Make Her Scream Trophy

  • Make Her Scream


    Make a Titan scream for over a minute

    Missable! There is only one place where you can get this. This is right before you acquire Thera’s Bane and it’s during The Caldera. After a cut-scene, you will walk up to the Titan and after pressing the prompted button, you'll begin pulling the Titan closer to you by rotating your button. The chains will break off if you pull too far and she’ll stop screaming if you don’t pull far enough.

    The trick is to watch Kratos. More specifically, watch how far back he is leaning and adjust your rotation speed with the button accordingly. Slow your rotation if Kratos leans further back, and speed it up if he begins to lean forward. It might take a few minutes to get the timing or a couple of tries to get it right, but if you fail just restart the checkpoint. You'll have to make her scream for one minute straight without error to unlock the trophy.

    Video by Wozamil

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  • I finally figured out where to do this trophy when you obtain Thera's Bane make her scream first before pulling out the bane.
  • Thanks for the tip!
  • I just got this trophy. I first played the game on hard to get that beat the game on beat trophy out of the way and I'm now replaying the game on easy with all of the godly possessions that I currently have turned on. The mini game never popped up but I finally figured out that Callisto's Armlet was turned on to automatically win all the minigames so I turned that off and all you have to do is literally make her scream for 1 minute. All one long scream. So once you hear her scream try to stay in that zone. I just kept on watching Kratos arm/eblow and I noticed at a certain point Thera starts to scream. So I kept turning the analog stick one or two rotations quickly let go then back again one or two rotations. Repeat this constantly. Has to be all one long scream though. No large breaks
  • Also, make sure you don't accidentally win the minigame before the trophy pops, as that creates a new checkpoint - you'd need to load an old save game to get there again.
  • Argh! I wish i had read this before i started my second playthrough! Thanks for the tip!
  • AhhhhhhOhhhAhhhhhOhhhAhhhhhOhhhAhhhhhOhhhAhhhhh
  • So keep a save before thera, thanks for the tips!
  • You actually don't have to make a save before. Just if you fail, just press select really fast as you're ripping the blades off her body and restart last checkpoint. Sadly you just have to constantly watch the video. -Meow
  • Goddamn this was annoying!
  • I keep rotating for too long and finishing by mistake. Who comes up with these trophy ideas? What's next, a trophy for making a titan smile?
  • Hahahahaha JD7Soul.... next trophy idea is to get a trophy for not playing a game! lol
  • Thanks @ Mikeschmeee. I did it in the first attempt while watching his arm / elbow cautiously.

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