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Before you do anything, please see Three Legendary Cars trophy_silver.png. You will need to keep an eye out for the cars required for this trophy as you progress towards Platinum.

Due to this game being 100% online, you will not be able to play the game if the servers are down. The only thing you'll be able to do is complete 1 single race and the only trophy you can earn during it is Moving on Up trophy_bronze.png. Anything you earn or do during this offline race will not be saved, so any race wins and Credits you accumulate will be erased. 


Step 1: Complete the Cafe Menu Books and License Tests

The first thing you want to be focusing on are the two things that will teach you how to actually play the game. The Cafe acts as sort of the Campaign for the game. There are 39 Menu Books that you need to complete. As you do these, the tracks, race modes, shops, etc will open up. A majority of the miscellaneous trophies are tied to the Menu Books, so when those come up (washing your car, etc), make sure you go ahead and purchase the 10 required for those trophies to get them out of the way. The License Tests are of course going to be the most difficult part of the Platinum, but they teach you a great deal about how to drive the cars you'll be using in the game. Completing both of these modes will get you a lot of cars towards No Car, No Life! trophy_bronze.png, so do try and not purchase any cars until these are done (outside of the Legendary 24 Hour Cars - please see Three Legendary Cars trophy_silver.png for more info on that). 

After you complete this step, you will have earned:

Living with a Legend trophy_bronze.png 
Student of Motoring History trophy_bronze.png 
Moving on Up trophy_bronze.png 
Clean Racer trophy_bronze.png 
Done in 60 Seconds trophy_bronze.png 
Formula First Timer trophy_bronze.png 
Podium Fixture trophy_bronze.png 
Rain Royalty trophy_bronze.png 
Fully Licensed trophy_bronze.png 
Hard Work Pays Off trophy_gold.png 
All-Rounder trophy_bronze.png 
Looking Good! trophy_bronze.png 
Squeaky Clean trophy_bronze.png 
Warning: Wide Load! trophy_bronze.png 
A Taste of Tuning trophy_bronze.png 
Going the Distance: Angeles Crest Highway trophy_bronze.png 
Motor Mania trophy_bronze.png 
Finale trophy_gold.png 

Step 2: Sport Races, Time Trials, and Circuit Experiences

Once you're done with the bulky part of the game, you'll want to head on over to the more grindy parts. This includes the 50 Sport Races, the 100 Time Trials and the 15 "full" Circuit Experiences, and the 10 Dirt Track Wins. For the Sport Races, you don't need to win them, you just need to finish them. For the Time Trials, you can use any car in your Garage, but for the Circuit Experiences, the cars you need to use will be provided to you. Luckily with all of these, you don't need to spend a single Credit, so you can just pocket all of your earnings and use them in Step 3. 

After this step, you will have earned:

The First Step to Mastery trophy_bronze.png 
Circuit Apprentice trophy_bronze.png 
Circuit Master trophy_silver.png 
Digging the Dirt trophy_bronze.png 
Sport Mode Debut trophy_bronze.png 
In-Depth Mastery trophy_bronze.png 
Time Attacker trophy_bronze.png 

Step 3: Miscellaneous trophies

While you more than likely have earned a few of these while playing through the game, you will need to go out of your way for the majority of them. These include buying a certain part 10 times, taking 100 photos in Scapes, the 3 pit-stop related trophies, etc. You want to have at least 4,450,000 Cr. by the time you reach this step since the Memento cars will cost you 3,450,000, the Tomahawk for Speed Archdemon trophy_silver.png will cost you 1,000,000 Cr., plus some additional credits for the Pickup Truck, Safety Car, Electric Car, then an additional 100,000 for Firm Favorite trophy_bronze.png (see that trophy for more info). This step will be costing you the most money compared to the previous 2, but as long as you have been saving your Credits, you should be good to go. 

After this step, you will have earned:

By a Whisker trophy_bronze.png 
By a Country Mile trophy_bronze.png 
No Assistance Required! trophy_bronze.png 
Fill Her Up trophy_bronze.png 
New Treads trophy_bronze.png 
Running on Empty trophy_bronze.png 
Toughening Up trophy_bronze.png 
A Bit of a Boost trophy_bronze.png 
Snap-Happy trophy_bronze.png 
Memento from Le Mans trophy_bronze.png 
Memento from the Nürburgring trophy_bronze.png 
Heavy Haulage trophy_bronze.png 
Safety First trophy_bronze.png 
Let's Go Carbon Neutral! trophy_bronze.png 
Wheely Good Fun trophy_bronze.png 
Firm Favorite trophy_bronze.png 
Smoking Hot trophy_bronze.png 
Join the 200-mph Club trophy_bronze.png 
Speed Demon trophy_bronze.png 
Speed Archdemon trophy_silver.png 

Step 4: Credit/Mileage Grinding and the Legendary 24 Hours Cars

Some of the last trophies you get in the game will be the grindy runts of the litter. There are 5 distance trophies (3 single player and 2 online), but by this point, there's a chance you will have unlocked the 3 single-player ones already. At the time of writing this, the online mileage trophies are currently glitched in a few ways. It has been reported that in the online races, every racers distance counts towards your total. As of patch 1.05, it has also been reported that single-player modes that include a leaderboard (License Tests, Missions, etc) also count towards your online progress. For this reason, there's a pretty good chance that you won't need to grind nearly as long for those trophies as initially expected. As of patch 1.07, the method for earning a plethora of Credits in a short time has been nerfed, so you'll want to grind out the Arcade and GT Races in the World Tracks. These don't net anything super crazy, but you want to try and always be either topped off at the maximum 20,000,000 Cr. or at least close to it. This is because of the Legendary 24 Hour Cars. Please see that trophy for more details and please also note that at the time of writing this, that trophy has a 0% earning due to the requirements being impossible to meet right now. Due to how often the Legend Car shop cycles, this step can take you anywhere between 1-6 weeks, depending on how adamant you have been about the 24 Hour Cars up to this point. 

After this very long step, you will have earned:

Going the Distance: Route 66 trophy_bronze.png 
Going the Distance: 24 Hours of Le Mans trophy_bronze.png 
Going the Distance Together: The Atlantic trophy_bronze.png 
Going the Distance Together: The Autobahn trophy_silver.png 
Living with a Legend trophy_bronze.png 
Three Legendary Cars trophy_silver.png 
Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy trophy_platinum.png

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy Guide

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54 trophies ( 47  1  )

  • Acquired all Gran Turismo 7 trophies!

    Earn all of the other trophies in the game to unlock this Platinum. 
  • Started the first menu.

    The "Menus" are basically the "quests" or "objectives" in the game and can be picked up in the Café (open from the start). Most of these will require you to complete a collection of 3 cars by podiuming in certain races and others will just have you dabble in the different pavilions around the map. Head to the Café and start Menu Book 1 (make sure you actually hit "Start" on the Menu so the objective appears in the top left of your screen). As soon as you hit "Start", this trophy will unlock. 
  • Completed the first car collecting menu.

    The Car Collecting Menus are the in-game "quests" that you pick up in the Café. This pavilion is open from the start, so head on over and select the Menu icon. Menu Book 1 will require you to collect 3 Japanese Compact Cars; Mazda Demio, Honda Fit-Hybrid, and the Toyota Aqua. When you start this Menu, you'll unlock Living Your Car Life trophy_bronze.png. To collect the Cars, head over to the World Map and go into the region with the yellow Menu icon on it. There will be 3 Races each with this same icon. You need to place 3rd or better in each race to win their respective Cars. When you have all 3, head back to the Café and you'll get a snapshot of all 3 Cars, indicating that the Collecting Menu has been completed. After you talk with Luca, this trophy will unlock. 
  • Moved up five or more positions in a single lap.

    This will most likely unlock naturally, especially near the start of the game as the races are a bit more on the easy side versus later on the game. This is also the only trophy you can earn while offline. In the majority of the races, you'll start in last place, be it 12th, 8th, or 6th. For this trophy, you need to pass at least 5 other drivers in one single lap. When you start the Menu Books, especially the first few, you'll have a powerful enough car to do this with. Since you'll be aiming for Bronze in the majority of these books, this will undoubtedly unlock naturally. 
  • Completed a race without leaving the track or any collisions.

    You don't need to win the race for this one, you just need to complete it. As the description states, you need to complete any race without crashing, basically. There is no lap limit for this one, so try to find a race that's 1 or 2 laps. All of the tracks have two different races tied to them; Sunday Driver and GT Race. Sunday Driver will be a lot easier to do this on as the other drivers will be far less aggressive (though really, they won't be aggressive much at all), so just take your time through the track. Be sure to slow down as needed on turns and if you're going to pass another driver, try and stick to passing them on the outside as they'll always take the inner corner on turns. As soon as you finish a race in any placement and as long as you have not crashed or run off the track, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Won a race with a lead of 0.5 seconds or less.

    There's a chance this will unlock naturally, but you can also try and set it up to happen (though it may take a few tries). As the description states, you need to win a race by .5 seconds or less. This can be Sunday Drive races, GT races, Sport, Multiplayer, or any race required to complete the Collector Menus. For most of the earlier races (when you first start the game), the car you have will almost always be a little on the OP side, allowing you to easily pass the other drivers. Do your best to get into first as soon as you can, then just kiss the gas every now and then so you stay close to 2nd, but always remain just ahead of them. When you reach the finish line, slow down right before you hit it (maybe .5-1 second before) and it should drop you just close enough to 2nd place where you still win and they cross in .5 seconds or less after you. Again, this may take a few tries to do, but once you get the hang of balancing the gas once you're in first, it shouldn't take too long to get.
  • Won with a lead of 10 seconds or more, in a race of at least two laps.

    While you can get this early on, it's highly recommended you wait until you open up the Tuning Shop (unlocks when you complete Collector Menu Book 3 in the Cafe). Once it's open, upgrade one of your cars to have 350-400+ PP, then head back to the World Map. Go to the Asia-Pacific/Oceania section, then choose the High Speed Ring (another good track for this is in the Americas: Blue Moon Bay Speedway. The Sunday Drive will have no limit on PP and because it's one of the first tracks that are available in the game, you can pretty much bet that the other drivers will be far less powerful compared to your newly tuned up car. Start the race and as you zoom around each corner, you'll not only pass the other drivers, but also start to lap them. Be sure to keep an eye on the left panel showing the other drivers and just above 2nd place will be a +/- number, showing how many seconds you are ahead of the driver behind you. As long as you finish the race with this number at +10 or higher, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Completed a race without any assist settings.

    Before you hit the green "start" to begin a race, go over to "Settings" (the one on the bottom bar, not the one in the top left corner) and go to "Assist Settings". All of the settings (sans gear mode) need to be either turned (almost) completely off or set to "default". The settings should be as follows:
    • Gears: Automatic or Manual, doesn't matter for this option.
    • Assist Preset Selection: Custom
    • Traction Control: 1
    • ABS: Default
    • Auto-Drive: Off
    • Driving Line Assistance: Off
    • Braking Indicator: Off
    • Braking Area: Off
    • Replace Car After Leaving Track: Off
    • Active Stability Management (ASM): Off
    • Countersteering Assistance: Off
     The two big ones for this are "Traction Control" and "ABS". The description of the trophy is a bit misleading as it makes it sound like everything should be turned off, but those two will remain on, just at their "default" settings. 
  • Took a pitstop during a race and changed your tires.


    You can easily get this trophy and Fill Her Up trophy_bronze.png together by creating a Customized Race. Pick a track of your choosing (the Blue Moon Speedway in the Americas is recommended since it's just one single loop) and down on the bottom where you can choose Arcade, Circuit Experience, Time Trial, etc, pick "Customized". This will allow you to set personalized settings for the race, from the number of laps, other drivers, and, more importantly, your tire wear and gas consumption. Go to tire wear and set it to +50% (all the way right) and if you still need Fill Her Up trophy_bronze.png, do the same with "Gas Consumption". Don't hit circle.png from here as you'll just back out of the setup menu and will need to do it again. Instead, the start button for the race will be on the bottom left, so when you're ready, just it. Because your tires are taking twice the beating and your car is consuming gas at double the normal rate, both will deplete rather quickly. As soon as you reach the pit stop of the track (you'll get a red flashing message telling you to stop in and refuel), head inside and wait for your car to pull up to the pit (it'll take a few seconds). Leave the "Change Tires" option open until the tires are changed and do the same with the refuel menu. Once your car leaves the pit stop, this trophy and Fill Her Up trophy_bronze.png will unlock.  

    It has been reported by a few players that this trophy did not unlock on the initial completion of its requirements, but instead took 2-3 times for it to register. If the trophy does not unlock for you after your first attempt, repeat the process and it should unlock after another attempt. 
  • Completed a track (all sectors) in Circuit Experience.

  • Completed five tracks (all sectors) in Circuit Experience.

  • Completed 15 tracks (all sectors) in Circuit Experience.

    When you select a track to race on, you'll be given a few options on the bottom including Arcade, Time Trial, Circuit Experience, etc. Choose Circuit Experience and, depending on the track, you'll either have only "One Lap" as an option or multiple sectors of the chosen track. These are all time-based challenges that you need to earn at least Bronze in to be considered "complete". If a track has both sectors and "one lap", you'll need to do both for the track to be considered complete. Do all of these on 15 tracks of your choosing to unlock the trophy. Again, you don't need to earn the Gold times, you just need to earn Bronze. 
  • Drove a lap of the Tsukuba Circuit in under one minute.

    The Tsukuba Circuit unlocks after you complete Collector Menu Book 2. While you can do this with any car as long as you've tuned it up properly, the game also tosses you a bone and actually gives you a challenge to complete the track in 59.02 seconds, giving you a clock to reference as well as a money payout once complete. Head over to the Asia-Pacific/Oceania tracks, select the Tsukuba Circuit, then select "Circuit Experience" from the bottom options. Choose the "Full Lap" option and as you'll see, the gold time is 59.02, giving you some breathing room to get this trophy. The car you'll be using is the Lancer Evolution Final Gr.4 which, needless to say, goes hella fast. You'll mostly just need to watch your speed on the corners and as always, avoid actually turning while breaking so you don't start fishtailing all over the track. This is a very tight time so it may take you a few tries to get, but as soon as you've completed the track in 1:00 or less, the trophy will unlock. If you don't want to do the Circuit Experience, the gold time for Super License Test #8 requires you to complete a lap of this track in 1:00:00 or less, so this will happen naturally as you progress towards Platinum. 
  • Drove a Formula car.

    This will happen naturally as you progress through the License Test (more specifically, Super License Test #7). This test will require you to complete 1 lap around the Weathtech Raceway in 1:07.4 or less. The trophy won't unlock right when you start. You need to finish the lap before it'll register as complete. This will happen even if you don't win Bronze (trophy_bronze.png), so just let it play out and restart the test if you need to. 
  • Finished on the podium ten times.

    GLITCHEDYour game must be updated to at least patch 1.02 to prevent any issues with this trophy. Anything below this, there's a chance the trophy won't unlock after 10 podium finishes, but more so about 30. 

    To podium in a race, you need to finish in the top 3. The only races that count towards these are races that are unassociated with the Missions and Collector Menu Books. Each track will have two types of races: Sunday Drive, and GT. As long as you participate in these races outside of the two modes mentioned above, and as long as you get at least 3rd, it'll count. Once you've podiumed in the 10 races required, the trophy will unlock. These don't need to be unique races. You can complete the same one 10 times and still get the trophy.
  • Acquired your rain license.

    GLITCHEDYour game must be updated to at least version 1.06 for this trophy to unlock. Anything prior to that and you'll be blocked out of this trophy. 

    To get your rain license, you just need to earn at least Bronze (trophy_bronze.png) on the 3 License Tests that have wet roads. You'll need to get Gold on these as well for Hard Work Pays Off trophy_gold.png, so this will unlock naturally as you go for that one. The tests that include wet tracks are the following (the track in the 'S' License group doesn't count since it's not technically raining, it just has wet roads):

    National A License - A-5: Cornering in the Wet: Beginner
    Internationl B License - IB-6: Cornering in the Wet: Intermediate 
    International A License - IA-7: Cornering in the Wet: Expert
  • Earned all licenses.

  • Earned Gold in all licenses.

    GLITCHEDYour game must be updated to version 1.07 for this trophy. Patch 1.06 broke all of the dirt-track License Tests, Missions, and Menu Books, giving you Comfort Tires instead of the required Dirt Tires. This makes at least two of the License Tests impossible. 1.07 has fixed this problem. 

    There are 5 difference licenses to earn, each with 10 individual challenges associated with them. These of course are found in the "License" Pavilion which is open from the start. In the license tests, you'll need to complete certain time-related challenges that test your speed, braking, turning, etc. Basically anything and everything you need to know about driving in GT. While these can be difficult to complete, finishing these will make the rest of the game much easier since you'll know how to properly complete each track with the skills you'll learn. Earning all of the licenses will get you Fully Licensed, but you'll need to get all Gold for this trophy. If you're having any trouble, you can watch the demonstration of each challenge and get a run down of your speed, where you need to brake, and where you need to step on the gas. The challenges will get harder as you progress through them so a handful will more than likely take you a few attempts. Just keep at it and you'll eventually learn the pattern needed to complete each one. As soon as you've earned Gold in all of the tests, this trophy will unlock.

    For more assistance on earning the Gold for these trophies, please reference the thread by ReaperReBorn found here: LINK. He has done an absolutely phenomenal job with this, so if you need any help at all, this should do the trick.
  • Won races on 10 different tracks.

    This will more than likely unlock naturally as you progress through the Collector Menu Books in the Cafe. The tracks can be any mix of road/off-road, you just need to win races on 10 unique tracks. As soon as you've won your 10th race, the trophy will unlock.
  • Won 10 races on dirt tracks.

    Unlike All-Rounder trophy_bronze.png, this trophy does not need to be done on 10 unique dirt tracks (in fact, there aren't even 10 dirt tracks available in the game). You just need to win 10 races period on any combination of dirt tracks. It can even be the same one all 10 times. These tracks won't unlock until later in the game, so you'll need to progress through the Collector Menu Books in the Café before you can start working on this. The Dirt Tracks and when they unlock are as follows:
    • Colorado Springs (Unlocks after completing Menu Book 25: European Championship)
    • Fisherman's Ranch (Unlocks after completing Menu Book 36: Championship World Touring Car 700)
    • Sardegna - Windmills (Unlocks after completing Menu Book 36: Championship World Touring Car 700)
  • Took a pitstop during a race which featured fuel consumption, and filled your tank.


    See New Treads trophy_bronze.png

    It has been reported by a few players that this trophy did not unlock on the initial completion of its requirements, but instead took 2-3 times for it to register. If the trophy does not unlock for you after your first attempt, repeat the process and it should unlock after another attempt.
  • Ran out of fuel in a race which featured fuel consumption.

    This will be the same concept as New Treads trophy_bronze.png and Fill Her Up trophy_bronze.png except you're going to ignore the game's warning sign about your fuel consumption. 

    To get this going, create a customized race on a track of your choosing (the Blue Moon Speedway in the Americas is the recommended choice) and go down to "Fuel Consumption". Change this to +50%, then start the race. Your gas will deplete rather quickly so it won't take too long for you to run out. You'll more than likely pass by the pit stop before it actually does, at which point the game will flash a red warning sign that you're low and should refuel. Ignore this and just keep driving. As soon as your tank reaches empty, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Bought and equipped aerodynamic parts.

    The Aerodynamic Parts can be purchased/installed in GT Auto (opens when you complete Collect Menu Book 7). These parts include Spoilers/Wings to put on the back of your car. They aren't too expensive, but they can't go on every car. You want to look at putting them on sports cars/race cars, versus something simple like a Prius. If you want to wait before purchasing these on your own accord, Collector Menu Book 20 requires you to purchase one for your car, so as long as you're completing those to open up all of the tracks, this will unlock naturally. 
  • Increased a car's body rigidity 10 times.


    The description on this trophy is a bit misleading. You don't need to increase a single car's body rigidity 10 times (in fact, you can't), you just need to buy this upgrade from the tuning shop 10 times. You can only increase the rigidity once on a car, so you'll be doing this with 10 separate cars. The rigidity option is under the "Semi-Racing" tab, all the way the bottom, and will cost you between 10,000 - 25,000 Cr. to purchase (the price is dependent on the PP of your car - the lower the PP, the less expensive the upgrade will be - the higher it is, the more expensive it will be). As soon as you've purchased the upgrade 10 times total, the trophy will unlock. 

    It has been reported by some players (myself included) that this trophy can potentially take more than 10 upgrade purchases. Some have reported it unlocking right at 10, but it has taken 20+ purchases for others. If the trophy doesn't unlock after 10, just keep purchasing the upgrade and the trophy will eventually unlock. Here's hoping it doesn't take too many extra purchases for your trophy to unlock. 
  • Washed a car 10 times.


    You'll need to wait to unlock GT Auto before you can get this one (it unlocks once you completed Collector Menu Book 7 in the Cafe). Before you go washing cars, be sure to accept the Collector Menu Book 8 challenge (if you haven't done so already) as it requires you to wash a car at GT Auto (two birds, one stone). A car wash will cost you 50 Credits and you can wash the same car 10 times, or wash multiple cars until you've reached 10 total washes. As soon as the 10th car wash is complete, the trophy will unlock. 

    It has been reported by some players that this trophy can potentially take more than 10 car washes to unlock. Some have reported it unlocking right at 10, but it has taken 15+ purchases for others. If the trophy doesn't unlock after 10, just keep purchasing the upgrade and the trophy will eventually unlock. 
  • Fit a wide body.

    You'll need to wait to unlock GT Auto before you can get this one (it unlocks once you completed Collector Menu Book 7 in the Cafe). When the auto shop is open, select it and then go to "Maintenance and Servicing". On the right will be a list of services you can purchase, the bottom of which will be to fit your car with a wide body. The price will vary depending on the size of the car you are altering (the smaller the car, the less expensive it will be), so try to do this with a smaller car. This isn't really an upgrade you'll be needing in the game outside of this trophy, so it's best to not waste your Credits fitting a large, expensive car with this body. 

    If you want to wait to get this naturally, you'll need to fit a wide body to complete Menu Book 28 for Finale trophy_gold.png
  • Bought and equipped tuning parts.

    This will definitely happen naturally. The Tuning Shop opens up after you complete Collector Menu Book 3 and you'll be coming in and out of here quite a bit as you progress through the game. For more than a handful of races, you'll need to tune your car to increase it's PP, reduce its overall weight, change its tires, etc. As soon as you've purchased your first item from the Tuning Shop, this trophy will unlock. You will also fulfill the requirements for this as you complete Menu Book 6. 

    For the "equipped" part, as soon as you purchased an item, it will automatically be equipped/installed. If you want to switch out your parts, go into any race and select "car settings", then "advanced settings". You can switch out any parts you've purchased as well as fine tune any customizable parts you may have bought. 
  • Purchased a turbo or supercharger 10 times.


    There's a good chance this will unlock naturally, depending on how adamant you are about tuning up your car for the different race modes. There are 5 different turbo/superchargers available for purchase. From the Semi-Racing Tab (unlocks when you reach Collector Level 5), you have the Low-RPM Turbocharger, Medium-RPM Turbocharger, High-RPM Turbocharger, and the Supercharger: Low-End Torque. From the Racing Tab (unlocks when you reach Collector Level 6), you have the Supercharger: High-End Torque. You can only purchase one of each tier once for any given car, giving you a max of 5 purchases per car. As soon as you've bought your 10th turbo/supercharger, the trophy will unlock. Do note that this upgrade can be quite pricey, so while you can crank them out using 2 cars, it's best to buy one upgrade per car and save your money to use on other cars. You'll have plenty of opportunities to make the 10 required purchases as you progress through the Collector Menu Books, so don't worry too much about going out of your way for this one.

    It has been reported by some players that this trophy can potentially take more than 10 purchases to unlock. Some have reported it unlocking right at 10, but it has taken 15+ purchases for others. If the trophy doesn't unlock after 10, just keep purchasing the upgrade and the trophy will eventually unlock.
  • Finished a race in Sport mode.

  • Finished 50 races in Sport mode.

    The Sport Mode (or GT Sport) Pavilion unlocks after you complete Collector Menu Book 9 in the Café. Before you can participate in these races, you need make an actual "account" to race under. This will require an email address, a location of your choosing, and your birthday (the birthday is pulled directly from your PSN account information). Once you've accepted all of the terms, you'll be ready to start your Sport adventure. In this mode, you'll be racing against actual human players in different races that will reward you with Reputation based on your placing and how clean your races are. The more you crash or drive off the track, the less reputation you'll earn. If you keep crashing into other cars, your sportsmanship rating will drop. Luckily, you can't crash *too* much to the point where you're DQ'd, you just won't earn as many rewards. 

    The Sport Races only take place at certain times throughout the day and before you can compete in them, you'll need to do a qualifying time trial. This time trial will determine what other players you go up against based on your skill. Lower skilled drivers will be matched with other lower skilled drivers whereas higher skilled drivers will of course be matched with higher skilled drivers. As of right now, there will be up to 3 races that take place during each hour block, giving you up to 72 races a day. There might not always be 3, but there will usually at least be 2. You don't have to win the races, you just need to complete them. You can either host or join, both will count towards this. As soon as you've completed your 50th race in Sport mode, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Took 100 photos in Scapes or Race Photos.

    Scapes will unlock when you complete Collector Menu Book 7 in the Café. This is essentially Photo Mode for GT7 and yeah, it's beautiful. Outside of the tutorial for the pavilion, you'll only be able to take pictures of cars you own, but all of the locations to actually take photos will be open. You can take 100 photos of the same car/scenery or take 100 unique photos, it's up to you. You don't need to save the photos, you just need to snap them. As soon as you take your 100th photo, the trophy will unlock.
  • Took a Scapes photo of a BMW Gr.3 car on the Nürburgring.

    Scapes will unlock when you complete Collector Menu Book 7 in the Café. Before you can take an image of a BMW Gr.3, you'll first need to add one to your garage. You can tell which cars are part of Gr.3 by looking under the cars name in the top right. The PP will be shown and if the car is part of a group, that will also be shown. As of writing this, there are 4 different cars that you can purchase that are in Gr.3:
    • BMW Z4 GT3 ‘11 (Gr.3 / 723.46 PP): 450,000
    • BMW M6 GT3 Endurance Model ‘16 (Gr.3 / 732.16 PP): 450,000
    • BMW M6 GT3 Sprint Model ‘16 (Gr.3 / 732.15 PP): 450,000
    • BMW M3 GT ‘11 (Gr.3 / 727.22 PP): 600,000

    Based on this list, it is of course recommended you go for one of the 3 cars that only cost 450,000 Cr. None of these cars are earned through natural progression of the Cafe, License Tests, or Missions. The Nurburgring Scapes will all be available from the start, so you don't have to worry about unlocking those. When you're in Scapes, find any section of the Nurburgring (if you need to sort an option to find it, filter by location and choose "Germany"). When your chosen scene is open, add your BMW to the photo, change any camera settings you wish, then snap the photo. As soon as you do, the trophy will unlock. You do not need to save the photo for the trophy to unlock. 
  • Took a Scapes photo of an Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sport Team Joest) on the Circuit de la Sarthe.

    Scapes will unlock when you complete Collector Menu Book 7 in the Café. Before you can take an image of the Audi R18 TDI, you'll need to purchase it. Head over to the "Brand" Pavilion, then go to European Brands, then select Audi (it's the emblem with the 4 rings for those unfamiliar with the brand). It'll cost you 3,000,000 Cr, so you'll definitely need to save up a pretty penny to get this one. As soon as you have it, head over to the Scapes Pavilion. Find any section of the Circuit de la Sarthe (filter the scenes by location and choose France and look for the location "Le Mans"). Add the Audi R18 TDI to your chosen scene, adjust any camera settings you wish, then snap the photo. As soon as you do, the trophy will unlock. You do not need to save the photo for the trophy to unlock. 
  • Bought a pickup truck.

    My name is Buck and I have a pickup truck. There are very few trucks available for purchase in the game and you'll mostly be needing them for the dirt tracks. You just need one for this trophy and you do need to actually purchase it. If you win a truck, it won't count. The trucks you can find in the game are as follows:
    • (Ford) F-150 SVT Raptor '11: 55,000
    • (Toyota) Tundra TRD Pro '19: 62,000
  • Bought an electric car.

    As with the pickup trucks, there aren't too many electric cars available in the game. The good news, though, is that they're not too expensive (outside of the Tesla's, of course). You'll know if a car is electric based on the label on the car itself (it'll simply say #electric car). 

    The cars that qualify (and where you can purchase them) are as follows:
    • (Tesla) Model S Signature Performance '12: 92,000
    • (Jaguar) Jaguar VGT Coupe: 1,000,000
    • (Jaguar) Jaguar VGT SV: 1,000,000
    • (Jaguar) Jaguar VGT Roadster: 1,000,000
    • (BMW) i3 '15: 49,900
    • (Audi) Audi e-tron VGT: 1,000,000
    • (Porsche) Taycan Turbo S '19: 230,000
    • (Porsche) Porsche VGT: 1,000,000
    • (Hyundai) Hyundai N 2025 VGT: 1,000,000
  • Bought a safety car.

    There are only a handful of safety cars available in the game, but luckily, you only need one. You do need to actually purchase the car. If you win one, it won't count towards this trophy. You'll know if a car is a safety car as A) it'll usually be in the name of the car itself, B) the markings on the car will make it clear that it's a safety car, and C) it's tag in the shop will show as #Safety Car. The cars that qualify (and the brand shop you can purchase them in) are as follows:
    • (Dodge) Charger SRT Hellcat Safety Car: 100,000 CR
    • (AMG) Mercedes AMG Safety Car: 200,000 CR
    • (BMW) M4 Safety Car: 150,000 CR
    • (Renault) Megane R.S. Trophy Safety Car: 50,000 CR
    • (Toyota) Crown Athlete G Safety Car: 65,000 CR
    • (Nissan) GT-R Safety Car: 130,000 CR
  • Bought a car at the Legend Cars dealership.

    The Legend Cars dealership will unlock after you completed Collector Menu Book 17 in the Café. These are shiny, fast, and expensive cars that you can add to your garage. You only need to purchase 1 for this trophy, luckily. When the shop is available, head on over to see the stock available. You may need to grind out some credits before you can afford anything, but once you've made one purchase, the trophy will unlock.  

    It's highly recommended you wait until a Legendary 24 hour race car becomes available in the shop, since you'll be needing 3 for Three Legendary Cars trophy_silver.png and these can be quite expensive. 
  • Bought 10 sets of wheels.


    These are not to be confused with the Tires you purchase at the Tuning Shop. Don't go wasting thousands of Credits on those hoping that 10 sets of tires will do the trick because they won't. The Wheels are located in GT Auto (this unlocks after you complete Collector Menu Book 7). When it's open, head on over to GT Auto and choose "Wheels" on the bottom menu. Here, you'll be able to change out your rims. Purchase any 10 designs and after you're 10th one, the trophy will unlock. 

    It has been reported by some players that this trophy can potentially take more than 10 purchases to unlock. Some have reported it unlocking right at 10, but it has taken 15+ purchases for others. If the trophy doesn't unlock after 10, just keep purchasing the upgrade and the trophy will eventually unlock.
  • Bought the same car 10 times.

    When you're in a shop, be it the Used Cars pavilion, the Brand pavilion, or even the Legend Cars pavilion, you can purchase any car that doesn't show as "Out of Stock". The cars you already have in your Garage will be marked with a blue icon on them. The Used Car shop won't always have duplicate cars to purchase, so your best bet on getting this trophy is to use Brand pavilion (unless you really want to spend millions in the Legend Cars shop). The least expensive car you'll find for this trophy isn't even a car, it's a Kart. Head over to Asia-Pacific/Oceania cars in the Brand pavilion, then go to "Gran Turismo". The first item it'll show is a Kart that costs 10,000 Cr (Racing Kart 125 Shifter). This is the least expensive "car" you'll find in the game, so as long as you have 100,000 Cr, you can just buy this vehicle 10 times. You don't need to change the color or anything, it can be the exact same Kart each time. Once you've purchased 10, the trophy will unlock. 

    Each individual purchase will also count towards Motor Mania trophy_bronze.png and No Car, No Life! trophy_bronze.png
  • Earned 10,000pts in Drift Trials.

    The 10,000 points is cumulative. You don't need to complete one single Drift Trial at 10,000 (or more). Most of the tracks have a Drift Trial available (it'll show on the bottom menu alongside Arcade, Time Trial, and Circuit Experience). The Dirt Tracks are the easiest to score on (imo) as the wheel traction is very minimal, allowing you to slide around as required, though the road races worst just as well. Complete the trials on your chosen tracks and as soon as you've reached a total of 10,000 points across all of them, the trophy will unlock. There is no in-game tracker for this outside of the leaderboard for each track, so just make a note of your scores in each trial so you know how close/far away you are.
  • Reached a speed of 200 mph (322 km/h).

  • Reached a speed of 500 km/h (311 mph).

  • Reached a speed of 600km/h (373 mph).

    If you've played Gran Turismo 6 or GT Sport, you might be familiar with the absolutely stellar car that is the Dodge SRT Tomahawk VGT. This is an insanely fast car and one of the few that offers racers the ability to turbo boost. It's also incredibly fun to drive. This is the only car you'll ever need for all of the speed-related trophies. Before purchasing the car (this will cost you 1,000,000 Cr.), you want to make sure you have the Special Stage X track open (in the Americas). This unlocks when you complete Menu Book 26 and offers you 2 near-9 mile straightaways that offer more than enough room for your new car to reach the speed required. For those not comfortable with customizing the tuning of your car, fear not. The stock version of this car will get you to where you need to go, so don't worry about changing anything. 

    When you have your new car as well as the Special Stage X track open, start a time trial with the SRT Tomahawk VGT. You'll start on a roll going around a corner, so just wait for the turn to finish, then gun it. The Tomahawk is a 7-speed so if you're driving in Manual, just remember to go past 6th. Once you've reached 7th, it's time to active the turbo. Hold r3.png and the flaps on the car will close, making the car even more aerodynamic than it already was, sending you flying down the track. The stock version of the car can reach pretty close to 400 mph without changing anything, which is of course well past the required 373 mph. As soon as you hit 373, the trophy will unlock. 

    If you haven't earned Join the 200-mph Club trophy_bronze.png or Speed Demon trophy_bronze.png yet, those will unlock during your trip down Stage X as well. 
  • Took part in 100 time trials.

    When you select a track from the World Map, you'll have a few different modes to choose from on the bottom (Arcade, Circuit Experience, Drift Trial, etc). Choose "Time Trial. In this mode, you'll need to complete at least one lap to post a time on the track. For this trophy, you can choose any track and just do 100 laps without needing to exit out to save the time. Each lap will result in a tracked "time" to complete it. 
  • Drove 500 miles (804.672 km) on oval tracks.

    There aren't very many Oval tracks in GT7, unfortunately, so this will most likely not unlock naturally as you progress towards your Platinum. The tracks available are listed below (as well as the mileage they cover). It's highly recommended you do the Time Trials and Circuit Experiences on these to gain credit towards Time Attacker trophy_bronze.png and Circuit Master trophy_silver.png, plus of course mileage towards this trophy. Special Stage Route X is of course the longest, but will still take quite a few laps to top off the 500 miles required for the trophy. Just keep grinding it out and the trophy will eventually unlock. 

    If you do Speed Demon trophy_bronze.png and Speed Archdemon trophy_silver.png first, you'll have access to the Tomahawk which is insanely fast and will make this trophy a little less on the rough side, but you can still expect a decent amount of grinding to get to 500. 

    The tracks available are the following (all in Americas):
    • Special Stage Route X: 18.82 Miles (Unlocks when you complete Menu Book 26)
    • Daytona International Speedway - Tri-Oval: 2.5 Miles (Unlocks when you complete Menu Book 14)
    • Northern Isle Speedway: .56 Miles (Unlocks when you purchase a car from the Used Car dealership) 
  • Drove the length of Angeles Crest Highway (U.S.): 66 miles (106 km).

    You will earn this pretty early on in the game, no matter what mode you decide to start in. Just to reiterate that, all modes count towards this trophy. While there's no in-game tracker for your overall mileage, there is a daily counter that keeps track of how far you've driven in the current day. There's a daily goal of 26.2 miles (which when complete, will net you a roulette ticket), but the counter will continue to go up even after you meet that goal. Even if you just stick to License Tests or stick with the Collector Menu Books, you should easily not only beat the daily goal, but reach 66 miles in very little time. The trophy will unlock as soon as you hit 66 miles. 
  • Drove the length of one complete 24 Hours of Le Mans race: 2209.536 km (1372.942 miles).

  • Drove the length of Route 66 (U.S.): 2451 miles (3945 km).

    You should not be putting much of any focus into this trophy. Between the Menu Books, License Tests, Time Trials, Circuit Experiences, etc, you will get pretty damn close to 2451 miles, if not absolutely smashing it. Top off everything with the credit grind for Three Legendary Cars trophy_silver.png and you will undoubtedly unlock this naturally. 

    You can check your progress towards this trophy by going to your profile (top left) and looking at your "Distance Traveled". As soon as this number shows 2451 miles (3945 km for those who enjoy a proper measuring system), the trophy will unlock. 
  • Driving with other players online, you matched the distance covered by the first ever non-stop Transatlantic flight: 5810 km (3610 miles).

  • Driving with other players online, you matched the distance covered by the entire German Autobahn network: 13,191 km (8197 miles).


    While this trophy is marked as glitched, it's actually in a good way that favors the player, so much to the point where I almost don't want to say anything and see it end up getting patched/fixed. When playing Sport Mode or Multiplayer, all of the mileage driven by every driver taking part in the race will count towards your total, it's not just yours. Because of this, you'll make pretty decent progress towards this while going for In-Depth Mastery trophy_bronze.png and completing the 50 Sport Races required for it. You can do up to 72 Sport Races each day (giving there are 3 available each hour as there should be) and each lobby can hold up to 16 players. The mileage you drive will be determined by the host and what settings they opted for, but math will tell you that it won't take too long to reach the required 8197 miles/13,191km. 

    As of Patch 1.05, there is an additional glitch that favors the two online-distance trophies. Any race mode in single player that also includes a leaderboard (License Tests, Missions, etc) will count the mileage towards both your single player distance traveled as well as your online distance traveled. This won't make nearly as much of an impact as Sport or Multiplayer, but it was a pleasant surprise to say the least. As of patch 1.07, this has yet to be fixed. Just to further clarify, this particular trophy (Autobahn) unlocked for me personally when my single player distance was showing just under 8,000 miles and after having only done 2-3 Sport Races, totaling just around 200 miles. Please note that you will need to participate in at least 1 online race to "activate" this glitch. 
  • Stored 50 cars in your Garage.

  • Stored 100 cars in your Garage.

    You will get a good chunk (if not all) of this trophy done by completing other trophies, mostly the Menu Books for Finale trophy_gold.png and the License Tests for Hard Work Pays Off trophy_gold.png. Depending on your luck with the random draws after the Championship Menu Books, you will get 60-63 cars from the Menu Books alone. Each of the Licenses will net you 2 cars each (a total of 10), bringing your total up to 70-73. Plus the 10 identical cars you need for Firm Favorite trophy_bronze.png, the 3 Legendary cars you need for Three Legendary Cars trophy_silver.png, the 3 vehicles you need to purchase for Heavy Haulage trophy_bronze.png, Safety First trophy_bronze.png, & Let's Go Carbon Neutral! trophy_bronze.png, the Tomahawk you'll need for Speed Demon trophy_bronze.png & Speed Archdemon trophy_silver.png, the BMW you need for Memento from the Nürburgring trophy_bronze.png, and of course the Audi you need for Memento from Le Mans trophy_bronze.png, you'll be looking at a total of 86-89. If you want 12 additional free cars, you can complete the Missions which will get you 2 cars each (one for all Bronze and one for all Gold), bringing the grand total up to 98-101, leaving you with a maximum of 2 additional cars to purchase. You love to see it. There's a decent chance that Menu Books, License Tests, and Missions will unlock a car of your liking, so before you purchase one from the store, make sure it's not on the list below. These are all the cars you'll acquire through natural trophy progression (outside of the Missions, of course). If you can get it for free, don't spend money on it. Once you've acquired your 100th car, the trophy will unlock.

    Cars Acquired in the Cafe
    • Collector Menu 1: Mazda Demio, Honda Fit-Hybrid, Toyota Aqua
    • Collector Menu 3: The MINI, Fiat 500, VW Beetle
    • Collector Menu 5 (3): DC2 Integra Type R, EK9 Civic Type R, Suzuki Sport
    • Collector Menu 7 (3): Mini Cooper S '05, Abarth 500 '09, Polo GTI '14
    • Collector Menu 10 (3): Nissan Silvia Q's (S13) '88, Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA) '89, Toyota Corolla Levin 1600GT APEX (AE86) '83
    • Collector Menu 11 (3): DS 3 Racing '11, Peugeot 208GTi by Peugeot Sport '14, Renault Clio R.S. 220 Trophy '16
    • Collector Menu 12 (1): [Random Card Draw]: Corvette Convertible (C3) '69, Mustang Mach 1 '71, Camaro Z28 '69
    • Collector Menu 14 (3): Mustang Boss 429 '69, Mustang Mach 1 '71, Mustang GT '15
    • Collector Menu 15 (3): Camaro SS '16, Camaro Z28 '69, Camaro ZL1 ILE Package '18
    • Collector Menu 17 (1): [Random Card Draw]: Silvia Q's Dia Selection (S13 '90), Fairlady Z 300ZX TT 2seater '89, Nissan 180SX Type X '96
    • Collector Menu 18 (3): SILVIA Spec-R Aero (S15) '02, R32 GT-R V-Spec 11 '94, Fairlady Z Version 5 (Z33) '07
    • Collector Menu 19 (3): Subaru WRX STi Type S '14, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final '15, Toyota GR Yaris RZ "High Performance" '20
    • Collector Menu 21 (1): [Random Card Draw]: BMW M3 '03, BMW M3 Sport Evolution '89, M4 '14
    • Collector Menu 22 (3): BMW M3 Sport Evolution '89, BMW M3 '03, BMW M3 '07
    • Collector Menu 23 (3): Alfa Romero MiTo '09, Alfa Romero 4C '14, Alfa Romero 8C Competizione '08
    • Collector Menu 26 (3): Ford Focus RS '18, Ford GT '06,  Ford F-150 SVT Raptor '11
    • Collector Menu 27 (3): Chevrolet Corvette C7 '14, Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (C3) '69, Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 (C4) '89
    • Collector Menu 30 (3): Porsche 911 Turbo (930) '81, Porsche 911 Carrera RS (964) '92, Porsche 911 Carrera RS (993) '95
    • Collector Menu 32 (3): Supra 3.0 GT Turbo A '88, Supra RZ '97, GR Supra RZ-20
    • Collector Menu 34 (3): Mercedes-AMG C 63 S '15, SLS AMG '10, Mercedes-AMG GTS '15
    • Collector Menu 35 (3): Nissan R33 GT-R V-Spec '97, Nissan R34 GT-R V-Spec II '02, Nissan GT-R '17
    • Collector Menu 37 (3): Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution 2 '86, Audi Sport Quattro S1 Pikes Peak '87, Ford Focus Gr.B Rally Car
    • Collector Menu 38 (3): Ferrari 308 GTB '75, Ferrari 458 Italia '09, Ferrari F12berlinetta '12

    Cars Acquired Through the License Tests
    • National B License
      trophy_bronze.png Renault Clio RS220 Trophy ’16
      trophy_gold.png Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo ’91
    • National A License
      trophy_bronze.png Scirocco R '10
      trophy_gold.png: BRZ STI Sport '18
    • International B License
      trophy_bronze.png GR Supra Race Car '19
      trophy_gold.png Toyota Turbo S '19
    • International A License
      trophy_bronze.png Toyota 86 Gr.B Rally Car
      trophy_gold.png Alpine A110 '17
    • Super License
      trophy_bronze.png Audi R8 LMS Evo '19
      trophy_gold.png Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019 Competition
    Cars Acquired Through the Missions 
    • Mission Set 1 - Magic Mountain (Unlocks when you complete Menu Book 12)
      trophy_bronze.png Samababus Type Z '62 
      trophy_gold.png Willy's MB '45
    • Mission Set 2 - Beyond the Horizon (Unlocks when you reach Collector Level 10)
      trophy_bronze.png Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition (FK8) '20
      trophy_gold.png Mazda RX-7 (FC) GT-X '90
    • Mission Set 3 - Rolling Stone (Unlocks when you reach Collector Level 12)
      trophy_bronze.png Ford Mustang Gr.4
      trophy_gold.png Chevrolet Corvette Gr.3
    • Mission Set 4 - Moby Dick (Unlocks when you reach Collector Level 15)
      trophy_bronze.png Toyota 86 Gr.4
      trophy_gold.png Exkerts Rod & Custom Mach Forty '12
    • Mission Set 5 - Gone With the Wind (Unlocks when you reach Collector Level 17)
      trophy_bronze.png Dodge Viper Gr.4
      trophy_gold.png Gran Turismo F1500 T-A
    • Mission Set 6 - The Sun Also Rises (Unlocks when you reach Collector Level 19)
      trophy_bronze.png Subaru Falken Tires/Turn 14 Distribution BTZ '17
      trophy_gold.png Chaparral 2J '70
  • Acquired three legendary race cars that were once destined to win 24 hour races.

    While the description of this trophy has proven to be more vague than it needed to be, it's actually a reference to Gran Turismo 5 and the 3 cars required for the Dream Race trophy. These can only be purchased in the Legend Car shop and will not always be available. The store rotates about every week, but that doesn't necessarily mean all of the cars will be switched, so you'll undoubtedly need to wait a few weeks before all 3 will become available for you. The cars you need are the following (and the current prices for them):

    Ford Mark IV Race Car - $4.6 Mil
    Ferrari 330 P4 Race Car - $9 Mil
    Jaguar XJ13 Race Car - $12 Mil

Secret trophies

  • Fulfilled requirements for ending.


    This will unlock once you complete the last Menu Book (#39) in the Cafe. The Cafe is essentially the campaign of the game and will unlock a plethora of cars for you. This should be your main focus in the game alongside the License Tests before you start grinding out the more beefy trophies. 

    While this trophy is marked as glitched, it's not quite in the same wasy as the others, but rather an issue with stacking the Platinum. If you earn your Platinum on PS4 and decide you want to go for it on PS5 (or vice versa), you will not be able to unlock this trophy on your second stack. 

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