Fight master III Trophy in Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

  • Fight master III


    Defeat one of each enemy in Bleepside Lake

    How to unlock Fight master III

    There are 4 types of enemy in Bleepside Lake:

    Green Rabbits
    Red Aliens
    Yellow Aliens
    Yellow Aliens with chest pieces

    The yellow aliens will spawn constantly in the hub and the red aliens are found within every level. The bunny can be found easily in the desert area of the hub, and will pop out of holes in the ground to try to shoot you. The yellow aliens with chest pieces that fire projectiles at you only appear in the final boss level, the boss actually kills some of them for you which count towards this trophy if you didn't kill any of them earlier.

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  • killed all those enemy's and still no trophy :( why is there a blue alien pictured if they are not an enemy? HELP
  • INCORRECT TROPHY INFORMATION!!!!! you also have to kill a green bunny that pops up out the ground to get this trophy

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