The Lowleen Town Adventurer Trophy in Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

  • The Lowleen Town Adventurer


    Complete all the missions in Lowleen Town

    How to unlock The Lowleen Town Adventurer

    See Master Adventurer

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  • Help! I have completed the game inc the fish at the end. checked trophies and this one still hasntt popped. ive been back to lowleen town and there isn't anyone with a gold coin thing above their head. what am I missing here?!?! I thought all missions were done.
  • Did you ever figure it out? I have the same problem with BLEEPSIDE LAKE thus making the platinum unobtainable for me. Tried doing all the "!" missions again and still nothing... I really hate this crap game. TIA
  • did not pop up for me. Fuck this game !

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