Speedy!!! Trophy in Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing

  • Speedy!!!


    Reach more than 380km/h

    How to unlock Speedy!!!

    You are better off aiming for this during the first race of Championship season 2, USA GP. By that point you will have enough tokens to at least max out the stats needed for this particular trophy, namely acceleration, speed and turbo. If those aren’t maxed out yet and you want to get the trophy out of the way, remember you can redistribute tokens freely, so take them off brakes to move elsewhere if you need to.

    Once your stats are set up, start up the race, build up your turbo by using the brakes and boost down one of the straights on the USA GP track to tick the speedometer a touch over 380km/h. The trophy will pop immediately, feel free to quit the race and rearrange your stats in order to go for the win if you still need to do that.

    Of course, this trophy can be done on any track that has a nice long straight once you have enough upgrades.

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