wall, you will end up perpendicular to it and it will cost you a lot of time. Try and keep off the grass too, and don’t use the throttle whilst on there. It’s better to take corners extremely cautiously. If necessary, to respawn while the black circle is spinning around you, use this quickly at the first sign you’re stopped.
    • Remember you can’t replay races after the fact, or restart them mid-race, so use the quit to main menu option to your advantage ( > Main Menu > Yes). From here you can tweak your setup, or enter training to practice.
    • You can get the best possible quickstart by pressing right when the announcer says “GO!”, this one is not immediately obvious and can help you get a decent start.
    • Turbo is built up by using the brakes, again this isn’t immediately obvious at first and worth noting here.
    • Don’t take my path to the Championship as set in stone, you may have better luck and use different upgrades if the car doesn’t feel right to you.
    • Use the Training facility if you want to learn the track without the stupid AI and don’t trust yourself not to accidentally finish and ruin progress towards the trophy in an actual race. This is located on the Championship screen > (BOX) > Training.

    Also a quick note on car setup once you are in the second season and aiming to win individual races; I actually found it detrimental to fully upgrade the car in every stat, namely, speed and tires made the car very slippery and unpredictable. I won all my remaining races with the following setup:

    That’s about it really, persistence will pay off and with a few plays you’ll pick up the track in no time and battle it out for the win. Also at times you will get lucky breaks where there is a massive pileup behind you, try not to panic when you get this sort of chance to coast to victory!

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