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  • Feel the Urn


    Collect and use at least 2 Urns of Power

    You can get 4 Urns of Power in any of your playthroughs, as well as an additional 2 by completing Challenge of the Titans. In order to get this Trophy, you need to start a second playthrough (aka Bonus Play). You can skip cutscenes to when you gain control of Kratos. Then go to the menu and press or until you see where your Urns of Power are. Simply enable 2 of them and the Trophy is yours.

    The Urns can be quite tricky to find without prior knowledge, so here is a video guide from soynegroyque13 which details their locations:

    Furthermore, thanks to the work of ICPosse8, who has provided written locations of all 6 Urns:

    Secret Urn Location Guide

    [Urn #1] Urn of Gaia (Red orbs give 10x normal amount) - The first urn is located shortly after beginning the game in the Rhodes Palace. When you get to the section where you have to move the concrete block, with a breakable golden eagle on top, kick the block through the door and then continue to drag it to your right and then forward. The camera will pan back and you will be able to see 3 chests on top of a ledge. Break the golden eagle, allowing you to jump on top of the block, and grab the urn.

    [Urn #2] Urn of the Gorgons (Weapons turn enemies to stone on contact) – After you have retrieved the Golden Fleece back track to the door with the Gorgon head. The one that shoots the gorgon gaze at you. Ignore this door for now and go to the left; where you went originally. Once you get to the Ruins of the Forgotten go to where you tipped over that stone gazebo type building. Go through the door again and begin to backtrack through this section once more. When you get past the huge gears in the bloody river continue along the path and use the time stop ability to cross the spinning gear one more time. Once you get to the conveyor belt with the gorgon heads flashing go to the 2nd set and use the Fleece to repel the flash. This breaks a hole in the wall revealing the urn.

    [Urn #3] Urn of Olympus (Grants Infinite Magic) – In the area where you earn the Spear of Destiny there will be a Fates statue that you are able to drag around. Grab it and push it down the ramp of the hallway you just came from and then to the pool of water you crossed earlier. Go across the pool and activate the amulet, then run around to where the floor switch was guarding the chests beyond. Step on the switch and run through the door and the urn is yours.

    [Urn #4] Urn of Prometheus (Infinite Rage of the Titans) – When you are climbing Atlas there will be a point where you have to climb across the ceiling. Look for a large stalactite hanging from the ceiling. Break it and it will reveal a hole you can climb up. Urn is in here.

    [Urn #5] Urn of the Fates (Extends Combo Meter time) – Achieve an overall ranking of Mortal or above on the Challenge of the Titans.

    [Urn #6] Urn of Poseidon (Replaces Chronos Rage with Poseidon’s Rage) – Achieve an overall ranking of Spartan or above on the Challenge of the Titans.

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  • I did not like how the guide said to "use" these urns... 1.) Press start 2.) L1 one time 3.) Then right on the D-Pad for whichever urn you would like to use Hopefully this can help people out in getting the platnium, it took me a while to figure this urn usage.
  • *edit* KingBroly was right, it does need to be in a second playthrough... So the list do it correctly is now; 1.) Start a second play through with bonus (There should be a gold looking sheild with a black outline of the ... it will then ask you about bonus play, you want "Yes". It will bring you to a costume select, you may pick one of your choosing. The intro video will begin to play and you will regain control of Kratos. 2.) Press start. 3.) L1 One time. 4.) Then right on the D-Pad for whichever urn you would like to use. (Again KingBroly is right with saying you get four on a playthrough and the other two are unlocked in Challenge of the Titans.)
  • You don't say. Heh, I feel like they're giving us these trophies for free, I mean what's so difficult about turning 2 urns on?
  • Posidens rage > Chronos rage.
  • You can also get this in the Arena. Went to farm Cyclops eyes turned on infinite magic and rage and bing. Dont even have to start a new game.

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