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  • Root of the Problem


    Battle Níðhögg

    How to unlock Root of the Problem

    Story-related, cannot miss. When you reach the end of the Abandoned Village in the Vanaheim quest, you’ll come across a boss fight against Nidhogg.

    Nidhogg Boss Fight Tips
    The strategy to this fight is all about learning the patterns and the visual cues. It basically boils down to a few parts:
    • Stay back and when he raises his claw and it glimmers, then dodge-roll to the side as he’ll send out a ranged attack. He’ll do the same with his other claw, just repeat that movement here.
    • Then, move in and start pummeling him. At some point he will try and bite you. Roll to the side when he does.
    • The major part that you need to get right though is when he winds up his red attack. He has two. One which will drop a large AOE attack in front of him. Roll back out of this one. The second one though is him winding up for a large attack. However, this one will trigger two blue circle prompts before he does it, so you have to double tap your shield and break it. This is your key to move in and start hitting him. After that’s done, retreat and rinse and repeat.
    This strategy will see you all the way to 70% health, when a cutscene will kick in.

    The next phase his two major attacks will be a laser swipe across the level from side to side, and the other that will go from it in a straight line towards you. You can roll through the former (or shield) and roll sideways for the latter. After it’s done that, move in and start hitting.

    After that he’ll drop his red attack, which you need to constantly move and roll away from. Moving back and rolling to the side works here. After doing enough damage he moves pillars and repeats the process. This time though he shoots orbs into the ground which you have to avoid.
    At this point Freya will drop orbs on the brambles. Switch to the Blades of Chaos and then L2 and R2 to ignite the brambles.

    At this point it’ll drop onto the ground and you can pummell him until it moves. Then, it’ll introduce 2 major attacks to the fray:

    1. One attack where it’ll suck up a load of debris and shoot at you – just roll to the side to avoid that one.
    2. A red attack with blue circles that you need to break. Once you do (with the double tap of L1) you can again start wailing on it until it moves.

    This cycle will rinse and repeat until near the end, with Freya asking you to throw your axe at another set of her purple orbs somewhere in the middle.
    The final phase sees you return to the bridge, with similar attack patterns to phase 1, but with the stomach sucking phase included. At this point though you can throw an axe at the purple rune that Freya makes appear. Do all that and this trophy is yours.

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